10 New York City Neighborhoods With Best Rental Deals for 2023

Find out the neighborhoods you've been missing out on in New York--many of which are still close to the city!
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New York City may be the ultimate playground, but I think you'll agree that it can burn a hole in your wallet, especially when it comes to renting an apartment.

When it comes to finding a place to rent (that doesn’t eat up at least half of your monthly income), the pickings can seem slim to none.

There are actually deals out there in great areas in New York City.

Where can you find these deals?

NYC Neighborhoods With Best Rental Deals for 2022

  1. Riverdale, Bronx
  2. Kew Gardens, Queens
  3. Sunnyside, Queens
  4. Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx
  5. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
  6. Sunset Park, Brooklyn
  7. Washington Heights, Manhattan
  8. Crown Heights, Brooklyn
  9. Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
  10. Prospect Park South, Brooklyn

Hidden Neighborhood Gems That Can Save You Money

If you need to save, you're probably not looking for an apartment in lower Manhattan or DUMBO.

To get the best bang for your buck, but still stay reasonably close to the city, renting in neighborhoods that you don't hear of often is the way to go.

But How Do You Know Which One Have the Best Deals?

Luckily, we've done the hard work for you and now you just have to choose which area best suits your awesome personality.

We've rated the top 10 NYC neighborhoods with the best rental deals using the following criteria:

  • Average rent prices
  • The average size of apartments
  • Access to transportation
  • Access to shops/restaurants/recreation
  • Neighborhood safety

Choosing a place to live in one of these 10 neighborhoods will allow you to splurge (on a nice [bodega] meal or new [thrift store] outfit) if you budget your finances accordingly.

1. Riverdale, Bronx

This neighborhood may come as a surprise for those familiar with it. Riverdale is not known for low real estate prices.

Ironically, the rental market tends to be very affordable.

It's one of the most affordable yet beautiful neighborhoods to rent an apartment in.

Most apartment buildings in this neighborhood tend to be co-op and condo buildings. However, it is possible to find rentals among these as well as a few rental buildings.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, plenty of greenery, historic homes, and sweeping views of the Hudson, this could be the right neighborhood for you.

Average Rental Prices in Riverdale

1 Bed$1,950
2 Beds$2,650
3 Beds$2,500
4 Beds$4,995
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023

Size of Apartments

The average size of a one-bedroom apartment in the Bronx is typically larger than the typical apartment located in other New York City neighborhoods.

Access to Transportation:

Riverdale is not too far from the city. You'll need to go into neighboring Kingsbridge to catch the 1 train but MetroNorth stops right in Riverdale and only takes 20 minutes to get to Grand Central Station.

If you need to drive into Manhattan, the Henry Hudson Parkway crosses right into Manhattan in minutes.

Access to Shops/Restaurants/Recreation:

If you're a nature lover, you're in luck in Riverdale. Van Cortlandt Park is not far from Riverdale but immediately in Riverdale is also Riverdale Park as well as Wave Hill Public Garden, one of the city's hidden garden gems.

The neighborhood is highly residential, so shops can be found clustered together in the southern area of Riverdale, as well in nearby North Riverdale.

If you're looking for a cozy, family-friendly Italian restaurant, be sure to check out Salvatore's of Soho.

Van Cortlandt Park, is also a nearby recreation destination, home to acres of hiking, golf courses, and horse stables.

Neighborhood Safety:

Crime rates are the lowest in the Bronx, with the majority of the crimes being committed in the 50th Precinct nonviolent petty crimes.

You can check out the crime data in Riverdale, Bronx HERE.

2. Kew Gardens, Queens

Kew Gardens is a very quiet, densely populated residential community in the central area of Queens.

Kew Gardens was one of seven planned garden communities in New York City, built from the late 19th century to the 1950s.

The densely populated residential neighborhood has a mix of one-family homes, apartment complexes, co-ops, and condos.

Unlike its noisy stepsister, Manhattan, there is no shortage of greenery and quiet time in this neighborhood.

