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10 Best Armchairs and Lounge Chairs for Your Living Room 2021

Armchairs are often an understated piece in living rooms but can make a big impact on aesthetics, your comfort, and your lifestyle. Find out which armchairs we named best and why. Get ready to make a statement in your home with these top ten armchairs.

Today, comfort is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. If you are going to be at home for most of the time, it makes sense to have the best quality while also keeping the price affordable.

If you’re guilty like us for watching a lot of movies lately, then you have probably thought about purchasing a nice, comfortable chair. Lounge chairs or armchairs also double as the perfect comfy chair to work from home in.

The toughest part may be trying to pick out an armchair without testing it, but luckily there are plenty of options to choose from online.

Best Armchairs for Design and Comfort 2021

  • Geo Armchair by Saba: Best Modern Design Armchair 
  • Swivel Accent Chair with Oak Legs: Best Swivel Armchair 
  • Alrun Faux Leather Armchair: Best Armchair for Small Spaces
  • Lohoms Modern Accent Fabric Chair: Best Budget Armchair
  • Heywood Armchair and Ottoman: Best Lounge Chair for Comfort 
  • Blue Velvet Melanie Accent Chair: Best Looking Armchair 
  • The Briar Chair: Best Armchair for Just Chilling
  • The Faz Armchair: Best Modern Outdoor Accent Chair
  • Natuna Natural Rattan Armchair: Best Rattan Armchair
  • Rocking Chair by Belleze: Best Rocking Armchair

10 Best Armchairs and Lounge Chairs of 2021

Best Modern Design Armchair: Geo Armchair by Saba


Modern designs are loved for their unique, statement-making effect. Those looking for a new twist on an old classic will love the Geo Armchair.

Perfect for a loft or penthouse, these velvet chairs come in 5 different colors and are luxurious without being overwhelming.

Framed by a metal base, this soft chair is built for both comfort and design.

Like most modern pieces, this one comes at a price.

Costing roughly in the thousands, this armchair sells for higher than average, but it can technically be counted as a piece of art.

Best Swivel Armchair: Swivel Accent Chair With Oak Legs


Swivel armchairs can be extremely useful as they allow you to be on a Zoom call while turning to check on your child at the same time. As practical as swivel chairs can be, however, they are often not the best looking.

This swivel chair has sturdy wooden legs but can turn 360 degrees for those multi-tasking at home. It comes in three colors: beige, yellow, and saddle brown, making it versatile to use as an office or dining chair.

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Best Armchair For Small Spaces - Alrun Faux Leather Armchair


Those looking to decorate a small area may feel like they have limited options, however, it’s all about making smart choices.

Ample lighting can really brighten up space and picking a low sofa can make your ceilings look higher.

People who live in an apartment or small space should look for versatile pieces that can be moved around.

This faux leather armchair from Wayfair can work both at home and in an office setting.

If using in a home office, this chair can easily be pulled out when entertaining guests to double as additional seating.

If you find yourself short on space, try looking for chairs with narrow armrests. Narrow armrests take up less space while still providing support.

If you know the chair won’t be used often and space is tight, consider looking for one with less padding to save even more space.

Best Budget Armchair: Lohoms Modern Accent Fabric Chair


Being on a budget doesn’t mean you need to compromise on looks or quality when purchasing an armchair. Look for chairs that can be used for multiple purposes i.e. one that can be used as a decorative piece but can be used for entertaining when needed.

A well-priced chair may be easy on the wallet but won’t be worth it if it doesn’t encompass everything you’re looking for. To get the most out of your dollar, look for an armchair that provides comfort, support, and also looks nice.

This Lohoms Modern Accent Fabric Chair has it all.

It’s elegant enough to be used for a dining room setting but can be used in your home office when having virtual meetings. While this chair may look expensive, it costs well under $200, making this an affordable option.

Best Lounge Chair for Comfort: Heywood Armchair and Ottoman


If you are looking for an armchair to spend most of your time in, (think: texting, reading, watching tv, etc.) then you want it to be comfortable. When searching for comfort, it is important that the back is soft but sturdy enough to provide support.

Opt for armchairs covered in a soft, luxe-feeling fabric such as velvet or satin. Ample padding and textured fabrics provide both support and design.

This Heywood Armchair with ottoman provides both luxury and comfort. It is a bit of an investment at about $540, but it comes with a cushioned ottoman for ultimate relaxation.

Best Looking Armchair: Blue Velvet Melanie Accent


A well-designed chair never goes out of style. However, one important thing to note is that the best looking might not be the most comfortable.

