8 Best Renters Insurance Companies in Washington of 2023

Protect your belongings with the best renters insurance companies in Washington. We've compiled a list of the top providers for you to choose from.
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Investing in a renters insurance policy is highly recommended if you're currently renting a property in Washington. This insurance policy will protect your personal belongings in case of theft, damage, or destruction caused by severe weather conditions. Additionally, it offers coverage in case a person gets injured while on your rental premises and requires medical attention. If you get sued by the injured person, renters insurance will also cover your legal representation expenses.

Without renters insurance, you'll be responsible for paying the medical and legal bills, which can be very expensive, easily reaching over $300,000. With renters insurance, you can prepare for emergencies, unforeseen events, and harsh weather conditions. It's highly recommended that you purchase a policy, especially if you cannot afford to replace your belongings.

While many people choose a policy based on affordability, it's essential to consider other factors when choosing the right insurer. Selecting the right renters insurance policy involves looking at various aspects beyond the cost, such as coverage options and customer service.

According to PropertyNest research, the average basic renters insurance cost in Washinton is $14.45 a month.

PropertyNest picked the top insurance providers that offer the best services for renters insurance in Washington, and not only that, we’ll let you know everything you need to know about renters insurance.

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Best Renters Insurance in Washington

  • Lemonade – Best for Consumer Experience
  • Allstate – Best for Cheapest Policy
  • Liberty Mutual – Best Online Presence and App
  • State Farm – Best for Customizing Your Policy
  • Farmers – Best for College Students or Those Who are Starting Ou
  • Progressive – Best for Different Ways to Pay Your Policy
  • American Family – Best for Unique Endorsements
  • Amica Mutual – Best for Discounts

Lemonade: Best for Consumer Experience

Lemonade Renters Insurance WA
Editors star rating review
Editor's Rating (4.5 Stars out of 5)

Lemonade is all AI, meaning you get instant quotes, buy coverage, and pay your bills from the company’s website and mobile app.

It has the best consumer experience due to its user-friendly website and app.

Cleanly designed and easy to use, it’s easy to get an instant quote from Lemonade because the feature is on the homepage. No more searching for a way to get a quote.

And if you have any questions about your renters insurance policy, Lemonade lays it all out by offering you a lengthy dedicated FAQ page where you can find all the answers to your inquiries.

You can use the app for both iOS and Android to get quotes and buy your policy. And here’s where it’s easy to file a claim.

Lemonade is often criticized for having no live agents or a customer service department. But that’s so this insurer can offer prospective policyholders cheap premiums.

Technically, it’s not true that you can’t contact a rep at Lemonade to file a claim. In the event of an emergency, Lemonade has a dedicated phone line you can call to get the claims process started.

And so, while many claims are transferred to a person on the claims team, which makes it somewhat of a hassle, the company that just began to offer auto insurance says it handles 30% of claims instantly and wires money to your bank.

Lemonade offers several plans to suit your needs and budget, starting with the basics for only $5 per month.

Lemonade Renters Insurance Discounts

Lemonade has few but key discounts when it comes to renters saving.

  • Multi-policy discount: Save with Lemonade when you bundle renters insurance with another policy like a pet.
  • Protective device discount: If you have a device such as a burglar alarm, smoke or fire detector, or other protective devices, you might qualify for a discount
  • Payment in full discount: Some renters may get an automatic discount when they pay their annual premium in full upfront. However, this is not available in all states.

See a full Lemonade home insurance review.

Lemonade Renters Insurance Pros & Cons

  • Lemonade covers your belongings on a replacement cost basis.
  • Fast premium quote.
  • Flat fee on monthly premiums.
  • 10% bundling discount when combining home insurance with pet insurance.
  • The giveback program lets policyholders donate their unused premiums to the charity of their choice.
  • Has coverage matching tool to help renters compare prices with other insurers.
  • Digital format isn't ideal if you want the personal support of an agent.
  • Not built for those who’d rather do business via live agent or who do not trust giving out their personal info online.
  • More consumer complaints than expected for a company of its size.
  • Coverage not nationwide.
How is Lemonade Renters Insurance Rated?
PropertyNest Rating4.5 out of 5
J.D. Power (out of 1,000) Score853
BBB RatingB+
NAIC Complaint Index Score1.94

Allstate: Best for Cheapest Policy

Allstate Renters Insurance WA
Editors star rating review
Editor's Rating (5 Stars out of 5)

Allstate is one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S., offering many insurance products like home, auto, life, and pet insurance.

