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7 Best Renters Insurance Companies in Massachusetts of 2022

Aimee Parrott

Aimee Parrott

Compare the best renters insurance companies for Massachusetts residents, including pricing, discounts, and available coverage and policy options.
Boston Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the 15th most populous state in the country but only the 44th by area, making it one of the most densely populated places to rent an apartment.

What many Massachusetts renters may not realize is that their landlord’s property insurance doesn’t offer them any protection if their belongings are damaged, lost, or stolen.

Massachusetts law doesn’t require renters to buy insurance, but doing so is the only way to protect your property.

It’s for that reason that PropertyNest recommends that anybody renting an apartment, condo, or home in Massachusetts cities such as Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, or Salem obtain renters insurance.

While Massachusetts isn’t prone to earthquakes, the state does experience heavy rain and snow, and even the occasional hurricane.

The right renters insurance policy will protect you and your belongings.

We have researched the top renters insurance companies in Massachusetts, so you don’t have to do the work yourself.

Best Renters Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

  • Lemonade: Best for Online Quotes and Services
  • Liberty Mutual: Best Discounts on Renters Insurance
  • Allstate: Best for People in Retirement
  • State Farm: Best for Affordable Renters Insurance
  • GEICO: Best for Customer Service
  • Amica: Best for Coverage Customization
  • Travelers Insurance: Best for Unique Coverage Options

Lemonade: Best for Online Quotes and Services

As a relatively new player in the renters insurance market, Lemonade doesn’t have a long history for us to explore.

What it does have is the ability to offer renters insurance in Massachusetts with a hefty helping of modern conveniences and online services.

Lemonade renters insurance is affordable and usually less expensive than the national average, and you can obtain a quote online in just a few minutes.

A bonus of choosing Lemonade is that the company does an annual charity Giveback where they donate unclaimed money from policyholders to charity.

Does Lemonade Offer Renters Insurance Discounts?

Lemonade doesn’t pile on discounts the way some other companies do, but they offer two renters insurance discounts that can apply to almost every renter in Massachusetts.

Safety device discountMassachusetts requires smoke detectors in all rentals, so everyone can get the discount for an installed safety device.
Bundling discountLemonade offers other types of insurance, including pet insurance, and you’ll get a discount if you bundle multiple policies with them.

Lemonade’s prices are undeniably low, with renters insurance premiums starting at only $5 per month and an average cost of just over $15.

Your cost will be determined based on where you live and whether you choose additional coverages to add to your Lemonade renters insurance policy.

How is Lemonade Rated?

Without the long history of the other companies on our list, Lemonade has not yet been rated by traditional sources such as Moody’s and AM Best.

However, it does have some positive ratings to indicate its strengths.

  • BBB: A-
  • Demotech: A
  • NAIC: .081 (better than national average)

Read a full Lemonade home insurance review.

Let’s review the pros and cons of buying renters insurance with Lemonade.

Lemonade Renters Insurance Pros and Cons
Quotes are quick and easy to obtain online.There are only two discounts available.
There are convenient mobile and online customer service options.May not be ideal for renters in Massachusetts who prefer personal service.
Coverage starts at just $5 per month.Not financially rated in the same way other insurance companies are.
Some claims are paid instantly.
Lemonade offers a Giveback program and donates to charity every year.

Liberty Mutual: Best Discounts on Renters Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company was founded in Massachusetts in 1912, so it makes sense that we would choose it as one of the best companies for renters insurance in the Bay State.

Receiving high ratings for its financial strength and reliability, Liberty Mutual offers renters insurance that includes standard coverage and add-ons.

Best of all, renters who buy insurance from Liberty Mutual can save money with an impressive array of discounts, including several that can apply to almost every renter.

What Renters Insurance Discounts Are Available with Liberty Mutual?

Discounts are what Liberty Mutual does best, so if you buy your renters insurance with them, there are five ways you can save, including two that every renter can qualify for.

