10 Best Home Inspection Services in New York 2023

Deciding on a home inspector can be a difficult task. Find out who is the home inspection services are in New York and what they have to offer.

Hiring a home inspection service in New York City is one of the most important things that all buyers and sellers must do before signing a contract and sometimes right before closing.

However, most people who have not owned a home or bought property before have little experience with this.

Where do you start?

PropertyNest has compiled a list of the best inspection companies in New York to call when it's time to take a closer look at that home you've just offered.

Best Home Inspection Services in New York

  • Superior Home Inspectors: Best for Last-Minute Home Inspection
  • Green Apple Home Inspections: Best Inspection Service for Condos and Co-ops
  • True Test Home Inspection: Best for Bonus Licensed Termite Inspector
  • House Pro Home Inspection: Best Company Exclusively for Brooklyn
  • The Inspection Boys: Best for Accuracy
  • Environmental Assessments & Solutions, Inc.: Best for Around the Clock Service
  • Inspect This Home Inspections LLC: Best For a Personal Touch
  • All Right Home Inspection:Best For Strict Standards
  • AFM Inspections & Engineering, PLLC:Best For Award-Winning Services
  • EGA Home Inspections Incorporated:Best For Affordability

How Much Do Home Inspections Cost?

The estimated cost of a home inspection varies.

In the New York City area, the starting cost for a company ranges from $200 - $500, which hangs not too far from the national average.

However, that can span to over $1,000, and paying close to that isn't all that unusual.

Some companies we chose for your review are transparent, i.e., they share their starting costs on their website or other sites with customers.

So, in most cases, you have to call to get the price.

You may think inspecting your condo or co-op would be expensive, but it may not be that bad.

What Does a Home Inspection Cover?

Here’s what home inspectors typically check:

  • The HVAC system
  • Interior plumbing
  • Electrical systems
  • Floors, windows, walls, and doors
  • Foundation, basement, and structural components.
  • Any signs of wear and tear or damage.

All home inspection companies are a little different in what they inspect, but all of them will check the standard things mentioned above.

The inspector is looking for any damage, wear and tear, incorrect installation, and poor or faulty materials usage.

The inspection will be visual, so the inspector will not be drilling holes anywhere in the unit or house.

They may bring instruments, such as heat or water detectors.

They'll certainly bring a camera to document every component and a checklist of items to inspect.

Learn more: What Should a Home Inspection Include?

The Inspection Report is Vital

Within a few days, the inspector should send you a detailed report of everything examined at the inspection, photos, the condition, and any red flags to be addressed.

Your attorney should be sent a copy, and you should review the report with them so you can discuss any possible negotiations or concessions that need to be made in order to rectify any defects.

If you're having the property inspected a second or third time after any renovations done by the seller, the inspection report may help you back out of a bad deal if that language is included in your contract.

The report can also reveal huge problems that make the home uninsurable.

If you cannot purchase homeowners insurance, your deal with your mortgage company will be off.

So, it's important that you negotiate with your seller to bring the property up to par before closing.

What Doesn't a Home Inspection Include in New York?

Most of the following items are not standard in a home inspection.

  • Pests
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Radon
  • Mold
  • Water

Radon testing is unnecessary as the five boroughs are at very low risk for the emanation of this odorless carcinogenic gas.

Water is not tested in New York City because all running water in every home in the city comes from a municipal water source.

Water is typically tested only in areas where running water in homes comes from private wells.

What Additional Home Inspectors Should I Hire?

Some home inspection services include termite inspection, but it isn't standard.

If your home inspector sees signs of pests, hiring a pest inspector who can check for a whole gamut of infestations is best.

Asbestos and lead are only necessary if your home was built and/or renovated before 1980 at any point, so this excludes new construction or anything built after 1980.

Mold is another significant contaminant to test for, especially if there is a lot of moisture in the home or water damage.

Visual examinations of roofs are usually included in a home inspection, but if you are looking at a home with a pitched roof and the roof hasn't been replaced in the last 10 years, you should hire a roof specialist to do a thorough inspection.

