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Did you know that before 1709 Ridgewood was considered to be part of Brooklyn? If you've been to Ridgewood, that makes sense. The neighborhood has a Queen's zip code, but spillover from the Brooklyn hipster culture present primarily in Bushwick and East Williamsburg. It's an interesting marriage. Some streets will make you swear you are in Queens. Cross over to the next block and it'll feel like you never left Brooklyn.

The Arbitration Rock, which was set in 1769, became the official boundary marker or dividing line between Queens and Kings County. And it's definitely got some very Queens neighbors like Maspeth and Middle Village, two very salt-of-the-earth quintessential New York neighborhoods.

You will find a diverse range of residents living in Ridgewood After all, it is the single most diverse county in the United States (with over 130 languages spoken)!

Many of Brooklyn's young professionals flock here due to rising rent prices. The tight-knit neighborhood has a small-town feel with many tree-lined streets and picket fences aligning the single-family row houses.

Though densely populated, it is an overall quiet environment. It's not totally devoid of cool hangout spots, cute shops, and hip eateries either, after all, some of that Brooklyn gentrification has snuck into the area.

Fun Facts: Many call Stockholm Street in Ridgewood the yellow brick road of Queens. It is the only brick-paved road in the borough.

Real Estate in Ridgewood

Just past Bushwick on the L line, Ridgewood is a great alternative to living in Brooklyn.

Ridgewood has become more residential in recent years due to many people moving from Brooklyn neighborhoods like Bushwick or Williamsburg.

Average Rental Prices in Ridgewood

1 Bed$2,400
2 Beds$2,550
3 Beds$3,200
4 Beds$2,900
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of September 2023

Average Sales Prices in Ridgewood

2 Beds$599,000
3 Beds$885,000
4 Beds$1,099,888
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of September 2023


The location of Ridgewood makes it a super convenient location for transportation. It is less than a 20-minute subway ride to Manhattan. The main subway connection is the M train. It runs through the heart of Ridgewood. Many residents utilize the buses for destinations that are not on the same subway line.

Subway lines in neighborhood

  • M

    IND Sixth Avenue Line

  • L

    BMT Canarsie Line


Home to the large Fresh Pond Bus Depot, which services most buses that run throughout Brooklyn and Queens, multiple buses are available in Ridgewood.

There are about 11 bus routes that run through Ridgewood.

Bus Lines in Ridgewood
Local BusesB13, B20, B38, B57, Q39, Q54, Q55, Q58
Express BusesQM24, QM25, QM34

Bikes & Bike Safety

The lack of bike lanes in Ridgewood does not stop residents from utilizing this form of transit. The main roads that are bike-friendly are Woodward Ave and Onderdonk Ave.

However, many areas of Ridgewood are ideal for a day out exploring on the bike. It's just getting to them that may be a bit of a challenge. Most bicyclists opt for 500+ acre Forest Park which also includes the 110-acre par 67 Forest Park Golf Course.

Restaurants & Dining

Ridgewood Queens is the melting pot for an international array of cuisines.

Here are just a few goodies to choose from:

Gottscheer Hall- It's not every day you can dine at an authentic German restaurant! Founded in 1924, this popular spot has a small but very delicious menu with beers on tap.

Zenith Thai Restaurant- Very flavorful Thai food that tastes like it's straight out of Thailand. Nice ambience. Very extensive menu so be sure to go hungry!

Joe's Restaurant - You can't go wrong with Joe's if your looking to satisfy your Italian craving. Family-owned. Friendly atmosphere. Solid authentic Italian food.

For dessert, deep rooted Italian baking is always fresh at family-owned Grimaldi's Bakery.

Attractions and Nightlife

Topos Bookstore -This cozy bookstore full of plants and plenty of sunlight offers a relaxing environment for all the bookworms out there. Cold brews and local pastries make the reading that much sweeter.

Onderdonk House will transport you to another place and time. Its presence is a stark contrast to its somewhat industrial surroundings.

The Dutch colonial house is a historic icon and one of the oldest well-preserved structures standing in New York City.

Today it serves as a historic archive, a museum, and a gorgeous event space.

Experience local artists and musicians at two major art venues in Ridgewood-- Trans Pecos and The Footlight (see below).

Bars are everywhere in Ridgewood, but just to name a few:

  • Female-owned Milo's Yard offers patrons pinball machines, cold beers, cocktails, and delicious snacks served until 4 AM every single day of the week.
  • The Deep End- whether you are looking for a delicious boozy brunch or the next place to have your birthday party, this cute artsy bar.

Public & Charter Schools

Ridgewood has 12 schools and is located in District #24.

Here are just a few of the public and charter schools in Ridgewood:

Local Schools in Ridgewood
P.S. 239Public, Grades PK-5, 459 studentsLocally zoned school. Offers Pre-K.
P.S. 71 ForestPublic, Grades PK-5, 572 studentsLocally zoned school. Offers Pre-K.
P.S. 81 Jean Paul RichterPublic, Grades PK-5, 699 studentsLocally zoned school. Offers Pre-K.
P.S. 88 SenecaPublic, Grades PK-5, 668 studentsLocally zoned school. Offers Pre-K.
Leaders and LearnersPublic, Grades PK-5, 512 studentsLocally zoned school. Offers Pre-K.
Robert E. Peary SchoolPublic, Grades K-8, 562 studentsDistrict 75 school, dedicated to students with disabilities.
I.S. 93 RidgewoodPublic, Grades 6-8 ,1020 studentsDual language honors program, good teachers and kind staff, diverse student population
I.S. 77 Joseph F. QuinnPublic, Grades 6-8, 714 studentsDual language programs in Spanish and English offered.
Grover Cleveland High SchoolPublic, Grades 9-12, 1493 studentsOffers job training programs for high school students.

How Safe is the Ridgewood Neighborhood?

According to recent crime statistics, Ridgewood is one of New York City's safest neighborhoods.

Violent crime rates are significantly lower than the city average, and property crimes are also below average compared to other neighborhoods within Queens.

In general, the streets in Ridgewood tend to be quiet and peaceful due to its relatively small population size and overall low crime levels.

Crime statistics

Crime rate: 4 out of 10
Approximately 10.3296 crimes (felony) per 1000 residents
Low Medium High

In addition, Ridgewood's close-knit community is known for being friendly and welcoming toward visitors from outside the neighborhood.

As a result, many people feel safe walking around at night without any concerns about their personal safety or belongings.

The police presence in Ridgewood is also very strong, with multiple precincts actively patrolling the area day and night, which further contributes to residents feeling secure in their surroundings.

Overall, Ridgewood is one of the safest places you can live if you're looking for an urban environment that still offers peace and quiet.

It may not have all the glitz and glamour that other more developed areas offer, but it does provide a comfortable community atmosphere with plenty of security measures in place to keep everyone safe from harm's way.

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