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Best Holiday Home Decorating Services in New York

Ossiana Tepfenhart

Ossiana Tepfenhart

If you don't have the time or the know-how to make your Christmas tree or home look fabulous, these professionals can help. Find out who PropertyNest named best in holiday decoration service to make your NY home look magical this year.

Christmas is just around the corner, and in New York City, that means it’s time for the most magical time of the year.

Considering that Miracle on 34th Street was filmed in the Big Apple, it’s not surprising that most people prefer to glitz up their homes in and around the city.

Of course, New Yorkers aren’t exactly known for having much free time.

Some of us barely have time to get a tree and decorate it.

That’s why they often rely on Christmas home decorating services to set up and take down the decor around them.

But, who should you hire? We decided to take a look at the top companies in the area.

Best Holiday Home Decorating Services in NYC

  • Holiday Workroom: Best Service for Green Holiday Arrangements

  • B&R Christmas Decorators: Best for All-in-One Holiday Decorating Services

  • SoHo Trees: Best Service for Christmas Tree Decorating

  • The Christmas Decorators: Best Service for Lighting Arrangements

  • DPic Designs: Best Service for Event-Related Decor

  • House of Holiday: Best Decorating Service for People On a Budget

  • Rent-a-Christmas: Best Service for Christmas Tree Rental and Storage

The Best Home Decorating Service For Green Arrangements: Holiday Workroom


  • Local Residential Home Decorations for Christmas/Hannukah/All Other Holidays
  • Home Staging
  • Floral Arrangements/Tree Design
  • Wreath Design
  • Decor Setup
  • Decor Takedown
  • Decoration Ordering/Planning


  • None

With a name like Holiday Workroom, it’s pretty clear they’re all about holiday decor.

This company has a pedigree that’s made it fairly impressive by anyone’s standard. (I mean, one of the founders worked for Elle magazine as an aesthetic professional!)

While they offer tree delivery, wreath design, and decor planning, what we love is the fact that their holiday decor is based on trees.

They make a point of keeping things simple and convenient, so you don’t have to worry about having to tear things down yourself.

Holiday Workroom
Excellent tree, wreath, and floral decorationOnly focuses on “green” decor
Fast response rate

The Best Home Decorating Service For All-In-One Service: B&R Christmas Decorators


  • Local Home Decorations for Christmas/Hannukah/All Other Holidays
  • Commercial Christmas Decorations
  • Interior and Exterior Decorations
  • Decor Setup/Takedown
  • Light Setup/Takedown
  • Decoration Ordering/Planning


  • None

Brooklyn-based B&R has been in business for a whopping 27 years, and they’re showing no sign of slowing down.

This is one of the few Christmas home decorating companies in New York City to offer both interior and exterior decorations.

If you have a need for exterior lights in your home, then they’ll be able to serve you well. With their unique take on decor, it’s easy to see why it’s a major name in its field.

Their portfolio spans both residential and commercial businesses.

Of course, the biggest draw is that you don’t have to call up multiple companies to get all your Christmas stuff underway.

B&R Christmas Decorators
One-stop shop for all holiday decorMay be heavily booked
Comes with takedown services
Tons of experience

The Best Home Decorating Service For Christmas Trees: SoHo Trees


  • Christmas Tree Setup
  • Christmas Wreaths
  • Interior Decoration Setup/Takedown
  • Exterior Decoration Setup/Takedown
  • Corporate Decor


  • Free tree stand and delivery with every order.

SoHo Trees may be taking a short break, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a solid round of applause.

This tree company serves Manhattan and Brooklyn exclusively and has been in business for well over 30 years.

Since its inception, SoHo Trees gained a following among New York City’s elite.

Their trees are breathtaking and worth every penny. Once you take a look at their tree portfolio, you’ll understand why they’re iconic in the city.

