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8 Best Renters Insurance Companies in Virginia of 2022

Augustine Reyes Chan

Augustine Reyes Chan

Learn who the best renters insurance company is in Virginia, how they compare, and what you should look for when choosing renters insurance.
Richmond Virginia

Renters insurance is a great way for Virginia residents to protect their personal property at a low cost.

In fact, for many people, one of the most important factors when choosing a renters insurance policy is cost.

While affordability is an important factor to consider, prospective policyholders should also evaluate other criteria.

You should choose a financially stable company. And if the company has a useful and convenient website and app as well as enough discounts to lower your premium, these are important as well.

So too is a company that has great customer service and enough coverage to protect your belongings, whether that is found in the standard policy or as an add-on that you pay extra for.

But where do you start when there are so many insurers out there?

We did the work for you. We’ve given you a look at the best renters insurance companies in Virginia ranked by category to start you out and to give you an idea of what an insurer can offer. Then we gave you the lowdown on everything you need to know about renters insurance.

The Best Renters Insurance Companies in Virginia:

  • Lemonade: Best for Quick Claims
  • Allstate: Best Policy for Coverages
  • Liberty Mutual: Best for Low-Priced Premiums
  • State Farm: Best Affordable Renters Insurance
  • USAA: Best For Free Premium Coverage
  • Farmers: Best for Unique Options
  • Progressive: Best Policy for Discounts
  • Erie Insurance: Best Policy to Connect with Agents

Lemonade: Best for Quick Claims

Lemonade renters insurance VA

If you're looking for an affordable way to protect yourself from liability lawsuits, lemonade renters insurance is the perfect solution.

Lemonade offers a number of different plans starting at just $5 per month so that everyone can find something they need without breaking their budget.

Lemonade is all AI, meaning you get instant quotes, buy coverage, and pay your bills to name a few, from the company’s website and mobile app.

But that comes with a cost. There are no live agents or a customer service department.

However, what makes Lemonade the best is that it handles claims in the fastest way possible.

You can file a claim anytime using the app or website.

Lemonade handles 30% of claims instantly.

In most situations, your claim may be paid in as little as three minutes.

Now that’s fast.

And this means you get reimbursed in a very short time.

How’s Lemonade Rated?

  • AM Best: A-
  • NAIC: .81
  • Not BBB accredited

Read the full Lemonade renters insurance review.

Lemonade Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
Fast premium quoteCompany built for online use only
Flat fee on monthly premiumsIf unable to find answers regarding the policy, there are no live agents to speak to
10% bundling discount when combining home insurance with pet insuranceCoverage is not nationwide
The giveback program lets policyholders donate their unused premiums to the charity of their choiceFew discounts to lower premiums
Has coverage matching tool to help homeowners compare prices between home insurance companies

Allstate: Best Policy for Coverages

Allstate renters insurance VA

Allstate is a nationally recognized and respected company that is known for its many insurance policies.

It’s also known for its renters insurance coverage.

These include:

Identity theft restoration

This coverage will pay for expenses if your identity is stolen, including reimbursing you for credit card charges that you didn’t make. The policy also will monitor your credit report, pay for lost wages, as well as any legal fees.

Increased coverage on business property. 

This protects items kept in your home that are used as business samples or are for sale.

Scheduled personal property

While a standard policy typically covers a renter’s personal property, it will only pay up to a certain limit for some types of valuables.

As an optional add-on, scheduled personal property covers more risks (such as accidental loss) and may increase the coverage limits on specific, high-value items like jewelry or musical instruments.

Personal umbrella policy

This prevents policyholders from paying out-of-pocket for medical or legal bills if they’re found responsible for damages in certain situations.

An umbrella policy provides liability protection beyond the limits of regular policies.

How’s Allstate Rated?

