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7 Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2021

Maurice Draine

Maurice Draine

Obtaining pet insurance for your pet is one of the best and smart choices you can make for your furry pal. PropertyNest breaks down the best pet insurance coverage you buy to keep your pet safe and healthy. Learn about which insurance company might be right for your pet.

Pet Insurance is one of the best investments you can make for your furry friends.

But with so many different companies and options, it’s difficult to know where to start.

PropertyNest has put together a list of the best pet insurance companies nationwide, along with a guide on what is covered. Read on to learn all you need to know about pet insurance.

Pets are important members of our families, and we want them to live long and healthy lives.

One of the best things you can do for them is secure pet insurance as soon as they join the family.

Best Pet Insurance of 2021

  • Lemonade Pet Insurance: Best Pet Insurance for Tech and Convenience
  • Petplan: Best Affordable Pet Insurance
  • PetFirst Healthcare/Metlife Pet Insurance: Best Pet Insurance for Discount and Coverage
  • Pumpkin Pet Insurance: Best Pet Insurance For Customer Experience
  • Spot Pet Insurance: Best for Pet Wellness Coverage Options
  • Wagmo: Best Pet Insurance With 100% Reimbursement
  • Eusoh: Best Alternative to Traditional Pet Insurance

Lemonade Pet Insurance: Best Pet Insurance For Tech and Convenience

lemonade pet insurance

If you are a Lemonade customer for either your auto or home policy, you may be familiar with their website and app.

Both the app and website are intuitive and very easy to use. Their chatbot, Maya, will walk you through getting a quote for a pet insurance policy by asking a series of questions.

The quote process takes about 5 minutes from start to finish and requires minimal information.

You can also make changes to your policy, file a claim or ask any questions directly through the app and website as well.

Due to this, we recommend Lemonade for the tech-savvy individual who prefers to self-serve with technology.

Pros and Cons of Lemonade Pet Insurance
The app is easy to useIt can be challenging to get in touch with a live person
Quotes are provided within 5 minutesCoverage is not available in every state
Claims are easy to file, and payment is deposited right into your accountThey will not write policies for older pets

Petplan: Best Affordable Pet Insurance

petplan pet insurance

For those who have older pets but still want the convenience of an app, Petplan is an excellent option.

The most significant benefit to Petplan’s policies is their coverage for the price compared to other pet insurance companies.

First, they do not decline pets due to their age. If your animal is older than 14, it can still be insured with Petplan!

In addition, they also include coverage for hereditary conditions for specific breeds, which other companies often exclude.

Coverage is also customizable to make the policy even more affordable. Various options can be selected for max annual payout, deductible, and reimbursement.

Pros and Cons of Petplan Pet Insurance
No exclusions for age or hereditary conditionsThere are no routine wellness options
They offer more options to speak to a live person
You can customize your max annual payout, deductible, and reimbursement percentage to save more money.

MetLife/PetFirst Pet Insurance: Best Pet Insurance For Discounts and Coverage

metlife pet insurance

MetLife Pet Insurance or PetFirst, as it's known in some states, is our pick for the pet insurance company with the best discounts/coverage.

Their policies are entirely customizable, with extensive coverage options. Wellness plans are available as well for an extra cost.

In addition to the coverage offered, PetFirst also offers discounts, which many other companies do not do.

Eligible customers can receive a discount for working in the animal field, such as Veterinarians or shelter workers.

Discounts are also available for military personnel and certain group/employer affiliations.

By purchasing a policy online, you even get an internet purchase discount.

Recently acquired by Metlife, Petfirst offers the financial stability of a larger company along with the coverage options you need.

Pros and Cons of PetFirst Pet Insurance
Older pets are eligible for a policyFiling claims require a form that cannot be completed online
Plans are completely customizable, with the option to add wellness coverageThere is a six month waiting period for some conditions
Discounts are offered for select qualifying customers

Spot Pet Insurance: Best for Pet Wellness Coverage Options

Spot Pet Insurance

Pet insurance tends to be less comprehensive than health insurance for humans. Most pet insurance companies cover the basics such as accidents, illnesses, and injuries.

If you're lucky you buy into a pet insurance company that offers some wellness options but rarely do you get the option of adding on more comprehensive preventative or wellness coverage to your plan.

Spot Pet Insurance not only offers 6 different levels of plans but add-ons for wellness/preventative coverage which covers things like spaying/neutering and microchipping, deworming, dental, and labs.

Spot starts with three levels for their standard plan, which vary in reimbursement percentage, annual limit, and deductibles. However, you do have the option of opting for accident-only coverage which is also broken down into three levels.

