Progressive Car Insurance Review of 2023

Get the low-down on Progressive Car Insurance with an in-depth review. Learn about their coverage options, rates & discounts, and customer service experience.
Progressive car insurance

Car insurance is required by law in all the states except New Hampshire. So, virtually no matter where you live in the country, it’s not an option not to purchase auto coverage for your car.

Finding a match for a car insurance company that’s both affordable or cheap and is known for excellence in service and claims today can feel like a challenge. Bundling insurance policies is an option that we hear much about for saving money. We like Progressive Insurance as one of the best car and home insurance bundles in the discount category. Families on the move today can even bundle policies for an RV or ATV, not just their home, to increase the bundle discount.

Progressive meets our expectations for financial strength in a company, the level of service and practicality in processing claims, and coverage limits and deductible options, all a part of the decision-making process when buying car insurance. In our review, we’ll share highlights of Progressive’s discounts, coverage options, factors impacting car insurance rates, and how customers can save money with the right insurance choices.

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Progressive Car Insurance Pros & Cons

  • Name that price tool for budgets
  • Snapshot program identifies driver habits impacting premium
  • Accident forgiveness coverage
  • Optional coverages to personalize insurance
  • Slightly lower than average score on claims service
  • Does not offer liability limits higher than $500,000
  • New car replacement not offered

Progressive Company History

Progressive started in the 1930s, which may seem like a long time ago for some people, but it makes it one of the newer insurance companies in the marketplace if you compare the industry’s top car insurance companies. This car insurance company has been forward-thinking and cutting-edge from the get-go when it was the first to offer a drive-through claims service.

The 1950s saw Progressive first to offer a second type of car insurance, called a nonstandard policy. The policy offered higher insurance rates for the same coverage, but it was offered to consumers who did not have a stellar driving record. At the same time, Progressive began to offer discounts for a safe driving program called the SafeDriver Plan. The safe driving plan has changed over time and is currently called SnapShot.

Fast forward to the 1990s, when consumers saw Progressive Technology introduce an innovative 24/7 claims service option that designates them as a leader in service excellence. The '90s also opened the door to a commitment to independent insurance agents. It sent Progressive to #1 in the car insurance market with the independent agent selling car insurance for Progressive.

Today, the company has multiple options to buy car insurance, claims can be made online, and all service needs can be obtained via phone, agents, or online.

Progressive Overview

Progressive has shown innovation over the years with website technology that lets consumers quote and compare shops against other insurers before buying Progressive car insurance. The company is confident in its position in the marketplace and meets our expectations for financial strength. This company also offers over two dozen different insurance policy types, so that a bundle discount can mean good savings.

At Progressive, the “Name Your Price” tool is designed to help car insurance shoppers find a policy that matches their coverage needs, not the neighbors' or any co-workers' insurance needs. Personalized car insurance is available with Progressive.

Progressive Car Insurance Basic Coverage

Progressive offers basic car insurance coverage to meet the state minimum requirements. However, it is recommended to buy higher limits than the lowest available. That is because when the cost of accident claims and medical expenses exceed the minimum policy limits, the driver or person who owns the vehicle is responsible for any additional cost incurred.

The highest limit of liability Progressive offers is $500,000.

  • Liability Coverage: It is designed to pay damages caused by a covered accident or claim where the person driving causes injury to someone else or damage to their property.
  • Bodily Injury: Medical bills and hospital stays are just a few expenses covered in your policy if you’re liable for the accident and injuries.
  • Property Damage: This basic coverage pays for damage to another vehicle or someone else's property if you are found liable for the damage caused by a collision.
  • Split Liability Limits: For example, consumers can choose a liability limit of 100/300/100. That means coverage is afforded for $100,000 per person for bodily injury and up to $300,000 for all injuries and people in the accident. An additional $100,000 is afforded for property damage.
  • Combined Single Limits (CSL): A single limit, for example, of $500,000, can apply to bodily injury or property damage. It can pay expenses for bodily injury of one person up to $500,000 or multiple people. The property damage can go as high as $500,000. The total coverage is still $500,000, no matter who is divided between bodily injury or property damage. Split limits and CSL coverage availability are state-specific.
  • Uninsured/underinsured Coverage: Not all states require this coverage, but it is backup coverage if the person who causes bodily injury to you or others in an accident does not carry insurance or proper limits to cover bodily injury. In other words, if the other party doesn’t have any car insurance or lower bodily injury limits than you do, this coverage is designed to pick up the gap until your policy limits are gone, too.

Consumers should consider choosing the same limit options for this coverage as a liability.

Liability Coverage Limit and Deductible Options


Liability coverage limits determine how much the insurance company will pay after a covered accident or claim.

There is no liability deductible when the insured has an at-fault accident or claim and other people have bodily injury or property damage like their vehicle.

Progressive offers up to $500,000 in split limits for bodily injury and property damage.


