13 Best Real Estate Apps For Agents & Consumers of 2022

Real estate involves so much more than just an apartment or home search and so do the real estate apps available today. Learn about how these thirteen real estate apps can help change your lifestyle, your position, and your perspective on real estate.
Real Estate Apps

It’s official--the real estate industry has been disrupted by the development of mobile apps.

More than 80% of Americans own a smartphone.

It’s no wonder that the majority of home buyers use their phone or tablet to search for their next place to live spurred a frenzy in developing these tools for consumers.

It's easy to limit your mobile app usage to strictly property searches. However, mobile apps go far beyond a simple search option.

The team here at PropertyNest went ahead and researched 10 useful apps that will help renters, buyers and investors alike!

Best Real Estate Apps of 2022

  • Real Estate Dictionary

  • Loan Calculator

  • Nextdoor

  • Credit Karma

  • Rooms - Easy Room Layouts

  • Room8

  • LiveWith: Roommate Finder

  • DealCheck: Analyze Real Estate

  • Loopnet Commercial Real Estate

  • Dearborn Real Estate Exam Prep & Review

  • DealMachine for Real Estate

For Renters & Buyers

These days, we get by with a little help from our...apps!

Real estate is one area where help is needed in more ways than one.

Here are some unique apps we believe all renter and buyers can benefit from, aside from the usual apartment search apps.

1. Real Estate Dictionary

real estate dictioary iphone app

Real estate is a world of its own. And it can get confusing at times with all of that insider agent jargon.

Not only does this app break down terms in a way a six-year-old can understand, it also provides pictures and diagrams!

Next time, don’t get left in the dark when it comes to understanding the game of real estate.

Available for Androidand IOS- FREE

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2. Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator

There are a lot of loan apps out there.

This app however is fast, easy and straightforward.

Not only is it useful for real estate-related loans or mortgages, it can also be of use when you purchase a car or even loan money to friends or family.

It breaks down the loan terms into monthly payment and interest as well as total interest and amount.

This is a great way to stay financially proactive with your spending and see what you’re really paying!

Available for IOS - FREE

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3. Nextdoor

nextdoor app

Getting to know your neighbors in NYC can sometimes seem impossible, but not anymore.

This app has branded itself as "the private social network for your neighborhood."

Find out community events that are happening, local concerns, items for sale, recommendations, services and much more.

Whether you're moving to the Lower East Side orAstoria, these two apps help you to get to know the important details of your location.

All users must submit information to confirm your residence before approval to use the app.

Available for Androidand IOS- FREE

4. Credit Karma

credit karma app

It's very easy to neglect your credit score since it's not something you are forced to see everyday, like your bank account.

Credit Karma is a quick and easy sign up and allows you to track your credit score.

The app creates a a credit report card displaying all factors which contribute to your credit score health.

This helps users better understand how their action or lack thereof affect the score.

One downside is that it shows you your Vantage 3.0 credit score, not your FICO credit score.

It does, however, allow you to track your credit score from TransUnion or Equifax.

Available for Androidand IOS- FREE

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5. Rooms - Easy Room Layouts

Rooms Easy Room Layouts app

Whether you are moving in to a new place or redesigning your living space, this app is a life saver, or should I say back-saver.

Before moving an inch of furniture this app allows you to design your layout to see what works best.

Enter the dimensions of your rooms and furniture and drag, rotate and resize until it meets your needs.

You can share your rooms via email, social media (Facebook and Twitter) or print copies.

Available for IOS - FREE

For Renters Looking for Rooms

If you don't already know someone you want to share an apartment with, finding a room may be the next best solution.

The process can be a bit awkward and daunting but there are apps that can help you make it a little less so.

Here are a couple:

6. Room8

room8 app

Take the awkwardness out of moving in with complete strangers with Room8.

With the help of social media, this app matches you with potential roommates based on:

  • mutual connections
  • budget
  • location
  • lifestyle and interests.

