9 Best Sofas for Your Home of 2023

Find out which sofas PropertyNest handpicked as the best sofas of the year. Learn which is best for your space and what you need to know before buying one.

Sofas, it seems, are an essential piece of furniture for the home. It's usually the main seating in a living area, a den, or even a study.

You can have a living area with just chairs, but that usually seems scattered and unfocused.

Couches aren't just the most relaxing place you want to be to watch TV, spread out to read a book, or just spend time with friends.

It's also usually the focal point of your room. So, choosing the correct one for your space is paramount.

PropertyNest picked out sofas that stand out and might be the right choice for your new apartment or if you plan on renovating or redecorating.

We found ten unique full-sized sofas that will make your home look amazing and provide you with support and comfort.

Best Sofas for Your Home

  • Lucia Recessed Arm Slipcovered Sofa Bed: Best Slipcovered Full-Sized Sofa
  • Axis Sofa with Bench Cushion: Best Single Cushion Standard Sofa
  • Arch Nomad Sofa by Burrow: Best Sofa for Families with Kids
  • Zwilling Square Arm Reclining Sofa: Best Reclining Standard Sofa
  • Concord Polyester Stationary Sofa & Chaise Sectional: Best Sofa With a Chaise 
  • Caniah Flared Arm Sofa: Best Standard Sofa on Budget
  • Freddie 95" Leather Sofa: Best Chesterfield Standard Leather Couch
  • Grand D.E.L. Sofa Bed: Best Sleeper Standard Sofa
  • Hendrick Sofa: Best Comfortable Standard Sofa
  • Neville Velvet Sofa: Best Contemporary Velvet Sofa

Compare Home Sofa Styles

Lucia Recessed Arm Slipcovered Sofa Bed: Best Slipcovered Full-Sized Sofa


We like this handcrafted full-size sofa with a 93” width because customers say it's very comfortable and you can really stretch out.

As such, these slipcovers are easy to clean and offer low maintenance.

The seat cushions are filled with foam and down, while the backfill and pillows are filled with down. We also like the fact that it's handcrafted in North Carolina.

Not only does the Lucia come in numerous colors, patterns, and fabrics but you can also select Sunbrella fabrics and colors, meaning using this sofa outdoors is also an option.

Choose from Sunbrella, cotton, cotton blends, polyester, polyblend, polypropylene, and Sustain fabrics.

Pros and Cons of the Lucia 93" Recessed Arm Slipcovered Sofa Bed

  • Affordably Priced
  • Customizable
  • Comfortable
  • Back cushions must be fluffed
  • Not all fabrics hold up as well in the wash.

Axis Sofa with Bench Cushion: Best Single Cushion Standard Sofa


This single cushion sofa is the best when it comes to taking naps and cuddling. That’s because there’s only one cushion rather than three.

Most full-sized couches have three or four-seat cushions and can’t support you when you take a nap. You’ll end up in the sofa cracks.

But a single cushion, or bench cushion, has the same feel of a mattress, as it is both smooth and supportive.

The gaps between multiple seat cushions mean that you may lose things.

Falling between the cracks and then sliding underneath the multiple cushions can be frustrating, as you can lose car keys, pocket change, remote controls, and other things.

A bench cushion means no more lost change, no more lost toys.

This bench cushion should sell itself. The Axis Sofa blends the benefits and comfort of the bench cushion with a simple timeless form that will match any style of any home.

The frame is made from hardwood and features Flexolator foundation, which eliminates sagging which naturally happens with most sofas over time.

Customers rave about how durable and comfortable this bench cushion sofa is and have frequently ordered additional Axis Sofas for other rooms in their house.

Pros and Cons of Axis Sofa with Bench Cushion

  • Simple design and form means it goes well with just about anything
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Super comfortable
  • Great customer service
  • Spot clean only
  • Different fabrics may not old up as well as other in both durability and shape.
  • Certain colors or fabrics may require longer delivery time.

Arch Nomad Sofa by Burrow: Best Family Sofa for Durability


Burrow Furniture designed their seating with a fresh approach.

All their seating is completely modular, meaning you can choose from any one of their collections and create anything from a single-seater to a large U-shaped sectional, all at reasonable prices and free fast shipping.