Online purchase discountThis is one of the easiest discounts you’ll ever get. Simply get your quote and buy your coverage online to save on your premium.
Autopay discountAnother easy one, this discount allows you to save if you sign up for Liberty Mutual’s automatic payment option.
Early shopper discountIf you already have renters insurance, buy a policy with Liberty Mutual before your existing policy expires to save.
Bundle discountLike most other carriers, Liberty Mutual provides a discounted rate if you bundle two or more policies with them.
Claims-free discountRenters who have never filed a renters insurance claim can save money with this discount.

Liberty Mutual’s prices start as low as $5 per month for basic coverage plus an impressive array of discounts, making them one of the most affordable companies for Massachusetts renters.

How is Liberty Mutual Rated?

Companies that rate the financial strength of insurance carriers have awarded high ratings to Liberty Mutual, as follows.

  • A.M. Best: A
  • Moody’s: A2
  • Standard & Poor’s: A
  • BBB: A+
  • J.D. Power: 872/1,000

Read a full Liberty Mutual home insurance review.

As is the case with any insurance company, there are pros and cons to buying your renters insurance with Liberty Mutual.

Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance Pros and Cons
Low starting rates and multiple discounts allow Massachusetts renters to save money.In some areas, you may not be able to obtain a quote online.
Online claims filing is user-friendly and speedy.The maximum coverage for renters insurance is $25,000.
Liberty Mutual offers customer support 24/7/365.Liberty Mutual does not offer protection for water damage.
Renters can choose between actual cash value or replacement cash value for their coverage, with higher prices for replacement value.The $5 starting premium doesn’t apply if you opt for replacement value or theft coverage that increases your premiums.

Allstate: Best for People in Retirement

We chose Allstate Insurance for our list because it’s one of the largest renters insurance companies in the US and a Fortune 500 company.

Allstate offers policyholders a convenient and well-designed mobile app plus an array of online options to simplify the process of buying renters insurance and filing a claim.

One thing that sets Allstate apart is that the company offers a special discount to renters who are 55 or older if they are not actively seeking employment.

People who are retired may not have the same disposable income as those who are still working, so that’s why we wanted to highlight the potential savings for retirees.

What Renters Insurance Discounts Does Allstate Offer?

Allstate Insurance offers four renters insurance discounts that can be stacked to maximize your savings. These include two discounts that every Massachusetts renter can use.

Safe home discountIf your rental unit has an installed fire alarm, smoke detector, or burglar alarm, you will get a discount – and Massachusetts law requires smoke detectors.
Bundling discountIf you bundle more than one type of insurance with Allstate, then you can receive a discount on your renters insurance premium.
55 and retired discountAny renter who’s 55 or older and not seeking employment may save up to 25% on their renters insurance.

The average cost of Allstate’s renters insurance is slightly higher than the national average at $16/month, but the company says policyholders pay as little as $4/month when they bundle auto insurance with renters insurance.

How is Allstate Rated?

Allstate receives high ratings from the following companies.

  • A.M. Best: A+
  • Moody’s: A3
  • Standard & Poor’s: A-
  • NAIC: 2.73

Let’s run through the pros and cons of buying your Massachusetts renters insurance with Allstate.

Pros and Cons of Allstate Renters Insurance
There are four discounts available including one that makes renters insurance affordable for retirees.Allstate’s average monthly renters insurance premium is slightly higher than the national average.
Unlike some carriers, Allstate allows renters to purchase additional coverage such as flood insurance, ID protection, and scheduling of high-value items.Coverage limits start at $25,000, an amount that may be too high for some renters.
Allstate has an easy-to-use mobile app for filing and tracking claims.We wish the company website offered more information about what instances are covered by renters insurance.
You can use Allstate’s free online tool to estimate the replacement value of your belongings and determine the best coverage limit.Allstate has received more customer service complaints than some of its competitors.
You can choose between actual cash value and replacement cash value coverage.

State Farm: Best for Affordable Renters Insurance

Like some of the other insurance companies on our list, State Farm got its start as an auto insurance carrier.

The company was founded in 1922 and is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2022.

State Farm is the largest property and casualty insurance company in the United States, making it a good choice for Massachusetts renters who want the peace of mind of knowing their insurance company is strong and reliable.

