Cobble Hill Neighborhood Review - Brooklyn Moving Guide

Discover why it's one of Brooklyn's most beloved neighborhoods, including information about restaurants, entertainment, schools, and neighborhood vibe. Get the latest on the area's news and developments.
Cobble Hill Brooklyn
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Average Rent Prices 4
Public transportation 8
Schools 8
Lifestyle 7
Crime 4

Walk down any street in this young, vibrant neighborhood, and you will find young professionals--the majority of whom work in a tech-related field or start-up.

In this Cobble Hill neighborhood review, we'll look into public transportation, restaurants, average apartment rent, and home sale prices.

The neighborhood has a hipster-like residential feel to it - think Williamsburg but on a much smaller scale with historic townhouses and vintage storefronts.

The hip yet historic area is filled mostly with multi-unit brownstones. However, many high-rise developments are in the works.

One of the most notable spots in Cobble Hill is the historic row houses around the park at Verandah Place. This setting will take you back to another century.

Sandwiched between Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, and Red Hook, this laid-back community is within walking distance of multiple churches, parks, playgrounds, and schools.

The overall small-town pace of life is a breath of fresh air for families and those who work in Manhattan.

Predominantly residential, there are plenty of highly-rated eateries and watering holes on Atlantic Avenue and Court Street. Trader Joe's is also a huge draw for many Brooklynites to Cobble Hill.

For a small and quaint area, you'd be surprised to know that Cobble Hill is home to one of the few movie theaters in Brooklyn--the Cobble Hill Cinema.

Fun Fact: The spot where Trader Joe’s is situated was once a steep conical hill— referred to as Cobbleshill on a survey of Brooklyn dating from 1767. During the Battle of Brooklyn, the steep spot became Cobble Hill Fort, a key lookout point from which General Washington viewed the fighting at Gowanus Creek.

What Celebrities Live in Cobble Hill

Celebrities that live in the Cobble Hill neighborhood:

Norah JonesSinger, Songwriter, Pianist, Actress
Mike DSinger, Rapper, Musician

Transportation in Cobble Hill

This small 40-block neighborhood is just a few subway stops from Manhattan, thanks to conveniently placed main subway lines.

Buses are no more than a 5-minute walk from any direction.

Bus Lines in Cobble Hill
BusB57, B61, B63,

Subway lines in neighborhood

  • F

    IND Sixth Avenue Line

  • G

    IND Crosstown Line

Real Estate in Cobble Hill

With proximity to great parks, shopping, and other amenities, Cobble Hill is a popular destination for those seeking an urban lifestyle with an emphasis on convenience. The real estate in Cobble Hill offers both homes and apartments available for sale or rent.

Whether you're looking to buy or rent, there's something for everyone in Cobble Hill real estate.

Apartments range from small studios to larger two-bedroom units with modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Many of the buildings have been recently renovated with new appliances, fixtures, windows, and flooring making them attractive options for people who prefer modern amenities in their homes.

Average Rental Prices in Cobble Hill

1 Bed$2,800
2 Beds$3,700
3 Beds$4,500
4 Beds$13,000
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of February 2023

Average Rent Price History by Neighborhood

Those interested in buying property in Cobble Hill will also find plenty of attractive houses.

Some of the older homes offer a unique charm that comes from their Victorian-era architecture, while others have updated interiors but maintain their historical character.

All the houses come with generous yards, which makes them perfect for outdoor entertaining or just enjoying some peace and quiet after a long day.

Average Sales Prices in Cobble Hill

1 Bed$539,000
2 Beds$1,500,000
3 Beds$1,975,000
4 Beds$3,995,000
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of February 2023

Apartments Available for Sale & Rent in Cobble Hill

Public & Charter Schools

Parents from all over the world are contacting the school principals at Cobble Hill schools in an effort to ensure that their children will have access to some of NYC's best schools.

Most notably, P.S. 29 has been a huge draw for families to move to this neighborhood.

Not only is it one of the highest performing schools in Brooklyn, but its PTA is extremely prolific in raising money for a second teacher in each classroom as well as all kinds of enrichment programs at the school.

Cobble Hill school fall into District 15 and here are some of the top-performing schools in the area:

Local Schools in Cobble Hill
P.S. 29 - John M. HarriganPublic - PK-5 - 967 studentsCohesive rival school to any local private schools. Super active parents and large outdoor space open to the community.
Success Academy Cobble Hill Charter SchoolPublic Charter - K-4 - 469 studentsVery high test scores. Racially and socioeconomically diverse student body.
Cobble Hill School For American StudiesPublic - 9-12 - 598 studentsAttractive building. Offers students the choice of two programs: history or law.
Mary McDowell Friends SchoolPrivate -K-12 - 375 studentsOne of New York City's leading schools for students with learning disabilities

Restaurants & Dining in Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill is a vibrant neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York that's known for its excellent restaurants and dining spots. It's a popular destination for food lovers who come from all over the city to try out some of the best dishes Cobble Hill has to offer. From cozy cafes serving up locally-roasted coffees and pastries to rustic Italian trattorias offering classic pasta dishes to upscale seafood eateries featuring fresh catches of the day, Cobble Hill has it all.

With a charming neighborhood comes charming eateries.

Cobble Hill has gained the attention of New Yorkers who are looking to try out a unique, unpretentious restaurant that serves all of the great comfort classics.

One of these charming eateries is Awash, which serves reasonably priced Ethiopian cuisine in a super relaxed environment with a consistently friendly and accommodating staff.

If you're looking for brunch, head over to Cafe Luluc for some buttery, double-stack pancakes so big that they will fall off your plate.

Make sure you try the food at Yemen Cafe and bring home some amazing delectables from Sahadi's across the street on Atlantic Ave.

For dessert, travel back in time to the vintage-inspired ice-cream bar, Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, right on the border of Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill.

The old-school vibes and neighborhood feel of this whimsical sweet spot will have you coming back for your next fix sooner than you thought.

How Safe is the Cobble Hill Neighborhood?

The Cobble Hill neighborhood in New York is known for its peaceful vibes and tight-knit community.

Safety-wise, the area is relatively safe and secure, making it an ideal place for families to live.

The local police station has made a point of reinforcing the safety of the streets by increasing police presence and patrols throughout the neighborhood.

Homeowners in this area also benefit from its low crime rate: According to the NYPD’s CompStat report, Cobble Hill ranks among some of Brooklyn's safest areas when it comes to major crimes such as robbery, burglary, grand larceny, and felonious assault.

Crime statistics

Crime rate: 6 out of 10
Approximately 19.4075 crimes (felony) per 1000 residents
Low Medium High

In addition to the NYPD’s efforts to keep Cobble Hill safe, residents have organized a Neighborhood Watch program that meets regularly to discuss ways to strengthen security further.

These meetings also provide a platform for neighbors to voice their concerns about any suspicious activity they may have noticed or heard about in the area. Moreover, there are plenty of street lights throughout Cobble Hill, making night time walks pleasant and safe.

Cobble Hill is great for families since it has well-developed parks throughout the neighborhood where children can play safely without worry.

Overall, Cobble Hill is considered one of Brooklyn's safest neighborhoods due to its tight-knit community spirit and diligent policing efforts by local authorities. With proper precautions taken by citizens and law enforcement, you can feel comfortable knowing that your family will be safe while living in this tranquil corner of New York City.