Being able to configure your sofa seating any way you like means it could work for virtually any space!

We made their Arch Nomad our top pick for families and high-traffic areas because of it'shigh-performance fabric.

The Nomad fabric line is not only stain-resistant but also scratch-resistant and was precisely designed to take a rough beating--particularly by pets.

We also like the classic design of the Arch Nomad and felt that customers would appreciate that the sofas are manufactured in the US.

Burrow gets extra points for their easy return policy as well.

Pros and Cons of Arch Nomad Sofa

  • Highly durable fabric and construction
  • Appropriate for kids and pets
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Great customer service and easy returns
  • Only 1-year warranty

Zwilling 79'' Square Arm Reclining Sofa: Best Reclining Standard Sofa


The Zwilling Square Arm Reclining Sofa approaches the reclining sofa with a modern aesthetic, which is clearly seen in its square arm design.

Most traditional reclining sofas are often bulky and unsightly but not the Zwilling Reclining Sofa by Wade Logan.

Even with its more contemporary design, this sofa is still for the true couch potato who perches his or her recliner in front of a TV.

Customers who like buying American-made products can also have peace of mind with this sofa which is handcrafted in the United States.

What's more is that it comes in over 50 different colors, patterns, and fabrics.

Many customers have noted the durability and comfortableness of the sofa, which garnered overall great reviews.

Pros and Cons of Zwilling 79'' Square Arm Reclining Sofa

  • Affordable
  • Neat Contemporary design
  • Many color and fabric choices
  • Back cushions can sag with use
  • Only two seats recline

Concord Polyester Stationary Sofa & Chaise Sectional: Best Sofa With a Chaise


Having a sofa with a chaise was important to include on this list with their growing popularity. After all, who wouldn't like to put their legs up when relaxing on the couch or watching a movie?

The problem is, if you want to change your layout or plan on moving, it may be difficult to fit your sofa with your chaise just anywhere because the chaise sectional is usually stationary.

Luckily the Giana Reversible Sectional Sofa is reversible and lets you place the chaise on whichever side you choose.

The best part is that the Giana is made for commercial use so that means extra durability.

Pros and Cons of Concord Polyester Stationary Sofa & Chaise Sectional

  • Beautiful Mid-Century Modern Design
  • Reversible Chaise
  • Easy Assembly
  • Some customer complaints about difference in color from online photos

Caniah Flared Arm Sofa: Best Budget Standard Sofa


Many love the look of a leather couch, but it’s often very expensive in cost. If you have pets who will scratch the sides, you can disguise them with a buffing polish. But it’s not like they’re going to come all off.

Since microfiber is designed to look like leather, we found this dark grey microfiber couch that will give you the look but at a fraction of the price.

Incredibly, this standard microfiber couch we found only costs less than $350. This makes it our best budget sofa.

Microfiber is durable and maintenance is easy.

Even though the cost is very affordable, this doesn’t mean that the couch looks cheap.

With defined plush cushions and classy modern flared arms, this sofa fits well into a transitional or traditional room.

Moreover, being rated 4 stars from over 8,000 customer reviews means that this has got to be a great bargain.

Pros and Cons of Caniah Flared Arm Sofa by Winston Porter

  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Some customer complaints about quality

Freddie 95" Leather Sofa: Best Chesterfield Standard Leather Couch

Adelbert+95''+Upholstered+Sofa (1)

This Chesterfield sofa is classic in design and evokes an old-world ambiance.

We love the Freddie Sofa for its top-grain leather finish, which is more satiny rather than glossy, and its extra plush tufting.

The traditional Chesterfield, just like this one, is made with rich, button-tufted leather and has high rolled arms that are the same height as the back and also features the iconic nailhead trim.

This Chesterfieldis very expensive, but the look is so striking and luxurious that it’s worth the price.

The Adelbert puts the Chesterfield look in a more affordable range and allows the customer to choose from 6 different colors, and has many satisfied customers.

