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An overview of the Upper West Side, which includes a description of the neighborhood vibe, attractions, parks, museums, schools, transportation, neighborhood safety, and restaurants. Find out average rental prices and local celebrities.
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Typically thought of as the more residential neighborhood of Manhattan, The Upper West Side exudes a more refined, slower-paced feel than the rest of the bustling city.

The neighborhood is nestled right between Morningside Heights and Hell's Kitchen or Clinton.

It extends from Central Park West to The Hudson River and from 59th to 110th Street and includes the sub-neighborhood of Lincoln Square.

This Manhattan Upper West Side neighborhood review will look into public transportation, restaurants, average apartment rent, and home sale prices.

In addition to the calm environment, the various family-friendly activities may explain why the area is filled with families and celebrities looking for a peaceful and quiet residence.

Though it is a bit off the beaten path, this neighborhood in very peaceful and not as congested as the rest of the city.

Much of this neighborhood is filled with gorgeous and massive historic apartment buildings.

With park access from its western and eastern borders, including the American Museum of Natural History, it's no wonder many families are calling this neighborhood home.

Fun Fact: The Ansonia Hotel Condominium between 73rd and 74th on Broadway was the first air-conditioned hotel in the city and it also had an in-house doctor, dentist, and barber for its residence.

Real Estate in Upper West Side

Real Estate in Upper West Side, New York, has been booming for the past few years as one of the most sought-after neighborhoods within the city, apartments and rentals on the Upper West Side are highly sought after.

With its central location and access to cultural activities, parks, restaurants, and shopping, it is no surprise that this area continues to attract people from all walks of life.

The Upper West Side is the perfect neighborhood to stroll around and enjoy outstanding architecture.There are a lot of brownstones and historical buildings, like The Dakota - the residence of John Lennon.

The Upper West Side has a wide variety of real estate options, from luxury high-rise residential buildings and co-ops to townhouses and walk-up apartments.

When looking for an apartment or rental on the Upper West Side, prospective renters have access to a wide range of amenities, including 24/7 doormen service, gyms, pools, and spas. Many buildings also offer onsite laundry facilities as well as bike storage options.

Apartments in this area range in size from studios to expansive duplexes or triplexes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

Renters can choose between pre-war apartments with classic architectural features or modern units with updated appliances and finishes.

The rent for apartments is high, and space is limited in this highly coveted area.

Average Rental Prices in Upper West Side

1 Bed$3,226
2 Beds$4,950
3 Beds$7,613
4 Beds$5,325
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023

In addition to traditional renting options, prospective tenants can access several rent stabilization programs from NYC Housing Preservation & Development Department (HPD).

These programs provide eligible tenants with stabilized monthly rents based on their household income levels rather than just market rates, allowing them greater affordability when searching for rental units on the Upper West Side. HPD also provides a range of housing subsidies and loans to help tenants secure access to a safe, decent, and affordable place to call home.

When it comes time to buying real estate on the Upper West Side, potential buyers have access to a wide range of luxury residences, from single-family homes to lavish duplex units located in exclusive full-service buildings throughout this prestigious neighborhood.

Homebuyers should be sure they pick an experienced broker who understands local laws and regulations, so they don't run into any unexpected surprises during any real estate transactions involving properties located within this affluent zip code area of New York City's boroughs.

Average Sales Prices in Upper West Side

1 Bed$825,000
2 Beds$1,595,000
3 Beds$3,250,000
4 Beds$6,995,000
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023


The Upper West Side is directly connected to the rest of the city by way of the 1 train (local) or 2 and 3 trains (express) as well as the A and B trains (weekdays), C and D trains (B and C are local).

The subway station at 81st Street (near The Museum of Natural History) features a one-of-a-kind commuter platform with visually stunning murals and artwork.

There is a bus stop on nearly every block of the neighborhood making it extremely easy to access subways or other surrounding areas like Harlem or Chelsea.

Subway lines in neighborhood

  • 1 2 3

    IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line

Bus Lines in Upper West Side
BusesM5, M7,M10, M11, M12, M104,M20, M57, M66, M72, M79, M86, M96, M106

Restaurants & Dining in Upper West Side

Located just above the food haven that is Hell's Kitchen, the Upper West Side has a variety of hidden cuisine gems that most New Yorkers are unaware of.