We also like that State Farm offers some higher policy limits than other insurance companies and receives high marks for customer service.

Best of all, they offer coverage that’s both comprehensive and affordable.

What Renters Insurance Discounts Does State Farm Offer in Massachusetts?

State Farm offers only two renters insurance discounts, but they are both easy to qualify for.

Policy bundlingRenters who also buy their auto insurance through State Farm can get a discount on their coverage.
Alarm/security discountIf you rent an apartment, condo, or house that has installed security features, including a smoke detector (required under Massachusetts law), fire alarm, or burglar alarm, you’ll get a break on your premium.

While two discounts may not sound like much, we picked State Farm as the most affordable insurance in Massachusetts because their average premium is just $10/month, which is significantly lower than the national average of $15/month.

How is State Farm Rated?

As the biggest property and casualty insurance carrier in the US, State Farm has received excellent ratings across the board.

  • A.M. Best: A++
  • Moody’s: Aa1
  • Standard & Poor’s: AA
  • NAIC: 1.44
  • J.D. Power: 892/1,000

Let’s take a minute to review the pros and cons of buying your Massachusetts renters insurance from State Farm.

State Farm Renters Insurance Pros and Cons
The average cost of renters insurance with State Farm is only $10/month, which is 33% below the national average.State Farm offers only two discounts on renters insurance.
State Farm offers high coverage limits to protect your personal belongings.Telephone support is not available 24/7.
The company receives high ratings for its claims paying process and speed.Online support is minimal and as of this writing, includes only FAQ.
You can save money with discounts for alarms and policy bundling.The lowest available coverage limit for renters is $10,000.
There are five types of coverage available, including standard coverage and add-ons such as identity restoration.

GEICO: Best for Customer Service

GEICO was founded by husband-and-wife team Lillian and Leo Goodwin at the height of the Great Depression, all the way back in 1936, selling only auto insurance..

The company was first known as the Government Employees Insurance Company, offering insurance to federal employees and select members of the United States Military.

GEICO passed the one-million policyholder mark in 1964, thanks in part to an investment from billionaire Warren Buffett, who learned about the company from one of his college professors.

As of 1996, GEICO has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway Insurance, which is the 2nd-largest insurance carrier in the US.

We should note here that GEICO pairs renters with partner companies in some states, so you should be sure to read your policy carefully.

Which Renters Insurance Discounts Does GEICO Offer?

GEICO offers three discounts that may be applied to renters insurance if you meet the qualifications.

Bundling discountIf you own a car, you can save with GEICO by bundling your renters insurance with your auto insurance.
Home security discountRenters living in a space protected with a burglar alarm or with on-site security can get a discount on their renters insurance premium.
Sprinkler/alarm discountAny rental unit equipped with sprinklers, smoke detectors, or fire alarms can qualify for a reduced premium.

According to GEICO, renters insurance policies may start as low as $12 per month for basic coverage, with higher costs if you add additional services such as replacement coverage or scheduled valuables.

How is GEICO Rated?

GEICO receives superior ratings for its financial strength and customer service.

  • AM Best: A++ (Superior)
  • Standard & Poor’s: AA+ (GEICO has also received S&P’s coveted Security Circle designation)
  • Moody’s: Aa1
  • J.D. Power: 869/1,000

These ratings indicate GEICO’s strong financial position and reliability, making it a safe choice for Massachusetts renters insurance.

Before you buy renters insurance with GEICO, you should know about the pros and cons of doing so.

GEICO Renters Insurance Pros and Cons
GEICO gets strong ratings for its customer service and claims payment.GEICO works with partner companies in some states and may not issue its own insurance policy.
The company’s financial strength is undeniable.There aren’t as many renters insurance discounts available as there are with some other companies.
Starting prices for renters insurance are below the national average of $15/mo.

Amica: Best for Coverage Customization

Amica Insurance is over 100 years old, having opened its doors in 1907 to offer auto, theft, and fire insurance.

The company has 44 locations across the United States and offers renters insurance in every state except Alaska and Hawaii.

Massachusetts renters can benefit from multiple discounts and flexible policy options, including high coverage limits.

