10 Best Landscaping and Yard Work Companies in New York For 2023

If you're looking to clean up your lawn, property, or looking to spruce up your landscaping, find out which services are best in New York and why. Learn which service is right for you.

Those lucky enough to have a yard in New York know the importance of keeping it maintained. A pruned yard or garden is more physically appealing as the plants grow healthier; improving the appearance of your property.

While taking care of your yard may seem simple enough, it is important that it is done properly and at the right time. You also need to know which products to use on different types of plants, grass, etc. 

Hiring a professional will eliminate the guessing game for those who are inexperienced with lawn care. Below are a few of our New York favorites.

Best Landscaping Services in New York

  • Neave Group Landscape Management: Best Landscaping Company for Businesses
  • Brooklyn Grange: Best Eco-Friendly Landscaping Service
  • TaskRabbit: Best Mobile Marketplace for Freelance Landscapers and Yard Workers
  • Arnold's Tree Service: Best Specialty Service for Tree Care
  • Evergrow VT Landscaping: Best Reliable Landscaping Company
  • Dragonetti Brothers: Best Landscaping Service for Project Management
  • Lisena Landscaping: Best Full-Service Landscaping Company
  • Outside Space New York: Best Landscaping Company for Urban Outdoor Spaces
  • Sivilli Landscape Contracting Corp.: Best Family-Owned and Operated Landscaping Service
  • New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors: Best Landscaping Service for Built-Out Features

Best Landscaping Service for Businesses: Neave Group Landscape Management

It is crucial that commercial properties are always looking their best in order to make the best impression. A well-groomed property helps attract new clients, future employees, etc., and reflects a clean and organized business.

A professional will advise on the best landscaping ideas for your type of property based on your budget. They will also help work around any issues your property may have and can find the best layout based on your architecture.

Time is coveted in the commercial industry and Neave Group makes it easy to take care of your property all in one shot. They provide seasonal services such as landscape maintenance, snow removal, and holiday/event decorating.

  • Offers snow removal
  • Holiday decorating services
  • Pricey

Best Environmentally-Friendly Landscaping Service - Brooklyn Grange

Homeowners and companies can positively impact the environment based on their landscaping and plant choices. Especially in heavily populated cities like New York, measures should always be taken when possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

Brooklyn Grange prides themselves on their sustainability of their products and services. They are dedicated to finding and providing environmentally-friendly choices including materials, plants, irrigation designs, and more.

One of these sustainable services include green roof installations; a NYC requirement for new buildings since November 15, 2019.

Per the National Park Service, a green roof is a “layer of vegetation planted over a waterproofing system that is installed on top of a fiat or slightly-sloped roof.”

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable design and business
  • Offers services for both indoor and outdoor planting
  • Helps you meet requirements for Local Law 92/94

    Best Mobile Marketplace For Freelance Landscapers and Yard Workers - TaskRabbit

    Combing through result after result on the internet can be frustrating and time consuming. Using a mobile marketplace like TaskRabbit will match you up with local freelance workers who are skilled in yard work and are immediately available.

    TaskRabbit provides an extensive list of freelancers in one place, which makes it convenient by saving time. Customers who have hired a laborer can provide reviews and photos of the work done, helping to eliminate the guesswork about the freelancer’s reliability.

    It is easy to stick with your budget as Task Rabbit will advise on the expected cost of the project and the hourly rates of the workers are clearly visible.

    • TaskRabbit runs background and criminal checks on all freelance contractors.
    • Safe payment procedure
    • 24/7 customer service
    • There is a 20% commission rate.
    • Job quality or work experience is not guaranteed.

    Best Specialty Service For Tree Care - Arnoldo’s Tree Service

    Taking care of a property with trees can be complex and requires certain skills, which is why an experienced company is suggested.

    Arnoldo’s Tree Service has over 23 years of both commercial and residential experience In the industry; servicing the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County, Staten Island, and Manhattan.

    They have an arborist onsite and provide services such as: tree pruning and trimming, branch and tree removal, stump grinding/removal, new tree planting, and more.

    Most people think of trees as being no-maintenance, however, they do require some maintenance. They should be seasonally inspected for: soil modification, whether the tree needs to be fertilized, if treatments are needed to manage pests, etc.

    • Over 23 years of experience
    • Offers snow removal services
    • 24/7 customer service and emergency tree service
    • Customer service was sometimes a complaint in reviews

    Best Reliable Landscaping Service- EverGrow VT Landscaping LLC

    There is nothing worse than a company that is undependable. EverGrow, in the Bronx, has quickly created a fanbase due to their loyalty and reliability.