If your home inspector notices damage or loose shingles, they'll probably make a recommendation.

Likewise, this goes for chimneys and fireplaces as well.

Your home inspector can look at your chimney from the outside and flash a light up the inside shaft to see if it's clear, but that's all they can do.

You'll need a chimney specialist to do additional tests and inspections, especially for an older chimney or one used extensively.

Additional Inspections Will Cost You More

With the additional inspections you may need to hire, the estimated starting price in New York can skyrocket to well over the $1,000 mark.

It depends on how many additional inspections you will require.

Should a Seller Have Their Home Inspected?

It’s a good idea for a seller to hire a home inspector to evaluate the condition of their apartment or house, especially if it's been a number of years since they had one or had renovations.

It will save the seller an unpleasant surprise during negotiations and give them a pretty good picture of how to price the house or if it's time to renovate.

Updating appliances or fixing potential issues can save both the seller and the buyer time during the closing process and serves to eliminate any negotiations about the state of the seller’s home.

Should a Buyer Hire a Home Inspector?

Even if the seller has already had one done?

Absolutely. It's always best to have your professional come to the house and inspect it.

You don't know the seller, and you don't know anything about their inspector.

It's not unusual for the home inspection to be done twice, once by the seller and a second time by the buyer.

It may be inspected numerous times by different buyers or the same buyer.

It's even possible for the seller to have a few inspections done, especially if they do an initial one and then have renovations done pre-sale.

Buyer Beware

However, your specialist might not be a specialist. You should check with the company if the specialist is someone on the team who knows how to get rid of termites but is not licensed.

That said, you should be making sure that the specialists have sufficient experience in their area of work. Do some digging and see how many years they’ve been in service. This is an important and necessary step.

How to Hire a Home Inspection Company

You want the best, of course, but where to start?

We made it easy for you by giving you the best home inspection companies in New York City.

You can trust us, but if you want to find someone on your own, your best bet is to ask your realtor or broker.

These professionals know other professionals in the real estate industry, and they probably already have a few good names of services they've come into contact with.

However, get at least three names and ask each of them questions before you decide.

Include your names from friends or family or your online research before making your final decision.

It's best to have a name and backup name ready to go when you find the property you want to make an offer on instead of scrambling at the last minute.

What Should You Ask Before Hiring a Home Inspector?

But first, here are the things you should look out for and ask each company about before you take the plunge.

  • Are they licensed and insured?
  • How many years of experience does the inspector(s) have?
  • How long will the inspection take?
  • How soon can you receive the report after the inspection?
  • Does the inspector want you at the inspection?
  • What is their general availability?

Do your research and don't always go with the cheapest company.

That said, we’ve gathered the ten best home inspection companies based on different factors that may help you in your search.

Best for Last-Minute Home Inspection: Superior Home Inspectors

  • Response time for a quote: 2 days
  • Starting Cost: $295
  • Service areas: Five boroughs of NYC

If you fail to get a home inspection in the days before closing, Superior Home Inspectors can inspect your home quickly. Their response time is two days after you contact them.

The home inspectors are thorough and will find problems in the house that one may have overlooked.

The home inspection report that you need for closing has a fast turnaround. Some get their report one day after the inspection.

Superior Home Inspections Pros and Cons

  • Noted for taking on projects at the last minute
  • Requesting a quote will take a 2 day response time
  • Availability may be a problem due to popularity.

Best Inspection Service for Condos and Co-ops - Green Apple Home Inspections

  • Response time for a quote: 10 minutes
  • Service area: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens (mainly Brooklyn)

Certified by the IAC2 for mold inspections and following NACHI Standards of Practice, Green Apple Home Inspections specializes in condos, co-ops, and apartments in New York City.

Because Green Apple surveys residential buildings, what the company inspects differs from a home or townhouse.

A thorough inspection of your co-op includes examining walls, doors, floors, ceilings, windows, cabinets, pre-installed appliances, electricity, plumbing, and cooling systems.

