8 Best Outdoor Sofas for Your Patio of 2023

Sofas can be the centerpiece seating of your patio, yard, or garden. Find out which outdoor sofas PropertyNest named the best of the year, and learn which one is right for your private outdoor space

Outdoor space is a great perk to have whether you live in an urban or suburban setting that not all have the privilege of enjoying.

If you are hosting a big group, or just cultivating a relaxing space for yourself, your outdoor sofa should be the center point of your outdoor gathering area.

Outdoor sofas are built to withstand the outdoor elements while offering the comfort and style of an indoor space.

Outdoor sofa cushions are made of specialty outdoor fabric which is made to withstand moisture and dirt, while the frames of an outdoor sofa are typically materials that are durable and easy to wipe clean.

However, not every outdoor sofa is for everyone. It’s important to consider your specific needs, coupled with your outdoor climate and space limitations.

Do you have a covered area you will be using, or will you be dealing with direct sunlight? Do you have a large space or a small space?

Are you in a climate with excessive moisture and humidity? All of these considerations factor into what kind of outdoor sofa material your space is best suited for.

It’s time to get ready for summer and create that relaxing outdoor space you’ve been dreaming about all winter long.

We’ve rounded up the best outdoor sofas, finding the top-rated outdoor sofas in all of the most loved materials and styles.

Best Outdoor Sofas for Patios

  • Walker: Best Metal Frame Outdoor Sofa
  • Brunswick Teak Patio Sofa: Best Wooden Frame Outdoor Sofa
  • Huron: Best Boho Outdoor Sofa
  • Solid Sofa by Stefano Giovannoni for Vondom: Best Plastic Outdoor Sofa
  • Wicker Sofa by Havenside Home: Best Wicker Outdoor Sofa
  • Delahey Folding Outdoor Day Sofa: Best Budget Outdoor Sofa
  • Lounge Slipcovered Sofa by Crate and Barrel: Best Slipcovered Outdoor Sofa
  • Priage Aluminum & Bamboo Outdoor Sofa by ZINUS: Best Mixed Material

Compare Outdoor Sofa Styles

Walker: Best Metal Frame Outdoor Sofa


Metal is a very durable outdoor sofa material, as it is easy to wipe clean and resistant to direct sunlight and moisture. The Walker Outdoor Metal Sofa is modern, sleek, and functional, making it a great all-around choice for an outdoor sofa.

The couch comes with Sunbrella cushions which are made with an outdoor grade fabric that is meant to withstand fading, mold, mildew, and stains.

The wide arms of the couch’s frame make it easy to place a drink or a book down unless you’d prefer to enjoy a little extra elbow room.

If you have the outdoor space, you could also purchase the matching chairs to create an outdoor set. The sofa on its own is about $2,300, making it a more expensive option.

However, with how durable metal is, it is highly likely you won’t be buying another outdoor sofa for a very long time.

Pros and Cons of Walker Outdoor Metal Sofa

  • Durable
  • Industrial style
  • Expensive

Brunswick Teak Patio Sofa: Best Wooden Frame Outdoor Sofa


Teak wood is beautiful and weather-resistant, making it a fantastic choice for wooden outdoor furniture.

The Brunswick Outdoor Teak Patio Sofa is a beautiful answer to a traditional outdoor sofa, giving you the durability of teak with the classic feel of wood.

This outdoor sofa also has a matching table, if you’d prefer a set. Cost-wise, this sofa is in the mid-range of outdoor sofa prices, starting at just over $1,800.

Pros and Cons of Brunswick Outdoor Teak Patio Sofa

  • Durable teak wood
  • Traditional Style
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be restained or painted in the future
  • Only available in natural wood tones

Huron: Best Boho Outdoor Sofa


For the bohemian outdoor spaces, the Huron Outdoor Sofa from West Elm is your missing piece. It has a rust-resistant frame, making it a durable option in addition to its aesthetic charm.

The sofa comes with three pillows and the main cushion, but it still has plenty of space for you to add a few colorful outdoor pillows of your own.

Add a bright orange pillow for a pop of color, or pair it with a big navy blue pillow for a cozy feel. Don’t forget to add a soft throw blanket to truly bring the comfort of the indoors outside!