Average Rental Prices in Kew Gardens

1 Bed$1,850
2 Beds$2,550
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023

Size of Apartments

The average size of a one bedroom apartment in the Kew Gardens is above average for New York City.

Access to Transportation:

Residents utilize the Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike Subway Station which houses the E and F trains.

The Kew Gardens Railway Station (Long Island Rail Road's City Terminal Zone) is also utilized.

There are several bus routes including Q10, Q37, Q46, Q54, Q60 as well as several express options to Manhattan.

Access to Shops/Restaurants/Recreation:

Just a few miles outside of Kew Gardens is Queens Center shopping mall, where shoppers can find most big stores and most popular brands.

PRO TIP: The mall is always a bit crowded, though, so try to go when it opens in the morning or on a weekday while most are at work.

Many say they had the best Chinese food of their lives at Jade Chinese Restaurant, located on Lefferts Boulevard and Beverly Road.

Another small unsuspecting food joint that most locals will rate at the top of their go-to list is Fresh Tortillas, serving large portions of delicious Tex-Mex!

Kew Gardens is surrounded by Forest Park where residents walk, jog, run, go horseback riding, or take a hiking path.

Neighborhood safety:

Kew Gardens enjoys very low crime rates relative to the rest of Queens County.

The neighborhood shares the 102nd Precinct with its neighbors, Richmond Hill and Forest Park.

You can check out the crime data in Kew Gardens HERE.

3. Sunnyside, Queens

Sunnyside is a very family-heavy community with many low-rise apartments and row houses.

Nestled between Astoria and Long Island City, this quiet residential area is filled with a diverse ethnic population.

Take a walk down Queens Boulevard, and you can get cuisine from almost anywhere on the planet. The hardest part is choosing!

Sunnyside Gardens will make you think you are in a rustic country community with its historic cottages and towering trees.

Due to its close proximity to transportation and the city, this neighborhood has risen rapidly in recent times in the ranks as one of the most popular neighborhoods in Queens that people are moving to.

Average Rental Prices in Sunnyside

1 Bed$2,200
2 Beds$2,600
3 Beds$2,900
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023

Size of Apartments

Due to the rising popularity of Sunnyside, the average size of a one bedroom apartment in the about average for New York City standards.

Access to Transportation:

The Midtown commute from Sunnyside is a lot shorter than from many of the up-and-coming neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

The elevated 7 train is usually crowded but decent. The major disadvantage is the construction which is frequent and not only on the weekends.

Access to Shops/Restaurants/Recreation:

For shopping, unfortunately, Sunnyside is not exactly the place to buy your next wardrobe.

Retail is mostly heavy on 99 cent stores, nail salons, and discount clothing stores.

Most residents go to Astoria, Greenpoint or Midtown for their retail shopping needs.

There are restaurants galore in Sunnyside so it all depends on your specific craving at any point in time.

Just to name a few, the favorite local spots include Dazie's family Italian, Pete's Grill (24-hour diner) and Riko Peruvian Cuisine.

For recreation, the area's top three parks are:

  1. Sunnyside Gardens Park - hosts a lot of public events, fairs, and shows
  2. Lou Lodati Park - a smaller park with a playground for the kids
  3. Windmuller Park - a bigger park with basketball courts, playground, outdoor pool and WiFi hotspots.

Neighborhood Safety:

Sunnyside is known to be a quiet residential neighborhood and people are generally friendly and inclusive.

Crime has never been a major issue in the neighborhood. You'll find the 108th Precinct policing this area along with Long Island City.

You can check out the crime data in Sunnyside HERE.

4. Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx

Located just below Riverdale and above the Harlem River, Spuyten Duyvil (pronounced "Spy-ten Dye-vil") is an upper-middle-class neighborhood in the Northwest area of the Bronx.

Its scenic qualities and close proximity to desirable neighborhoods like Riverdale and Fieldston have attracted affluent families to the community.

The confluence of the Spuyten Duyvil Creek, Harlem, and Hudson Rivers separates Manhattan from the Bronx.