Because Allstate has the best features for its low-price range, we chose the company as the best overall.

This industry titan features renters insurance that covers all the basics, including useful endorsement options, multiple ways to reach customer service, and coverage for all 50 states.

Like Lemonade, reviewed here, you can buy a policy online and get a confirmation in the fastest method possible.

Allstate also has a reliable and intuitive app.

If you prefer to apply by speaking to an agent, Allstate also offers 24/7 customer service availability.

But being the best overall means having a great price, and Allstate delivers on that.

For the average standard or basic policy, Allstate costs $102 per year or a low monthly rate of just $8.50.

That makes Allstate the cheapest insurer all around.

But note that the average rate is based on a policy with $30,000 in personal property coverage (with a $500 deductible), $100,000 in personal liability, and $1,000 in medical payments to others.

So, your rate will go up and will most likely hover between $15 to $20, depending on how much coverage you choose.

Read a full Allstate renters insurance review.

Allstate Renters Insurance Discounts

Allstate offers a fair number of discounts. They are as follows.

  • Bundling discount: Get up to 10% off your auto policy and 25% off your renters policy when you bundle them together at Allstate.
  • Easy Pay discount: Get a discount when you enroll in automatic monthly payments from your bank account.
  • Retirement discount: Policyholders age 55 and up can receive a discount if they are retired and don't plan to seek employment.

Allstate Renters Insurance Pros & Cons

  • Ability to file and track claims in its mobile app.
  • If you bundle renters and auto insurance with Allstate helps you save a notable amount.
  • Multiple discount options.
  • Policyholders can easily cancel by contacting an agent.
  • Dorm room insurance is a big plus for college students.
  • Automated quote tool not available in some states.
  • To get a quote, you have to give your social security number.
  • Dorm room insurance is a big plus for college students.
  • Some reports of low customer satisfaction.
  • Discounts and policies may not be eligible for certain states.
How is Allstate Renters Insurance Rated?
PropertyNest Rating5 out of 5
J.D. Power (out of 1,000) Score837
A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingA+
NAIC Complaint Index Score2.05
BBB RatingA-

Liberty Mutual: Best Online Presence and App

Liberty Mutual renters insurance WA
Editors star rating review
Editor's Rating (4.5 Stars out of 5)

Liberty Mutual offers renters insurance in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Liberty Mutual is so enticing because a standard policy starts at just$5 per month. However, on average, including any optional coverages you add, the policy will most likely cost you around $20 per month.

In addition to a fast online quote process, Liberty Mutual became our top choice for its website and app.

Liberty Mutual’s user-friendly website and app make it easy for consumers to find the right coverage.

The website is easy to use and offers a handy online quote tool. You can do a lot on the website, such as purchasing insurance, managing your policy, filing and tracking a claim, and finding an insurance agent near you.

You can also find a local agent by calling Liberty Mutual’s customer service.

The mobile app, available for Android and iOS, is also intuitive. You can file a claim just like when you use the company’s website, and you can also make a payment, look up your coverages, add on coverages, and view your digital ID card.

With its online claims process and mobile app, you can “chat” with the insurer almost exclusively without needing to call a representative.

Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance Discounts

Liberty Mutual offers more discounts than most major renters insurance companies.

  • Claims-free discount: Qualify for a discount if you have been claims-free for five years or more.
  • Early shopper discount: Get a discount at the time of purchase if you get a quote from Liberty Mutual before your current policy expires.
  • Bundling discount: Save money when you bundle your renters insurance with an auto policy from Liberty Mutual.
  • Preferred payment discount: Save even more when you sign up for automatic payments from your bank account.
  • Online purchase discount: A discount is automatically added when you buy your policy online.

Read a full Liberty Mutual home insurance review.

Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance Pros & Cons

  • Easy online claims filing.
  • Customer service available on weekends.
  • Blanket jewelry coverage.
  • Discount availability varies from state to state.
  • Limited extra coverages.
  • Replacement costs for your personal property are an add-on at an additional cost.
  • Earthquake coverage not available in all areas.
  • Theft coverage will increase your premium.
  • Mold damage caused by flood not covered.
How is Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance Rated?
PropertyNest Rating4.5 out of 5
J.D. Power (out of 1,000) Score834
A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingA
BBB RatingA+
NAIC Complaint Index Score2.37

State Farm: Best for Customizing Your Policy

State Farm renters insurance WA
Editors star rating review
Editor's Rating (4.5 Stars out of 5)

State Farm, like Allstate, is one of the best renters insurers in the industry, offering very affordable rates and many ways to customize your policy.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), State Farm’s renters insurance for a basic or standard policy is around $15 per month or $180 a year, including about $35,000 in coverage.

The typical renters insurance rate in Washington is $140 per year or around $12 monthly.

Even though Allstate is higher than the state average, the insurer offers many discounts to lower your premium.

In addition, Allstate offers many coverages that are unique in comparison to what other insurers offer.

Two of them come standard:

The standard Inflation coverage automatically increases the amount of your coverage on your items as inflation changes the cost of living.

The coverage provides payment based on the cost to repair or replace damaged items at the time of loss.

Business property coverage, which also comes standard, provides up to $1,500 for property used for a business.

State Farm Renters Insurance Discounts

State Farm has two available discounts for renters looking to purchase a policy.

  • Bundling discount: Save money when you bundle renters insurance with another policy like auto coverage.
  • Protective device discount: You may be eligible for a discount if you have one the following or all devices installed in your rental: burglar alarm, smoke detector, fire alarm, or other home monitoring system.

Read a full State Farm renters insurance review.

Here are the unique coverage options that you can add to your policy at an additional cost:

Available Coverage From State Farm
Waterbed LiabilityThis policy covers damage caused by a waterbed.
Identity Thefthis covers to pay costs related to identity fraud, cyberattacks, or extortion.
Additional Insured CoverageYou can cover non-residents who have a financial interest in the property.
Sewer or Drain Backup CoverageCovers damage to your personal property from water backing up through sewers or drains or any water damage that originates inside the rental.
Nurses’ Professional Liability CoveragePays a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or vocational nurse if you use their services related to nursing.
Personal Injury CoverageThere’s the standard personal industry coverage that pays for medical and legal bills if a person gets hurt in your rental and needs medical attention and if that same person ends up suing you. Then there’s personal injury coverage for non-physical injuries like libel and slander because words can hurt just as much as physical pain.
Earthquake CoveragePays for damage caused by an earthquake, which never comes standard in a basic policy.
Additional Business PropertyThis protects any items you own that you use for business purposes. For just a few dollars more, there’s also business liability coverage that can cover injuries sustained by guests or businessmen or women in an office you rent or in an apartment unit you rent.

State Farm Renters Insurance Pros & Cons

  • Affordable policy.
  • Received the highest possible rating by AM Best.
  • Has one of the best reputations in comparison to similar insurers.
  • Covers pets.
  • J.D. Power study for customer service ranked insurer as third-best in the US.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Pay your monthly bill using Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Doesn't offer coverage for less than $10,000 of property.
  • Fails to list different coverages and savings on its site.
  • Add-ons can be costly.
  • Can’t lower premium by much due to only two discounts, bundling and having home safety protection devices such as installing smoke alarms.
How is State Farm Renters Insurance Rated?
PropertyNest Rating5 out of 5
J.D. Power (out of 1,000) Score836
A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingA++
BBB RatingA+
NAIC Complaint Index Score1.77

Farmers: Best for College Students or Those Who are Starting Out

Farmers Renters Insurance, Washington
Editors star rating review
Editor's Rating (4.5 Stars out of 5)

Face it. College dorms are notorious for the lack of protection they offer college students. Keycode passcodes are the major form of security that college dorms have. They can be swiped, but you never know who’s coming behind you if you don’t turn around.

Parties also make dorms unsafe, especially when dorm building doors are left open so all students can attend, not just those who live there. In addition, dorm room doors are often left open so that students can freely drift from dorm to dorm to see which dorm has the best rager.

So, if you are a college student, you should consider getting renters insurance from Farmers.

You may not think you should get a renters policy because you don’t have much, but if you do a home inventory that adult renters do to determine how much coverage they need, you’ll find you have more than you realized.

College students need to protect their computers, laptops, and printers, as well as their expensive textbooks or pricey clothing.

