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10 Best Renters Insurance Companies in Miami of 2021

Augustine Reyes Chan

Augustine Reyes Chan

Find the Best Renters Insurance in Miami, FL. Compare quotes from top companies to get the cheapest renters insurance. Save time and money now get free quotes.
Miami Renters Insurance

Living in Miami seems like a wonderland. The homes and chic hotels on the water, the stunning white sand beaches, the fabulous nightlife, and the hopping bar scene are many reasons why people move to Miami.

Even in dreamlike settings, you can still find trouble in paradise. Life in Miami—as well as South Beach, Orlando, Key West, for example—is not just about soaking in the water and working on your tan.

It’s also about fending for your life due to Miami’s dangerous hurricane season and high winds that can rip the roof off many houses and apartment buildings in a matter of seconds.

So, if you live in Miami and are renting an apartment, you should buy renters insurance.

Renters insurance runs up to $20 a month, which is reasonably affordable.

But according to the 2021 Insurance Information Institute, Florida residents pay about $15 a month, or $185 a year.

For that low price, renters insurance will cover damage to your personal possessions, liability claims, and medical bills for guests who are injured as a result of an accident in your rental.

And it gives you peace of mind that your personal belongings in your unit are protected by renters insurance.

If there is theft in your apartment and you don’t have renters insurance, anything stolen in your unit, such as a laptop, jewelry, art, collectibles, may require you to pay out of pocket to recover your losses.

So it’s a good thing for renters to have renters insurance.

But how do you pick the right renters insurance that fulfills all your needs?

You have to do the research. Compare policy quotes and an insurer’s offerings to help you make a decision.

We’ve done the work for you. We not only ranked the best renters insurance in Miami by category but have also given you the lowdown on everything you need to know about renters insurance in Miami

Best Renters Insurance Companies in Miami

  • Allstate: Best for Unique Discounts

  • Lemonade: Best for Resolving Claims Instantly

  • Liberty Mutual: Best Overall

  • State Farm: Best for Replacement Cost Coverage

  • Phoenix Insurance Group: Best Policy for Wind Coverage

  • Security First: Best Regional Renters Insurance

  • Progressive: Best for Multiple Discounts

  • American Integrity Insurance Group: Best for Flood Insurance

  • Geico: Best for Smartphone App

  • Tower Hill Insurance Group: Best Coverage for Florida Flood Losses

Allstate: Best for Unique Discounts

Allstate Renters Insurance Miami

Allstate has very affordable rates. The average cost per month for a standard policy is only $10.

Your rates will go lower as the company also offers several discounts.

Bundling auto and life insurance policies in addition to renters insurance will give you a discount.

And installing a security system for your rental and living in a low crime rate town will also get you a discount.

However, we chose Allstate for its unique discounts that competitors don’t have.

If you are a member of the U.S. military, or if you are 55 and older, and if you haven’t made a claim for the last few years, you will also get a discount.

In addition to its non-traditional discounts, Allstate is unique in its coverages.

For example, a theft that happens in a school or office is covered.

Malicious mischief (say someone spray paints your garage) and riots, and civil commotion are all covered.

And sudden and accidental damage from artificially generated electrical current is covered.

How Well-Received is Allstate?

  • A.M. Best Rating: A+
  • J.D. Power Ranking: 841/1000 or ranked 3rd.
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau) Rating: A
Allstate Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
Ease of online service or through an agentAverage customer satisfaction for claims
Clear claims processOptional coverage like yard and garden not available in every state
Useful mobile appStandard policies don’t cover floods or earthquakes
The website has ample learning resources for policyholderAdding replacement cost coverage means higher monthly rates
Coverage for additional living expenses included in standard policy

Lemonade: Best for Resolving Claims Instantly

Lemonade Renters Insurance Miami

Lemonade is one of the newest renters insurance out there, but throughout the years they have covered a ton of young professionals.

That’s because you can do anything on its website or mobile app, such as purchasing a policy.

The reason why we chose Lemonade is for its fast claims process.

Lemonade says that about 30% of policyholders’ claims are reimbursed to you instantly after you detail your claim online or use the app.

Other companies in the Lemonade league take a few weeks to resolve a claim.

Lemonade Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
echnologically forward company is quickly gaining popularityNot for those who want to talk to a live customer service agent
ConvenientAvailability varies by state
Easy to file a claim, receive customer support, purchase a policy, and view your policy on website or appCustomer complaint levels tend to be well above the industry average, with many renters insurance complaints being related to claims handling delays and policy cancellations

Liberty Mutual: Best Overall

Liberty mMutual Renters Insurance Miami

Liberty Mutual is best overall for its comprehensive coverage, ability to cover high-end valuables like jewelry using an add-on, easy claims processing, and above all, its cheap rates.