    Created in 2017, this landscaping company caters to both commercial and residential properties. Services include: planting, lawn care, irrigation, sodding, and more.

    It is important for a landscaper to have experience, especially if you have hard to manage plants. EverGrow’s team consists of landscapers with more than 23 years of experience in the Bronx and surrounding areas.

    • Landscaping team consists of employees with over 23 years experience
    • Residential & commercial landscaping services
    • Not a lot of information online.

    Best Landscaping Service For Project Management - Dragonetti Brothers

    It is important to make sure your property is clean and free of debris in order to avoid fines, especially in New York. Dragonetti Brothers in Brooklyn is a nursery, florist, and landscaping company that uses equipment such as: backhoes, dump trucks, and more to keep you fine-free.

    A project manager oversees work being done to make sure that everything is completed correctly and on time. Dragonetti Brothers provides a project manager to communicate to the team and make sure that the timelines and budget are met.

    Dragonetti Brothers offer a variety of services, including a free consultation to discuss your landscaping plans. Other services include: snow removal, tree services, and floral arrangements.

    • Family-owned business
    • Over 40 years of experience
    • Provides snow removal
    • Scores low on reliability
    • Can be messy according to reviews

    Best Full-Service Landscaping Service - Lisena Landscaping

    New Yorkers are always looking for convenience, which is why it is a good idea to go with a landscaping company that offers full services. It allows you to get a range of tasks done and if there are any issues, you just need to contact one company.

    Lisena Landscaping offers a streamlined approach by featuring many services such as: landscape design, maintenance, lighting, and more.There are two dedicated sections; an irrigation system installation section and the other provides nursery plants and supplies.

    Some of the services include: customized masonry and construction, specialized water features, and synthetic lawns.

    • Full service landscaping company
    • Committed to 100% satisfaction

      Best Landscaping Company for Urban Outdoor Spaces - Outside Space New York

      Living in an urban environment can present challenges when it comes to gardening. For example, living in a small apartment means that space is limited so you need to be choosy with your plants.

      Residents who have backyards shrouded by tall trees and buildings may find their yards being shadier than those living in the suburbs. This can pose an issue for grass and plants requiring light.

      Another obstacle can be urban rooftops, decks, and terraces as they tend to be windy and dry. Inexperienced gardeners will benefit from hiring a professional company, such as Outside Space New York.

      Based in Brooklyn, Outside Space New York has been designing New York City urban gardens for over 20 years. Their plant collection consists of selections from local growers for an economically-friendly purchase.

      • Specializes in designing green spaces in urban setting
      • Plants can be purchased at their garden center

        Best Family-Owned Landscaping Service - Sivilli Landscape Contracting Corp.

        If looking to support local businesses, picking a family-owned service is one way to pay back to your community.

        There are several benefits associated with hiring a family owned landscaping company such as: better communication, loyalty, commitment, and more. Having that personal touch, especially in a city, can make all the difference.

        Sivilli Landscape Contracting Corp. is a family-owned business specializing in custom masonry, concrete, outdoor living, and landscaping.

        A well-experienced business usually signifies loyalty, trust, and a good reputation.

        The owner and president of Sivilli Landscape Contracting Corp., has over twenty years of experience in the industry and is well versed in landscaping.

        • Family-owned
        • Services include commercial snow plowing

          Best Landscaping Service for Built-Out Features - New York Plantings Garden Designers & Landscape Contractors

          If you’re shelling out a good amount of money, you want to make sure that your property is going to look good and be worth the price. One way to guarantee this is by hiring a professional company that has knowledge and experience.

          New York Plantings Garden Designers & Landscape Contractors is a full-service, family-owned garden design and landscaping company in Long Island.

          The company is very knowledgeable in yard work and provides a large selection of landscape and garden tools.

          They also have an extensive portfolio of landscaping architecture and building out walls, decks, water features, installing paving stones, rocks, and boulders, just to name a few.

          Their services are extensive and run the gamut of landscaping design.

          To ensure safety for their customers, this contractor runs random drug tests on all of their landscaping specialists.

          • Reasonably Priced
          • Full-Service offerings
          • Extensive outdoor contracting and carpentry projects

            How We Decided

            When deciding on the best landscaping companies, we took a few different factors into consideration: convenience/full service, small businesses, and being environmentally friendly.

            Businesses throughout the New York area were looked at. We searched the company’s webpage, top results, and review sites.

            Customer comments and reviews were also taken into account, as companies who had ratings of 4 stars or higher were moved higher up the list than those with less favorable reviews.