And since colleges or landlords are usually not responsible for your losses, getting renters insurance from Farmers may be your best bet.

This coverage will pay for any items that have been stolen from your dorm and will leave you feeling more protected because you don’t have to, for example, carry your laptop everywhere you go.

Farmers also offer this policy for those starting and, due to a first job’s wages or working as an unpaid intern, young people may have to live in the cheapest apartment rental they can find, which is often unsafe.

Farmers have a quick claim response time, and the company has been praised for making claims very easy.

In addition, if you just graduated and are moving to a new apartment, Farmers can easily help transfer your coverage to your new digs.

Farmers Renters Insurance Discounts

There are several discounts Farmers offers, which can vary depending on where you live.

  • Bundling discount: Save money when you bundle renters with auto insurance.
  • Protective device discount: You might qualify for discounts for installing a burglar alarm or smoke detector in your rental.
  • Non-smoker discount: Farmers may offer a discount for renters who live in a smoke-free home for at least two years.
  • Claims-free discount: Have a discount applied when you purchase a policy for being claims-free for three years in a row.
  • Good payer discount: Qualify for a discount if you have been a good payer (no late payments) for the last two years.

Farmers Renters Insurance Pros & Cons

  • Discount for not smoking.
  • You can talk to a live agent by using two dedicated phone lines.
  • Claims processing center is open 24/7.
  • Get a quote or file a claim online.
  • Renters insurance bolstered by excellent financial strength, which gives policyholders peace of mind that their claims will be handled promptly.
  • Limited discounts.
  • Discount availability varies from state to state.
  • Average rates are higher than those of competitors.
  • Customer service line is only available during certain hours every day, with limited hours on weekends.
How is Farmers Renters Insurance Rated?
J.D. Power (out of 1,000)831
A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingA
NAIC Complaint Index0.56

Progressive: Best for Different Ways to Pay Your Policy

Progressive Renters Insurance, Washington
Editors star rating review
Editor's Rating (4 Stars out of 5)

Progressive teams up with third-party insurers to provide renters insurance.

Progressive renters insurance is known for its user-friendly website and app that offers a lot of customer autonomy, many discounts to lower your premium, and the ability to work for a world-class and reputable company.

Progressive renters are not cheap. The average policy cost is $206 per year, which is way higher than any of the insurers we reviewed here.

However, the company has devised a way to pay your premium by offering four payment options.

Progressive offers payment options that cater to most people or may be best for your budget.

In addition, if you bundle renters and auto insurance with Progressive, you get an extra five percent discount on your auto policy.

And you get a discount for those who get a quote and take out a policy three days later.

Perhaps Progressive’s best offering is its single deductible, which can save you a lot of money.

If you bundle renters and auto and one claim applies to both, you only need to pay a single deductible.

So, if someone steals your car, your auto policy will cover the theft.

And if someone steals the belongings inside your car, like your laptop or expensive handbag, your renters policy will also cover the theft.

Progressive Renters Insurance Discounts

Progressive offers several discounts to renters. Be aware that not all of these discounts may be available. Availability depends on where you live, your situation, and who the insurance partner is.

  • Bundling discount: Renters who bundle with car insurance save an average of 3%.
  • Quote in advance: Save when you get a quote from Progressive at least three days before your current policy expires.
  • Paperless discount: Get a discount when you receive your bills and policy by email.
  • Security/gated community: You might qualify for savings if you drive past a security guard to get to your home or live in a gated community.
  • Single-deductible: This is not an immediate discount, but you can save money when you bundle policies and file a claim that affects both policies. You can get reimbursed for one of your deductibles.

Read a full Progressive renters insurance review.

How is Progressive Renters Insurance Rated?
PropertyNest Rating4 out of 5
A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingA+
NAIC Complaint Index Score1.66

Progressive Renters Insurance Pros & Cons

  • App has lots of features.
  • Discounts available when you bundle with another Progressive insurance product.
  • Offers inflation coverage, which automatically increases your personal property insurance according to the inflation index.
  • Coverages and discounts are unavailable in some states.
  • Single deductible only available through ASI renters insurance, one of Progressive’s network insurance companies.
  • More complaints than average for the industry.
  • Ranks in the bottom half of companies for overall customer satisfaction.