It is often referred to as the suburbs of Manhattan with most of the neighborhood consisting of large houses and villas.

In recent times, the growing popularity has given rise to new condo and luxury building developments in the neighborhood. You're much more likely to find an apartment for rent in this area than Riverdale or Fieldston.

Average Rental Prices in Spuyten Duyvil

1 Bed$2,000
2 Beds$2,751
3 Beds$2,895
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023

Size of Apartments

Spuyten Duyvil is a mix of freestanding houses, high rise co-ops, rental buildings, and even the odd new-construction condo building.

The size of your space will depend on what you rent, but most options in Spuyten Duyvil are relatively more spacious than Manhattan apartments.

Access to transportation:

Spuyten Duyvil is served by the Hudson Line of the Metro-North Railroad.

The Spuyten Duyvil station provides service to Grand Central Terminal and to the north into Westchester County.

The fare is $6.75 off-peak times and $9.25 during peak hours.

There are three express buses that will take you to Manhattan and local buses will take you to the 1 train in Marble Hill, which is close by.

Access to Shops/Restaurants/Recreation:

It is a relatively quiet neighborhood with many parks, most popularly the 9-acre Henry Hudson Park, filled with athletic courts and a baseball field.

Home BX Steakhouse is a newly opened establishment located a few doors down from Bronx Alehouse on 238th Street. If you are looking for an excellent restaurant with a good atmosphere, delicious drinks and tasty food, this is it.

Neighborhood Safety:

Spuyten Duyvil is a very quiet and safe neighborhood.

The neighborhood, home to the 50th Precinct like Fieldston, takes pride in having one of the lowest crime rates in the entire borough.

You can check out the crime data in Spuyten Duyvil HERE.

5. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Bay Ridge is located in the Southwest corner of Brooklyn, sandwiched between Sunset Park to its north and the Verrazano Bridge to its south.

It's a popular choice with many families as the area known for its solid public school options.

Many others are attracted by the lower prices, square footage, and the close proximity to the highway. Neighborhood ambiance is certainly a factor as Bay Ridge is home to many gorgeous historic houses.

Bay Ridge is also one of the Brooklyn neighborhoods with breathtaking views of the harbor and the Verrazano Bridge.

Average Rental Prices in Bay Ridge

1 Bed$1,750
2 Beds$2,400
3 Beds$3,200
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023

Size of Apartments

The average size of a one bedroom apartment in Bay Ridge is above average other apartments throughout all other neighborhoods.

That's definitely one huge perk of living further from the city!

Access to Transportation:

Bay Ridge is served by the R train at all times.

There are three stops that are due for renovations before 2020 which may affect service in the coming years.

The stops in Bay Ridge include:

  1. Bay Ridge Av (renovated in 2017)
  2. 77 St (due for renovation before 2020)
  3. 86 St (due for renovation before 2020)
  4. 95 St. (due for renovation before 2020)

Access to Shops/Restaurants/Recreation:

Bay Ridge has one of the best shopping areas in Brooklyn.

On 86th St and 5th Av, shoppers can find Victorias Secret, Banana Republic, New York and Company, Century 21, Gap along with many other boutique and discount stores.

Bay Ridge specializes in affordable cozy diners, Italian and Mediterranean food.

Brunch is not only reserved for weekends, especially at Cebu, where you can get a brunch entrée, an alcoholic beverage, and a coffee for $16. Can't find that kind of deal in the city!

No one would suspect Bay Ridge to have some of the best pizza in the city but stop by Gino's for a slice and get back to me.

Parks are very spacious in Bay Ridge. To get the best sunset views across the Manhattan skyline, go to Shore Park and Parkway. Reconnect with nature and your four-legged buddy at Owl's Head Park with a dog run and picnic

Neighborhood Safety:

Bay Ridge is a neighborhood where people stay their whole lives so there is a lot of elderly residents that live here.

The area brags the very lowest crimes rates in the entire borough.