Customers can file a claim in two easy ways. You can do it online 24/7 or call the insurance company.

Liberty Mutual advertises itself as having the lowest policy premium, which is $5. That’s certainly the cheapest price a renters insurance company can quote you.

But for this standard policy, you won’t receive water damage coverage, which is essential if you live here in Florida.

The actual average price is more like $10-$12. That cost comes from adding a rider to your policy. More riders will increase your premium even more.

These include blanket jewelry coverage, which includes added coverage specifically for your jewelry, and earthquake insurance.

The good thing is you can take advantage of Liberty Mutual’s many discounts to offset your high premium. Standard discounts apply like multi-policy or bundling and being claims-free.

A few of the many discounts are having security features in your rental, opting for automatic payments that are linked to your bank account, and if you go paperless and receive policy info electronically, to name a few.

How Well-Received is Liberty Mutual?

  • BBB: A Rating
Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
Available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.Standard policy doesn’t come with water damage coverage
Easy online claims filingDamage caused by natural flooding isn’t usually covered. Florida renters need it most, so adding flood insurance may jack up your premium
Great for consumers that want to connect with a local agentEarthquake coverage not available in all areas
Customer service is available on the weekendsCan only purchase up to $25,000 of personal property coverage
People looking for multiple lines of insurance coverageDiscount availability varies from state to state
Intuitive app to pay bills, make claims, view identification cards, and policy detailsDifficult to find the covered perils and customer service numbers on the website
Tuition insurance, a unique policy seldom seen, covers illnesses, unexpected accidents, and mental health conditions like mood disorders and anxiety issues

State Farm: Best for Replacement Cost Coverage

State Farm Renters Insurance Miami

What makes State Farm standout is their replacement cost coverage,

Most standard policies do not include replacement costs.

State Farm’s standard policy includes replacement costs to any of its policyholders without an extra fee.

This means you don’t need to buy a rider to get this feature.

Typically, an insurer will reimburse you for the value of your items minus depreciation. (That’s ACV, or actual cost value)

Meanwhile, State Farm covers the current market value of lost or destroyed property even if your property items depreciate.

It will pay in full the amount needed to replace your loss.

The reimbursement is for the original price you paid for your lost or damaged property.

For example, instead of giving you what your old laptop is worth today, State Farm will purchase you a brand new one.

How Well-Received is State Farm?

  • 850 score out of 1,000 in J.D. Power's renters insurance satisfaction survey.
  • A.M. Best: A++. This is the highest rating that an insurer can receive.
State Farm Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
Great for customers that want to connect with a local agentFails to list different coverages and savings on its site
Includes inflation coverageCustomer service availability is infrequent
Very few customer complaints for an insurance company of its sizeAdd-ons can be costly
Offers multiple add-on optionsOffers little discounts or any unique endorsements
No limit on personal property coverageOffers only two extra coverage options beyond basic coverage: identity theft protection and extended liability
Simple to use website and app

Phoenix Insurance Group: Best Policy for Wind Coverage

Phoenix Insurance Group is known for its low customer complaints and its high user ratings.

Phoenix has low premiums and high customer satisfaction, but what they are best known for in Miami is that wind damage is covered in a standard policy.

Due to the high winds that can damage property in coastal towns like Miami, it’s wise to look at a company like Phoenix where your rates will not go up because wind damage is an added expense.

However, flood insurance is not included in the standard policy and is something you have to purchase as a rider to be covered, especially in coastal areas like Miami or flood zone areas.

Phoenix Insurance Group Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
Cheap policiesYou’ll need to call or email for a quote
Below average customer complaintsLimited information online

Security First: Best Regional Renters Insurance

If you’re the type who, say, buys local, such as loyally purchasing books from indie bookstores rather than go through the behemoth conglomerate Amazon, then Security First is for you.

Security First is the best regional company as it focuses on providing those who live in Florida with affordable insurance policies.

Based in Ormond Beach, Security First is like a mom-and-pop store, as it’s run by a local, family-owned company.

Its rates are hard to come by. The average monthly premium is $9, so the average annual premium is $112.

However, the company isn’t perfect. Out of 972 reviews, customers complained that the company doubles or increases your rates without telling you even if you have a good record with them and have never made a claim.