What Renters Insurance Discounts Does Amica Offer?

Amica offers a total of five discounts for its renters insurance policyholders, and includes two that most people can take advantage of right away.

Paperless discountYou can save on your renters insurance if you agree to receive your policy and bills electronically.
Auto-pay discountOpt in to Amica’s automatic payment program and get a discount.
Multi-policy discountYou can save up to 15% on your renters insurance if you bundle your policy with your auto insurance.
Loyalty discountPolicyholders who keep their renters insurance with Amica for two years or more will save on their premium.
Claim-free discount.Go three years without filing a renters insurance claim to qualify for this discount.

Amica’s average monthly renters insurance premium is just $13, which is below the national average.

How is Amica Rated?

Amica receives top ratings from each of the following companies.

  • A.M. Best: A+
  • Standard & Poor’s: AA+
  • J.D. Power: 854/1,000
  • BBB: A+

Here are the pros and cons of buying renters insurance from Amica.

Pros and Cons of Amica Renters Insurance
You can save with multiple discounts, including two that almost everybody can benefit from.Amica does not offer 24/7 customer support.
There’s no limit on personal property coverage.There are limited details online to define covered events, so be sure to read your policy carefully.
Amica has a low volume of customer complaints.
The website and app are well-designed and user friendly.
It’s easy to customize your coverage based on the value of your property and the limits you want.

Travelers Insurance: Best for Unique Coverage Options

Travelers Insurance is the oldest renters insurance company on our list, having been founded in 1863 in Hartford, Connecticut.

The company issued its first policy the following year and today, it’s the second-largest property and casualty company in the United States, sitting at #97 on the Fortune 500.

While the company got its start selling liability insurance for travelers, it now sells a wide array of coverage types, including renters insurance.

We chose it for our list because Travelers offers some unique coverage options that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

What Renters Insurance Discounts Does Travelers Insurance Offer?

Travelers Insurance offers Massachusetts renters three ways to save on their premium.

Multi-policy discountYou can save 5% or more if you bundle your renters insurance with auto insurance, and savings are also available for bundling boat or umbrella insurance.
Protective devicesIf your rental unit has installed sprinklers or burglar alarms, you can save money.
Smart devicesSave even more if you have smart or connected technology in your home to alert you of a fire or attempted break-in.

Travelers Insurance has an average monthly renters premium of $17, which is higher than the national average.

How is Travelers Insurance Rated?

Travelers Insurance receives superior ratings from the following companies.

  • A.M. Best: A++
  • Moody’s: Aa2
  • Standard & Poor’s: AA
  • BBB: A

Now it’s time to run through the pros and cons of buying your renters insurance with Travelers.

Pros and Cons of Travelers Renters Insurance
Travelers offers several unique custom coverages, including ID theft, water backup, and mechanical failure coverage if your appliances break down.Renters insurance premiums are billed annually, not monthly.
The company’s website and mobile app have user-friendly features.The average cost of renters insurance is high compared to other companies.
Travelers offers three substantial discounts to Massachusetts renters.The lowest coverage limit available is $30,000.
Policies cover your belongings against theft anywhere in the world.

How We Selected Renters Insurance Companies for Massachusetts

PropertyNest chose companies for this review of Massachusetts renters insurance using the following criteria.


We always want renters to find affordable coverage, which is why the cost of insurance was a priority.

When we chose companies with higher-than-average costs, we made sure they were offset with available discounts or unique coverage options.


Discounts offer renters the option to save money on their insurance premium, so we prioritized companies that make discounts available – particularly discounts that are accessible by most renters.

Because paying for renters insurance adds to the expense of renting, we wanted Massachusetts renters to be able to save as much as possible.

Coverage Options

While basic renters insurance is similar from company to company, we recognize that some renters require additional coverage to protect themselves.

We chose companies who offer an array of add-on coverages, deductibles, and policy limit options to allow Bay State renters to find the coverage they need.

Customer Service

We don’t believe any renter should be frustrated in the process of filing a claim when their property is damaged or stolen.