Bay Ridge ranks among the top ten safest neighborhoods for the entire city. Here, you'll find the 68th Precinct.

You can check out the crime data in Bay Ridge HERE.

6. Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Sunset Park is located just North of Bay Ridge and South of Greenwood Cemetery. It sits just east of the New York Harbor with great city views.

Once considered one of the most dangerous areas of Brooklyn, this neighborhood has made a complete turnaround in the past 15 years, as people being priced out of Park Slope began seeing it as a viable option.

There is nothing fancy about this area whatsoever. No luxury condos, fancy restaurants or even Starbucks can be found in the area. However, this diverse neighborhood offers a community feel.

Industry City is an area near Sunset Park that consists of industrial warehouses, which have been restored and converted to a shopping area and recreational and food destination.

Average Rental Prices in Sunset Park

1 Bed$1,750
2 Beds$2,500
3 Beds$2,400
4 Beds$3,200
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023

The average size of a one bedroom apartment in Sunset Park is slightly above average size.

Access to transportation:

The 53rd St. stop on the R line was the first in the city to receive major subway renovations as part of the MTA and Governor Cuomo's $72 million Enhanced Station Initiative.

The upgrade includes new platform edges, LED lighting, granite floors, improved station signage, new stairs, increased security cameras and Help Points, as well as upgraded electrical and communications systems.

The BMT West End Line (D train) has a station at Ninth Avenue.

The BMT Sea Beach Line (N train) has one station in Sunset Park at Eighth Avenue.

Sunset Park is served by the BMT Fourth Avenue Line (D, N, R trains) at the following stations:

  1. 36th St
  2. 45th St.
  3. 53rd St.
  4. 59th St
  5. Fort Hamilton Parkway

The six bus lines that serve Sunset Park include:

  1. B9
  2. B11
  3. B35
  4. B37
  5. B63
  6. B70

Access to shops/restaurants/recreation:

Recently Saks off 5th and Bed, Bath and Beyond have been added to the retail end of the neighborhood.

Due to the high number of Hispanics living in Sunset Park, most restaurants are Latin-based.

Industry City, a newer development in the area is the new home to Brooklyn Flea, which was formerly located in Fort Greene.

Don't forget to try all the good eats and get some culture and arts while you're at it.

Zona Sur Bar Bistro offers a great variety of homemade American comfort foods and amazing cocktails with live music from time to time.

You wouldn't believe me if I told you the best park to visit in Sunset Park is ..... [wait for it]... Sunset Park!

This longtime hidden treasure has a large outdoor pool (open during summer) plus play equipment & basketball courts.

Besides, Sunset Park, the area is in walking distance to gorgeous historic Greenwood Cemetery.

For some great dim sum, hop on over to Sunset Park's very own Chinatown.

Neighborhood safety:

The area is largely residential and filled with beautiful architecture such as the well-kept historic brownstones.

Families make up the majority of the neighborhood but there are some areas like 3rd, 4th and 5th Aves that should be avoided after dark.

Sunset Park shares the services of the 72nd Precinct along with Greenwood Heights and Windsor Terrace. The neighborhood has seen a steady decline in crime since the 1990's.

You can check out the crime data in Sunset Park HERE.

7. Washington Heights, Manhattan

Washington Heights is located in the hilly northern portion of Manhattan.

Before the 1990s this area was considered one of the most dangerous areas of Manhattan.

Today, Washington Heights is a far cry from its past. It is a melting pot of diverse immigrant communities, with student and professionals sprinkled in.

The Heights can be divided into northern and southern areas which offer two very different flavors.

The Cloisters is a museum located in Fort Tryon Park and is the area's most widely known tourist draw.

Due to the rising costs of NYC real estate, agents and media outlets like to label it as one of the last affordable neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Gentrification is happening at a steady rate as more young, professional city residents look for more apartment space and affordability.

Average Rental Prices in Washington Heights

1 Bed$2,035
2 Beds$2,295
3 Beds$2,800
4 Beds$3,216
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023

Size of Apartments

The average size of a one bedroom apartment in Washington Heights is above average size.