Another issue that is a major biggie is that customers complained that the company dropped them for no reason at all and without prior notification.

In fact, during Covid 19, Security First reportedly sent out non-renewal notices also without advance notification. Even to customers who pay on time and make no claims.

How well received is Security First?

  • BBB: A+
  • Three-time Florida Trend award winner for Best Companies to Work For in Florida
Security First Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
Family-owned business for family-style policiesInexplicably drops customers without notice
Offers discounts for people who are 55 or olderIncreases cost of policy without notice
Offers discounts for security measures, such as living in a gated communityYou need to check your account to see if your policy was increased

Progressive: Best for Multiple Discounts

Progressive is one of the most well-known and largest insurance companies in the industry.

We chose Progressive because the company offers multiple deep discounts in many ways and options. Any of these discounts will lower your policy.

Here are some of the discounts you may be eligible for.

  • Multi-policy - 5% discount on auto policy when you bundle renters insurance with an auto policy.
  • Paperless - Having all your policy information and news delivered to your email rather than through snail mail will get you a discount.
  • Pay in Full - You save money in the long run if you pay your policy in full the second you sign on the dotted line.
  • The 3-Day Discount - Starting your policy at least 3 days after reviewing your quote gets you a discount.
  • Gated Community - If your rental is behind gates or has a security guard, you get a discount,

But keep in mind that you have to drive by an active security guard or use a keypad or remote to enter your rental community.

How Well Received is Progressive?

  • AM Best: A+
  • S&P rating: AA
Progressive Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
Best for deep discountsNeed to enter personal information such as your birthdate and social security number to receive a quote
Easy-to-use mobile appLow percentage of customers who will renew because company favors the tech-savvy
Offers the option for low deductiblesPrice competitive is average
Easy claims process

American Integrity Insurance Group: Best for Flood Insurance

If you live in Miami you need more than renters insurance.

Because of the fierce winds and the many hurricanes that can destroy your rental in seconds, you definitely need to purchase an add-on that covers these natural disasters that do not come in standard policies.

Where should you go? Many national companies won’t cover Miami because they don’t want to assume the risk or scare away potential customers because of the high average rates.

American Integrity Insurance Group (AIIG) is fairly new, incorporated in 2006. The company services only the state of Florida.

AIIG will cover you if there’s hurricane damage. In fact, AIIG was created “in response to the lack of solid renters insurance options in Florida.”

A standard policy doesn’t come with flood insurance. You can buy a comprehensive plan to eliminate hurricane damages to your property with AIIG.

Still, flood insurance coverage is expensive. But with AIIG, their private flood insurance rates are as much as 15% lower than what is available now on the market or by using the National Flood Insurance Program.

Plus, there is no waiting period for protection to go into effect.

The average cost of flood insurance in Florida's largest cities ranges from $389 to $950 per year.

In Miami, the average is $390.

What Makes AIIG Unique?

  • Demotech Inc: A
  • A.M. Best: AIIG secured a $150 million bond to prepare for hurricane season. It was the only insurer in Florida to do this.
American Integrity Insurance Group Insurance Pros & Cons
Discount for roof replacement or roof updatesClaims Center is open to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and yet it is hard to track down a live agent
Company urges using Hardie plank or Hardie board siding because it stands up well to hurricanesUnresponsive adjusters
Assisted Living Care: For qualified non-resident relatives that often stay in an Assisted Living Care facilityClaims take too long to process
Home Cyber Protection: Up to $25,000 of coverage from cyber attacks and fraudYou have to continually follow up, leave messages, or call the agents just to process a claim

Geico: Best for Smartphone App

Like Lemonade, Geico has gone over and beyond to extend coverage to customers who would prefer to use technology to manage their renters insurance.

Geico has a user-friendly app and website that you can use that covers every part of your renters insurance.

Sure you can connect to a local agent, but if you want to save time, you can use the site and app to get a renters insurance quote, estimate the value of your personal belongings, read about your coverage and other related articles, and learn if there are any discount options.

You can also use the app to access and maintain your policy and begin the process of making a claim directly with a third-party insurer and not on the site or app.

That’s because Geico, which is more known for its award-winning auto insurance, is underwritten by other companies. The Geico Insurance agency matches you with one of its renters insurance partners (you can’t choose one of its partners) and some of them you’ll already know such as Liberty Mutual and Travelers.

How Well Received is Geico?