This couch starts around $1500, another middle-of-the-road option as far as budget.

Pros and Cons of Huron Outdoor Sofa

  • Bohemian Style
  • Rust-resistant frame
  • Includes cushions and pillows
  • Not as comfortable as other outdoor sofas for long periods

Solid Sofa by Stefano Giovannoni for Vondom: Best Plastic Outdoor Sofa


Plastic is an excellent outdoor sofa material for busy people, as it is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

The Solid Sofa by Stefano Giovannoni for Vondom is a solid molded plastic outdoor sofa that combines functionality with contemporary design.

The sofa itself looks like it belongs in a contemporary art gallery, as it is one single piece of plastic molded into a traditional sofa shape.

This beautiful blank canvas is ready for cushions, pillows, and pops of color to create a welcoming and comfortable outdoor environment.

The sofa is stackable, lightweight, and easy to move, making it a great option for areas with limited space.

At just over $600, this is also an extremely affordable find.

Pros and Cons of Solid Sofa

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and stackable
  • It may not be as comfortable as other outdoor sofas for long periods
  • Does not come with cushions

Wicker Sofa by Havenside Home: Best Wicker Outdoor Sofa


Wicker is a staple in traditional outdoor furniture styles, and the Cambridge Bay Grey Wicker Outdoor Sofa feels as classic as an outdoor BBQ in the summertime.

This is all-weather wicker, meaning it is ready to withstand the outdoor elements for finicky climates. Moisture-resistant cushions are also included, adding another touch of comfort to the piece.

Another middle-of-the-road option for your budget, this outdoor sofa starts at just over $1,200.

Pros and Cons of Cambridge Bay Grey Wicker Outdoor Sofa

  • Traditional style
  • Cushions are included
  • Steel frame for added durability
  • Not completely impervious to moisture; should still be covered when not in use

Delahey Folding Outdoor Day Sofa: Best Budget Outdoor Sofa


This Better Homes & Gardens Delahey Folding Outdoor Day Sofa blends comfort with style, at an affordable price point.

The sofa, at just over $300, is fully cushioned and can be folded and unfolded.

Whether you prefer an outdoor chaise lounge or a classic 2-armed couch, this affordable outdoor sofa is perfect for versatility and comfort.

Pros and Cons of Delahey Folding Outdoor Day Sofa

  • Foldable into multiple different styles
  • Fully cushioned
  • Smaller than other full-size sofas

Lounge Slipcovered Sofa by Crate and Barrel: Best Slipcovered Outdoor Sofa


Do you want to feel like you’re inside when you’re relaxing outside? Consider a slipcovered outdoor sofa, like the Lounge Outdoor Slipcovered Sofa by Crate and Barrel.

The slipcover effect mimics an upholstered indoor couch, but with the added flexibility of being able to take the slipcover off for cleaning purposes.

This style of the outdoor couch is beautiful, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. You’ll feel like you are in an indoor space with the comfort of soft cushions and fabric covering every inch of the sofa, just like your favorite sofa inside.

This sofa is on the higher-end budget-wise, coming in at around $2,400. It comes in four colors, giving you plenty of flexibility in design options.

Pros and Cons of Lounge Outdoor Slipcovered Sofa

  • Feels like an indoor couch
  • Comfortable
  • The slipcover is removable and machine washable
  • Not as durable as other outdoor sofas
  • Should be stored inside when not being used for extended periods

Priage Aluminum & Bamboo Outdoor Sofa by ZINUS: Best Mixed Material


Mixed materials on an outdoor sofa are a great way to channel your unique style into your outdoor furniture.

The Priage by ZINUS is a beautifully crafted outdoor sofa featuring an aluminum frame with wooden accents.

This outdoor sofa also comes with top and bottom cushions made with water-repellent fabric.

In addition, the wooden frame is rust-resistant, giving you peace of mind if you live in a high-moisture climate. As a bonus, the wooden pieces are also weatherproofed.

This couch ranks as one of the most affordable on this list, coming in at just over $550.