Pros and Cons of the Freddie 95" Leather Sofa

  • Beautiful and elegant
  • Extra plush for comfort
  • Handcrafted with high-quality materials
  • Expensive
  • Some assembly required

Grand D.E.L Sofa Bed by Per Weiss for Innovation Living: Best Sleeper Standard Sofa


A sofa bed never looked this good. Its chunky look and straight lines and panel cushions make this sofa very modern.

The chrome base is for longevity. The spring fusion plush mattress means it’s resilient and that you won’t sink into the cushions.

That the cushions also don’t sag means that the middle section won’t cave in.

The innovative design of removable wooden armrests allows you to place your snack on it or maybe a lamp.

The convertible sofa folds out into a queen bed for when you have guests.

We also chose this sofa because it’s made of polyester fabric, which tends to hold its shape better than cotton because the fibers are resilient.

That’s necessary if you want a sofa bed like this. You want a material conducive to sleeping and polyester does the trick.

Pros and Cons of Grand D.E.L. Sofa Bed

  • Beautiful contemporary design
  • Comfortable
  • Expensive

Hendrick Sofa: Best Most Comfortable Standard Sofa

Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 11.30.37 AM

Customers who purchased the Hendrick Sofa are raving about it.

The consensus is that this sofa is very comfortable and has been described as "hugging" your body when you sit in it.

The polyester fabric is soft and the plush back cushions mean that you'll feel soft and pillowy support. The low and wide arms offer extra comfort especially if you want to lie down on the sofa.

The Hendrick, which comes in two classic colors and an understated contemporary design, is sure to fit with any room aesthetic.

And at 101" wide, you can fit plenty of company and family members.

Pros and Cons of the Hendrick Sofa

  • Medium-priced
  • Super plush and comfortable
  • Clean design matches most rooms
  • Not for people who like firm cushions
  • Some reports that the fabric doesn't wear well

Neville Velvet Sofa: Best Contemporary Velvet Sofa

Harrell+89.4''+Sofa (1).jpg

If you've noticed the array of seating available these days, you'll notice that velvet has come back in a big way.

Velvet, while beautiful, in decades past wasn't really known for its durability.

However, the velvet of our times is quite different. Not only does it look and feel fantastic, but it's now one of the best fabrics for furniture.

It can even withstand some wear and tear from pets and kids. Spills can be wiped away easily from velvet because liquid doesn't absorb quickly.

This old-world fabric is exquisitely combined with modern elegance. Its curved back and recessed arms can easily make this an inviting statement piece sofa in your home.

The brass legs add a touch of modern luxe.

Made of firm foam, the Neville Sofa will durably retain its shape and quality for a long time to come. Stunningly, this sofa can seat up to 5 people.

Pros and Cons of Neville Velvet Sofa

  • Beautifully designed with a curve
  • Can seat up to 5 people
  • Easy assembly
  • May be pricey for some customers


Here are the criteria we used to find the best sofas by category.


We initially chose sofas that are affordable for buyers. But as we honed in on our list of the best sofas, we found that many of the features that buyers wanted were well above the $1,000 range. So, we also looked at transitory sofas, mid-priced sofas and splurge-worthy sofas.


We did a lot of background research to help us better understand what makes a great couch. Cushions, both on the back and on the seat, turned out to be very important as they determine how soft or firm a couch is.


The fabric you choose can determine where you place a couch. But there are other things to look for in a fabric. So, we looked at fabrics using four considerations: durability, care requirements, appearance and comfort.


For appearance, we found that most people don’t prefer a sofa that clashes in pattern and with the style of the room. However, if a room is designed with a specific fabric in mind, a heavily patterned sofa can be a fabulous statement piece. It can really make a room. 

Manufacturer Information

Most of the online stores gave us little information about the couches they sold and focused on measurements.

So, we looked at who made the couches and were able to get authoritative descriptions from the manufacturers, who each had their own sites. Researching the manufacturers gave us more info on how the sofa is made and helped us determine if it’s the one we want on our list. This is how we got down to ten of the best couches found online.


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How to Choose the Best Standard Sofa

A couch or sofa is usually the center furniture piece in anyone's living room and can provide not just beauty but also support.

A couch refers to more casual seating and is designed for comfort. A sofa is more formal, and the emphasis is on style.