  • J.D. Powers: 823/1,000 (that’s the sixth place)
Geico Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
Bundle your Geico auto insurance to get discount.Functions as an agency and doesn't underwrite its own renters policies
$100 deductible option at reasonable rateUses underwriting companies
Smartphone app connects users to local agentsNo choice of which company you’ll be matched with
No minimum costMaking a claim through a third-party insurer can be confusing
Policies include nominal personal property coverageFew to little discounts
Insurance covers loss of useCoverage must be based on replacement cost

Tower Hill Insurance Group: Best Coverage for Florida Flood Losses

We chose Tower Hill Insurance Group because its renters insurance reflects the needs of Floridian residents.

Tower Hill caters to its customers and the perils that inflict rentals near the coast. Its policy covers the risk of natural disasters like windstorms

and hurricanes, as well as subsequent flooding,

There are few renters insurance companies that cover Florida’s catastrophic weather conditions. That’s because such companies find insuring Florida to be a huge risk, and the pay-outs are too high and often can’t be covered by the insurer.

But catastrophic coverage is typically not a policy covered by an insurance company.

The default option to get flood and wind insurance is through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

But with Tower Hill, you can get coverage by purchasing an endorsement or an add-on.

Using the add-on is attractive to many customers, as you’ll only have to deal with one invoice for both coverages.

What makes Tower Hill unique is that it offers greater coverage than what you’d get with the NFIP.

The coverage limit due to flooding is $3.5 million for the contents in your home.

In contrast, NFIP’s limits for flood losses for dwellings are just $250,000 and $100,000 for home contents.

Also, the NFIP has a 30-day waiting period.

Tower Hill is shorter for its flood insurance waiting period, which is 15 days.

But since flood endorsement coverage is unique, as it has no waiting period.

How Well Received is Tower Hill?

  • AM Best: B++
Tower Hill Insurance Group Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
Easy-to-use and intuitive websiteNAIC Rating below-average; company received more customer complaints than average compared to other insurers
Flexible billing optionsDoesn’t reward loyal customers
Variety of coverage optionsPoor discount offerings
Calling an agent to go over personal coverages can net you big discounts and savingsTower Hill will drop you during coverage with no notice if its inspectors find your roof to be inadequate

How We Decided

We gathered information from multiple trusted sites in renters insurance and the websites of insurance companies and narrowed our search down with the needs of Miami residents by prioritizing the following:

Policy Coverage

The insurer needed to have a wide range of policy coverages that addressed the needs of Floridians. These include catastrophic natural disasters such as torrential rain and hurricanes, high winds, and flooding that all neighborhoods on the coast experience. If the standard policy didn’t cover one or more of the above, we made sure to look for an insurer who had riders to protect your belongings when a natural disaster strikes.

Policy Costs

Renters insurance shouldn’t be exorbitantly priced. So we looked at insurance companies that had low premiums, as well as plenty of discounts to lower them.

For example, we researched companies that offer discounts for bundling renters insurance with auto insurance and for security, such as having a rental behind gates or having a rental with an active security guard at the entrance of your neighborhood. Those are just two examples.

Customer Service

You may sign up with a renters insurance company that looks great, but it becomes almost useless if the customer service was unreachable, not available at certain times, and not being there 24/7.

It was critical that the insurers had accessible and convenient service.

For this reason, we looked at companies that had a web presence or mobile app where you could take care of things like file a claim, adjust your policy limits, get answers to questions you need, and more, and which were designed to save you time.


We didn’t just research renters insurance quotes in Miami. Since we needed to compare quotes to find the best policy, we looked at other coastal towns near Miami that had the same concerns (wind, hurricanes, etc.), such as South Beach, Orlando, Key West, and more. That gave us a wider picture of how insurance rates vary per town, and to see which towns had the lowest premiums, and why.

What is Renters Insurance in Miami?

Renters insurance protects your personal property due to wind, theft, fire, or vandalism.

The likelihood of these occurring and the high cost to recoup your losses means that purchasing renters insurance is a needed investment.

Each insurance policy has a basic or standard policy that covers your liability and theft, for example.

Are You Required by Law to Have Renters Insurance in Miami?

No, but these days, many landlords now require you to purchase a policy before they let you move in.

What are the Two Main Reasons Why You Should Buy Renters Insurance in Miami?

First, Miami is known for its high volume of property crime.

Two, Miami’s weather can be hazardous to residents, especially during hurricane season.

Do you have enough money to pay out of pocket to replace damaged personal belongings?

Only renters insurance will cover your losses up to your personal property limit.

For these reasons, Miami residents should always purchase renters insurance.