After selecting your base plan, you can add on any wellness or preventative coverage.

Spot Pet Insurance Pros & Cons
Offers two different plans for wellness add-on.15-day waiting period for coverage start.
Wellness plans offer lots of extras not covered by most pet insurance.More expensive than other pet policies.
Fast online claims submission and reimbursement.

Wagmo Pet Insurance: Best Pet Insurance With 100% Reimbursement

Wagmo Pet Insurance

Few pet insurance companies offer 100% reimbursement for pet insurance claims and Wagmo is one of them.

Once you meet the deductible you get back 100% of what you paid for at the vet's office for items covered under your plan.

What's great is Wagmo's emphasis on wellness, which is what their basic plans offer. These usually include annual exams, vaccines, and routine bloodwork.

If your pet ever runs into trouble that requires a hospital stay, diagnostics like CT scans, or surgery, you're covered with their pet emergency coverage add-on option.

That's something that can give every pet owner peace of mind--knowing they won't have to choose between financial restraints and their pet.

Wagmo Pet Insurance Pros & Cons
100% reimbursement option for covered itemsMust first meet a deductible
Three-tier wellness options, including an affordable basic planCan get pricey for 100% reimbursement and minimum dedecutible
Discounts for multiple petsRegular pet insurance coverage (emergency vet) is pricey.

Eusoh Pet Insurance: Best Alternative to Traditional Pet Insurance

Eusoh Pet Insurance

While Eusoh calls itself pet insurance, it isn't insurance in the traditional sense. Instead subscribers pool their money monthly together and payout claims through the pool.

The pool is called the Eusoh Community which members have access to. You can actually see what other members have paid each month as part of their contribution.

Eusoh simply collects a flat administrative fee for managing claims and payments.

Your subscription fee, unlike traditional pet insurance, varies from month to month but usually only by a few dollars. Furthermore, their site claims their software is based on a model where no subscriber pays more than $48 in any given month.

It is important to note that members still have a $250 annual deductible to meet like most other pet insurance plans.

Eusoh Pet Insurance Pros & Cons
Transparent approach to pet insurance premiumsExtras like spaying/neutering, pre-existing conditions, grooming, and supplements are not covered.
Hereditary / congenital conditions as well as alternative therapies are coveredThere is a 30-day waiting period.
Available in most states except Washington and KentuckyThere is a $48 deposit (refundable).
Discounted subscription fees for multiple pets

Pumpkin Pet Insurance: Best Pumpkin Pet Insurance For Customer Experience

pumpkin pet insurance

Pumpkin’s easy-to-use quoting system will make even the most novice of buyers confident in their purchase.

Not only do they explain the coverage at every step of the quote process, but Pumpkin also asks specific questions to ensure they are recommending the best plan for your pet.

A customized quote is then presented to you based on the responses you provide. For this reason and more, Pumpkin has the best customer reviews.

Customers also love the quick and easy claim process as well. You can file a claim online, and claims can be paid directly to you or your vet.

Pros and Cons of Pumpkin Pet Insurance
10% discount offered for each additional pet insured on your policyWellness coverage is not available in every state
Quoting is easy to use and informativeThey do not have an app
Claims are reviewed and paid quickly

How We Picked and Ranked the Best Pet Insurance Companies

We researched numerous pet insurance companies to narrow down the top four best companies nationwide. Here are the characteristics we analyzed to determine our top picks:


We know that price is an important factor to consider when shopping for anything, especially insurance.

With so many pet insurance options, the affordability of a policy can make or break your decision.

We considered the policy’s price in relation to the coverage and discounts offered to determine the best companies to recommend.

Customer Service

A company is only as good as its customers perceive them to be. And what better way to rank the top companies than by their customer reviews on customer service?

While all companies will have upset customers at some point, we scoured through reviews to find the companies with overwhelmingly positive reviews.

We included both customer and claims service to determine which companies were the highest rated in customer satisfaction.

Coverage Offered

We also reviewed the coverages offered by each company to determine which ones were the most comprehensive and customizable.

Each pet is unique, and their insurance policies should be tailored to match their specific needs.

The companies that made our list allowed some flexibility in what coverages could be chosen.

Types of Pets

While some companies specialize in exotic pets such as lizards, various birds, bunnies, and turtles, we focused our search on the best pet insurance companies to ones that primarily insure cats and dogs.

Pet Insurance Companies Reviews

Where should you start looking for policies with all the facts about what pet insurance is and what it covers?

We have narrowed down a list of the pet insurance companies and their pros and cons so you can start your search on the right foot.

What is Pet Insurance?