Even though Green Apple’s license does not require it, the company also likes to “round out” the inspection to include electrical capacity, common heating, air conditioning systems, and storage areas.

The company also provides a termite inspection and report at no additional cost.

Their inspectors are known to do a comprehensive job and can take a few hours, depending on the size of your apartment.

Green Apple Home Inspections Pros and Cons

  • Extremely fast turnaround for the inspection report.
  • Licensed to inspect for mold and offers termite inspection.
  • Extremely thorough.
  • Not willing to travel too far. The company mainly operates in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and parts of Queens.
  • Does not inspect for asbestos, lead-based paint, and radon.

Best for Bonus Licensed Termite Inspection: True Test Home Inspection

  • Response time for a quote: 10 minutes
  • Service area: Five boroughs of NYC and Long Island

True Test remains top in its category because the home inspection company inspects your apartment as if it were theirs.

The company is renowned for having a licensed termite inspector in New York State. This should be taken into consideration.

In most cases, a home inspector does not check for termites, although they do look around crevices in the house to see if there is termite activity.

So, if you need the inspection, you can ask the company if they can roll in the termite costs.

Many do this to forgo having to find two inspectors for one home.

The owner is a former firefighter who can evaluate the home for fire safety issues.

True Test Home Inspection Pros and Cons

  • Licensed for standard home inspection plus termites.
  • Reports can be returned to you within 24 hours and are designed to be downloaded onto your computer.
  • Five-star rating on Yelp
  • The owner is the only inspector, so if he's not available you're out of luck.

Best Company Exclusively for Brooklyn-House Pro Home Inspection

  • Response time for a quote: 20 minutes
  • Service Area: Mainly Brooklyn, but also services all five boroughs
  • Starting Cost: $289 for apartments, $399 for a one-family house

House Pro’s comprehensive inspection is why they record and report even the most minor details. Prospective buyers can tag along with House Pro so that they can explain and teach them the working conditions of the house or condo.

The inspection doesn’t end after House Pro has probed all the depths of your potential property. Unlike other companies, House Pro is available to the buyer after closing, moving in, and more by phone or in person.

And they are definitely by your side before closing to give you peace of mind.

No one wants to buy a home that’s a lemon.

NY/NJ licensed termite and lead-paid inspections are costly.

House Pro Home Inspection Pros and Cons

  • One of the few services specializing in the Brooklyn area
  • Reports reinforced with free ongoing phone support.
  • Building inspections conducted with the latest equipment.
  • The response time is a little longer than other companies.
  • Expensive

Best for Extra Specialty Inspections: The Inspection Boys Brooklyn

  • Service Area: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens
  • Starting cost: $275

This popular inspection company is lauded as being very exhaustive, and it shows.

The companyaverages 100 inspections a month in New York, and that’s due to hiring many licensed inspectors so that there’s no backup of clients waiting to get an appointment.

The Inspection Boys is a regional franchise in the tri-state area that is famous for offering all the bells and whistles as far as specialty inspections go.

They offer water, soil, asbestos, lead, mold, volatile compounds, and indoor air quality testing.

Another reason The Inspection Boys stand out from other companies is that they always send two inspectors to one inspection.

This adds a layer of security, as the two are mandated to check each other’s work, which means that inspections are completed twice.

Properties covered condos, co-ops, townhouses, and single-family houses.

The Inspection Boys Brooklyn Pros and Cons

  • Same day or next day inspections
  • Reports delivered within 24 hours.
  • Licensed for multiple specialty inspections.
  • Cost of extra add-on inspections can add up.

Best for Around the Clock Service: Environmental Assessments & Solutions, Inc.

  • Service areas: NYC, NYS, CT, NJ

Since 1992, Environmental Assessments & Solutions has been open for business 24 hours a day every day. If you need to hire an inspector too close before closing, your best bet is EAS.

The company gets high marks for not charging extra for evening or weekend appointments.