  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • J.D. Power: 841/1000
  • BBB: A

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Allstate Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
The average cost of renters insurance in VA is $14 per month.  This is the second cheapest insurance behind State Farm, which costs $10 per monthAverage customer satisfaction for claims
If you bundle renters and auto insurance with Allstate, you get 10% off your auto policy and 25% off your renters policyOptional coverage for your yard and garden not available in every state
Theft that happens in a school or office is coveredAdding replacement cost coverage is pricey
Malicious mischief, riots, and civil commotion are all coveredDiscounts and policies may not be eligible for certain states
Clear claims process
Coverage for additional living expenses included in standard policy

Liberty Mutual: Best for Low-Priced Premiums

Liberty Mutual renters insurance VA

Liberty Mutual offers low-cost insurance for renters.

Their premium rate starts at only $12 per month. This is the second-best affordable rate in Virginia.

Liberty is also known for its plans.

Other insurers cover your personal property if it is stolen from your car or while traveling, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

Liberty takes it one step further by offering coverage during your move to a new home.

There are three ways to save with Liberty’s plan discounts.

Clients who bundle their renters insurance from Liberty with an auto insurance policy can save on their premiums.

People who have a membership with one of more than 14,000 groups associated with Liberty Mutual can benefit from plan savings.

And finally, renters who have never made a claim for the past five years, even with another policy carrier (this is unique compared to other insurers) can save on their premium.

Also, Liberty policyholders can add coverage for their home computers and mobile devices, such as smartphones, iPads, and Kindles.

If you like, you can add additional coverage for peripheral devices, media players, and even software.

And with Liberty’s blanket jewelry coverage, you can schedule all the items in your jewelry collection with a single combined limit.

How’s Liberty Mutual Rated?

  • AM Best: A
  • BBB: A
  • JD Power: 825/1,000

Read a full Liberty Mutual home insurance review.

Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
Wide coverage for rentals and belongingsReplacement cost must be purchased as an add-on
Extra coverage for jewelry and moreDiscount availability varies from state to state
Cheap rates just like competitor State FarmMixed reviews on customer service
Comprehensive coverage to meet your needsDoes not cover broken windows, as renters insurance only protects personal belongings, not the structure of your apartment building
Easy claims processingMay cover fire damage, but only in specific cases
Multi-policy discountOnly covers mold damage if mold is directly caused by a covered peril, such as a storm

State Farm: Best Affordable Renters Insurance

State Farm renters insurance VA

State Farm is best overall for two main reasons.

One, the insurer’s customer service has one of the best reputations in comparison to similar insurers.

A J.D. Power study for customer service that accounted for 14 renters insurance companies ranked State Farm as the third-best in the US.

In addition, the NAIC complaint index concluded that State Farm received far fewer complaints than expected for its size.

Two, State Farm has the cheapest renters insurance in the state of Virginia.

For basic coverage, State Farm’s premium is about $10 per month or $121 per year.

However, there’s a huge drawback if you go with State Farm.

You can’t really lower your premium by qualifying for discounts because there are only two available discounts.

One, if your bundle your State Farm auto policy with your renters insurance, you’ll qualify for a discount.

Two, if you secure your house against thieves by installing security systems in your rental, or if you live in a building that has 24/7 doormen and a reception area that has cameras, you’ll get a discount.

However, State Farm’s reputation is solid gold and is a highly-regarded leader in the insurance industry.

How’s State Farm Rated?

  • JD Power: 850/1,000
  • AM Best: A++
  • NAIC: 0.38
State Farm Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
Affordable policyDoesn't offer coverage for less than $10,000 of property
Has the best financial strength rated the highest by AM BestFails to list different coverages and savings on its site
Excellent customer serviceAdd-ons can be costly
Simple to use website and appOffers only two discounts and has no unique endorsements
Pet insurance option

USAA: Best For Free Premium Coverage

USAA was created for active or retired military members and their families.

USAA offers in their standard policy and to no cost to you,

several premiums that usually cost renters a separate fee.

USAA offers replacement cost coverage that you usually must take out as separate coverage. Replacement cost pays for your personal property that is damaged or destroyed in a covered peril at today’s cost, not its depreciated value.

In addition, the basic USAA renters insurance policy offers flood, storm, and earthquake insurance. To get these coverages with most insurers, you’ll have to purchase them as endorsements.

