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Bushwick Neighborhood Review - Brooklyn Moving Guide

Ruth Shin

Ruth Shin

The quintessential Bushwick neighborhood guide. PropertyNest has compiled need-to-know information. Learn why people are moving to this neighborhood and find exciting places to eat, drink, and play. Explore getting around, local parks, nightlife and much more.
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If you want the artist vibe, energy, and youthfulness of Williamsburg, but don't want the cost, then head over to Bushwick.

A neighborhood perpetually teetering between genuine Brooklyn grunginess and gentrification, Bushwick has all the ingredients for a proper "hip" Brooklyn area even immortalized in this hilarious skit on SNL.

Where else can you find a plethora of graffiti art, studios, and galleries, or a brand new coffee shop or bar opening up every week?

In this Bushwick neighborhood review, we'll look into public transportation, restaurants, average apartment rent, and home sale prices.

Bushwick is a massive neighborhood, larger than most and covers territories that border East Williamsburg, Ridgewood, Queens, Bed-Stuy, Ocean Hill, and Cypress Hills, meaning there are going to be a lot of different vibes in each section.

You get a mix of industrial and a few different types of residential areas, which vary from very busy with a mix of retails to more quaint and almost suburban.

Fun Fact:Once considered a separate town in Kings County, Bushwick became part of Brooklyn in 1869.

What Celebrities Live in Bushwick

Penn BadgleyActor, Musician

Public Transportation

The J, Z, and L trains run near the borders of Bushwick, with the L coming in from the northern corner and passing around the eastern borders and wrapping down to the southern tip.

The J/Z line runs simply from the western corner straight down Broadway to the southern corner, while the M train runs straight east and west along Myrtle to Ridgewood and back.

There are plenty of buses that travel across Bushwick almost in a grid-like manner.

While you may find people on bicycles, this is not one of the most bike-friendly areas where bike lanes are scarce and other bike routes are nonexistent.

BusesB24, B26, B38, B52, B54, B57, B58

Subway lines in neighborhood

  • M

    IND Sixth Avenue Line

  • L

    BMT Canarsie Line

  • J Z

    BMT Nassau Street Line


Bushwick is home to a thriving restaurant and bar scene, particularly in the northern areas near East Williamsburg and neighborhoods bordering Ridgewood, following the L line, with the trendier and pricier establishments being to the northern border.

Tons of amazing restaurants have popped up around the neighborhood like the Faro, an upscale Italian restaurant, the famous Roberta's for pizza on the northern border of East Williamsburg.

The scrumptious vegan Ethiopian place--Bunna Cafe is where you can feast on authentic teff flour-based injera bread and gorgeously tasty vegan dishes. Partake in their traditional sacred coffee ceremonies.

If you have a hankering for authentic Mexican tacos, look no further than Tortilleria Los Hermanos--a small family-run tortilla-making factory, expanded to a taco joint.

Ichiran will sate those ramen hankerings and Momo Sushi Shack won't disappoint when you're in the mood for really good sushi!

Bars and coffee shops number even higher. If you want to try an interesting alternative coffee, check out Brooklyn Kava !

If you want to trip up your coffee, head to the Caffeine Underground, one of the few places in the city serving cannabis-infused coffee!

Average Rental Prices

Much of Bushwick is considered affordable especially in comparison to Williamsburg and East Williamsburg, but rental prices have been steadily rising.

If you're looking to move, look for units closer to Ridgewood or Cypress Hills for best pricing.

Because of the huge variation in the urban landscape in the neighborhood, you can find anything from a classic Brooklyn loft to apartments in multi-family homes.

Many new developments have popped up in the northern territories and areas near Bed-Stuy and Ridgewood, particularly close to the Myrtle-Wyckoff train station.

Expect prices to rise in apartments close to the J/M/Z especially with the temporary shutdown of the L across the tunnel.

Average Rental Prices in Bushwick

Studio1 Bedroom2 Bedrooms3 Bedrooms

Average Rent Price History by Neighborhood

Apartments Available in Bushwick Neighborhood

Public & Charter Schools

As Bushwick has a lot of groundcover in Brooklyn, there are bound to be a large number of schools serving the area.

While this area has been seen as a hipster haven in the past decade or so, it's still home to numerous families with school-age children.

The entirety of the neighborhood is contained within school geographic district 32. District 32 has generally suffered with low test score and poor performance.

However, stats show that the performance has been steadily rising over the past several years. Bushwick's most notable public option are PS 376 (K-5) and IS 383 Phillipa Schuyler

Academy for Environmental LeadershipPublic • Grades 9-12347 students • 19 student/teacher
Academy of Urban PlanningPublic • Grades 9-12280 students • 13 student/teacher
Achievement First Bushwick Charter SchoolCharter • Grades K-121030 students • Unknown student/teacher
All City Leadership Secondary SchoolPublic • Grades 6-12356 students • Unknown student/teacher
Brooklyn School For Math And ResearchPublic • Grades 9-12249 students • Unknown student/teacher
Bushwick Ascend Charter SchoolCharter • Grades K-5630 students • Unknown student/teacher
Bushwick Community High SchoolPublic • Grades 10, 12194 students • 17 student/teacher
Bushwick Leaders High School for Academic ExcellencePublic • Grades 9-12321 students • 14 student/teacher
Bushwick School for Social JusticePublic • Grades 9-12404 students • 14 student/teacher
EBC High School for Public Service-BushwickPublic • Grades 9-12518 students • 17 student/teacher
Is 347 School Of HumanitiesPublic • Grades 6-8327 students • 11 student/teacher
Is 349 Math Science And TechnologyPublic • Grades 6-8364 students • 13 student/teacher
Jhs 162 The WilloughbyPublic • Grades 6-8476 students • 13 student/teacher
Jhs 291 Roland HayesPublic • Grades 6-8398 students • 12 student/teacher
Jhs 383 Philippa SchuylerPublic • Grades 5-8920 students • 20 student/teacher
Ps 106 Edward Everett HalePublic • Grades PK-5553 students • 11 student/teacher
Ps 116 Elizabeth L FarrellPublic • Grades K-5522 students • 12 student/teacher
Ps 120 Carlos TapiaPublic • Grades PK-5467 students • 12 student/teacher
Ps 123 SuydamPublic • Grades PK-5819 students • 13 student/teacher
Ps 145 Andrew JacksonPublic • Grades PK-5781 students • 13 student/teacher
Ps 151 Lyndon B JohnsonPublic • Grades PK-5338 students • 13 student/teacher
Ps 274 KosciuskoPublic • Grades PK-5555 students • 12 student/teacher
Ps 299 Thomas Warren Field SchoolPublic • Grades PK-5351 students • 11 student/teacher
Ps 376Public • Grades K-5602 students • 13 student/teacher
Ps 377 Alejandina B De GautierPublic • Grades PK-8484 students • 13 student/teacher
Ps 45 Horace E GreenePublic • Grades PK-8849 students • 13 student/teacher
Ps 75 Mayda CortiellaPublic • Grades PK-5514 students • 13 student/teacher
Ps 86 The IrvingtonPublic • Grades K-5440 students • 13 student/teacher
Ps Is 384 Frances E CarterPublic • Grades PK-8693 students • 13 student/teacher
Urban Assembly New York Harbor SchoolPublic • Grades 9-12422 students • Unknown student/teacher

How Safe is the Bushwick Neighborhood?

Crime statistics

Crime rate: 5 out of 10
Approximately 16.5243 crimes (felony) per 1000 residents
Low Medium High