Everyone deserves a home.

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by house hunting? It can be a stressful process dealing with inaccurate details, elusive agents and indecisive landlords. We created PropertyNest to take the guesswork out of your property search by providing the details you need to know before you even book a viewing or send in an application. Our unique and innovative algorithm calculates your probability of approval for any home or apartment. PropertyNest strives to eliminate the guesswork and wasted hours of miscommunication.

Ruth Shin, CEO

After working with many clients in the real estate industry and seeing them lose out on homes they loved, We created PropertyNest to give them the proper tools and information they needed to qualify and guarantee success. Knowledge and preparation are the key to landing a property you want.

Ruth Shin, CEO

Our Mission

Our mission is to match people to the perfect home based on their credit score. We’re saving thousands of hours by changing the process to be more transparent and efficient, educating people, and opening new doors by helping our users build their credit.

Our Vision

Our vision is one where each person, regardless of his or her credit rating, financial situation, or employment status will be able to find a home. Our core belief is that there is a place for everyone.

Who we are

We are a small team of real estate industry and credit score experts. If you’d like to join our team or learn more about us, please contact us here.