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Mott Haven is a happening Bronx neighborhood. Find out why people are moving to this neighborhood, where residents are eating, sending their kids to school, and where people are living. Learn about the neighborhood vibe and how to get around.
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Mott Haven is a residential neighborhood located in the South Bronx of New York City. This vibrant and diverse community offers great access to affordable housing, excellent job opportunities, and plenty of cultural amenities.

Mott Haven has become one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in New York City due to its low cost of living, proximity to Manhattan, and high quality of life. Mott Haven is a high-density residential neighborhood.

It is surrounded in two directions by water - The Bronx Kill waterway to the south and the Harlem River to the west, with Manhattan directly across the water. It is bounded by East 149th Street to its north and the Bruckner Expressway to the east and is surrounded by Melrose, Woodstock, and Port Morris neighborhoods.

One thing outdoorsy residents love about Mott Haven is the easy access to the Randall's Island Connector.

This Mott Haven neighborhood review will discuss public transportation, restaurants, average apartment rent, and sale prices.

There are three historic districts located in Mott Haven:

  • Mott Haven - primarily residential, four and five-story row houses dating to the last half of the 19th century
  • Mott Haven East - consists mainly of beautiful brownstones
  • The Bertine Block - consists of mainly yellow-faced brick brownstones

Fun Fact: The Bronx is the greenest borough in New York City, with the highest percentage of land dedicated to parks.

Real Estate in Mott Haven

For those looking for an affordable place to live in the city, Mott Haven is ideal. Many residents are able to find reasonably priced apartments with easy access to transportation links like the 6 train and Metro-North Railroad. Mott Haven also offers short commutes into Manhattan or Queens via ferry or subway.

The Mott Haven area is home to various businesses and industries that provide employment opportunities.

The neighborhood has been consistently ranked among the top areas for job growth over the last decade. Mott Haven also houses many medical facilities and centers for higher education, such as Hostos Community College, Monroe College, and Lincoln Hospital School of Nursing.

The South Bronx is in the midst of a development boom, so many newly-built apartment complexes, brownstone-style row houses, and modern 2- and 3-unit row houses are attracting renters and buyers alike.

The past several years have seen a significant rise in the number of new modern developments, luxury mid-rises, and condos opening up in the area, attracting a new group of renters.

Although residents are concerned about gentrification, with the changes come improved amenities to the neighborhood, such as gyms and trendy eateries.

Average Rental Prices in Mott Haven

1 Bed $2,300
2 Beds $2,199
3 Beds $2,385
4 Beds $2,750
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023

Average Sales Prices in Bronx

Studio $600,000
1 Bed $171,000
2 Beds $324,999
3 Beds $585,000
4 Beds $690,000
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023
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Public Transportation

Most of the population in Mott Haven own cars and use that as their primary mode of transportation.

Mott Haven is served by many bridges including:

  • Triborough Bridge
  • Third Avenue Bridge
  • Madison Avenue Bridge
  • 145th Street Bridge
  • Willis Avenue Bridge

Subway lines in neighborhood

  • 2

    IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line

  • 4 5 6 6

    IRT Lexington Avenue Line

Bus Lines in Mott Haven
Bus Location
Bx1 Grand Concourse / E 138th St
Bx2 Grand Concourse / E 149th St
Bx15 3rd Ave/ 142nd St
Bx17 Saint Anns Ave/Saint Marys St
Bx19 E 149th St/Grand Concourse
Bx21 E 136 St/Lincoln Av
Bx32 E 136 St/Lincoln Av
Bx33 E 138 St/Lincoln Av

Restaurants & Dining in Mott Haven

Mott Haven is truly a vibrant neighborhood filled with incredible energy and life! Residents have access to numerous restaurants offering dishes from all over the world – ranging from Mexican tacos to Spanish tapas; Eastern European dumplings to Caribbean jerk chicken.

There are also many nightlife spots in Mott Haven where locals can enjoy live music performances or karaoke nights at local bars or nightclubs.

Besides the great latin food, several fantastic beer gardens, juice bars, and taverns have opened up.

Mott Haven has your pick of cuisines from around the world.

Here are just a few:

Charlie's Bar and Kitchen - Delicious American cuisine served in large portions. Live music on weekends. Located in the historic Clock Tower building. Word has it that their fried chicken is a taste of heaven!

Ceetay - Mouthwatering spicy tuna rolls and noodle bowls presented as a work of art. Overall, a relaxing and fun dining experience with super attentive staff and affordable prices.

La Patrona Restaurant - This is a favorite spot among locals. This stylish, cozy, and clean restaurant serves yummy Mexican food at a reasonable price. The Sangria is on point.

Mofongo & Tequila Bar: One of Mott Haven's most beloved restaurants is Mofongo & Tequila Bar. This restaurant offers a wide array of flavorful Puerto Rican dishes, including mofongo – a traditional mashed plantain dish cooked with different spices. Mofongo & Tequila Bar also serves fresh margaritas and tequila drinks that pair perfectly with delicious food.