But, for the most part, a couch and a sofa are used interchangeably

Like a mattress, the sofa is also one of the most expensive pieces of furniture you can buy.

A basic 3-seater will cost you around $1,000 and up—meaning you should really invest time in researching what couch you want.

According to Feng Shui, sitting on a well-positioned and suitable couch can have many benefits.

It can boost your mood, which can boost your health, and eventually your wealth, as noted by Susan Chan, the Feng Shui Realtor who’s an expert on this practice.

The ideal couch is seating that is not only comfortable but also provides support.

What Is a Full-Sized Sofa?

A full-sized sofa tends to be between 70” and 87” long, and the most common length is 84.” The sofa can seat three or four people, and they come in a wide range of styles and price points.

The full-size sofa is often called a standard sofa. It’s the most popular style and is distinguished by having three seat cushions or one long cushion.

The upholstery is often made from fabric, from velvet and linen, and from microfiber to polyester. In many cases, if you can’t decide, try looking at custom fabrics.

What Size Should Your Sofa Be?

Your couch should have a good scale.

Scale means how something like furniture appears in relation to the other furniture and pieces in the room.

You may have other furnishings in the room that will determine the scale of your sofa. But they all should tie in with each other and support each other’s proportions.

In a very large room, a loveseat may easily get lost while a large L-shaped couch may overwhelm a studio apartment sizewise, says Chan.

Once you determine your scale, then you’ll be able to figure out how well it will fit in your family room or living room.

How to Place Your Sofa

The placement of your couch in terms of scale should not be an afterthought.

And if you really want to figure out its proper placement,a couch should ideally be in the ‘command position.”

This means that while sitting on it, you will be able to see who is coming into the room without turning your head.

You don't want traffic behind your back, as Chan states, because that would be unsettling.

The goal is to be able to “greet anyone potentially coming into the room, feeling relaxed and ‘in command.’”

If your room is large, and you would like to “float” the couch in the middle of the room, adding a console table with large objects behind the couch can anchor the couch and allow whoever is seated to feel “supported’ from behind, according to Chan.

To avoid this, always check the depth of the couch. If it is deep, then it will be more comfortable.

Overall, a sofa that is comfortable has to do many things.

You should be able to sit up and be able to drink easily and eat snacks while watching a movie or you should be able to slouch in the couch or lay down.

Basically, as Hicks suggested, what you need is “something that feels like a bed.”

That means using the best quality and most expensive cushion fill, which is down. For maximum comfort, look for a sofa with arms that is fairly low so you can put a pillow on it and lay your head down, mimicking a bed.

The sofa also needs to be deep enough so that you can curl up without hanging off the edge. Lastly, the fabric needs to be really soft.

What Makes a Quality Sofa?

A handmade sofa with attention to every detail makes for a well-constructed sofa.

This means the quality of the materials from which it is made.

The joints should be constructed and welded if the sofa has a metal frame. The webbing or springs are essential to a quality sofa.

If the frame is made of wood, there should be dovetail joinery. The framework is important. If it’s made of solid wood, then the sofa will last longer.

Different styles of solid wood, including beech, oak, walnut, and mahogany are your options. Solid wood tends to make a sofa more expensive.

In a high-end sofa, these will all be handmade.

Then the construction and materials of the cushions will give the exact amount of comfort and durability needed for a long-lasting sofa both in terms of time and comfort, as Tiffany Hicks, a top interior designer, suggested.

The quality sofa is able to carry a lot of weight over time and be able to distribute weight evenly for balance.

In general, the larger the seat cushion and the deeper the frame, the better a full-sized sofa is for lounging.

What if you have kids? If your kids often use the couch in the family room, you know what a mess they can do to it. Thus, you should purchase fabrics that are stain-resistant or easy to clean.

Deciding on the Type of Sofa Seating

The cushions on the couch determine the comfort level. So it’s important to know that couches come in two different styles, tight seat or loose seat.

What is a Tight Seat

If the seat of a full-sized sofa is all one long cushion, then that’s a tight seat. (A tight seat is also known as a bench seat). This also means that the back cushions are built into the frame of the couch.