SoHo Trees
Famous in NYC for quality treesCurrently on hiatus
Free Santa sessions every year
Only serves Manhattan and Brooklyn

The Best Home Decorating Service For Lighting Arrangements: The Christmas Decorators


  • Local Residential Home Lighting Decorations for Christmas/Hannukah
  • Commercial Lighting Decorations
  • Setup/Takedown Services


  • None

If you’re like many people, you genuinely want to work with companies that have a specialization.

You can’t get more specialized than The Christmas Decorators, one of the most popular lighting decoration companies in the tri-state area.

Their company has thousands of beautiful sparkling lights, all waiting to be graced on the outside of your building. They’re surprisingly affordable too!

While their specialty is Christmas lighting, they also supply lights just in case you're short and offer interior non-lighting decorating services.

The Christmas Decorators
AffordableTakedown services may be a separate charge.
Excellent light portfolios
Seasonal quality guarantee

The Best Home Decorating Service For Event-Related Decor: DPic Designs


  • Local Residential Home Decorations for Christmas/Hannukah/All Other Holidays
  • Home Staging
  • Floral Arrangements/Tree Design
  • Wreath Design
  • Event Planning
  • Decoration Ordering/Planning


  • None

DPic Designs is not exactly focused on Christmas, but rather, year-round holiday designs, floral arrangements, and event planning.

In other words, this is a company that gets festivities on a level that few others can.

With mentions from major publications like The New York Times, it’s safe to say you’re going to be in good hands with this service.

Your guests will be amazed at how elegant your home will look.

DPic Designs
Exceptionally varied servicesMay be above budget for some
World-class portfolio

The Best Home Decorating Service For People On A Budget: House Of Holiday


  • Local Residential Home Decorations for Christmas/Hannukah/All Other Holidays
  • Interior Decoration Packages
  • Holiday Decor Store


  • None

House of Holiday is primarily a Christmas store based in New York City that also happens to have highly affordable interior design services.

This service does NOT require you to buy ornaments from them, but you will need to find ornaments you want them to work with.

The big draw here is that you can get this decoration service for way less than what other companies would charge.

The smallest package is $250, which makes it fairly affordable.

House of Holiday
Affordable for all holiday budgetsInterior-only
Highly specialized
You don’t have to buy the decorations
They work with what you have

The Best Service For Christmas Tree Rental and Storage: Rent-A-Christmas


  • Christmas Tree Rental
  • Decoration Rental
  • Lights and Outdoor Services
  • Quasi-Storage (they store the materials year-round for Xmas)


  • None

Rent-A-Christmas brings the holly and jolly into the world of New York living.

This awesome full-service center makes a point of bringing color into your Christmas displays.

You get to choose the decoration you want to bring, they tally things up and bring them to your home or place of business.

Along with doing all the setup for you, the company makes a point of bringing a little extra whimsy by hiring a fully trained “Elf Squad” decked in elf clothing. How cute is that?

Affordable for all budgetsSlightly limited rentals
You don’t have to buy the decorations
Fast setup + storage

How We Chose Our Winners

Like with all of our “best of” articles, it’s important to have a rhyme or reason as to why a business gets cited as one of the best. After all, we can’t just pick things willy-nilly. When we took a look at the businesses, we made an effort to make things holistic.

More specifically, we made a point of looking for the following features:

Excellent Reviews

If customers are all ranting about the bad service they got, it’s clear they have no home on this list.

We automatically disqualified a lot of companies by this issue alone. We looked for the highest ratings in each field.

Work Portfolio

Let’s face it. There are light displays and light displays.

If a company’s work looks like it belongs in Macy’s on 37th, then it gets bumped up in our list.

If it looks like it belongs in front of a home in the middle of nowhere, we dismissed them.

Services Offered

Another major issue we’ve noticed when it came to Christmas decor is that it’s a very niche field that requires a huge range of different services.

Most places aren’t going to be able to offer both indoor and outdoor services with ease.

Those that do, don’t usually sell ornaments too.

If you find a decorator who sells ornaments and plans them, you can almost be certain that they won’t help hang up lights on your roof.

By seeing how many services they can do competently, we were able to get a better grasp on what they can do.