This is one of the last neighborhoods in Manhattan, where you can get a large apartment for a decent price.

Most apartments here are spacious in comparison to other areas of NYC.

Access to transportation:

The subway station closest to Washington Heights is located on 168 St and serves the A, C, and 1 train.

Buses come very frequently and can be found on Broadway/W 168 St and well as Broadway/W 167 St.

Access to Shops/Restaurants/Recreation:

Although the neighborhood is not quite known for its retail shopping, it does have a few stores, like 'Easy Shopping Department Store,' that offer a variety of products, from furniture to clothing.

As far as restaurants go, almost any kind of cuisine can be found in Washington Heights.

To name a few; Le Cheile offers patrons humongous versions of Irish cuisine (bangers and mashed, shepherd's pie, chicken pot pie), Lulo Restaurant is a Dominican eatery (specializing in goat, stewed or roasted) and Como Pizza has consistently dependable thin-crusted cheesy slices.

The J. Hood Wright Park and Recreation Center is a great outdoor space filled with plenty of trees, water fountains (for you and your dog), playground, basketball courts and two completely gated areas for both big and small dogs.

There is also a terrace that overlooks the Hudson and George Washington Bridge.

Neighborhood safety:

According to 2018 NYPD crime statistics, Washington Heights is the third safest neighborhood in Manhattan, following the Upper East and West Sides.

On the same token, The New York Post listed one part of the neighborhood (the block of Frederick Douglass Boulevard between West 155th St and Harlem River drive) as one of the most dangerous blocks in the city.

That being said, Washington Heights does truly boast some of the lowest crime rates in Manhattan, period.

Washington Heights is home to the 33rdPrecinct and 34th Precinct.

You can check out the crime data in Washington Heights HERE.

8. Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Crown Heights, which is centrally located within the central portion of Brooklyn, offers many exciting activities including museums, libraries, and parks.

This neighborhood has gained a significant amount of popularity as it's seen as an alternative to pricier Park Slope and Prospect Heights.

There are also a few different train lines that run through this massive area, which also make it a top pick for many professionals who need a reasonable commute time into the city.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Prospect Park, and the Brooklyn Public library are just a few of the more popular attractions in the area.

The easy access to entertainment and nightlife also make it a popular choice for many city residents.

Stoop life still thrives in this area with historic brownstones and beautiful tree-lined streets.

However, in recent years, many new construction luxury developments have gone up, as well as many warehouse and loft conversions.

Average Rental Prices in Crown Heights

1 Bed$2,200
2 Beds$2,700
3 Beds$3,300
4 Beds$3,650
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023

Size of Apartments

The average size of a one-bedroom apartment in Crown Heights is above average size than North Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Access to transportation:

The 2/3 and 4/5 trains can be accessed at Franklin, Nostrand, Kingston and Utica Avenue. While the 2/5 trains can be found on President Street.

Buses that serve Crown Heights run quite frequently North of Eastern Parkway.

Access to Shops/Restaurants/Recreation:

You may be surprised to find out that Crown Heights offers one of the most thriving restaurant and nightlife scenes in Brooklyn.

One can find authentic ethnic cuisine from all over the globe including Jamaican jerk chicken, Australian coffee, and pastries as well as Mexican food and classic American cuisine.

Acclaimed restaurants like Chavela's, Brooklyn Winery, Barbocino, Aita Trattoria, and Cafe Rue Dix just to name a few, mean finding a great place to eat is always easy in Crown Heights.

Similarly, there's no shortage of watering holes in the neighborhood and bar-hopping is an all-too-easy activity for the area.

Prospect Park is the flagship park of Brooklyn and offers residents plenty of outdoor space and open fields.

Park-goers visit for a variety of recreational activities including (but not limited to): BBQs and picnics, basketball and baseball, bicycling, birdwatching, horseback riding, boating, soccer, tennis, yoga, running and of course the Smorgasburg Prospect Park (definitely recommend!).

