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Survey: 55% of New Yorkers Would Be Interested in Restaurant Subscriptions

The shutdown in response to Covid-19 has had a negative impact on businesses everywhere and especially caused the permanent closing of restaurants in New York City. ...

Survey: More than 20% of New Yorkers Crave Private Outdoor Space, Followed by Cheaper Rent or Mortgage

What do New Yorkers want to change the most about their apartments after locking down for months? Find out what's most important, and what might influence ...

Survey: Number of New Yorkers Unable to Pay Rent Doubles for June

As unemployment continues to rise, more and more New Yorkers will not be able to pay their rent. Find out how many people can pay their ...

Survey: Over a Million New Yorkers Plan to Move Due to the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is disrupting the lives of New Yorkers in more ways than one. Find out what percentage of New Yorkers plan to move because of ...

Survey: 44% of New Yorkers Struggle to Meet May 1st Rent Deadline during COVID-19 Pandemic

While some New Yorkers did not pay April 1st's rent, even more will not be able to make May 1st's. Find out how many people can ...

Survey: Almost 40% of New Yorkers Don't Dare Test Eviction Ban Even Amid Job Loss

Mass layoffs will mean limited budgets for many households in New York City. Find out how New Yorkers are prioritizing their expensing during a time of ...

Survey: Country Divided on Who Should Pay Rent During Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak will force many out of work. Americans who do not own but rent will be affected. Find out who fellow Americans feel shouldn't ...

Survey: 39% of New Yorkers Won't Be Able to Pay the Rent If Out of Work Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak.

The coronavirus outbreak in New York City will disproportionately affect New Yorkers. Find out how many people will not be able to afford rent if work ...

Survey: House Cleaning is Most Desired Perk in NYC Rental Buildings of 2020

Find out which New York City rental building amenities are the top picks among these unique perks. Learn which New York City rental building amenities are ...
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