Amica Mutual: Best for Discounts

Amica Renters Insurance, Washington
Editors star rating review
Editor's Rating (4 Stars out of 5)

Amica is a prestige insurance company. It has won numerous awards for customer satisfaction from JD Power and offers Washington's most reliable renters insurance policy.

The cost of a basic renters insurance policy with Amica is a low $11. That’s pretty cheap.

Still, Amica beat the average renters insurance cost in the US, which is about $14 per month.

This estimate is based on a policy for a hypothetical 30-year-old tenant with $30,000 in personal property coverage, $100,000 in liability coverage, and a $500 deductible.

Besides cheap rates, Amica has many discounts that can help lower your already low premium.

Amica Mutual Renters Insurance Discounts

Here are the most common ways you can save with Amica. As with many other insurers, you may not be eligible for all discounts depending on where you live and your situation.

  • Multi-policy discount: You might save up to 15% when renters are bundled with auto.
  • Auto-pay discount: A discount is applied for enrolling in auto-pay.
  • Loyalty discount: This discount is for renters who have stayed with their insurance company for at least two years. The longer you have stayed with the insurer, the better the savings.
  • Claims-free discount: You must be claims-free for at least three years to qualify.
  • E-discount: You save money when you sign up for electronic bills and policies.

Read a full Amica renters insurance review.

The most popular discounts include:

Amica Mutual Renters Discounts
Loyalty DiscountIf you’ve been with Amica for at least two years, you’ll receive a discount on your policy.
Claim-Free DiscountYou can get a discount if you’ve never filed a claim in the last three years.
Multi-Line DiscountBundling your renters and car insurance with Amica saves you up to 15%.
Autopay DiscountWhen you pay your premium using automatic deductions, you’re also eligible for a discount.
E-DiscountYou can receive a discount when you sign up to receive policy information and bills electronically.

Amica Mutual Renters Insurance Pros & Cons

  • Allows renters to save for a house in the future.
  • Offers deductible as low as $100.
  • No limit on personal property coverage.
  • Coverage packages available for pets, special occasions, and retirement planning.
  • Offers live 24/7 claims processing.
  • Received average rating from customer reviews compared to its top competitors.
  • Need to pay extra for replacement cost coverage.
  • Not transparent.
  • Charges unexpected surcharges.
  • Delay in claims payments.
  • Unsatisfactory settlement amounts.
How is Amica Renters Insurance Rated?
J.D. Power (out of 1,000)854
A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingA+
NAIC Complaint Index0.32

American Family: Best for Unique Endorsements

American Family Renters Insurance, Washington
Editors star rating review
Editor's Rating (4 Stars out of 5)

American Family has fewer complaints than expected for a company of its size and offers many ways to customize your basic renters policy.

These are add-ons or endorsements. While you may pay extra for them, they are good ways to have more expansive and comprehensive coverage.

Here are the best add-ons that American Family offers:

Diminishing Deductible

The most unique one is diminishing deductible. This means that after you purchase a policy with the company, your deductible will automatically decrease with each renewal by $100.

And it will continue to drop by $100 each year.

There’s only one catch: you can only get diminishing if you haven’t filed a claim.

But diminishing works in your favor when you do file a claim. If the claim is approved, your out-of-pocket expenses will be lower.

Identity fraud expense coverage

If you’re a victim of identity theft, an add-on for identity fraud protection may be best for you.

American Family will help recover important or confidential documents if someone steals your identity. In addition, this add-on will pay for legal fees if needed and monitor your sensitive information, like your credit report.

Personal injury coverage

This endorsement can pay legal damages if sued for issues such as libel, slander, or wrongful entry.

Equipment breakdown coverage

If your electrical products fail or suddenly stop working, and you’ve taken good care of them, American will pay to replace or repair them, minus a $500 deductible.

Electrical products include your TV, laptop, stove, refrigerator, or other appliances.

Pet coverage

If your pet is injured or killed in a disaster covered by your policy, this add-on will pay up to $1,000 for veterinarian expenses.

Pet coverage is an add-on and should not be confused with pet insurance, which covers your pet if it is ill.

However, one major downside of American Family is that you can’t purchase renters insurance online.

American Family Renters Insurance Discounts

Here are some of American Family's most popular discounts.

