Renting Tips & Basics


Best Guarantor Insurance to Rent Apartments in New York

If you're having trouble finding a guarantor, here is your guide to professional third-party guarantor services in New York. Find out who they are, how they ...

How New Yorkers Can Pay Rent During the Coronavirus Shutdown

If you're facing financial hardship in New York due to layoffs or furlough because of the coronavirus pandemic, and have trouble paying your rent, read this ...

How To Get Affordable Housing Through NYC Housing Connect

Affordable housing is possible and available in New York City if you know where to look. Find out how you can apply, where to apply, and ...

What Are New York City Tenant Rights?

You may not realize all the rights renters are afforded by New York City and State law. Learn what protections are provided and how you can ...

Renting a Condo Vs. an Apartment in NYC

It may surprise you to learn that there is a difference between renting a condo versus an apartment in New York. Find out what the differences ...

What to Do If You Get an Eviction Notice in New York

Find out what you can do if your landlord is trying to evict you. Learn about New York City's protections and procedures for tenants and how ...

The Best Neighborhoods to Rent in Queens 2020

With Queens, being the largest borough in New York with the most neighborhoods, finding a neighborhood that suits you can be a daunting task. Using our ...

Are NYC Apartment Application Credit Checks Hard or Soft Inquiries?

Find out how your New York rental credit check can affect your credit. Learn what the difference between a hard and soft pull on your credit ...

Should I Unfreeze My Credit For A Rental Application in New York?

Freezing your credit can help you and hurt you. Find out what you need to know about freezing and unfreezing your credit, but still qualify for ...

What to Expect at an Apartment Lease Signing in New York?

Find out how you can be prepared for your lease signing. Learn about payments you need to make, what your lease contains, how to negotiate with ...

When is the Best Time of the Year to Rent an Apartment in NY?

Find out when to start your search and the pros and cons of renting during the high season and the low season in the New York ...

What Do NYC Landlords Look For in a Credit Check

Applying for an apartment in New York can be nerve-racking and confusing if you don't know what your credit report looks like or what the landlord ...

What to Do If You're Unable to Pay Rent for Your Apartment

If you can't make the rent, you may not be at the end of your rope. Learn what you can do to give yourself more time ...

How Can a College Student Rent an Apartment in New York City

This is a complete guide on how college students can find an apartment in New York City and forgo the dorms. Learn what paperwork, credit score, ...

How do NYC’s Fair Housing Laws Affect Renters and Buyers?

New York City Fair Housing Laws protect renters and buyers from discrimination. Find out how these laws protect you and family and what to do if ...

How Do Real Estate Agents in NYC Make Their Money?

Real Estate agents don't receive their pay in the traditional way. Learn about how commissions govern the way real estate agents operate in the city and ...

How Self-Employed Freelancers Can Get Approved for a Rental Apartment in NYC

Find out about what it takes for a freelancer to get approved for an apartment in New York City, who to turn for help, and how ...

What is a Rent-Stabilized Apartment in New York?

Find out what rent stabilization means and what's the difference from rent control. Learn about how you can find a rent-stabilized apartment in New York City, ...

What is Renters Insurance and Do You Need it in New York?

Find out what renters insurance actually covers and what it doesn't. Learn why renters insurance might be a good idea, even if you don't own a ...

What is Net-Effective Rent on New York Rental Listings?

Net-effective rent can make a huge difference in what you're actually going to pay per month for rent. Learn what the difference is, how it's calculated, ...

What is a Security Deposit on a NYC Rental Application?

Everything you need to know about paying a security deposit in New York City for a rental apartment. Find out how much to pay, when, and ...

What is a Guarantor for a Rental Apartment?

Find out what a guarantor is and why you may need one when renting an apartment in New York City. Understand the requirements and what you ...
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Top 10 Most Expensive & Cheapest Brooklyn Neighborhoods to Rent for 2020

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Apartment Renting With a Pet in New York: A Complete Guide

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Apartment Room Share NYC: The Ultimate Renting Guide

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How to Get an Apartment Rented in New York

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