EAS, Inc. is fully licensed and insured to conduct mold and moisture assessment, asbestos material, and contamination inspection. Other companies often don’t check for asbestos.

EAS remains competitive because after one of the inspectors checks out the apartment, the owner, Charles Schwartz, will go there to ensure that the inspector didn’t miss anything at no additional charge. The report is even written by Mr. Schwartz.

Like a family business that takes pride in its use of the company’s owner, EAS, Inc. is the most highly rated home inspection company.

It is top-rated at the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and more.

EAS is also known for attic inspection, exterior home inspection, and basement/crawlspace inspection, which you don’t need if you live in an apartment.

Environmental Assessment and Solutions Pros and Cons

  • Emergency service (for hazards) available.
  • Free consultation over the phone.
  • Mold, asbestos, and lead inspection available.
  • Scope of standard inspection is somewhat limited.

Best For a Personal Touch-Inspect This Home Inspections LLC

  • Service area: Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and Staten Island

Inspect This Home Inspections LLC insists that you tag along with the inspector to educate you about the workings of your potential dream house.

Inspect will point out not only the defects but also those items in the house that don’t pose a risk or don’t need to be fixed.

Inspect will even explain to you the reasons why some issues will be listed in the report and which issues will not.

The man behind Inspect This Home is a US Army Veteran and licensed home inspector, Lou Rubino.

Lou is often the one who does the inspection.

When the owner performs as your inspector, you know everything will go over smoothly since his name is on the line.

Customers who work with him call him by his first name only.

Lou understands the real estate game and brokers.

Homeowners and investors all know his reputation and that Lou’s reports are completely comprehensive.

There’s same-day delivery for the inspection report, and fees are based on square footage, kitchens, baths, and age of the house or condo.

This business is not BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited.

Inspect This Home Inspections Pros and Cons

  • Countless stellar online reviews
  • Offers multiple specialty inspections.
  • Owner is the only inspector so availability depends on his schedule.
  • Specialty inspections can add up and get expensive.

Best For Strict Standards - All Right Home Inspection

  • Service areas: The five boroughs, White Plains, and Long Island
  • Starting cost: $350

It’s rare to find InterNACHI-certified inspectors (the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors). InterNACHI is the most prominent house inspector association in the world.

So if you come across inspectors with this qualification, you should hire them.

The licensing of home inspectors only sets a minimum standard.

Up to code InterNACHI inspectors do more and have to in order to maintain their accreditation.

Yuriy Goldstein, the owner of All Right Home, offers quality assurance and great customer service.

Because InterNACHI tests its clients every year, the inspectors will always be prepared, which means the inspectors won’t forget certain parts of the inspection process and will be thorough.

They also tend to use new technology, as they are always in the loop in finding the best way to detect flaws.

All Right Home Inspection Pros and Cons

  • Stellar online reviews.
  • InterNACHI-certification means adhering to higher standards.
  • Termite inspection included in the inspection package.
  • Rates are a bit high due to InterNACHI.

Best For Award-Winning Services - AFM Inspections & Engineering, PLLC

  • Service areas: The five boroughs of NYC
  • Starting Cost: $450- $550

AFM Inspections & Engineering, PLLC stands out from other inspection companies on this list, or on any list for that matter, because of its many accolades over the years.

It is top-rated on a number of sites like Yelp.

The owner, Anthony F. Marmo, P.E., has thirty-three years of experience in evaluating residential apartments and commercial buildings.

Like other home inspection companies, Mr. Marmo urges homebuyers to tag along while inspecting their potential house so that he can not only show you a damaged area but also advise you on how to rectify it.

In addition, he’ll give you tips regarding procedures for any reno on your dream home.

He can offer a lot more insight into structural damage, renovation, and design because he's also an engineer with years of experience in construction, renovations, and design.

The company works with all types of homes, but their specialty is the co-op.