  • Multi-policy discount: Bundle your renters insurance with any of their other insurance products, and you save. The more policies, the higher the savings.
  • Smart home device: You may get a discount if your rental has a qualifying smart home device.
  • Auto-pay discount: Save when you sign up for automatic payments, paperless billing, or pay your premium in full.
  • Loyalty discount: Qualify for a discount if you've been a customer of American Family's for one year.
  • Generational discount: If your parent is an American Family customer and you are between 18-30, you can get a discount on your renters policy.

American Family Renters Insurance Pros & Cons

  • Many discounts to lower premium.
  • If you bundle two or more policies together, such as renters and car insurance, you can save up to 30%.
  • Fewer customer complaints than expected for a company its size.
  • Many coverage types offered.
  • Has a solid financial standing and is stable enough to reimburse customers in the event of a covered peril.
  • Coverage for home-based businesses available.
  • Only available in 19 states.
  • You can’t purchase a policy online. An insurance agent is required.
  • Not being able to buy online can ward off many who solely conduct business on the web.
  • Able to contact insurance agent, though the agent may only be available during specific working hours.
How is American Family Renters Insurance Rated?
J.D. Power (out of 1,000)833
A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingA
NAIC Complaint Index0.37
Compare Renter Insurance Company Ratings
CompanyPropertyNest RatingJ.D. Power (out of 1,000)A.M Best RatingBBB Rating
Lemonade5.0853Not RatedB+
Liberty Mutual4.5834AA+
State Farm4.5836A++A+
Erie Insurance4.5851*A+A+
Jetty4.0Not RatedAA+

Is Renters Insurance Mandatory in Washington?

Renters insurance is not required by law in Washington. However, some landlords may require it.

Even though it’s not mandatory, purchasing renters insurance is always a good idea.

If you don’t have renters insurance and a fire, burglary, or other unexpected events happen, you will be responsible for replacing your belongings, which can cost you substantially.

Renters insurance in Washington makes it easy to replace your lost property.

What is the Average Cost of Renters Insurance in Washington?

In the US, the average cost of renters insurance is $17 per month or $206 per year, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

The average basic renters insurance rate in Washington is $173.4 per year or around $14.45 monthly.

If you shop around, as you should, you can find a rate lower than the state average.

If you think these rates are expensive, consider that renters insurance is always cheaper than homeowners insurance.

Why is Renters Insurance Cheaper Than Homeowners Insurance?

A renters policy does not cover the rental structure, such as the exterior and interior of your apartment building, including the lobby, the shared halls, and the elevator, to name just a few.

That’s your landlord’s responsibility.

The cost of your renters insurance policy ultimately depends on how much coverage you buy. Since personal property is only covered up to the policy’s limit, you may have to buy additional coverage or an endorsement to get your property fully insured.

If your belongings are stolen, damaged, or destroyed by a fire or other covered peril, your insurer will repair or replace your belongings in full, minus your deductible.

What Determines Renters Insurance Rates in Washington?

Several factors affect the price of a renters insurance policy.

The most popular are:

Whether You Choose an Actual Cash Value (ACV) or a Replacement Cost Value (RCV) Plan

With ACV, insurers pay only for the depreciated value of your items if they are stolen or damaged.

With RCV, insurers pay the full cost at today’s prices. For example, if your laptop is four years old and gets destroyed, damaged, or stolen, you’ll be reimbursed at the full cost to purchase the same or similar type of laptop.

RCV will increase your premium if it doesn’t come standard in your basic policy.

Claims History

If you've ever filed a claim on any of your previous renters insurance policies, you are considered a higher risk and will have your premium raised.

Amount of Coverage

You'll pay more if you increase your coverage to raise your property limits.

In many cases, your standard renters policy probably won't provide enough coverage to replace your possessions.

So, you will buy extra coverage through an endorsement to pay for them in full if a covered peril damages or destroys them.

Where You Live

Insurance companies will determine your premium based on where you live.

For example, if you live in an area with a low crime rate or if you live in an area that is not prone to natural disasters, your premium will be lower.

Building Construction

If you rent a house, apartment, or condo made of brick or masonry, insurers will charge you less than they would if your rental was constructed using a less “stable” or less “solid” material, such as wood or stucco.

That’s because sturdier material is less affected by earthquakes, fires, and other covered perils.

Fire Detection and Prevention

If you install fire detection and prevention devices and have fire extinguishers, your rental will be safer, and your premium will be lowered.