Pros and Cons of Priage Aluminum and Bamboo Outdoor Sofa

  • Decorative wood accents
  • Budget-friendly
  • Rust-resistant metal frame
  • Water repellant cushions included
  • Wood accents are only on the arms

Different Types of Outdoor Sofa Materials

Not all outdoor sofas are created equally, and each material has pros and cons depending on your situation.

Common materials of outdoor sofa frames are plastic, wicker, metal, and wood.

Outdoor sofas typically also utilize removable cushions and pillows slipcovered with a durable outdoor-grade fabric.

Start by assessing your needs and situation before shopping for an outdoor sofa.

Although all outdoor sofas are created to be more durable than their indoor counterpart, it depends on your specific outdoor situation as to what material you should select.

You will want to think about your climate, how much direct sunlight your outdoor sofa will receive, and how durable you need your sofa to be.

Plastic Outdoor Sofas

Plastic is one of the easiest materials to clean and keep clean, making it a great choice for busy people.

Plastic is also fairly comfortable to sit on for extended periods, especially when you add a few outdoor cushions and pillows.

Plastic is not impervious to everything, however. With extended time in the sun, the coloring of plastic can fade.

With extreme temperatures, plastic should be avoided because of the risk of warping or breakage.

If you have a covered patio or live in a very mild climate, plastic might meet your needs.

Wicker Outdoor Sofas

Wicker is a style created by weaving a combination of synthetic or organic materials, not a material itself.

It is easily recognized by its matte finish and basket-weave style, and it embodies a traditional outdoor decor style.

Not all Wicker furniture is created the same, however.

Because materials vary so greatly between manufacturers, be sure you are paying attention to the care instructions and durability rating of your specific piece of wicker furniture.

Metal Outdoor Sofas

If durability is at the top of your priority list, metal should be your go-to.

Metal is going to be the most durable of all of the outdoor sofa materials and remains fairly easy to clean and maintain.

To clean it, mild soap and water will do the trick with little to no extra work required.

Even though it is generally the most durable outdoor sofa material, with consistent moisture in the air, your metal couch could fall victim to rust.

For those in humid climates, make sure your metal couch is rust-resistant.

Wooden Outdoor Sofas

Wood is another classic outdoor sofa material choice and is fairly durable when taken care of properly. Y

ou will want to ensure that the wooden outdoor sofa you are selecting has been weather-treated or sealed to have the ability to withstand moisture.

Wood is a great material option because of its style versatility.

Wooden outdoor sofas are often seen in styles such as mid-century modern, bohemian, and traditional.

Wood is easily dressed up with colorful cushions and pillows, giving you tons of design options.

The best part about wood is that it can be re-stained and re-painted in the future, giving you the ability to change your look as time goes on.

Shopping for Individual Pieces or a Set

When considering whether to buy a set or just a single sofa, think about how many people you plan on hosting at one time. I

f you find yourself needing enough space to seat more than four people, investing in a set might be worth the extra money.

However, if you have a small patio space or plan on creating a cozy outdoor area for two, a loveseat or a single sofa might be just the perfect amount of seating for the inviting space you are looking to create.


How We Decided

We chose these outdoor sofas based on customer ratings, material durability, and popularity. All of the outdoor sofas on this list are highly rated in customer satisfaction and are sold by mainstream, reputable furniture retailers.

For each chosen brand, we reviewed the following criteria: product accessibility, price, customer and professional reviews, and product features/options.

Product Accessibility

We chose products that were easily accessible through local or online retailers.

These brands are either available directly through their retail stores or online retailers such as Wayfair.com.


The brands in this list had generally affordable prices and stayed in the median market range for dining room tables.

Typical costs for outdoor sofas hover around $300 for the least expensive option, all the way into the upper $2000 range.

Customer Reviews

We chose brands that had generally good reviews on the listing. These reviews are written by real customers, giving you insight into real people’s experiences with the brand and the outdoor sofa itself.

Determining factors in reviews and rankings include product durability and cost.

Product Features/Options

We included highlights of certain product features that could give insight into different brands’ offerings, and what sets brands apart from each other within the market.

By reviewing the product’s webpage, we selected the most unique product features that set the selected product apart from other similar outdoor sofas.

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