AFM Inspections and Engineering Pros and Cons

  • Stellar online reviews
  • Can offer extra insight for buyers looking to renovate.
  • Not operational on the weekends.
  • High starting cost

Best For Affordability- EGA Home Inspections Incorporated

  • Service areas: Manhattan, the 5 boroughs, Long Island
  • Starting Costs: Condos, co-ops, and brownstones from $300

This veteran-owned company inspects residential and commercial properties, which is why EGA gets top billing in terms of coverage without losing clients by hiring new inspectors and engineers.

EGA tests for radon, water quality, lead in water, lead paint, mold, and termites.

Other companies charge for termites or suggest you find a licensed termite inspector who can withstand all the chemicals involved.

Many companies don’t even check for radon.

But if you hire EGA, you get incredible discounts, and EGA will work with you to avoid hiring outside specialists.

EGA offers a la carte discounts on specialty inspections along with the standard inspection.

Here are the discounts below:

  • Randon Testing is priced at $150. If done with EGA, the price drops to $100.
  • Lead Testing is priced at $200; If done with EGA, you can knock off a big savings of $100.
  • Mold Testing costs $150. If done with EGA, the price drops to $100.
  • A 15% discount is given to military, police, firefighters, veterans, and seniors.

That’s why EGA is considered affordable. All the extras we often must pay for are rolled into our inspection cost and at a heavy discount.

EGA Home Inspections Incorporated Pros and Cons

  • Offers a full array of all other types of specialty inspection.
  • Each additional specialty inspection is discounted if bundled.
  • Starting prices are listed clearly on website.
  • Not as many reviews online.

Our Methodology

We took a close look at the top home inspection companies in New York, including internet findings with “Top 10s,” listicles, and “the best companies,” as well as each company’s website, how high they ranked when doing a Google search, and the company’s blog and reviews.

How We Decided

A total of 67 home inspection companies came up in our search. We whittled our way down to ten of the best. We rated them on criteria including quick turnaround, affordability, best companies for condos and co-ops, and owners who do their work, which means that their inspection will be incredibly thorough since their name is on the line.

We also looked at companies that kept appearing when we searched for other companies. We looked at internet search traffic and the following sites to put together our list.

These sites are Home Advisor, Expertise, Yelp, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, and Consumer Reports.

Who We Considered

Here’s a list of some home inspection companies we surveyed: House Pro Home Inspection, A&A Consulting, AFM Inspections & Engineering, PLLC, Environmental Assessments & Solutions, Inc., Five Boro Meld Specialist, Green Apple Home Inspections, Gotham City Home Inspections, Inc., Maypole Inspections, All Right Home Inspection, National Property Inspections, True Test Home Inspection, EGA Home Inspections Incorporated, New York Inspect, Superior Home Inspectors, Parker and West Engineering, PLLC, Inspect This Home Inspections LLC, Prime Home Inspections, Strong Home Inspections, The Inspection Boys, The House Detective.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a home inspection cost?

In the New York City area, the starting cost for a company ranges from $200 - $500. In most cases, you have to call to get an exact estimate.

What does a home inspection entail?

All home inspection companies are a little different in what they inspect, but all of them will check some standard things which include: the HVAC system, interior plumbing, electrical systems, floors, windows, wall and doors; Foundation, basement and structural components. The inspector is looking for any damage, wear and tear, incorrect installation, usage of poor or faulty materials. The inspection will be a visual inspection, so the inspector will not be drilling holes anywhere in the unit or house. They may bring instruments, such as heat or water detectors. They will bring a camera with them to document of every component.

What does a home inspection in NYC not include?

The following items are not standard in a New York home inspection: pests, asbestos, lead, radon, mold, and water

Should a buyer hire a home inspector?

Absolutely. It's always best to have your own professional to come to the house and inspect it. You don't know the seller and you don't know anything about their inspector. It's not unusual for the home inspection to be done twice. Once by the seller and a second time by the buyer.

What should you ask before hiring a home inspector?

Here are the things to ask each company before hiring a home inspector: Are they licensed and insured, How many years of experience does the inspector(s) have, How long will the inspection take, How soon can you receive the report after the inspection, Does the inspector want you at the inspection, What is their general availability.
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