Flood and earthquake policies are expensive, costing hundreds of dollars extra per year.

However, USAA requires all policyholders to be members of the military. This includes current and former U.S. military members, their children, and their spouses. Also, former spouses are included, but they can’t have re-married.

How’s USAA rated?

  • J.D. Power: 4.5/5
  • NAIC: 2.35
  • BBB: B+
  • A.M. Best: A++
USAA Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
Lots of premium coverages included for freeCoverage is for only active or former US military members
The best-rated customer service in VirginiaCan’t customize medical payments
Customers have choice to not include personal liability or personal property coverage in a policy.Does not provide many discounts
Policyholders can enjoy perks like car rental discounts and travel dealsLimited availability
Features options tailored for active-duty military, such as no-deductible coverage for uniforms

Farmers: Best for Unique Options

Farmers offer plenty of unique options for policyholders.

You can get a deductible as low as $100 (other companies go as low as $250).

You can also opt to add coverage for a relatively low price (around $25 per year) to get Farmers’ Identity Shield, which pays for expenses to restore your identity if you are the victim of identity theft.

The company will monitor your credit and public records, as well as recover your identity and replace any travel documents.

Here’s another unique option.

You can also get a discount for not smoking in your home or have been smoke-free for at least two consecutive years, which isn’t typically offered by other renters insurance companies in Virginia.

And it’s very easy to reach Farmers. The customer portal on the Farmers website or mobile app allows you to manage your policy and file a claim in the easiest way possible.

To talk to a live agent for customer service-related questions, you don’t have to waste your time online to find the insurer’s website. It is transparent, and there are two numbers to call, one for general customer service questions and one for claims questions.

However, there’s just one glitch. While the claims processing center is open 24/7, the customer service line is only available from 7 am to 11 pm Monday through Friday. On weekends, the line is open between 8 am to 8 pm.

How’s Farmers Rated?

  • AM Best: A
  • JD Power 839/1,000
  • BBB: A-
Farmers Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
Get a quote or file a claim onlineNot available in all 50 states
Customer service available seven days a weekLimited discounts
Claims service available 24/7Discount availability varies from state to state
Over 90 years of industry experienceAverage rates are higher than those of competitors

Progressive: Best Policy for Discounts

Progressive teams up with third-party insurers to provide renters insurance.

The company is known for its many discounts that can lower your premium.

There are a lot, but here are the most popular ones.

Progressive Renters Insurance Discounts
Multi-policy DiscountThis is the most popular discount because it’ll lower your premium significantly. You qualify for a discount just for having more than one policy with Liberty.
QuoteIf you get a quote at least three days before your policy takes effect, you can get a discount.
Pay in FullIf you pay your premium in full rather than pay month by month, you’re eligible for a discount.
PaperlessIf you elect to receive all communication electronically, you’re entitled to a discount.
SecurityIf you have alarms or security features like remote cameras in your rental, you’ll also get a discount. And if you live in a gated community or your rental complex has a doorman or security guard, you’ll save even more.
Claims-FreeIf you have not filed a claim with your previous insurer for five years or more, you’ll save on your policy
Online Purchase DiscountBesides the bundling option, this is the second most popular discount.

How’s Progressive Rated?

  • AM Best: A+
  • JD Power Score: 835/1,000
Progressive Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
24/7 customer service. Customers can contact via phone, web, app, or online chatSells renters insurance through a subsidiary or third party, which can confuse customers over who’s servicing the policy
Offers increased coverage for collections, watercraft, theft of firearms, and business propertyWithout discounts, premiums can be expensive
Additional coverage for computer and equipment, as well as business use of your personal computerCoverage begins with an added fee, making the first month of coverage costly
Useful app with a lot of featuresPaperless discount is only available when you apply for a quote

Erie Insurance: Best Policy to Connect with Agents

Erie Insurance was awarded a Confirmit ACE Award for the Voice of Customer category, which means the company handles claims satisfactorily.