Anyone who has ever had to take their cat or dog to a Vet knows how expensive it can be.

Especially if they become ill and need extensive treatment or surgery.

With Veterinary costs on the rise, no one should have to choose between getting treatment for their pet or going into debt.

Pet insurance aims to help ease this financial burden for pet owners by covering some of these costs.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

There are typically three different types of plans offered by most pet insurance carriers:

  • Accident Only
  • Accident and Illness
  • Pet Wellness Protection

While it can vary by company, most of these plans will have caps on reimbursements for each accident or illness and total reimbursements per year or policy term.


Accident-only coverage is the most basic form of insurance that pet insurance companies offer.

It is the least expensive option for pet insurance and will cover any medical care for unexpected injuries to your pet.

This plan is most likely to cover a scenario where your pet ingests something poisonous, gets hit by a car, or tears their ACL, for example.

Accident and Illness

Accident and Illness coverage is more comprehensive than accident-only plans but is also more costly.

This plan tends to be the most popular plan for pet owners.

In addition to covering pet accidents, these policies also cover any illness or disease.

They may also cover things such as labs, x-rays, or prescriptions that your pet may need as a result of illness or accidents.

Some companies may offer endorsements, or add-ons to your policy, to cover things like wellness visits. But these add-ons will cost extra and are not offered by all pet insurance carriers.

Pet Wellness Protection

Some insurers will offer a separate policy to cover pet wellness rather than endorse a policy.

However, these are rare to find. If you find a company that will offer this type of coverage, it usually includes routine vaccinations, blood work, or dental care.

What Is Not Covered by Pet Insurance?

As with any other insurance product, some things are specifically not covered by pet insurance.

While some of these exclusions can vary by company, some are standard across the board.

Pre-Existing Conditions

As the name suggests, a pre-existing condition is a condition that your pet may have before purchasing the insurance policy.

Most, if not all, pet insurers will exclude coverage for pets with pre-existing conditions.

This includes when you switch insurance carriers as well.

So if you know your pet has cancer, for example, there is a good chance that another carrier will exclude any treatment related to cancer that existed before the policy was purchased.

Or decline to write a policy for your animal with this pre-existing condition.


Most policies will also exclude any treatment due to pregnancy and/or birth.

Some carriers offer this type of coverage, however. So if you’re planning on breeding your dog or cat, you’ll want to find a company that will specifically cover this.

Pet Liability

Pet insurance is not likely to cover any pet liability.

However, if your dog bites someone and you are sued, your homeowners or renters insurance policy may provide some liability coverage.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

The cost of the insurance will depend on which company you obtain the insurance through.

Namely, the age, gender, and breed of the animal. Since older animals can have more health issues, they are more expensive to insure.

Very much like health insurance, pet insurance also typically has co-pays and deductibles, which should be factored into the cost of the policy as well.

The average co-pay tends to be about 80%, which means that you would be reimbursed for 80% of the cost of treatment. The other 20% would need to be paid out of pocket.

How Do I Purchase Pet Insurance?

Since the coverage and price can vary by company, we recommend comparing pet insurance policies prior to purchasing.

Almost all companies have the capability to quote online, making it very easy to comparison shop.

We also suggest not overlooking word-of-mouth referrals from those you trust, like friends and family.

If a customer is happy with their insurance company, they will want to recommend them.

And since those closest to you know you and your pet the best, they will most likely have some excellent recommendations.

Once you have narrowed down your company and coverage, purchasing pet insurance is as easy as inputting your payment information!

Most companies will also require your pet’s medical history, so you may want to have that handy or request it from your Vet once you have purchased.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Pet Insurance?

Most pet insurance policies have a coverage waiting period. The period can range from 10-30 days.

Coverage would not go into effect until after the waiting period ends.

This means that any treatment needed for your pet would not be covered during this time.

Another important consideration when purchasing pet insurance is that some companies may not offer coverage if your pet is above or below a certain age.

Companies generally decline to write policies for animals less than eight weeks or over 14 years of age.

The best time to get insurance for your pet is when they first come into your life and before they show any signs of illness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need separate pet insurance policies if I have multiple pets?

Generally, no. Some insurance companies, such as Lemonade, may require separate policies for each pet. But in most cases, multiple pets can be insured on one policy. Sometimes there are even discounts for insuring more than one animal!

Do I have to find a new veterinarian if they are not in-network?

Pet insurance companies typically do not have networks. As long as your vet is licensed, you should be ok to continue to see them.

Can I still get pet insurance if my pet is not a cat or a dog?

There are specialized companies that offer insurance for exotic pets such as turtles, snakes, bunnies, lizards, and birds.