Coverage for Property Crime

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for renters insurance in Miami.

In Miami, property theft is about 70% higher than the national average and, according to the FBI’s Crime Data, larceny is not something that will slow down during the years to come.

So, if you live near a beach that’s densely populated and has a high crime rate, your insurance rate will be likely high.

But if you rent the same style of an apartment that’s a little farther from the city and is a suburb known for its safe neighborhood, your rate will be lower.

Coverage for Hazardous Natural Disasters

Typically, renters insurance won’t cover flood damage because it’s often catastrophic and claims can be high in cost, making the insurer unable to offer flood insurance.

However, for those who live near the coast, you can do your research and find an insurer that has flood coverage as an add-on to your policy.

If you don’t get the add-on, and if any of your damages exceed the amount of your coverage, you will be responsible for paying the costs that aren’t covered.

If the insurer doesn’t have an add-on, you can turn to a private company specializing in flood insurance or look at the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

A standard policy renters insurance also doesn’t cover damages caused by earthquakes.

How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost in Miami?

It’s hard to come up with a figure for a basic or standard policy because insurance companies take into account many things that can affect your premium.

These include the material used for the building, your building’s age, your location, whether or not your neighborhood is considered safe, and the value of your belongings and your coverage limits.

That said, the average monthly cost for Florida renters insurance is $15 a month, according to the latest data from the Insurance Information Institute (III).

In Miami, because of its hazardous weather conditioners, the rate is higher.

That’s because, in Florida, every coastline has been impacted by at least one hurricane since the 1850s and has not changed to this date.

So renters insurance in Miami is around $24 to $26 a month for a $40,000/$100,000 policy with a $1,000 deductible.

Florida renters insurance is so much higher than the national average ($14) because the homes are susceptible to natural disasters that can’t be found in every state.

If your personal belongings get damaged, renters insurance can give policyholders peace of mind because the insurer will be able to cover the costs of your loss.

Lower Your Limits to Lower Your Rates

Most insurance companies recommend a personal property limit of $40,000.

But is that what you want?

Forget about the limit for a second and perform an inventory of all your valuables. Try to price each item that you have. If you have receipts, that would be great, but most renters do not.

So, you should do an estimate of your belongings.

The main reason why is that you may be overpaying if you don’t add up the costs of your personal belongings that you want to cover.

Once you’ve added up the costs, you may find you need less coverage than the $40.000 limit.

You may end up thinking that you only need a $20,000 or $15,000 limit.

If you do, you may be able to reduce the limit to save on your premiums.

What Does Miami Renters Insurance Cover?

Every renters insurance has a standard or basic policy. Here is what is covered.


Say someone has bodily injury while at your rental because you just mopped the floor and the person falls and hurts his knee or back and needs medical attention.

Liability protects you against lawsuits from people who have bodily injuries or property damages that you or your family caused to them.

Liability also covers your legal defense and a standard policy includes up to $100,000 in liability coverage.

Personal Property

This policy protects your personal property in the event there’s a covered peril.

A covered peril is a damaging event that’s covered in your policy such as theft, vandalism, or fire to name a few.

Theft coverage is very important to have, especially in Miami where crime is higher than the national average.

And if there are climate changes like lightning and windstorms and your property is damaged too, that’s also covered.

You’re also covered if there’s a fire or smoke damage, or other damaging events.

Loss of Use

If there’s a fire or another covered event in your building that damages your unit to the point where you find it’s inhabitable, loss of use will reimburse you for any hotel stays, as well as for any meals you have at restaurants.

Your insurance will also cover things that you use as a necessity, such as soap, a toothbrush, and feminine hygiene products.

Medical Payments

This policy pays for medical care if there is bodily injury to a person that occurs in your rental, regardless of fault.

It’s important to remember that if medical care exceeds your coverage limits, you will be held responsible for paying the costs that aren’t covered.

That’s why it’s important to loosen your purse strings and pay for added coverage, known as an add-on or rider, to increase your policy limits so you don’t pay for a thing.

Basic covered losses include things like damage from fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, lightning, windstorms, explosions, water from internal sources like plumbing leaks, a furnace, an air conditioner, and a water heater, as well as damage by vehicle, and falling objects.

What is Not Covered in Renters Insurance in Miami?

Florida in general is susceptible to natural disasters such as hurricanes, high winds, tropical storms, sinkholes, and tornadoes.

Water damage caused by flooding from a hurricane that ruins your personal belongings is usually not included in a standard policy.