Neighborhood Safety:

Did you know that Crown Heights is safer than all of North Brooklyn?

According to crime data from the city, only about 1 crime occurs per 1,000 residents, the majority of which are lower level crimes.

Crown Heights is home to the 77th Precinct and the 71st Precinct.

You can check out the crime data in Crown Heights HERE.

9. Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Bedford–Stuyvesant is a tight-knit, dynamic neighborhood located in central Brooklyn, mostly known for being the birthplace of many creatives like Chris Rock, Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls just to name a few.

The area, which is known to be the hub of African American life in Central Brooklyn, has noticed a drastic change over the past decade with gentrification.

This diverse neighborhood filled with people from all across the globe offers both beautiful homes as well as streets decorated with the latest and greatest street art.

What many don't know is that Bed–Stuy is technically made up of four neighborhoods: Bedford, Stuyvesant Heights, Ocean Hill, and Weeksville (also part of Crown Heights)

Average Rental Prices in Bedford-Stuyvesant

1 Bed$2,400
2 Beds$2,750
3 Beds$3,000
4 Beds$4,375
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023

Size of Apartments

The average size of a one-bedroom apartment in Bed-Stuy is far above average than other areas.

Access to transportation:

Bedford–Stuyvesant is a very transportation friendly community.

There are extensive bus routes throughout the neighborhood. There are four bus stations that are mostly used.

The B1, B2, B3, and B4 express buses all pass through Bed-Stuy.

These include - Nostrand Av/Lafayette Av (B44 & B44-SBS), Lafayette Av/Nostrand Av (B38), Nostrand Av/De Kalb Av (B44) and De Kalb Av/Nostrand Av (B38).

It is served by the 2, 3, 4, 5 trains (during rush hour) which all go to Franklin Ave.

The A and C train will take you to the southern areas of Bed-Stuy while the G train will take you to the northern areas.

The B and Q trains stop by Prospect Park and continue through Midwood to the south

Access to shops/restaurants/recreation:

The main shopping street is Fulton Street and Nostrand Avenue which has an outdoor mall with many fast food joints and shoe stores.

Many locally-owned restaurants are continuing to populate the area.

While many great restaurants are sprinkled throughout the neighborhood, there are a few destination areas.

First, in the Bedford portion, you'll find a high concentration of great places to eat around Bedford and Nostrand, around Lafayette Ave.

You have a few options in Stuyvesant Heights. There's a concentration of amazing places on the southern ends of Lewis Ave. and Malcolm X Blvd.

One such restaurant in the area is Saraghina, a trattoria, pizzeria and bakery at the corner of Halsey Street and Lewis Avenue.

Peaches Restaurant and Bar is a popular, contemporary Southern spot that serves brunch, lunch, and dinner every day except Monday.

The Macon Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library is a popular spot for residents and school children alike.

The Malcolm X Community Farmers' Market is open Saturdays at Jackie Robinson Park.

Neighborhood safety:

This is a tricky area. Mostly because some areas are still infested with drugs and crime, which leads to many violent encounters while others are not affected whatsoever.

The unpredictability of it remains a concern for many.

The Bedford area is still the safer portion of Bed-Stuy. However, the Stuyvesant Heights and Ocean Hill areas are seeing improvement from year to year as crime reduces, in general, in New York City.

Furthermore, more and more young people that are moving to the city are choosing this area to live.

Bed-Stuy is home to 79th Precinct and the 81st Precinct.

You can check out the crime data in Bedford-Stuyvesant HERE.

10. Prospect Park South, Brooklyn

Prospect Park South is truly a suburb of the city.

It is also considered the center of Victorian Brooklyn.

Multiple construction limitations on its Victorian houses have allowed the neighborhood to sustain its elegant style and atmosphere (Residents of this neighborhood are pretty gung-ho for the preservation of the area).

Although there are a handful of new condos and co-ops, free-standing single-family homes with plenty of lawn space are the norm.