Security Measures

If your apartment or condo has around-the-clock security, is located in a gated community, or has security cameras and deadbolts installed in your unit, your premiums may be lower.

Can You Lower Rental Insurance Premiums?

If you bundle your renters insurance with your auto insurance using the same insurer called a multi-policy, it will make a major difference in your premium.

For example, the insurers with the best discounts when you bundle rental and car include the following:

  • American Family - You’ll get 30% off.
  • Allstate - You’ll get 10% off
  • Progressive - You’ll get 5% off.

All of our top choices for renters insurance in Washington also sell auto insurance, so remember to look into how much discount you can get when buying both insurances from one company.

How to Find Affordable Renters Insurance?

Finding cheap renters insurance in Washington can be difficult, especially since many options exist.

Shopping around may save you a lot of money, so get quotes from as many insurers as possible.

Using a company’s website to get a quote may be easier because it is instant and saves you time from calling an insurer’s customer service representative or agent.

Once you have enough quotes, compare each policy to find the lowest one with the coverage you need.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

In Washington, the standard renters insurance policy covers liability, theft, medical treatment, and loss of use.

What makes a basic policy unique is the customization you can get to tailor your policy to your needs and any add-ons or endorsements you may want to purchase for additional coverage or protection.

So, the standard coverage includes the following:

Liability Coverage

Liability protects you against lawsuits from someone who suffers bodily injuries or property damages you or your family caused.

Liability also covers your legal defense.

Personal Property Coverage

This pays to repair or replace property that’s stolen or vandalized or damaged due to fire, windstorms, smoke damage, and other perils your policy may cover.

Most Common Items Stolen in Home Burglaries
Cash or Other Forms of CurrencyBank notes, bullions, gold or silver (non-jewelry), coins, medals, smart cards, stored value cards.Most renters insurance policies will only cover up to $200 in stolen cash.
Electronic EquipmentPhones (iPhones, Androids, etc.), computers, laptops, iPads, earbuds, smart watches, TV sets, gaming systems, Alexa or Google home devices, etc.Standard renters insurance policies cover the loss or damage of electronic devices.
ClothingDesigner purse/handbags, shoes, jewelry, designer watchesStandard renters policies cover your personal clothing or designer handbags etc.
Power ToolsDrills & drivers, saws.Covered under the personal property coverage.
Kitchen appliancesRefrigerators, microwaves, blenders, electric mixers, ice makers, coffee machines, and other appliances.Renters insurance covers personal appliances if they are damaged, stolen, or destroyed by a covered peril.
Prescription drugsWill not cover stolen prescription drugs.
Personal informationBank accounts, identity information stolen from documents, or stolen personal equipment.Most companies do not include identity theft as a covered peril in a standard renters insurance policy.
FirearmsPistols, riflesLegal firearms are covered under personal property coverage.

Loss of Use

Covers basic living expenses and temporary housing costs if you can’t live in your rental unit due to damage or destruction from fire, smoke, and heavy winds.

Medical Payments

This policy pays for medical care if there is bodily injury to a person that occurs in your rental unit, regardless of fault.

Make a Renters Insurance Home Inventory

If you think you don’t need renters insurance because you don’t have enough valuables to protect, renters insurers will tell you to do a home inventory.

A home inventory helps you determine how much property you have and how much each item costs.

If you know the prices for some items, that’s helpful. If you don’t have receipts or can’t recall the costs, you can look up the prices online.

And if you can’t find any of your belongings by searching online, you can use a roundabout figure from an item comparable to yours.

After itemizing and calculating the worth of each item, you’ll most likely find that you have more property to protect than you originally thought.

What Natural Disasters are Covered by a Standard Renters Policy?

The following natural disasters, often called covered perils, are covered:

The following natural disasters are not covered in a standard renters insurance policy:

  • Earthquakes
  • Natural floods

What Natural Disasters Occur in Washington?

Washington is considered one of the safest states in the U.S.

Regarding natural disasters, Washington state ranks in the top three safest places in the country. Rounding out, the safest states are Oregon and Colorado.

However, there are risks:

  • There are more than 1,000 earthquakes in Washington every year.
  • Flooding is also a risk.
  • Severe storms include strong winds, hail, rain, and freezing rain.

Severe storms, strong winds, and hail are all covered by a basic policy, so you don’t need to purchase separate insurance on top of your policy for coverage.