The amount you pay out-of-pocket after an accident or claim to repair your vehicle when you are at fault and carry optional comprehensive or collision coverage.

Progressive offers a -0- 0-dollar deductible on glass coverage as well as fixing chips or dings in a windshield before a full replacement is needed.

The higher your deductible, the lower the premium, but remember, you’ll have a higher out-of-pocket cost at claim time.

Coverage You Need with a Car Loan or Lease

If you buy your car and have a loan, you must carry additional coverages like a comprehensive collision endorsement.

Plus, consumers who choose an optional warranty plan on the car loan should review the paperwork to see if it includes towing coverage or a loan/lease optional coverage and compare that against the insurance options and the cost of the warranty coverage.

Consumers may find towing and loan/lease pay-off coverage less expensive to buy through car insurance in contrast to through a warranty with a car loan/lease.


If your vehicle is damaged due to theft, vandalism, or an act of nature, to name a few causes, the insurance company will repair or replace the parts like they were new, which includes glass damage.


Hitting another vehicle or a stationary object can trigger an insurance claim to repair or replace the vehicle regardless of fault.

Loan or Lease Payoff

When the cost of replacing your vehicle is more than the insurance company is offering, loan/lease coverage can meet the gap and pay up to 25% more for the cost to pay off a loan or lease.

The car insurance industry standard gap coverage is 25%, which Progressive offers.

Roadside Assistance

No matter why or where your car breaks down, tow services will take up to 15 miles to a mechanic shop with Progressive roadside service. Lockout service, gas delivered when you’re out, and flat tire changes included.

The cost of gas is not routinely included.

Progressive Optional Add-on Coverages

Insurance companies design and offer optional coverages to give consumers even more control over premiums and assist in identifying driving habits that impact car insurance premiums. Progressive has a portfolio of optional coverages that meet most consumer expectations.

Optional coverages or add-ons will increase the premium.

Medical Expenses or Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Both options are similar in coverage but not offered in every state.

When you are liable, the coverage pays for medical expenses, hospital stays, and funeral expenses if a death occurs. PIP coverage may offer additional benefits in contrast to medical expense coverage like lost wages. Most insurance agents automatically add this coverage to the car quote, so be sure to check the quote to confirm coverage in case you don’t want to add it.

Rental Reimbursement

When your car is in the collision center due to a covered accident, you will be reimbursed for the rental of another car up to your policy limits.

Progressive offers several levels of service and limits for this coverage.

Deductible Savings Bank

The deductible savings bank is unique to Progressive. Every six months of clean driving gives back $50 towards a future accident deductible. The coverage limit is the full deductible amount.

Custom Parts and Equipment

Custom parts not installed by the manufacturer in your car may mean a coverage gap. This coverage typically has a $5,000 limit with Progressive and is available as an add-on for items like custom wheels or paint jobs.

Rideshare Coverage

If you plan to use your car to deliver food through Doordash or drive for a company like Uber or Lyft, Progressive requires you to purchase this coverage option. It may offer additional benefits that the rideshare company does not offer, decreasing your out-of-pocket cost at claim time.

Accident Forgiveness

An add-on coverage that includes forgiveness for one accident per policy term.

Progressive Insurance Discounts

Progressive offers unique discounts beyond the bundle that can reduce your premium without sacrificing coverage or limits. The discount categories can be broken down into overall policy discounts and driver or vehicle discounts that can reduce overall car insurance premiums.

  • Bundle - Add multiple policies insured by Progressive.
  • Homeowner - Discount regardless of which company insures the home.
  • Paid-in-full or automatic payment.
  • E-signature and paperless communication.
  • Online quoting - Offers savings for the online option, or you can let a call center representative complete the application with you.
  • Continuous insurance - The number of years with no insurance gap, no matter which insurance company.
  • Snapshot - Safe Driver Discount- Share your driving habits, and you may save additional premiums on your policy.
  • Multi-Car Discount - Owning more than one car insured with Progressive.
  • Teen Driver - This can increase your premium, so take advantage of other student discounts in this category.
  • Distant student - Students more than 100 miles from home at college without a car.
  • Good Student - Get a “B” or better in grades.

What Factors Impacts Insurance Rates with Progressive?

Multiple factors impact someone’s insurance premium beyond the coverage limits, deductibles, coverage options, and discounts.

Here are a few of the common insurance factors that Progressive uses in underwriting a car insurance application:

  • Age
  • Credit Score
  • Location or zip code
  • Gender & Marital Status
  • Accident and Driving Record
  • Number of drivers and vehicles on the policy
  • Claim History
  • Vehicle Use and Type
  • Mileage
  • Coverage options and limits

Progressive is quite transparent and discloses the averages of the low, medium, and high insurance costs a consumer may find when quoting Progressive. They don’t disclose the computer rating system that produces the final car insurance premium from your application, but this isn't information ever disclosed by insurance companies.

Keep in mind that being non-competitive today doesn’t mean it won’t be next year.