Erie is also known for many things, some of which are unique.

Due to loss from power failure or mechanical failure, Erie’s policy includes refrigerator or freezer content loss. This is available in Erie’s standard policy.

It also provides coverage for watercraft and trailers.

As well as varying levels of increased coverage for your belongings.

Erie offers identity theft insurance too, which covers expenses if you’re a victim of ID theft.

Home-sharing, which is rarely seen, covers liability, theft, and damage to your belongings if you rent out your space on a site like Airbnb or Vrbo.

It also has scheduled personal property, which offers additional coverage for valuables like jewelry or musical instruments.

But Erie is best known for policyholders being able to connect with live agents.

Many insurers no longer offer customer service where you can speak to a live agent about your policy, such as Lemonade.

But there are several occasions where you just rather speak to an agent rather than file something online.

For example, Erie still requires that potential customers must contact independent agents to receive a quote and buy a policy.

The good thing is that it has 13,000 local agents across the states they insure.

So, if you’re the type of person who wants personalized help and prefers to speak to an agent to purchase a policy or file a claim, then Erie is your best choice.

Erie has its own website, but one reason why it’s not used as much is that it lacks features that some insurers have, and which are deemed necessary by customers.

These include not being able to receive online quotes and not being able to file a claim on the website or app.

How’s Erie Rated?

  • AM Best: A+
  • JD Powers: 880/1,000
Erie Renters Insurance Pros & Cons
Best for those who want personalized help by speaking to live agentLimited online services
Deep discount when bundling with auto insuranceOnly available in 12 states and Washington, D.C.
According to the NAIC, the insurer received fewer than the expected number of home insurance complaints to state regulators relative to its sizeNeed to contact a local agent to receive a quote
Offers replacement cost coverageIf you prefer an online experience, including getting a quote, the insurer may not be best for you
Few discounts are available
Won’t cover certain dog breeds in some states

How We Decided & Methodology

We gathered information from multiple trusted sites in renters insurance in Virginia and the websites of insurance companies and narrowed our search down with the needs of Virginia residents by prioritizing the following:


If a company has many discounts, this makes a premium more affordable for prospective policyholders.

So, we considered the number of discounts a company had.

A multi-policy or bundling discount was also important to us because it gives policyholders the highest percentage off their premium.


A reputable insurance provider should have a range of policy coverages to cover your needs.

We looked at the basic or standard coverage option, unique features that other insurers didn’t have, and add-ons or riders to make sure your personal belongings would be sufficiently covered after a named peril destroys or damages them.


An insurer with its own website and app makes the process of buying a policy or making a claim easier.

Using technology helps you save time, as a company’s website and app allow you to pay your bill, check on a claim, review policy documents, and more whenever you feel like it.

So, we looked at only those companies that had useful and convenient websites and apps that were not difficult to use and were easy to navigate.

Customer Reviews

We scoured customer reviews from many trusted sites to see how well a renters insurance company performed.

We also took into consideration rating companies such as AM Best and JD Powers to see if a particular renters insurance company, based on customer service performance, had a high score.


You shouldn’t pay high for renters insurance. We looked at insurers who had rates lower than, or near, the state and national average and multiple discounts to lower the policy.


We surveyed insurance coverage prices in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Arlington, Norfolk, and Newport News.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

In Virginia, the standard renters insurance policy covers liability, theft, medical treatment, and loss of use. It is the same standard policy that is offered by other insurers in the US.

Liability Coverage

Liability protects you against lawsuits from someone who has bodily injuries or property damages that you or your family caused to them.

Liability also covers your legal defense.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage pays to replace the property that’s stolen or damaged due to a covered peril.

A covered peril in a standard policy is theft, burglary, and vandalism, as well as natural disasters like lightning, windstorms, hurricanes, explosions, and water damage.

Loss of Use

This policy covers basic living expenses and temporary housing costs if your unit becomes uninhabitable due to a covered peril like a fire.

Medical Payments

This policy pays for medical care if there is bodily injury to a person that occurs in your rental unit, regardless of fault.

