NYC Real Estate Industry


How To Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent in New York

Learn the steps to becoming a real estate agent in the greatest market in the country. Find out if a real estate career is right for …

6 Best Property Management Companies in New York of 2021

Whether you own a few residential buildings, a few units, or one apartment in New York, managing rental units can create a lot of stress especially …

Should You Hire a Property Manager or a Management Company?

Your duties as a landlord are many. Hiring a property manager or a management company can make it a lot easier, while you collect the rent. …

How COVID-19 Will Change NYC Commercial Real Estate and Landlords

The Coronavirus has impacted many New York renters. However, not just residential but also commercial and retail tenants and their landlords. Find out how the pandemic …

How to Use ACRIS to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Find out what ACRIS is and why your real estate colleagues are using it. Learn how to look up property records and how you can use …

How NYC Real Estate Professionals Can Stay Relevant During the Coronavirus Pandemic

It seems like the coronavirus pandemic may have killed NY real estate. Learn how you can continue to expand your business despite having no obvious sellers …
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