Whether you are in the mood for seafood followed by one of the greatest ice cream cookies in the whole city (Crave Fishbar) or Southern comfort food to ease that longing for momma's home cooking (Jacob's Pickles), the Upper West Side has it.

Sadly, most New Yorkers only explore this area if they see a show at the Lincoln Center or venture out for a day at the Museum.

Most restaurant wait times (without reservations) aren't nearly as bad as the rest of the city, and the overall ambiance is laid back, creating more relaxed energy for optimum meal enjoyment.

Attractions & Nightlife

Some of the most popular activities in the UWS include catching a show at Lincoln Center for Performing Arts.

Lincoln Center houses The Metropolitan Opera House, as well as NYC Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre, and the world-class Juilliard School.

It's concert venues also include Alice Tully Hall and Avery Fisher Hall.

Other exciting performance spaces to explore are the Beacon Theatre and the Westside Comedy Club.

The Museum of Natural History and the Children's Museum of Manhattan will keep the kids busy.

Art lovers can ponder at the American Folk Art Museum, The Museum of Arts and Design, and at The Sanctuary, and an open-air museum, to name a few.

Upper West Side residents can also enjoy the waterfront views and jogging paths along Riverside Park.

And, of course, Central Park is accessible from the entire eastern border of the neighborhood. Some notable attractions close to the west side entrances are Belvedere Castle and Tavern on the Green.

A less explored gem is north Central Park. Not many people venture past 97th street, but it's actually one of the park's most beautiful areas.

One of the best features is its general seclusion, unlike the rest of the park, which can be overcrowded during the day.

If you're looking for drinks after dinner, you'll have no problems finding a great spot along Broadway, Amsterdam Avenue, or Columbus Avenue.

Public & Charter Schools

The Upper West Side has a wonderful selection of public and private schools to choose from.

Many people consider this neighborhood to be one of the best neighborhoods for public and private school education.

One of the most demanding and selective schools, P.S. 334, attracts students from all over the city.

Local Schools
PS 452Public - PreK-4 - 286 studentsWell-developed writing program, at least two adults per classroom and very active PTA
School of the Blessed SacramentPrivate (Catholic) - PreK-8 - 28 - 267 studentsHigh progress and high test scores put this public school with some of the top ones in the city
Columbia Grammar & Preparatory SchoolPrivate - PreK-12 - 1,287 studentsHigh rate of student-teacher interaction with a 6:1 ratio
P.S. 9Public - PreK-5 - 600 studentsKnown for being one of the best public schools in the city. Demanding academics and a very active PTA
P.S. 87 William Sherman SchoolPublic - PK-5 - 861 studentsDiverse student body, Trips to the park, zoo and museums, dual language program
Ps 145 The Bloomingdale SchoolPublic - PK-5 - 371 studentsStrong music and dance program; new Russian dual language program,
P.S. 163 Alfred E. Smith SchoolPublic - PK-5 - 582 studentsCore curriculum focuses on the arts, sciences, and new technologies, good dance program.
P.S. 333 Mahattan School for ChildrenPublic - K-8 - 740 studentsLots of parent involvement, tight-knit community, beautiful science lab
P.S. 334 The Anderson SchoolPublic - K-8 - 559 studentsSchool for gifted students, stimulating projects and assignments, focuses on the social, emotional, and educational developmental needs of each child

How Safe is the Upper West Side Neighborhood?

In terms of safety, statistics show that the Upper West Side is one of the safest neighborhoods in Manhattan.

It has below-average crime rates for both violent and property crimes compared to other parts of the city.

This is due to its low population density and high levels of security provided by local law enforcement agencies.

Additionally, many Upper West Side buildings have 24-hour concierge services or doormen, which can help keep residents safer when they're out late or traveling away from home.

Crime statistics

Crime rate: 4 out of 10
Approximately 11.4584 crimes (felony) per 1000 residents
Low Medium High

Overall, while there's no guarantee against any criminal activity occurring anywhere within New York City – including on the Upper West Side – its combination of comparatively lower crime rates and proactive engagement by locals make it a particularly safe neighborhood in which to live or visit.

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