Average Rental Prices in Prospect Park South

1 Bed$1,775
2 Beds$2,150
3 Beds$2,800
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of June 2023

Size of Apartments

The average size of an apartment in Prospect Park South is slightly above average than other areas of NYC.

Access to transportation:

Prospect Park South is bound by the BMT Brighton Line (B and Q trains). One thing to keep in mind is the B doesn't run on weekends.

It has many public bus options as well.

Access to shops/restaurants/recreation:

Clearly, to its north, this neighborhood has easy access to one of (if not) the best parks in New York City - Prospect Park.

The park was designed right after the completion of Central Park by the same two designers.

The park offers residents plenty of green space for recreation and leisure time.

With a large zoo, ice rink and countless recreational facilities, the park is also a popular draw for exercise and family-friendly activities.

The cuisine in Prospect Park South is truly as diverse as its population, which makes it so very authentic.

Grab some tikka masala and spicy curries from Anarkali Indian Cuisine.

Madina Restaurant and Sweets might look unassuming, but its impressive diversity of freshly made cuisine choices range from Pakistani and Indian to Bangladeshi.

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill will serve you the best jerk chicken, braised oxtail and fried plantains you've ever had.

You'll even find an enjoyable Austrian brunch and dinner at Werkstatt.

Prospect Park South also has its own options for chilling out at a great neighborhood bar or coffee shop.

Stop by at the quaint Lark Cafe, which offers coffee, light snacks, and a kid-friendly space.

Get your libations on at Wheated--in true Brooklyn fashion pairing pizza and whiskey, Hinterlands Bar, and a different bar experience at the Sycamore Bar and Flower Shop.

Aside from Bobby's Department Store, which sells everything from kitchen supplies to patio furniture, the retail shopping in this area is not abundant.

Most shopping and places to hang are going to be found on Church and Flatbush Aves.

Neighborhood safety:

Prospect Park South is considered safe, however, the 70th Precinct which is assigned to the neighborhood also polices the Flatbush-Ditmas Park neighborhood as well.

Hence, it may be difficult to get accurate reports strictly confined to Prospect Park South.

That being said, the 70th Precinct enjoys some of the lowest crime rates in the borough.

You can check out the crime data in Prospect Park South HERE.

Honorable Mentions

Mott Haven, Bronx

Mott Haven and its sister neighborhood of Port Morris is quickly becoming the hippest area of the Bronx, but still not garnering all the real estate attention that Brooklyn does.

As a matter of fact, this is probably this is the best neighborhood alternative if you love the neighborhood vibe of Brooklyn, neighborhoods like Williamsburg, DUMBO, and Fort Greene, but don't love the prices.

Mott Haven has also experienced a major housing and real estate boom in the past several years, with new luxury complexes going up every year.

Even though housing prices (certainly in sales,) have gone up, rent prices are still incredibly affordable in comparison to Brooklyn and much of Manhattan.

Commute time is very short to midtown Manhattan.

Bowery, Manhattan

This thin strip of land surrounding the Sara D. Roosevelt Park lies in the center of more expensive neighborhoods like SoHo, NoHo, the East Village, the Lower East Side, and Chinatown.

Surprisingly, this area is very affordable in comparison to its neighbors and for an area situated in Lower Manhattan. There are plenty of amazing restaurants, shops, and things to do in this area.

Only Chinatown competes with the Bowery price-wise for Lower Manhattan.

The Bowery is certainly not the first area you should look for the best rental deals in the city but if you must live in Lower Manhattan, it may be the best place to start.

Woodside, Queens

For those who think Astoria or Sunnyside is already getting too gentrified, you can hop on the train a few more stops where you'll find yourself in Woodside, Queens.

It's a very authentic Queens, New York type of neighborhood, offering close proximity to mass transit, diversity, lower rents, and plenty of culture and great restaurants.

Commute times are extremely reasonable to Midtown Manhattan and Woodside apartments offer you space and value for your money; a neighborhood where renting a one-bedroom apartment is still always well under $2,000 a month.

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