The inside of a tight seat is made of high-density polyurethane foam over springs.

If your kid hops on and off the sofa, there will be no smashed-down cushions and the cushions will retain their integrity.

The tight seat is perfect for those who can’t walk by a couch and not fluff the throw pillows.

And when you sit on one end of a tight seat, the other end shouldn’t rise up. That may happen if you buy a really cheap tight seat.

With the tight seat, your couch—and your room-- will always look neat.

Because of its streamlined silhouette and clean lines, a full-sized tight seat sofa is often modern or contemporary in look.

What is a Loose Seat?

If the seat cushions are separated, that’s a loose seat.

A loose seat, otherwise known as a cushioned seat, comes with a loose back, which means the cushions on the back are unattached or semi-attached.

Loose seats are comfortable because they allow you to sit back deeply on the couch and relax.

Interior designers agree that pairing a loose-back with a loose-seat makes a couch even more comfortable and is great if you like to snuggle up and settle into the couch with a cup of tea.

A drawback is that a loose back loose seat needs a little more attention, unlike a tight seat.

If you want to keep your couch in good condition and for a long period of time, the best way is to continually flip, rotate and fluff the cushions. This helps the cushions wear evenly over time. But you have to do it regularly, on a monthly basis. If you don’t, the cushions will start to sag. This is the same as flipping your mattress for longevity’s sake.

The Cushion Fill Material is Important

Customers looking for a couch often buy one based on aesthetics. But to make an informed choice, it’s imperative for you to look at a couch’s filling.

Cushion filling is the material used in your couch to either make it soft or firm.

There are three basic types of cushion construction for most couches and sofas sold in the U.S.

Foam Cushioning is the Most Common Type of Filler

A couch made of high-density foam, often wrapped in polyester, is the most common filler for couches. They come in different densities.

High-density foam gives off a firm feel.

Low-density foam has a soft feel and a medium firmness.

Both foam types give you support.

A cushion with foam is also highly resilient and will regain its normal shape after you get up. The added plus is that you never need to fluff the cushions.

In contrast to down filling, which is natural, foam is mostly synthetic.

In general, since foam retains its form, the cushions give off a cleaner, crisper, and more streamlined look.

Keep in mind that you want foam that’s soft enough for a comfortable sit, which is a low-density foam.

But at the same time, you also want the foam to be firm enough so you don’t feel the seat deck underneath, which is high-density foam.

Can you have both?

According to Hicks, you can, but you’re going to have to pay for it because there’s a lot of work involved when making a sofa using high-density foam and having it give off a comfortable and soft feel.

High-end modern sofas would likely use foam rather than hand-tied springs and they would use a relatively high-density foam that is wrapped in a batting fabric to give a softness both in looks and comfort.

By using layers of different materials, a structured look can be maintained while giving firmness without being hard and uncomfortable.

Cheap sofas might insert foam cushions directly into the cushion inserts which is harmful to the wear of the fabric and can be uncomfortable.

Spring Down Provides a Lot of Softness

The filling is made with coiled springs. The springs absorb and transfer weight while you sit on a spring down. They are covered by a foam box and then covered again with a thick layer of polyester fiber.

These layers are then stuffed inside a down cover for that extra layer of padding that softens the feel of the cushion.

Like foam, spring down is resilient and the down is what gives this filling an incomparable softness.

If you’re looking for that added softness, then this cushion filling is best for you.

Overall, the cushions hold their shape but do require some maintenance. If you rotate the cushions and regularly fluff them, the couch will retain its plumpness.


Cushions filled with 100% down, which is derived from the underbellies of geese, is considered the most luxurious cushion filler for consumers who want the softest sofa possible.

It’s for people who typically sit back on a couch to relax, or to be enveloped in coziness.

Expect to pay a premium for down because only the best high-end couches use the natural feathers of down.

Since down is expensive, a cushion is often made with a mix of 60/40 feather and down.

Cushions filled with 100% down are considered the most luxurious although more common is a mix of 60/40 feather and down.

However, down cushions need regular maintenance.

Down doesn’t retain its structure and original shape after you get off the couch. It will look squashed in.