We selected Massachusetts renters insurance companies that receive good ratings for customer service and prioritize communication with their policyholders.


Today’s renters need the convenience of online and mobile services to make it easy to buy renters insurance and file claims.

We prioritized renters insurance companies that offer excellent online resources, mobile tools, and customer portals.

Why We Believe Every Renter Should Buy Renters Insurance

You have the information you need about the best renters insurance companies in Massachusetts, but why should you buy renters insurance when it’s not required under state law?

Here are 6 reasons that we believe every Massachusetts renter should have renters insurance.

  1. You may not have enough savings to replace all your belongings if they are lost or stolen, and renters insurance costs less than replacing everything.
  2. Renters insurance provides peace of mind by paying you to replace your belongings.
  3. Your landlord’s property insurance protects only their property – not yours.
  4. You’ll be covered if someone is injured in your rental unit because renters insurance will protect you.
  5. You can buy extra coverage for high-value items and special circumstances, such as identity theft.
  6. You’ll be covered even if your belongings are damaged or stolen when they’re not in your apartment.

The monthly cost of renters insurance in Massachusetts is low, about the same as the cost of a casual meal out.

In return for that relatively small amount, you’ll receive the coverage you need to replace your belongings and even to pay for you to stay somewhere else if your apartment is uninhabitable due to a covered event.

What Are the Factors That Impact Renters Insurance Costs?

Renters insurance premiums are determined by four factors.


Choosing a low deductible (with lower out-of-pocket expenses) will cost more than choosing a high deductible.

Coverage Limits

If you opt for a high coverage limit to cover your belongings, you should expect your premium to be higher than average.


Renters in high-crime or high-cost areas should expect to pay more for renters insurance; for example, renters in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, where rents are high, are likely to pay more than renters in less expensive towns such as Athol and Bellingham.


If you choose special coverage or other add-ons, then these things will increase the cost of renters insurance.

How Much Renters Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

Before you choose a policy, you should determine how much coverage you need by taking an inventory of your personal belongings, including the following items.

  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Books
  • Home decor items
  • Small appliances & kitchen items

Take pictures and compare the actual cash value of items with their replacement value to determine how much coverage you need.

What Is and Isn’t Covered by Renters insurance

Renters insurance covers some basic things which can be augmented by additional coverage for an additional cost.

Here are the things that are typically covered by renters insurance.

  • Damage to personal property. If your personal belongings are damaged, lost, or stolen, your renters insurance will pay for the loss based on the coverage you select.
  • Personal liability. If a visitor to your home is hurt or their property is damaged, your liability will be covered.
  • Medical expenses. If someone is injured in your home, your renters insurance policy will pay for some of their expenses.
  • Additional living expenses. If your home becomes unlivable, your renters insurance will pay for you to live elsewhere.

Now let’s review what renters insurance doesn’t cover.

  • Damage over your policy limit. Your coverage limit determines how much your policy will pay; for example, if the replacement cost of your belongings is $16,000 and your coverage limit is $15,000, you’ll need to pay for the final $1,000 out of your own pocket.
  • Damage caused by non-covered events. Certain events are not covered by renters insurance; for example, most policies don’t cover flood damage and if your property is damaged in a flood, it will not be replaced under your renters insurance policy.
  • Loss or damage of unscheduled valuables. Any high-cost items you own, including art, jewelry, and electronics, must be scheduled separately at an additional expense; unscheduled valuables will not be covered.

We suggest reading the fine print of your renters insurance policy to be sure you understand your coverage.


At Property Nest, we recommend every Massachusetts renter obtain renters insurance to protect themselves and their property.

Whether you’re living in a big city such as Cambridge, Massachusetts or a small town like Ware out in the western part of the state, you should buy renters insurance.

Remember, the property insurance that your landlord buys does not protect your property; it protects theirs.

Renters in Massachusetts may want to consider extra coverage beyond renters insurance, particularly flood insurance if they live near the water.

Read more about water damage: Does Renters Insurance Cover Water Damage?

We suggest obtaining quotes from at least three insurance companies to compare costs and discounts before you choose a policy.