If you live in Miami or other coastal towns in Florida where there’s a high risk of flooding, such as being at a low elevation or being near the coast, it’s imperative to add flood insurance to your policy.

This will raise your insurance rate but will protect your belongings.

But wind damage is almost always covered in a standard policy, no matter who you are insured by,

Coastal homes that are prone to wind damage means that you may need to purchase a special add-on because the standard policy may not fully cover you, making you have to pay the rest out-of-pocket.

How to Save Money on Your Policy

Most insurance companies offer various discounts for renters insurance that will lower your rate. This is good, especially if you purchased many add-ons to fully cover your valuables.

The most popular discount is multi-policy, which is when you bundle your renters insurance with your auto insurance.

And the most common discounts in Florida include:


Renters insurance companies give you a discount based on how secure your rental apartment is. If you have fire alarms, smoke detectors, have a doorman or camera in your lobby, you’ll get a discount.


If you’ve used the same renters insurance company for a few years, the insurer will give you a discount for being loyal.


If you’ve never made a claim with your insurance, you will get a claims-free discount.

Increase Your Deductible

A deductible is the amount the insurance company makes you pay out of pocket before it pays for your damages.

If you increase your deductible, your premium rates will be lowered.

Say you increase a deductible from $250 to $500. This can create an annual savings of up to 15%.

If you lower your deductible, you’ll face higher premiums but also higher monetary value when you file a claim.

Auto Pay

You may qualify for a discount based on how you pay. Discounts kick in when you enroll in automatic payments, pay in full, and go paperless, which is when you choose to receive info or notices by email from your insurer.

Why You Need More Coverage When a Standard Policy Won’t Do

Coverage limits are the total amount your insurer will pay for a covered loss.

For example, say you own a Cindy Sherman print and it gets damaged in a covered loss.

Now say your policy covers up to $20,000 of property damage but your print costs $25,000. The $5,000 difference won’t be covered unless you bought additional coverage added to your insurance.

Replacement Coverage vs. ACV

When purchasing a policy the insurance provider will give you an option between replacement cost and actual cash value.

If you chose to get a rider for replacement cost. this policy pays the actual cost of replacing your belongings.

For example, if your iPad gets stolen and is five years old, your insurance will pay to purchase a brand new iPad today regardless of depreciation and up to the limits on your policy.

If you don’t want replacement cost, you can choose Actual Cash Value (ACV), which costs lower than a replacement cost. This is a policy that will only reimburse you for the depreciated value of your iPad if it gets stolen, damaged, or destroyed.

For this reason, replacement cost coverage is more favorable to customers than ACV.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, a replacement cost policy adds about 10% to your premiums in comparison to an actual cash policy.

How to Find a Renters Insurance That Suits Your Needs

Do your research. Compare several insurances against each other.

Professionals prefer that you compare three companies, but that seems too low.

When you try to get a quote online to get comps, make sure you enter the same limits for each type of coverage.

For example, if you only want a $500 deductible, don’t get a quote from another insurance with a $1,000 deductible.

Then consider an insurer’s optional coverage, also known as add-ons.

Remember you pay extra for an add-on, but if you want protection that goes over your coverage limit, you’ll be better off when a covered peril suddenly happens.

Does the insurer have a policy for jewelry coverage?

Do you need more coverage for all your Vuitton bags and luggage?

You’ll find that each insurance company offers different options and costs, so it’s best to shop around.

One reason why insurance costs vary is that your quote is based on your ZIP code (i.e. do you live in a safe community or gated complex?) credit history, and the amount of renters insurance you need.

Also, check out the company’s website. Is it intuitive or head-scratching?

Can you find the insurer’s number to talk to an agent about a policy?

If you are more technologically inclined, can you use the website to do everything online?

Can you get a quote, process a claim, pay your bills, or find all the documents related to your policy online?

If you do your due diligence, you may just save yourself some hassle later.

Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive is renters insurance in Miami?

In Miami, renters insurance costs $316 a year on average. This number is higher than the state and national averages of what people should expect to spend each year for this type of policy at $246 and $198 respectively.

Is it worth getting renters insurance in Miami?

If you're a tenant in Miami, buying renters insurance is usually worth it. Even if your landlord doesn't require that you buy this policy for your home, at an affordable price the coverage will protect against catastrophic damage to property and potential legal liabilities from lawsuits.

What type of insurance is renters insurance?

Renters insurance is a type of property insurance that covers losses to personal possessions. It also covers additional living expenses if you are temporarily displaced.