Expect these types of chairs to be more decorative than useful.

Chairs in bold colors always make a statement and rich fabrics such as velvet give off that luxury feeling. Simple but elegant statements such as studs, grommets, and quilted fabric help make the piece seem more expensive.

This chair from Kirkland’s would be perfect for the dining or living room. One customer gave this chair a five-star review and raved about its comfort.

Starts at $399.

Best Armchair for Just Chilling: The Briar Chair

joybird briar chair

During quarantine, streaming movies has become a favorite habit for most. A typical movie lasts 2-3 hours, so you must pick a chair that offers support snd comfort.

Go for a chair in a soft fabric with a lot of padding. A strong back will ensure that you have ultimate support throughout the duration of the film.

This armchair from Joybird has removable cushions that are perfect to support your arms during your movie marathon.

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Best Modern Outdoor Accent Chair: The Faz Armchair


For those lucky enough to have porches, decks, or patios, you may want to consider an outdoor armchair to enjoy those balmy New York City nights.

The best kind of outdoor armchair is the kind that can be adaptable enough to be used indoors as well. This way you can bring it inside during the winter days without needing to tether it down.

This contemporary geometric armchair is perfect for entertaining inside or out. The design keeps it feeling fashionable while the clear polycarbonate base makes this chair sturdy and strong.

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Best Rattan Armchair - Natuna Natural Rattan Arm Chair


Not all armchairs need to be formal. Natural material such as rattan can lend a bohemian feel to any space. A rattan armchair can add a vacation vibe to a city apartment or a beach flair to a Hampton summer home.

Since rattan is made of natural wood, no two chairs have the same markings. This lends to a one of a kind feel, making it perfect for the living room, bedroom, or dining room.

Safavieh's Natuna Natural Rattan Arm Chair is casual yet elegant all at once. It is steep enough that you can put throw pillows on it to dress it up or down.

This rattan chair will definitely help transport you to a tropical place without having to quarantine.

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Best Rocking Lounge Chair: Rocking Chair by Belleze


Rocking chairs can add a retro feel to a nursery, basement, living room, and basically all other rooms. Built more for looks than comfort, these chairs add instant charm to any space.

When thinking of rocking chairs, forget the days of your grandparents. Rocking chairs have received an updated look, now coming in different fabrics, shapes, and sizes.

This bright orange rocking chair from Belleze adds a modern pop of color to update this classic. Once the nursery is no longer needed, this chair can easily transition into any room in the house.

How We Decided

When it came to picking the best armchairs, we made a list of specific criteria to follow. This included price, comfort, and quality,


Our focus was keeping the prices as affordable as possible. We did, however, decide to splurge on one category: Best Modern Design.

Most of the other armchairs we looked at ranged in price from $118.99 to $909. We felt this was a good margin that could meet most needs.

We kept most of the prices under $1,000 for attainability, but we did include one luxury item.The most expensive was ABC Carpet & Home’s Geo armchair which was priced at $2,160 However, we felt that the price was justified depending on the quality and unique design of the chair.


Thoughts of armchairs are usually associated with comfort. We considered armchairs that had padding and came in soft, luxe feeling fabrics.

When thinking of comfort, we thought of padding, soft fabrics, and a hint of luxury. We favored materials such as silk, satin, and faux leather.


Armchairs that could work in multiple settings were favored. Anything that could easily transition from living room to home office or outdoor/indoor was instantly favored due to its flexibility.

In New York space is limited, so adaptable pieces always win brownie points. We also looked for armchairs that could easily switch from entertainment to office meetings for ease and convenience.

How To Choose the Best Armchair For You

If you decide to purchase a piece of furniture, it is important to make a checklist of what is important to you. This may include details such as use, size, and material.

How Often Will You Use the Chair?

Before you purchase an armchair you will want to consider how much use the chair will be getting. If you will use the chair every so often, then support and comfort won’t be as important as if you were using the chair every day.

How Much Space Do You Have to Fit the Chair?

Make sure to take measurements before purchasing any piece of furniture. The size of the chair can depend on the location of where it will be placed. For instance, a narrow, sturdy chair is likely to be used in the dining room where a wider, roomier chair is better for a basement or entertainment center.

If living in a small apartment, look for a shorter, bold colored chair to emphasize your ceilings and make a statement. Those lucky enough to live in a spacious apartment or home should spring for a large armchair to take up room.

What Kind of Material Are You Looking For?

Soft and smooth fabrics such as faux leather, satin , silk, suede, etc. were considered first. We wanted the armchair to be as comfortable as possible.