The in-app chat feature allows you to avoid the slow email process and get to know potential roommates, share information and pictures immediately.

Choose from a list of vacant listings available to rent and reach out to landlords directly.

Available for IOS - FREE

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7. LiveWith: Roommate Finder

LiveWith Roommate Finder app

This is exactly like Tinder but for NYC roommates.

It really does make a typically stressful situation fun and easy.

It sets you up with verified potential roommates who already fit your lifestyle, budget and neighborhood preferences.

All that you have to do is swipe right or left on each person until you find a mutual match.

Follow up by chatting in the in-app chat feature to set up viewings, apply to and collaboratively rent an apartment you love together.

Available for IOS - FREE

For Investors/ Businesses

The goal of any efficient real estate app for investors and businesses should make their to-list smaller.

Take advantage and leverage the latest technology in the real estate market.

Work smart, not hard - let these apps help...

8. DealCheck: Analyze Real Estate

dealcheck app

Finding the best deal in the real estate market has never been so easy.

This app allows users to compare investment properties side-by-side for comparison.

Whether you use the app for flips or long-term holds, it includes easy ways calculate expenses or customize costs to determine if a deal is worth while.

It also allows users to customize, export and share detailed PDF reports with personalized branding and contact information.

Customer service is very responsive.

Available for Androidand IOS- FREE

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9. Loopnet Commercial Real Estate

LoopNet Commercial Real Estate app

This app boasts a large search listing of apartment buildings, office or retail spaces.

Review listing details, financials and photos and the ones that catch your eye.

You can opt-in for alerts on matching listings or get notified of changes made to your saved listings.

Loopnet offers a user-friendly interface to search for unique investment opportunities.

Available for Androidand IOS- FREE

For Real Estate Professionals or People Interested in Becoming One

Who needs books and papers for studying in this day and age?

Because we have our phones with us most of the time, it makes sense to have our everything we need to know on them.

Study guides and deal finders are no exception!

10. Dearborn Real Estate Exam Prep & Review

Dearborn app

There is really no excuse for not passing the real estate licensing exam when you have this nifty app.

It was voted #1 real estate prep with over 1100 exam-like questions and terminology.

Audio and video helps show how concepts you learn will apply in real situations.

Choose from three auto-renewing payments:

  1. 1 Month: $29.99
  2. 3 Months: $49.99
  3. 12 Months: $99.99

The limited free version is available with some practice questions and basic progress metrics.

Excellent customer service Monday-Friday.

Available for IOS - FREE/PAY

11. DealMachine for Real Estate

DealMachine app

Save yourself the hassle of figuring out how to contact property owners.

DealMachine provides owners' names, phone numbers and email addresses.

It also takes it upon itself to send them a direct message via postcard on your behalf.

The app will then automatically follow up for you until the owner calls back.

Imagine driving by a potential deal and snapping a picture. You then verify the address on the app and voila - the mail is now on its way to the owner.

Who needs and office assistant when you have this app?

Free 14-day trial period available.

Available for Androidand IOS- FREE

Fun Extras

With over a million apps available, it's natural for some really cool apps to fly under the radar.

Here are a couple of fun real-estate related apps sure to help you learn a thing or two.

12. Landlord Tycoon

Landlord Tycoon app

Learn about finance and real estate investing and have fun while you're doing it!

Landlord Tycoon allows you to invest in real-life properties (like your school or dentist) to build your empire.

Build your monopoly based on places you know and get rich each time someone check in at your property via Foursquare or Facebook.

Conquer the real estate market by investing, trading and competing with other players.

Available for Androidand IOS- FREE

13. Billionaire Capitalist Tycoon

Billionaire Capitalist Tycoon app

Imagine the Sims except you can build your once-dreamed-of corporation and make money off of it.

This addictive and fun game is very active and everything is done by tapping.

The overall goal is to make a large profit off of your new businesses you build.

Mange your own cash, build an empire of your own and have fun doing it with this app!

Available for Androidand IOS- FREE

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