Williamsburg Neighborhood Review

Ruth Shin
Ruth Shin



While Williamsburg was not the first neighborhood that displaced Soho artists escaped to (see DUMBO), it certainly became the very definition of hipster life in the early 2000s and made Brooklyn synonymous with PBR, the beard and bun combo, plaid shirts, and artisanal anything.

Williamsburg has come a long way from even those days as hipsterdom becomes priced-out or institutionalized.

These days you'll find luxury developments, Whole Foods, Starbucks, highly-rated restaurants, major music/concert venues, the hottest brunch spots, and a slew of beautiful high-end hotels near McCarren Park.

Willamsburg Photo by John Price

While some art galleries remain in Williamsburg, the vast majority have either closed down or moved into East Williamsburg/Bushwick, where a good chunk of the artist/artisan community has moved to.

That said, Williamsburg is still the very definition of energy in Brooklyn.

People move here for the close proximity to the city (including views of the city), the events that take place spring and summer, and the year-round nightlife and great dining and entertainment options.

The reasons people are visiting and moving here are namely places and events like Smorgasburg, Brooklyn Bowl, the Wythe Hotel, Schimanski, Music Hall of Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Brewery, the Nitehawk Cinema, McCarren Park, and much more.

Fun Fact: Willis Carrier, an engineer from Buffalo, NY, invented air conditioning in 1902 for a print shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Local Buzz

Celebrities that lives in Williamsburg neighborhood:

Zoe KravitzActress, Singer, Model
Ed WestwickActor, Musician
James LaffertyActor, Director, Producer

Public Transportation

The L train is the very lifeblood that is pumped into the Williamsburg area from the city, and the reason why the spillover has extended to areas like East Williamsburg, Bushwick, and now Ridgewood, Queens.

As the L train prepares to shut down the tunnel into the city, people are scrambling towards the J/M/Z line.

Williamsburg, Photo by Rutger Geleijnse

The G may be helpful to some who might be able to take it to downtown Brooklyn or Long Island City and transfer to the city.

There are ferries that do go directly from Williamsburg to different points of Manhattan. The neighborhood is also very bike-friendly with dedicated bike "greenways" along Kent and bike lanes elsewhere.

The neighborhood's close proximity to the Williamsburg Bridge also makes a biking commute into the city very convenient.

SubwayL, G, J, M, Z
BusesB13, B24, B43, B44, B46, B48, B54, B59, B60, B61

Average Rent Prices

While there might be some deals out there, they are very rare and difficult to find in Williamsburg. You'll find high prices even in the unrenovated older buildings in South Williamsburg.

You're not paying for space in this neighborhood. You're paying for lifestyle and the proximity to Manhattan. Brand new developments or beautiful loft conversions will fetch some of the highest prices in Brooklyn.

Williamsburg Photo by Carmine Savarese

Williamsburg is not even a good deal for many Manhattanites at this point. Despite this fact, inventory does not hang around for very long in the area. Note that true lofts are extremely rare in Williamsburg these days.

Studio1 Bedroom2 Bedrooms3 Bedrooms

Public & Charter Schools

Williamsburg falls into District 14, which provides a huge number of choices, some which are highly rated.

There are a few notable schools in the area like P.S. 132 The Conselyea School, P.S. 196 Ten Eyck, and P.S. 319, which all have Pre-K programs.

Williamsburg also houses one of the best high schools in the city--the Brooklyn Latin School, which provides an academically rigorous curriculum and competitive atmosphere and also brags a 99% graduation rate.

A few other schools to note are Brooklyn Preparatory High School and Brooklyn Arbor School, which remains a favorite among parents who are believers in the school's founders.

Brooklyn Latin SchoolPublic - Grades 9-12679 students - 12 student/teacher
Brooklyn Preparatory High SchoolPublic - Grades 9-12501 students - 13 student/teacher
Conselyea Preparatory SchoolPublic - Grades 6-8497 students - 15 student/teacher
El Puente Academy for Peace and JusticePublic - Grades 9-12243 students - 16 student/teacher
Green School an Academy for Environmental CareersPublic - Grades 9-12275 students - 15 student/teacher
High School Of Enterprise Business And TechnologyPublic - Grades 9-12983 students - 16 student/teacher
Is 318 Eugeno Maria De HostosPublic - Grades 6-81608 students - 15 student/teacher
Jhs 50 John D WellsPublic - Grades 6-8229 students - 13 student/teacher
Juan Morel Campos Secondary SchoolPublic - Grades 6-12690 students - 11 student/teacher
Lyons Community SchoolPublic - Grades 6-12518 students - 15 student/teacher
Ms 582Public - Grades 6-8241 students - 11 student/teacher
P.S. 257 John F HylanPublic - Grades PK-5661 students - 10 student/teacher
Progress High School for Professional CareersPublic - Grades 9-121099 students - 19 student/teacher
Ps 132 The Conselyea SchoolPublic - Grades PK-5704 students - 15 student/teacher
Ps 147 Issac RemsenPublic - Grades PK-5299 students - 12 student/teacher
Ps 16 Leonard DunklyPublic - Grades PK-5244 students - 13 student/teacher
Ps 17 Henry D WoodworthPublic - Grades PK-5322 students - 11 student/teacher
Ps 18 Edward BushPublic - Grades PK-5190 students - 11 student/teacher
Ps 196 Ten EyckPublic - Grades PK-5332 students - 10 student/teacher
Ps 250 George H LindseyPublic - Grades PK-5717 students - 15 student/teacher
Ps 319Public - Grades PK-1142 students - 9 student/teacher
Ps 380 John Wayne Elementary SchoolPublic - Grades PK-5657 students - 13 student/teacher
Ps 84 Jose De DiegoPublic - Grades PK-6687 students - 11 student/teacher
School for Legal StudiesPublic - Grades 9-12594 students - 18 student/teacher
Williamsburg High School for Architecture and DesignPublic - Grades 9-12593 students - 16 student/teacher
Williamsburg Preparatory SchoolPublic - Grades 9-12683 students - 19 student/teacher
Young Women's Leadership School of BrooklynPublic - Grades 6-12385 students - 18 student/teacher
Beginning with Children Charter SchoolCharter - Grades K-8403 students - 16 student/teacher
Williamsburg Collegiate Charter SchoolCharter - Grades 5-12330 students - 12 student/teacher


If you’re looking for the next Instagram-able gluten-free meal to enjoy within the confines of a rustic industrial hangout, then look no further!

In Williamsburg you can take your pick of unique cuisines that are sure not to disappoint - whether it’s New York City’s #1 Zagat-rated steakhouse (Peter Luger), some good ole’ Southern fried chicken and biscuits (The Commodore) or a French bistro adorned with an indoor “garden” room and roof deck (Juliette).

In the warmer months, the Williamsburg Smorgasburg is literally a foodie’s heaven on earth, with over 100+ food vendors within a block radius serving different cuisines.

Located on the Williamsburg waterfront, customers get to enjoy the luxury of trying the many tastings Brooklyn while taking in the awesome views of the Manhattan skyline.

Be sure to bring cash (vendors only accept cash) and a huge appetite!

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