It’s always a good idea to purchase renters insurance.

If you don’t have renters insurance and a fire, a burglary, or other unexpected events happen, you will be responsible for replacing your belongings, which can cost a lot of money.

If you have valuable assets such as artwork and jewelry, will you have enough money to replace them?

Only renters insurance will make it easy for you to purchase replacements.

Is Renters Insurance Required in Virginia?

Renters insurance is not required by law in Virginia.

However, some landlords may require it for you to live in their building. They will ask for proof when you sign a lease.

How Much is Renters Insurance in Virginia?

In the US, the average cost of renters insurance is $15 per month or $179 per year, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

In Virginia, the average cost of renters insurance is $14 per month, beating out the US average by one dollar.

The cheapest renters insurance is State Farm. For basic coverage, the premium in Virginia is about $10 per month or $121 per year.

State Farm is thus significantly less than the average US premium and the average premium in Virginia.

The second runner-up is Liberty Mutual, which has an average premium of only $12 per month.

Liberty Mutual is also cheaper than the national average and the state’s average.

However, if you shop around, as you should, you can find a rate lower than the state average and lower than the national average of $15 a month.

Renters insurance is usually cheaper than homeowners insurance.

That’s because a renter’s policy does not cover your rental structure, such as the exterior and interior of your apartment building. That’s your landlord’s responsibility.

However, the cost of your renters insurance policy will depend largely on how much coverage you buy.

What Natural Disasters in Virginia Can Cause Your Premium to Rise?

To start, it’s good to know which natural disasters are covered in renters insurance.

These are:

  • Fire, lightning, and wildfires.
  • Windstorm and hail damage.
  • Smoke damage
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Weight of ice, sleet, or snow
  • Hurricanes
  • Floods

In Virginia, the most common natural disasters include:

  • Severe storms
  • Tropical storms
  • Floods
  • Wildfires
  • Tornadoes
  • Winter storms
  • Extreme heat
  • Landslides

Here are a few natural disasters that occur in Virginia.


Virginia doesn’t have many earthquakes. That’s good to know because earthquakes are not covered in a standard renters policy.

If you live in a state where earthquakes are prominent, you’d have to purchase earthquake insurance as an add-on. That can cost you a lot of money and will raise your premium.

Severe Storms 

Virginia is the 19th wettest US state and severe storms, including thunderstorms, occur mostly during the summer.

Thunderstorms are oftentimes accompanied by strong winds, hail, and lightning, which is the reason why they are so dangerous. 

Since a renters policy covers thunderstorms and their related natural disasters, you don’t need to buy a separate policy for each.

Tropical Storms 

Tropical storms are responsible for causing severe damage. However, they are only expected once every 2 to 3 years in Virginia.

Tropical storms are also covered in a standard renter’s insurance policy, so there’s no reason why you should add storm coverage.


With its numerous types of storms, 2,900 dams, and four major rivers flowing through the state, Virginia is prone to flooding.

For the most part, flooding is caused by short periods of heavy precipitation, dam failure, severe storms and surges, and rapid snowmelt.

July and August are the months that see the most amount of precipitation every year.

The coastal region is most susceptible to floods.

In general, no matter what company you are looking at, an insurer will not cover damage to your personal possessions caused by water coming from outside the house.

This is considered flood damage rather than water damage and flood damage is not covered.

For example, if a storm surge produces a flood and ruins your personal property, you will not be reimbursed by your insurer for the damage.

But if there’s water damage that ruins your belongings due to a burst pipe, a renters insurance policy will cover that.

A renters policy will also cover damage due to leaks from your ceiling,

In short, renters insurance covers water damage that is not due to the weather.

For Virginia residents, it’s highly recommended that they purchase a flood endorsement in case water damage ruins or destroys their property that’s unrelated to flood damage due to the weather.


While fires can occur any time of the year, the peak season for Virginia is spring. The spring wildfire season runs from February through April and the fall wildfire season runs from October through November.