El Viejo Yayo - Another favorite spot in Mott Haven is El Viejo Yayo Restaurant. Located in one of the oldest buildings in the neighborhood, El Viejo Yayo serves traditional Dominican and Cuban cuisine. Menu items include classic dishes like ropa vieja and carne guisada, washed down with delicious aguas frescas made with freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables.

Mott Haven has plenty to offer for those looking for more upscale dining options.

Mamasita Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar is known for serving up handmade tacos and other Mexican favorites alongside signature tequilas and cocktails.

Meanwhile, The Bastardas boasts an incredible outdoor terrace along with a menu filled with Mediterranean-style tapas inspired by Greek and Spanish cuisines.

No matter what kind of food you're craving, Mott Haven is sure to have something that will tantalize your taste buds! With its colorful streets lined with restaurants offering everything from traditional Latin American dishes to modern-day gastropubs, Mott Haven has become one of the best places to dine out in New York City.

Attractions & Nightlife in Mott Haven

The abandoned South Bronx Rail Line located from E 163rd St. to E 141st St. is being debated by city officials trying to figure out what to do with it.

This 20-block stretch may not be abandoned much longer, so see it while you can.

For beer lovers, Mott Haven offers a lot of choices, starting with the Bronx Brewery, a must-experience if you're in the neighborhood.

Gun Hill Brewing Company is another place to experience fresh beer. This establishment is not just a brewery but also features spirits from local distilleries and NY wines.

With Mott Haven's burgeoning art scene, there is no shortage of art galleries and art spaces in the neighborhood!

Some of the notable spaces to visit is WallWorks, Longwood Art Gallery, and Bronx Art Space. Mott Haven is also home to the Bronx Documentary Center.

Public & Charter Schools in Mott Haven

Mott Haven is located in NYC district #7.

This densely populated residential neighborhood has 26 primary and secondary schools.

Academic Leadership Charter School is considered one of the best in the area.

Here are just a handful of public and charter schools located in Mott Haven:

Public & Charter Schools in Mott Haven
School Information Notes
Mott Haven Academy Charter School Charter - K-5 - 292 students Integrated family support services, rigorous college-preparatory program, all children in NYC are eligible
Academic Leadership Charter School Charter - K-6 - 376 students Strong art and music programs, students perform at or above grade level, rigorous academics, frequent testing
Success Academy Bronx 1 Public charter - K-4 - 676 students Students perform above average on state tests, attentive teachers, diverse student body, 18: student-teacher ratio
South Bronx Charter School Inter Cultures And Arts Charter - K-5 - 434 students Dual language program, Complaints on lack of organization and unprofessionalism, ceramics classes.
Ps 49 Willis Avenue Public - PK-5 - 688 students Dual language program, admits children from across district, caring and teacher professionalism
Academy of Applied Mathematics and Technology (AAMT) Public - 6-8 - 304 students Student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1, focus on technology and innovation, career day and many extra-cirricular activities, debate team
Bronx Charter School for Children Public charter - K-5 - 432 students Strong reading, math and arts program, extended-day/extended-year program, offer small classes, five co-teaching classes
KIPP Academy Charter School Charter - K-12 - 985 students above national rates for high school and college graduation, strong academic foundation
Green Dot NY Charter School Public charter - 9-12 - 376 students Challenging and vigorous academic program, 2016 National Blue Ribbon school, 98% graduation rate
P.S. 161 Juan Ponce De Leon School Public - PK-5 - 520 students Strong arts program, diverse student body, 12:1 student-teacher ratio

How Safe is Mott Haven Neighborhood?

Mott Haven neighborhood in New York City is a vibrant area that is rapidly growing and developing. It has become one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in, but many people wonder about its safety. Mott Haven largely remains a safe community with a strong emphasis on public safety.

Mott Haven has seen an increase in police presence, both uniformed and undercover, which has helped make it one of the safest neighborhoods in the Bronx. Crime statistics have remained low compared to other areas of New York City.

However, elements of the crime are still present within Mott Haven’s borders which can cause concern for residents and visitors alike.

Crime statistics

Crime rate: 7 out of 10
Approximately 38.2745 crimes (felony) per 1000 residents
Low Medium High

The Mott Haven neighborhood has invested heavily in preventative measures to improve public safety and protect residents from potential threats.

The Mott Haven Community Police Initiative was launched in 2019 with the goal of creating stronger relationships between police officers, local businesses, and Mott Haven residents.

This initiative also provides crime prevention tips and resources to Mott Haven families so they can stay informed and safe while living in the area.

In addition to proactive policing efforts, Mott Haven also strives to provide adequate lighting throughout the neighborhood at night, as well as cameras placed on street corners to deter criminal activity.

Additionally, Mott Haven formed their own Mott Haven Public Safety Task Force, which works closely with local law enforcement agencies to ensure that Mott Haven remains secure for its residents.

Overall, Mott Haven is a very safe neighborhood for those who wish to make it their home or visit during their travels through New York City.

With proactive policing initiatives complemented by preventative measures such as improved lighting and security cameras and a dedicated task force devoted to ensuring public safety in Mott Haven, it is certainly one of the safer neighborhoods within NYC's five boroughs today.

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