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What is Renters Insurance and Do You Need it in New York?

Find out what renters insurance actually covers and what it doesn't. Learn why renters insurance might be a good idea, even if you don't own a ...

Top 10 Tallest Buildings In New York City As of 2019

Get New York City's list of its tallest buildings. The city's tallest skyscrapers are mid of some of the oldest buildings as well as those under ...

What's the Difference Between a NYC Co-op and a Condo?

There are many key differences between a co-op and a condo. Find out what those difference are and how they can affect the buying process, closing, ...

What is the Transfer Tax in NYC and NYS Real Estate Purchases?

Find out what the transfer tax is in New York City and New York State, and how it can affect your closing costs. Learn more about ...

What is the NY Mansion Tax and How Much is it?

Find out what a mansion tax is and if it applies to your New York City purchase. Learn why this tax is imposed and find out ...

What is Net-Effective Rent on New York Rental Listings?

Net-effective rent can make a huge difference in what you're actually going to pay per month for rent. Learn what the difference is, how it's calculated, ...
Real Estate Apps

13 Best Real Estate Apps For Agents & Consumers of 2019

Real estate involves so much more than just an apartment or home search and so do the real estate apps available today. Learn about how these ...

What is a Security Deposit on a Rental Application?

Everything you need to know about paying a security deposit in New York City for a rental apartment. Find out how much to pay, when, and ...

What is a Guarantor for a Rental Apartment?

Find out what a guarantor is and why you may need one when renting an apartment in New York City. Understand the requirements and what you ...
manhattan skyline

Top 10 Most Expensive & Cheapest Manhattan Neighborhoods to Rent for 2019

Learn what are the most expensive and the most affordable neighborhoods in Manhattan, NY. Find out neighborhood rental averages and how much salary is required to ...

Chinatown Neighborhood Review - Manhattan Moving Guide

A complete guide on all things Chinatown in New York City. Find out the latest, the best restaurants, attractions, average rental prices, transportation, schools, and neighborhood ...

Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy) Neighborhood Review - Brooklyn Moving Guide

Bed-Stuy is one of the most popular neighborhoods to move to in Brooklyn. Find out why, by reading our neighborhood review and learn about the restaurants, ...
East Side Manhattan

Kips Bay Neighborhood Review - Manhattan Moving Guide

Find out about the character, apartments, attractions, restaurants, and schools in Kips Bay. Discover the neighborhood vibe and check out the latest news in the area. ...
DUMBO Bridge

Top 10 Most Expensive & Cheapest Brooklyn Neighborhoods to Rent for 2019

Learn about the top five on our lists, and how much your combined salaries need to be to afford to live in these neighborhoods. Learn about ...

How Amazon Will Affect Long Island City Real Estate and Culture UPDATED

Everyone knows that Amazon's arrival in a city has long-reaching transformative effects. Take a look at what that might look like in a city in New ...

Ridgewood Neighborhood Review - Queens Moving Guide

neighborhood overview, demographics, transportation, rental pricing, schools and restaurants of Ridgewood Queens NYC

Inwood Neighborhood Review - New York Moving Guide

Discover the neighborhood of Inwood in Manhattan and all it has to offer its residents. Learn about the history, local vibe, where to eat, average apartment ...

Mott Haven Neighborhood Review - Bronx Moving Guide

Mott Haven is a happening Bronx neighborhood. Find out why people are moving to this neighborhood, where residents are eating, sending their kids to school, and ...

Red Hook Neighborhood Review - Brooklyn Moving Guide

This Red Hook neighborhood guide will give you the ins and outs of what makes this Brooklyn area so special. Learn a little bit about the ...

Tottenville Neighborhood Review - Staten Island Moving Guide

Neighborhood review of Tottenville Staten Island New York demographics, transportation, schools and restaurants.

Greenwich Village Neighborhood Review - Manhattan Moving Guide

neighborhood overview, demographics, rental pricing, celebrities, schools and restaurants in Greenwhich Village, New York City

Jackson Heights Neighborhood Review - Queens Moving Guide

Discover one of Queen's hidden gems--Jackson Heights. Find out why this is a great neighborhood to live in, what schools are in the area, how to ...

What You Need to Know Before You Buy Property in New York

If you've ever wondered how you can become a homebuyer, we walk you through the process of getting ready to buy a home. Learn the important ...

Forest Hills Neighborhood Review - Queens Moving Guide

Forest Hills is one of Queens' most desirable neighborhoods. Find out why and discover the neighborhood vibe, restaurants, schools, and average housing prices. Learn about what ...
Staten Island

St. George Neighborhood Review - Staten Island Moving Guide

St. George is the most populated neighborhood in Staten Island--Find out why people love living here, where people are sending their kids to school, what there ...
New York City NYC

10 New York City Neighborhoods With Best Rental Deals

Find out the neighborhoods you've been missing out on in New York--many of which are still close to the city!
Queens Flushing

Flushing Neighborhood Review - Queens Moving Guide

Discover Flushing, Queens, NY--one of New York's amazing melting-pot neighborhoods with an interesting history. Find your complete guide here to leisure, entertainment, housing, restaurants, and schools. ...