            Convenience/Full Service

            Convenience in NYC is a necessity, and a landscaping contractor who can provide full services helps make life easier. This is why we favored landscaping companies providing multiple or full services such as: snow removal, plant installation, tree removal, etc.

            Having a company where you can get more than one task done can save time and money. It also protects your sanity as you are dealing with less people and only have one company to call instead of several different ones.

            We looked for as many full-service companies as possible to streamline your landscaping projects and stay organized. Companies who catered to both residential and commercial yards received extra points, as did those who provided snow removal services.

            Family-Owned Businesses

            Unlike major companies, family-owned businesses are usually on a lower scale, meaning they can offer you the attention and quality of service needed.They are also more likely to communicate with you and form friendly relationships as opposed to larger scale businesses.

            We searched for family-owned businesses who had experience and a solid reputation in the industry. Freelance laborers were found using mobile marketplaces such as TaskRabbit, Angie’s List, and more.


            Since many lawn care products can contain harmful chemicals, companies were praised who adopted environmentally friendly habits. Water conservation, using products with less chemicals, and reducing energy are all green landscaping habits.

            When trying to minimize the damage being done by an invasive animal or insect, some companies may suggest using earth friendly approaches such as using plants and trees to deter certain species.

            What Is the Cost of Yard Work Services?

            Having an idea of what the estimated cost will be, determines if it will fit in your budget. Below are some estimated prices for gardener costs according to Standardhire:

            • The average range of gardener cost is $50-100/hour
            • The minimum gardener cost is $15 per hour
            • Maximum gardener cost can reach $150 an hour

            What is the Average Cost of Mowing Lawn?

            According to LawnStarter, the average cost of having your lawn mowed could cost less than $30 a month, depending on the size of your yard.

            Average Price of Lawn Mowing in New York
            Frequency1/4 Acre1/2 Acre

            What Makes a Landscaping Company Eco-Friendly?

            There are several different ways that a landscaping company can go green. This includes using equipment or lawn treatments that do not cause harmful effects to the environment.

            According to Green Industry Pros, “65% of consumers would choose a landscaper who uses eco-friendly power equipment to those that use only organic or earth-friendly lawn treatments.”

            How to Choose the Best Landscaping Company for You

            Unless you get a great review from a trusted source, it can be hard to find a reliable landscaping company. Choosing one blindly can result in hiring a less-than-qualified company, and it will be hard to cover up poor landscaping skills.

            Some important factors to keep in mind when choosing a landscaping business include experience, qualifications, reputation, and common design goals.

            Make sure that you have a clear idea of what you are looking to have done. Then, relay it in as much detail as possible to your potential landscaper.

            Understanding Your Landscaping and Yard Work Needs

            Knowing exactly what level of work your outdoor area is going to require will help you narrow down vendors to choose from.

            If you are looking to place paving stones or build out a deck or a fence in your outdoor area, your needs are going to be very different from someone who just needs some weeding or helping decide on a hedge shrub.

            A site like TaskRabbit might fit the bill if you're looking for lawn mowing or a spring cleanup for your yard.

            However, someone who's looking for a water feature might go with a company like New York Plantings Garden Designers.

            You should also consider the type of outdoor space you have when deciding on a company or service.

            Is it a large grassy yard, a concrete patio, or a roof deck?

            Review portfolios and decide on the company's specialty.

            Questions to Ask the Landscaper

            While deciding which company is best for you, it may help to ask the following questions:

            • Which types of services do you provide?
            • Do you provide any cost-saving packages or bundles?
            • What is the estimated date of completion? (of a one-time project)
            • What is the approximate cost?
            • Do you have insurance?

            Frequently Asked Questions

            What is the average cost of mowing lawn?

            According to LawnStarter, the average cost of having your lawn mowed could cost less than $30 a month, depending on the size of your yard.

            What is environmentally friendly landscape?

            There are several different ways that a landscaping company can go green. This includes using equipment or lawn treatments that do not cause harmful effects to the environment.

            How do I choose the best landscaping company?

            Some important factors to keep in mind when choosing a landscaping business include experience, qualifications, reputation, and common design goals. Knowing exactly what level of work your outdoor area is going to require will help you narrow down vendors to choose from.

            What questions should I ask before hiring a landscaper?

            Which types of services do you provide?, Do you provide any cost-saving packages or bundles?, What is the estimated date of completion? (of a one-time project), What is the approximate cost?, Do you have insurance?

            What is the cost of gardener yard work services?

            The average range of gardener cost is $50-100/hour.
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