The cushions need to be constantly plumped so they don’t sink in and lose their shape and make the couch look messy.

To combat this, as Hicks said, you can purchase poly foam cushions wrapped in down to give a little more firmness and shape.

Cushions filled with down lend a more casual air to the couch because of its loose structure. Best put in a family room, the down is inviting rather than being “buttoned up.”

Also, it’s hard to get the feathers dry if you spill something on the cushions. If you’re accident-prone or have sloppy children, then you should buy a down-filled couch upholstered with performance fabric.

What are Upholstery and Weave?

Upholstery refers to the materials that make up the soft coverings, including fabric, padding, webbing, and springs.

Upholstery fabrics come in different colors and different patterns.

Every fabric is created by weaving threads together. If the weave is tight, it can determine the way the fabric feels as well as its durability.

And a tight weave means that dirt, dust, and liquid spills won’t penetrate into the sofa.

How Much Do You Want to Spend on Your Upholstery Fabric?

With a budget in place, you can narrow down your sofa fabric choices.

You can find a cheaper fabric and it won’t have to look if you got the sofa from a big-box chain.

Many luxe fabrics such as faux velvet and faux suede are available in affordable price ranges, starting at the $800 price point.

Fabric with a tight weave often requires a significant amount of hours of labor because there is more thread to construct.

Highly durable, these denser weaves are the most expensive.

But if you don’t want to purchase a new couch every couple of years, or you are intending to buy a forever couch then the tight weave is for you.

Just be prepared to spend well over $1,000.

Leather and velvet are also expensive, even in contrast to natural fabrics like cotton and twill.

Leather couches start at $2500, but you should really expect to pay over $3,000 if you want a good one.

Velvet is pricey because it requires more labor, as there are many stages involved in the weaving process.

The Different Types of Fabrics Used on Couches

Informing you of different fabrics will help you decide which sofa finish is best for you.

To get the best fabrics, keep in mind that there are four points that will further help you in your decision.

These are durability, care requirements, appearance and comfort.

Just remember that the higher the thread count, the longer your couch covers will last.


Linen, specifically Belgian linen, has a loose weave. Because its not tightly woven together, linen often wears out quicker than other fabrics.

White linen is the most popular choice. But remember linen in white or in light colors are more susceptible to stains, as well as wrinkles once you get off the couch. Finally, linen doesn’t have that crisp look.


The best cotton is a blend of about 45% to 60% cotton and the rest is made from polyester, linen, and nylon, to name a few. The blend adds texture and strength and is not prone to soiling and wrinkling.

It’s the most popular choice for a couch because of its flexibility.

Cotton can come in many different colors—the colors seem endless!—as well as in different patterns.


Made of 100% cotton and with a tight weave woven on the diagonal, twill is great for busy families with kids who spill.

If you choose a sofa that has removable cushion covers or if you purchase a slipcover sofa, many choose twill because you can easily throw it in the wash.

In addition, if twill is made in part with polyester, it will be stain resistant. If you factor in the high thread count, then twill also will be water resistant. That makes twill easier to clean.

However, twill will come out wrinkled after a wash, so one con is that it isn’t resilient and you may have to iron it to regain its natural shape.


Velvet is a fabric, not a fiber. It can be made from silk, mohair, wool and polyester. And each fabric is different in feel. Silk is the most voluptuous material for velvet and, because of that, it will cost more than other fabrics, although wool and mohair are fairly expensive too.

Velvet has a tight weave because of its intricate weaving process. This means that two layers of fabric are woven together and on top of each other and are joined using a second warp thread.

Keep in mind that the tighter the weave, the better it will wear.


Consumers choose leather because of its natural beauty. Sure, it’s stiff when you first get your leather couch. But in time it will become even more attractive if leather is exposed to sunlight. It will fade, but it will flourish gracefully over time and develop a fine patina, which is often the reason why consumers buy leather couches.

Leather is a durable material and if you spill something on it, a quick wipe with soap and water is all you need to keep it in good condition. Even scratching from pets can be minimized with a bottle of leather polish.

There are two main cons of a leather couch.

One, it’s prohibitively expensive.

