6 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Georgia of 2023

Find out which homeowners insurance companies have the best deals on renters insurance in GA. Compare quotes from top insurers.
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If you own a home in Georgia, it is very likely that you know almost all lenders and mortgage companies require homeowners insurance.

But even despite being required, did you know that home insurance is a great way to protect one of the most significant investments you will ever make in your lifetime?

If your home is fully paid for, insurance is still something you will want to consider.

But how do you know where to start with so many companies and coverages to choose from?

Luckily, we have you covered.

This guide will provide a brief breakdown of the coverage and the names of some companies to start with on your search for the best homeowners insurance in Georgia.

Compare the coverage and cost of the best homeowners insurance providers in Georgia picked by PropertyNest expert editors:

Compare Homeowners Insurance Rates in Georgia

The Best Homeowners Insurance in Georgia

  • Allstate: Best Home Insurer to Bundle With Other Policies
  • Lemonade: Best Insurer For the Technologically Savvy
  • Liberty Mutual: Best for Discounts
  • Nationwide: Best for Those Who Work From Home
  • Chubb: Best for the High-Valued Home
  • USAA: Best for Military Families

Allstate: Best Home Insurer to Bundle With Other Policies

Allstate Home Insurance GA
Editors star rating review
Editor's Rating (5 Stars out of 5)

Allstate is a reputable insurance company that has been around for a while, which makes it a great contender as a homeowners insurer.

They are trustworthy and offer a number of different policies, depending on your needs.

Because of its variety of policies, it is one of the best insurers for those looking to bundle or combine their policies with one company.

Customers have the potential to save up to 25% by simply insuring both their home and car with Allstate.

Allstate also offers life, business, pet, boat, and motorcycle insurance, among many other business policies.

So for those needing any of these policies, you can keep them all insured with the same company, making it a more convenient option.

What Makes Allstate Unique?

Compared to the others reviewed, Allstate is one of the highest financially rated with AM Best and is one of the most well-known insurance carriers on our list.

Due to this and the variety of other lines of business offered, Allstate is a great option for those with multiple assets they want to insure.

The bundling discount is a significant saving, but the convenience of keeping all your policies with one company makes Allstate our top pick for bundling.

Read a full Allstate homeowners insurance review.

Discounts Offered by Allstate
Multi-Policy DiscountYou can save up to 25% by combining your auto and home policies
Responsible Payment DiscountDiscounts offered for paying your bills on time or through escrow
Claim Free DiscountUp to 20% savings for switching to Allstate and having no prior claims
Early Signing DiscountSave 10% when you sign up at least seven days prior to your current policy expiration date
Home Buyer DiscountAdditional savings if you are a recent homebuyer or purchased a home that has been newly constructed

Allstate Homeowners Insurance Pros & Cons

  • Multiple lines of business offered.
  • Large agency presence in GA.
  • Strong financial rating.
  • Various discounts available.
  • Rates tend to be higher without bundling.
  • Below average claim satisfaction rating.
How is Allstate Homeowners Insurance Rated?
J.D. Power (out of 1,000)815
A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingA+
NAIC Complaint Index2.05

Lemonade: Best Insurer For the Technologically Savvy

Lemonade Homeowners Insurance GA
Editors star rating review
Editor's Rating (4.5 Stars out of 5)

If you are a tech-savvy homeowner, Lemonade may be your right insurance company.

Their easy-to-use interface and app make their quoting process quick and convenient. Most quotes take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Their app allows you to make policy changes, make a payment, or view policy documents without having to speak to anyone!

You can also file a claim through the app or online within minutes.

But if you get stuck at any point, no worries. Their chatbots are available to answer any questions you have.

What Makes Lemonade Unique?

Lemonade is the only insurtech on this list, which already makes it unique from other companies reviewed.

However, its technology makes Lemonade stand out compared to its peers.

Their app-focused approach to business makes their company more attractive to tech-savvy consumers.

But the app and website are easy to navigate and intuitive, which makes it a good option for those who may not immediately consider an insurtech.

Lemonade also has no-nonsense transparency that puts its customers at ease and easily separates them from their competition.

Read a full Lemonade home insurance review.