A big benefit Progressive offers is SnapShot, which prospective customers can utilize. The SnapShot tool lets people see if they would qualify for a discount prior to buying a car insurance policy.

Customer Service Options & Availability

Progressive offers a variety of communication options for prospects and customers. Everyone can feel comfortable choosing their way to talk about car insurance at Progressive.

  • Local agent assistance during regular business hours
  • A call center for 24/7 service and support
  • Online website with education resources for quoting additional coverage or products
  • Mobile apps for claims and service
  • Get a quote online, through a call center, or a local agent
  • Choose a local agent for support after an online purchase
  • Email, texting, and messaging to a local agent and/or an assigned call center agent are other noted communication methods

Customers can get policy information on their own, print ID cards, pay a bill, report a claim, and see what other products Progressive has all just a click or call away.

Progressive Claims Service

Excellence is the expectation when there is a covered accident, and you need help. Progressive continues the forward-thinking mindset and offers customers a claims process that fits their schedule, and communication style.

PropertyNest recommends having a local agent to assist with questions about the claims submission or process.

JD Powers puts Progressive slightly below the industry average for positive claims experience. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try Progressive, as plenty of factors impact claims service, like parts availability and supply chain challenges.

How Does Progressive Compare Against Other Car Insurers?

Reviewing just one company is a great start to finding cheap or affordable car insurance. Consumers can learn about the general coverage basics and options and then compare.

To get you started, we reviewed GEICO, similar to the Progressive Brand, as both focus on car insurance. We added Farmers Insurance as a comparison because captive insurance agents offer a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs.

How Car Insurance Companies Are Rated
CompanyPropertyNestJ.D. Power (out of 1,000)*A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingBBB
CONNECT by American Family4.5834AA+
Liberty Mutual4.5818AA+
State Farm4.5817A++A+
CSAA Insurance Group (AAA)4.0814A+A-

Progressive Vs. GEICO

In the aftermath of an accident claim, everyone wonders what the next car insurance renewal will look like. Both Progressive and GEICO understand claim compassion, but we feel Progressive has the edge for coverage options as they offer 3 levels of accident forgiveness support in their car insurance policy.

Starting with new customers, a minor accident claim of less than $500 won’t count against you. Progressive customers with the company for at least five years who remain claim-free, accident and ticket-free can be assured rates won’t go up with that first accident. An accident forgiveness add-on includes forgiveness for one accident per policy term. Progressive technology history and the latest Snapshot safe driver tool that monitors driver attributes are ahead of the market.

GEICO generally wins for affordability as it has more affordable minimum limit coverages in some markets than Progressive.

Side-by-Side Look at Progressive and GEICO
Accident forgiveness savings at claim timeConsistently using your seatbelt is a benefit
Usage-based insurance (UBI) optionsAffordable minimum state limit requirements
Local agent force for buying and servicing a car policyFinancial responsibility endorsement
How is GEICO Rated?
J.D. Power (out of 1,000)824
A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingA++

Progressive Vs. Farmers

Farmers Insurance has the stability and financial strength to grow with the changing car insurance environment and has been around longer than Progressive. Policyholders will find Farmers Insurance car insurance premiums are similar in pricing to other companies like Progressive.

What sets Farmers apart is the national presence Farmers have as a one-stop shop for coverages. Consumers can customize the coverage and fit a unique lifestyle with one company, while Progressive works with affiliates in some states. Both companies understand accidents happen anywhere and offer savings discounts that can result in less out-of-pocket costs at claim time.

Farmers Insurance enjoys a local agent and retail office presence with name-brand recognition that Progressive does not since they work with independent agents.

Progressive's one main advantage over Farmers is their UBI programs. They were first to the market in technology for UBI’s, and the product is still a leader.

Side-by-Side Look at Progressive and Farmers
Snapshot tool for UBI driver optionsHigh coverage limits available up to $1,000,000
Accident forgivenessNew car replacement coverage
Independent agency forceBrand Recognition and one-stop shop for all insurance
How is Farmers Car Insurance Rated?
J.D. Power (out of 1,000)839
A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingA
NAIC Complaint Index1.19


Overall, Progressive meets our expectations with its financial strength and a large group of professional independent agents that can sell and service car insurance. Progressive website states they save over $650 on average annual savings for drivers who switch.

It is worth investigating if your budget is tight and you are looking for basic coverage. No matter where you start your search to find cheap car insurance that matches your unique and personal lifestyle, make sure you compare at least three car insurance companies.

They all have a different way of underwriting an application for car insurance. The limits, deductibles, and all the factors discussed will impact the final rate you’ll pay for the coverage you want. Adding comprehensive and collision endorsements or add-ons increases the amount of a loss paid by the insurance company and will increase the premium.

Consumers with a brand new car may want another choice if they want new car replacement coverage, as Progressive does not offer. Progressive does offer loan and lease gap coverage.

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