Two, leather is cold to the touch in the winter and sweaty and very slippery in the summer. If you’re looking for warmth, leather isn’t for you.

Performance Fabric

The best overall, no matter who lives in your home.

Performance fabric is no longer for the outdoors. Since performance fabric has been designed to withstand the weather, this means it’s very durable and splash-proof.

If you have pets and kids, that white couch or ivory sofa that you love probably won’t be your option for obvious reasons. But if that white or ivory color is made with performance fabric, you can get what you always wanted.

Sunbrella is a company that first made performance fabrics popular. They have been used in conjunction with famous brands—from high-end Thibault to mid-priced Pottery Barn-- in order to create many different styles and colors.

Besides style, Sunbrella fabrics tick all the right boxes. They are comfortable, durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean, and UV and fade resistant. Sunbrella is made of 100% acrylic.

Patterned and Custom-Made Fabric

If you like custom fabric options, such as those with patterns on them, always get samples. But ask for a larger swatch rather than a standard swatch. This way, you can test how the fabric looks in natural light and interior lighting.

This may sound weird, but the best designers like to rub against the fabric—around your neck and arms and on your face—to determine the level of comfort.

Patterns or textures will give off a bespoke look in your living room, but if you are looking for them in bold patterns and bright colors, maybe save your style for an armchair. To you, the pattern may look great. To others, it may look too busy.

That’s because the patterns you choose may not work well with other pieces in the room. Designers are all for mixed textures in a living room, but would you linger in your living room if you have a blue and white chinoiserie couch, a graphic geometric pattern for some wingback chairs, and a bright solid-colored love seat?

If you like the patterned look but know realistically that you may tire of it in the future, try purchasing a neutral-colored couch and express your identity and individuality by adding fun pillows with different colored designs on them.

The best thing about patterns is that they’re very forgiving. You can mask a wine stain if the pattern is busy enough.

The Difference Between Custom and Made-to-Order

Made-to-order means the sofa is constructed only after a customer orders it.

Custom-made means that furniture makers build your sofa according to your own specifications, meaning you can use any color or pattern you want.

In contrast to custom, made-to-order has a shorter lead time whereas custom can take many months to create.

Hicks suggests if you have the money, always choose custom vs. made-to-order. “You will be able to pick your style, sizes, arm, legs and so on and COM (customers own material).” With custom, you’ll have a sofa for a long time so it’s worth it to work with an interior designer if necessary and design your own from scratch.


Slipcovers, which are often made of linen or cotton, offer a relaxed look. If you get washable slipcovers, you probably don’t have to worry about kid spills and wet dogs. Just throw it in the wash and see how clean they come out. Plus, if you can’t commit to the fabric of a couch, or if you like to change the look during different seasons, buy multiple slipcovers.

Synthetic Materials- Polyester and Acrylic

Natural threads like twill and linen are superior because they breathe well and are softer. On the other hand, synthetic materials like polyester, rayon and acrylic have neither, which is why many couch-buyers shy away from synthetics.

But synthetics do have advantages, including a lower price point. These threads don’t break down as quickly as natural threads.

That means they are more durable than natural threads. They are also easier to clean, so there’s hope that a red wine stain can be removed.

Synthetic feels like a natural material like cotton or linen because it has a soft feel. And polyester and acrylic have more durability, are stain-resistant, and are resistant to fading, wrinkling and abrasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of fabrics used on couches?

linen, cotton, twill, leather, velvet and performance fabric.

What is the most popular fabric used on couches?

Cotton. The best is a blend of about 45% to 60% cotton and the rest is made from polyester, linen, and nylon, to name a few. The blend adds texture and strength and is not prone to soiling and wrinkling. It’s the most popular choice for a couch because of its flexibility.

What is the best couch fabric if you have pets and kids?

Performance fabric. Since performance fabric has been designed to withstand the weather, this means it’s very durable and splash-proof.

What are upholstery and weave?

Upholstery refers to the materials that make up the soft coverings, including fabric, padding, webbing, and springs. Every fabric is created by weaving threads together. If the weave is tight, it can determine the way the fabric feels as well as its durability.

What are the three types of cushion fill material?

Foam, spring down, and down
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