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Learn why Greenpoint is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Read up on the local vibe, best restaurants, schools, transportation, and housing options for rent and for sale in the area.
Greenpoint Brooklyn
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Traditionally a Polish working-class neighborhood, this northernmost neighborhood of Brooklyn is beginning to see the rents rise due to an influx of young professionals from the neighboring areas of Williamsburg and Long Island City (LIC).

Polish bakeries, restaurants, and small businesses are still doing well for themselves despite a decline of Poles concentrated in the area.

In this Greenpoint neighborhood review, we'll look into public transportation, restaurants, average apartment rent, and home sale prices.

Thanks to its convenient waterfront location, Greenpoint used to be known as an immigrant-populated area centered around maritime.

Buildings and docks that were built for the shipbuilding industry, can still be seen desolate and abandoned along the waterfront.

Today, Greenpoint has been transformed by the wave of gentrification started in Williamsburg having swept north to Greenpoint (particularly on Franklin Ave.) and east to Bushwick.

Greenpoint has access to two great green spaces--McCarren Park to the southern end and a hidden gem, McGolrick Park, to its eastern division.

Greenpoint is divided in two by McGuinness Boulevard and both sides have very different characters and vibes.

Greenpoint Deli, Photo by Seb Cumberbirch

Greenpoint is a popular filming location for New York City TV and film - some popular shows are constantly filmed in the area.

Fun Fact: Purchased in 1638 by the Dutch from the Indians, Greenpoint, along with Williamsburg, was part of the mid-seventeenth-century town known as Bos-ijck (Bushwick), meaning “the wooden district.”

Brooklyn’s northernmost point was once covered in trees, hence “Green Point,” now Greenpoint.

Real Estate in Greenpoint

Greenpoint has become increasingly popular due to its accessible location and unique sense of character – with plenty of housing options available for both renters and buyers alike – making it one of Brooklyn’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Real estate in Greenpoint is highly desirable: apartments for sale and rent are in high demand due to its convenient location near Manhattan, making it an attractive option for those looking for easy commuting options or a more suburban feel without leaving the city limits.

Renters can find studio apartments all the way up to four-bedroom units, many with access to lovely views of the East River and Manhattan skyline from their balconies or windows.

Some single-family homes are also available for rent or purchase, offering even more space and privacy than apartment living. Prices range from moderately priced to higher-end luxury units with amenities like doorman service and concierge services.

Greenpoint's housing is primarily made of low-rise apartment buildings, with some areas of attached houses.

Average Rental Prices in Greenpoint

1 Bed$4,100
2 Beds$3,500
3 Beds$5,500
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023

Average Sales Prices in Greenpoint

1 Bed$975,000
2 Beds$1,650,000
3 Beds$2,600,000
4 Beds$2,195,000
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023


NY Subway, Photo by Adelin Preda

Greenpoint is not necessarily the most accessible area in NYC, and for that reason has remained a more quiet residence.

The G line has the Nassau stop, which is closest to Williamsburg, as well as Greenpoint Ave, which sits closer to Long Island City.

Local Bus Lines in Greenpoint
Local BusesB24, B32, B43, B48, B62

Subway lines in neighborhood

  • G

    IND Crosstown Line

Public & Charter Schools

Greenpoint has just a few neighborhood schools, but those schools attract very involved parents in the community.

Enrollment at these schools has been steadily increasing due to the overflow of young professionals to the area.

Local Schools in Greenpoint
P.S. 34 Oliver H. PerryPublic - PK-5 - 489 studentsStrong sense of community, traditional, close-knit neighborhood school with patriotic celebrations
P.S. 31 Samuel F. DupontPublic - PK-5 - 543 studentsHigh-performing school with rich arts programs.
P.S. 110 The MonitorPublic - PK-5 - 505 studentsRich arts program, French-English dual language program
A-Tech High SchoolPublic - 9-12 - 337 studentsHands-on auto repair program, Certification in auto repair
M.S. 126 John EricssonPublic - 6-8 - 393 studentsImproved atmosphere and interesting partnerships

Restaurants & Dining

Restaurant NY

In addition to housing, some of the city's best brick-oven fired pizza at Paulie Gee's, Greenpoint has some stand-out eateries that have a unique charm, unlike any other NYC restaurant.

For instance, Five Leaves, the brainchild of Heath Ledger before his untimely death, is a modern American fare restaurant with an Aussie accent.

Order their burger and get your share of unique toppings, including pickled beets, grilled pineapple, harissa mayo, and a fried egg.

Plan accordingly because you'll be hard-pressed to get a table for any meal. This place gets packed!

It would hardly be Greenpoint without its great Polish fare. Just try the likes of Karczma and Pyza for your fill of stuffed cabbage, kielbasa, and pierogies!

One of Greenpoint's crown jewels that everyone visiting needs to check out is Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop.

For over 60 years, this old-school doughnut shop has been serving glazed, sugared, powdered, and red velvet goodness, arguably some of the best doughnuts in the city.

Good thing this sweet shop is tucked away and hard to find because if it were easier to get to, we would all be in real trouble.

How Safe is the Greenpoint Neighborhood?

The Greenpoint neighborhood in New York is generally considered a safe place for locals and travelers. It does have a moderate crime rate per 100,000, but that is comparable to most of Manhattan below Midtown.

Violent crime is rare in Greenpoint and residents feel this is a safe family-friend neighborhood for all.

Crime statistics

Crime rate: 6 out of 10
Approximately 19.6988 crimes (felony) per 1000 residents
Low Medium High

The Greenpoint neighborhood also has a thriving nightlife scene and close proximity to popular attractions like McCarren Park, Brooklyn Brewery, and East River State Park.

The area's well-maintained public transportation systems make it easy to get around without worrying about the safety risks associated with walking alone after dark.

Much of this can be attributed to local businesses investing in their own security measures, such as CCTV surveillance cameras and highly visible security guards patrolling late at night.

In addition to these efforts, local law enforcement patrols keep a watchful eye on public areas throughout Greenpoint to ensure that everyone remains safe while out and about.

This helps create an overall sense of safety among residents and visitors alike, making it easy for them to enjoy their time in this vibrant neighborhood without fear or worry.

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