On average, the state experiences 1,200 wildfires every year, which is a lot

The good thing is that fire and wildfire are covered perils in a standard renters insurance policy, which means you don’t have to purchase separate endorsements for each.


Virginia has an average of 6 to 7 tornadoes per year and ranks as the 29th most-affected US state.

While tornadoes are less common than other natural disasters in Virginia, they can occur at any time of the year.

But the majority of tornadoes occur in the spring, mostly in April.

Wind-related damage is covered in almost all renters insurance policies, so you're covered if a tornado wreaks havoc on your property.

What Determines Your Renters Insurance Premium?

No Flood Area

If you live in a neighborhood that is not prone to flooding, your rate will be low.

However, if you live in the coastal region of Virginia where hurricanes and flood damage are common, you are considered a risk by your insurer and will thus have to pay more for your premium,

Crime Rate

If your city or suburb has a high crime rate, you’ll also pay more.

Virginia is one of the safest states in the U.S. and has a very low crime rate. Thus, your premium will go down.

Most renters insurance companies want you to live on a high floor in an apartment complex in comparison to a lower level, the first level, or the basement because property crimes or burglaries are more likely to occur on these floors.

Safe Neighborhood

In general, renters insurance companies prefer insuring a renter who lives in a safe neighborhood that is close to a fire hydrant or a fire department in case your building or rental house catches fire.

If you live in a safe neighborhood, you’ll pay less.

If your rental is in a gated community or is fortified by guards, or if you have a doorman or live on a high floor, you’ll also pay less.

Credit Score

A credit score starts at 300 and goes up to 850.

A score between 690 and 719 is considered good credit.

Scores above 720 are considered excellent.

And scores between 630 and 689 are considered fair.

Scores below 630 are considered poor.

If you have a high credit score, you’ll also get a cheaper rate.

If your score is low, you can expect a high premium.

Learn how to check your credit score.

Claims History

If you have never made a claim for a period that is decided by your insurer, you’ll pay less.

Coverage Limits

If you have a lot of valuable belongings, your standard policy will not cover the full amount if they get stolen or damaged. As such, you have to add on a rider to get full coverage, which means you’ll pay a higher rate.


If you raise your deductible, your rate will be lowered.


Dog bites are common. Injuries caused by your dog are covered by your liability insurance, but you will pay a higher premium if you have a breed that is considered high risk, such as a pit bull or a Doberman pinscher.

Some insurers will flat out not cover these types of dogs.

How to Get Affordable Renters Insurance in Virginia

There are two ways you can lower your premium.

One is getting quotes from as many insurers as possible. Then you can decide which is the most affordable when you compare rates.

Most times, you can get a quote online by going to the insurer’s website.

But note that you may have to complete your application with a customer service rep.

Once you submit your application, a representative from the insurance company will give you a call to buy the policy and go over it with you so that you know how much coverage you are getting.

Two, talk to a rep to see how many discounts you qualify for to lower your premium.

The following discounts are the most popular and most Virginia insurers will be able to offer them to you.

Multi-Policy Discount

If you bundle renters and auto insurance, you’ll get a discount.

But check if your insurer has other insurance policies because if you keep bundling, your premium will decrease.

Let’s look at Allstate. The company offers many policies, and if you purchase one or more of these when bundling, you’ll get significant savings.

These policies are:

  • Boat Insurance
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Flood Insurance
  • Snowmobile insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Retirement & Investments
  • Life insurance
  • Being Claims-Free

If you don’t make a claim in a set period of time, you’ll receive a discount.

Home Security

If you install a security system, a smoke detector, or an alarm, you’ll get a discount.

Home Credit

If you purchase new and costly home equipment such as a stove or a refrigerator, you’ll get a discount.


If you go paper-free, you’ll also get a discount.


If you sign up for autopay, you’ll get a discount.

Do You Need to Purchase Additional Insurance?

Basic renters insurance pays for personal belongings.

But only up to the policy limit.

So, if you have items that are costly, such as jewelry or artwork, they may be subject to a low limit of liability, causing your insurer to only pay up to a certain amount.