But earthquakes are never covered in a standard renter’s policy. It’s strongly suggested that renters get earthquake coverage as an add-on to their policy. You are putting yourself at risk without earthquake insurance.

Natural flooding also doesn’t come standard. If the area in Washington where you rent is prone to flooding, you should purchase flood insurance.

But there are differences between natural floods and floods that cause interior damage.

Natural floods that come into your renter’s property from outside, leak into it, and damage your belongings are not covered.

But flood damage resulting from the water backup or water originating in the rental is covered.

Both earthquake and flood insurance will raise your premium, but if you don’t have them and one or both occur, you’ll pay out of pocket for any damages and losses.

What Should You Look for in an Insurer?

Many tenants base their decision on getting the lowest rate possible to search for a policy.

But having the best rate doesn’t mean the insurer is superior or better than other companies.

When searching for a policy, you should also look at how many coverage options a company has, its customer service, and its financial strength.

Coverage Options

Because some insurers pay only up to the policy’s limits, usually around $30,000, chances are your collectibles or other valuables won’t be covered for the full amount.

When dealing with your high-value items, you should purchase an add-on that protects your jewelry and reimburses you if the covered jewelry is lost, stolen, or damaged due to a covered peril.

Or you can get an endorsement covering all your high-priced items.

As an optional add-on, scheduled personal property means increasing your coverage and covering more risks, such as accidental loss.

The key takeaway is that you can add as many endorsements or riders as you want. But the best way to get your personal property covered in full is to get enough coverage close to or greater than your items' value.

If you want to take a risk to save money, you can purchase coverage with a lower limit than the value of what you own.

Customer Service

You’ll want an insurance company with great reviews and ratings so that if you ever need to file a claim, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your company has a strong track record of customer satisfaction.

If you work with an agent, they should be responsive and have the patience to explain everything about the policy you buy in the simplest terms, without using industry jargon.

If you receive good service when you’re buying a policy, the process will be smooth, and the agent will have a wealth of knowledge in the insurance industry to find the right coverage you need easily.

And if the customer service rep has good service when you make a claim, you’ll likely be reimbursed after a covered loss in the fastest manner possible.

We looked at the NAIC complaint index and JD Power's renters insurance survey to evaluate customer service from renters insurers in Washington.

Financial Strength

Suppose a renters insurance company has a high level of financial stability. In that case, you’ll better understand whether it will be able to reimburse you after a covered loss in the quickest possible time.

To understand a company’s financial strength, we looked at AM Best ratings, which rank insurers by their claims-paying ability.

Our Methodology

We thoroughly researched the top renters insurance companies in the state and narrowed the list down to those that operated in Washington. We rated them on criteria that included ease of use, ratings, financial strength, customer, and affordability. Read our full in-depth renters insurance methodology.

How We Ranked and Picked the Best Renters Insurance Companies in Washington

To determine the best renters insurance companies, we looked at their discounts, coverage options, technology, customer reviews, and cost.


We put that company on our list if an insurer had many discounts.

Since renters insurance is relatively cheap already, it will be hard for you to find meaningful discounts that can lower your rate. Some discounts only shave off $1 or $2 a year on your policy.

So, we considered bundling your renters insurance with another insurance policy. That typically is your auto policy. If you bundle renters and car insurance, sometimes an insurer can help you save up to 15%.

The insurer that has that multi-line discount is Amica.

Coverage Options

Since every renter has different coverage needs, we looked at how many coverages an insurer offered.

Does the insurer offer a mix of optional coverages that you can’t live without and which are both appealing and relevant?


If an insurer has a useful and easy-to-use website and app, we noted that. Specifically, we examined whether you can purchase a policy online or file a claim on an app.

Some companies require you to ask a customer service agent to buy a policy. We tried to avoid those because it’s not an efficient way to use your time. If you can use the insurer’s website or app anywhere and at any time of the day or when you feel like it, this provides convenience, and we put that insurer on our list.

Customer Satisfaction

For customer reviews, we looked at how many customers gave insurers a good rating based on how they felt about a company’s customer service.

We also examined an insurer’s JD Power rating to determine how renters felt about their insurance companies.


Renters insurance tends to be affordable, but the more coverage you buy, the higher your rate will be.


We surveyed insurance coverage prices in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, and Bellevue.

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