We also looked for material that was durable and flexible enough so that the armchairs could be swapped into different rooms if needed. Those that could be easily cleaned were favored.

How To Choose the Right Armchair For You

If you decide to purchase a piece of furniture, it is important to make a checklist of what is important to you. This may include details such as use, size, and material.

Interior designer, Tiffany Hicks, offers these 7 tips or questions to ask yourself:

How to Select an Arm or Accent Chair
What is your style? Is it a very relaxed, mid-century modern, vintage, large masculine, club chair, etc.?
How will you use the chair? Will you need to balance a plate/ drink on the arm, do you want to be enveloped (high arms) or rest your arms on either side, curl up, etc.?
Look for a chair that is proportionate to the room and other furnishings. Size as well as color and finish.
Do you require special features? Reclining, rocking, swivel, ottoman, charging station, etc.
What kind of material do you like? Leather, performance fabric, high quality/ price fabric, or custom.
Decide on a price point range. Budget accordingly.
What is the quality of the armchair? Do you want it to last many years or do you plan on redecorating frequently?

Deciding Between Cost vs. Quality in an Armchair

When searching for good deals, Hicks advises scouring your local estate sales, auction houses, and second-hand stores/websites (like eBay, Poshmark, Mercari).

You may get lucky and find a really great unique piece that can you get upholstered to your liking.

Choosing cost over quality may seem tempting, but Hicks advises there is a reason why good quality furniture costs much more.

“Quality built furniture is more costly because of the time spent making and crafting it, as well as the materials used in the framework, upholstery, and final fabric or leather finish,” she says.

If spending a lot of money on furniture is not an option right now, Hicks suggests buying an inexpensive piece that can fit into your budget now and then saving up for a higher quality piece for the future.

How is an Armchair, an Accent Chair, and a Lounge Chair Different?

You might have seen or heard armchairs being referred to as accent chairs, lounge chairs, or just chairs.

They're all essentially the same thing, although an accent chair can also sometimes refer to a chair without arms or something closer to a desk or dining chair.

Lounge chairs tend to be more permanently reclined but the term is frequently used interchangeably with armchairs.

It is important to know the different terms and definitions of the furniture you are purchasing.

This helps clarify things so that you say and know exactly what it is you want to buy.

Below are some terms you might come across when looking for an armchair.

Recliners vs Lounge Chairs.

Recliners are armchairs where you can simultaneously lower the back of the chair while raising the front.

Comfortable and relaxing, these chairs are often found in recreational rooms, man caves, family rooms, etc.

Some may recline automatically while others may recline by pulling a lever.

A lounge chair is armless and built in a permanently reclined position but just as commonly they might also include arms and may be designed in more of an upright position.

It differs from the recliner as it cannot be adjusted by the user. It is usually paired with an ottoman and is meant for relaxing in.

The Eames Lounge Chair differs from most lounge chairs as the user can adjust the rate of their recline.

Chairs With Special Features: Wing Chairs, Morris Chairs, and Swivel Chairs

Also known as a wing-back chair, this type of chair has a pair of “wings” attached to the back.

The “wings” were created to protect the person sitting from cold drafts while trapping in heat when sitting by a fireplace.

Most wing chairs today are fully upholstered with wooden legs showing. In the past, wing chairs had an exposed frame with padded cushions at the seat, armrests, back, and sometimes even wings.

A swivel chair is a type of chair that has a single main leg allowing the seat to turn 360 degrees.

The base of the chair usually has wheels to allow the person to move around their office without having to get up.

The Morris Chair features a back that reclines with fairly high armrests to give it an old fashioned look.

The main thing that sets this chair apart, however, is the hinged back sandwiched between both arms.

The reclined angle is adjusted by a row of pegs, notches, or holes located in each arm.

Swivel chairs are adjustable in height but are not usually large in size.

A type of swivel chair is called the draughtsman’s chair which is typically used in front of a drawing board because it is taller and without wheels.

Armchair Accessories: Ottomans vs. Poufs

A pouf is usually a large, sometimes round shaped firm cushion and is used as an accent piece.

Their versatility makes them perfect for living rooms, nurseries, basements, and more,

Poufs differ from ottomans in that they are more of a design piece.

Both can be used as a form of a chair, however, only the ottoman can be used as a replacement for a coffee table.

The ottoman is a type of footstool that has no back and comes in a square, circular, or semicircular shape.

It’s usually firm and overstuffed, perfect for resting your feet on or sitting to take a phone call.

Ottomans come in different sizes and materials, ranging from large to small and furry to leather.