The typical standard renters insurance value cap for high-priced items like jewelry is around $10,000.

So if your jewelry is appraised at $15,000, you have to pay $5,000 extra to replace them.

To make sure your jewelry is insured to its full value, you can add a rider to your policy.

A rider or endorsement adds more benefits to your basic renters insurance policy and you can have peace of mind that your jewelry is fully protected.

Just note that a rider comes with an additional cost and your premium will go up.

How Do You Know How Much Insurance You Should Get?

The cost of your renters insurance depends on how many personal properties you have and how much coverage you need.

Since you don’t want to pay extra for coverage that you don’t need, you can determine how much you should buy by doing a home inventory.

A home inventory is simply a list of everything you own in your rental.

If you think you don’t have enough personal property to justify the cost of renters insurance, you will mostly have a lot after you do a home inventory.

Many people don’t realize that the property you use every day should be covered.

So don’t forget to add to your inventory your TV, laptop, and your furniture, and clothes, in addition to the obvious, which is jewelry, musical instruments, and expensive artwork.

All these things need coverage because they can be expensive to replace, and you don’t want to pay out-of-pocket.

For example, your smart TV might’ve cost you over $1,000. Do you have extra money to cover the TV if it gets damaged or stolen?

The correct way to do a home inventory is to go through your entire rental to see if your personal property is expensive enough to replace.

Use Excel or any sort of spreadsheet to list each item along with its cost.

For the cost of your items, you may have forgotten how much you’ve paid for them.

The easiest way to remedy this is by finding your receipts and, if you haven’t saved them, go online and find your property to determine the cost.

If your item can’t be found online, you can choose a similar one and use its price to determine the cost.

Or you can use a roundabout figure.

Along with the spreadsheet, take photos or videos of your items, or have them appraised if they are costly.

The home inventory documentation can cover you if you need to file a claim because then you will be able to prove the value of everything you own.

And if you give your documentation to your insurer before the unexpected happens, the insurer will know exactly what needs to be covered and by how much.

What Else Should You Look for When Buying a Policy?

Customer service.

The best policy is not just because it’s affordable. It’s also because it has great customer service.

You should check to see how convenient it is to reach customer service, especially when you are rushing to make a claim.

If you can reach an agent via phone, text, chat, or by going online, then that means you have many ways to connect to a rep.

You also need to know how friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful an agent is.

If an insurer has great customer service, its reps will have these qualities in addition to being responsive and courteous and willing to take as long as you can to go over a policy when you’re planning to purchase one.

You can get a feel for the insurer when a rep returns your call after getting an online quote.

Do they sound amicable? Or are they trying to sell you more coverage? Are these reps salespeople?

Good service makes the process of buying coverage straightforward and quick. It also eases the stress of having to make a renters insurance claim.

In addition, ask the rep a lot of questions to make sure you know as much as you can about the company.

In this way, you can learn about the insurance company and the protection that its policies offer before signing on the dotted line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does renters insurance cover in Virginia?

In Virginia, the standard renters insurance policy covers liability, theft, medical treatment, and loss of use.

What determines the price of renters insurance?

No flood area, crime rate, safe neighborhood, credit score, claims history, deductible, and pets.

What is a good coverage amount for renters insurance?

The cost of your renters insurance depends on how many personal properties you have and how much coverage you need. Since you don’t want to pay extra for coverage that you don’t need, you can determine how much you should buy by doing a home inventory.

What is renters insurance and is it worth it to purchase it?

The standard renters insurance policy covers liability, theft, medical treatment, and loss of use. Renters insurance is a great way for Virginia residents to protect their personal property at a low cost.

How much is renters insurance in Virginia?

In Virginia, the average cost of renters insurance is $14 per month, beating out the US average by one dollar.

Who has the cheapest rental insurance?

The cheapest renters insurance is State Farm. For basic coverage, the premium in Virginia is about $10 per month or $121 per year. State Farm is thus significantly less than the average US premium and the average premium in Virginia.