Lemonade Homeowners Insurance Discounts

  • Protection Equipment Discount - Save for having protection equipment such as fire and burglar alarms
  • Gated Community Discount - Discount for living in a gated community
  • Fire Protection Discount - Discount for having fire extinguishers or sprinklers

Lemonade Homeowners Insurance Pros & Cons

  • The quote process is quick and easy to navigate.
  • The app is user friendly.
  • Strong financial backing.
  • Difficult to contact a live person.
  • It is a newer company compared to others.
  • Auto insurance is not live in all states so unable to bundle for additional savings.
How is Lemonade Homeowners Insurance Rated?
J.D. Power (out of 1,000)870
NAIC Complaint Index1.94

Liberty Mutual: Best for Discounts

Liberty Mutual Homeowners Insurance GA
Editors star rating review
Editor's Rating (4.5 Stars out of 5)

Liberty Mutual has been around for a while and is a reputable company, so it is already a great option for homeowners.

But in addition, they offer many discounts to help offset the cost of insurance.

They write both auto and home insurance, as well as other personal lines policies.

The discount provided for bundling both home and auto-saves new consumers an average of $950.

If you do not have to have multiple policies with Liberty Mutual, you can still take advantage of savings.

Some of the discounts offered for homeowners include an insured-to-value discount, preferred payment discount, and paperless policy discount, among others.

What Makes Liberty Mutual Unique?

Like its peers, Liberty Mutual offers its customers a variety of discounts to save money on their homeowners' insurance.

However, what makes Liberty Mutual unique are the types and number of discounts offered.

While competing companies may offer similar discounts, Liberty Mutual tends to offer the most.

In addition, the discounts are easy for most customers to attain and are offered in almost all states.

Read a full Liberty Mutual home insurance review.

Discounts Offered by Liberty Mutual
Insured to Value DiscountA discount is offered when your home is insured 100% to its replacement value
Preferred Payment DiscountA discount for when your payment is automatic and linked to your bank account
Online Purchase DiscountSave 10% when you purchase your policy online
Newly Purchased HomeA discount for being a new home buyer
Safe Homeowner ProgramIf you have no claims within three years with Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual HomeOwners Insurance Pros & Cons

  • Multiple lines of business offered.
  • A large number of discounts are available.
  • Rates are competitive.
  • Lower financial rating than other companies.
  • Below average satisfaction for claims.
How is Liberty Mutual Homeowners Insurance Rated?
J.D. Power (out of 1,000)805
A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingA
NAIC Complaint Index2.37

Nationwide: Best for Those Who Work From Home

Nationwide Homeowners Insurance GA
Editors star rating review
Editor's Rating (4 Stars out of 5)

You may think that working from home does not affect your home insurance and the coverage you need.

However, this is not the case. Your coverage needs are different when you are home all day versus being away at work.

Nationwide understands this, especially in the wake of the pandemic and more remote job opportunities.

As such, they offer a unique bundling of policies for those who work from home.

This work-from-home insurance package includes the coverage you need for your home policy, such as office equipment, as well as auto and/or pet insurance.

It also includes identity theft protection, which provides protection of your personal data.

This coverage tends to be overlooked but is a great option to have with the increased risk of working from home.

What Makes Nationwide Unique?

As with many other companies on our list, Nationwide is a reputable insurer with multiple types of policies offered.

But their work-from-home package policy is what we believe makes them unique compared to its competitors.

Other companies allow you to bundle your auto and home policies, but they fail to take into account the different exposures that come with working from home.

For example, if you are not commuting into an office every day and your car is being used less, you should not have to pay the same as someone who is using their car more often.

In addition, working from home requires more coverage when it comes to electronics and office equipment.

Nationwide accounts for these scenarios, whereas other companies may not. And this is what we believe makes Nationwide stand out amongst its peers.

Discounts Offered by Nationwide
Group/Affinity DiscountsGet additional savings for being part of a certain group or affiliation
Multi-Policy DiscountsA discount of about 20% on your homeowners’ policy for also insuring your autos
Age of Insured DiscountA discount for insureds who are aged 60 or older
Age of Roof DiscountA discount offered for roofs that are within a certain age and material

Nationwide Homeowners Insurance Pros & Cons

  • Multiple lines of business offered for bundling.
  • Reputable company with strong financial rating.
  • Website is easy to navigate.
  • Coverage not available in all states.
  • Will not offer insurance for mobile or manufactured homes.
  • App is geared more towards auto insurance policies.
How is Nationwide Insurance Rated?
J.D. Power (out of 1,000)816
A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingA+
NAIC Complaint Index0.88

Chubb: Best for the High Valued Home

Chubb homeowners insurance Georgia
Editors star rating review
Editor's Rating (4.5 Stars out of 5)

If your home is valued at $750,000 or more, you may want to select an insurance company that specializes in high-valued homes.

Companies specializing in these homes are familiar with the costs associated with rebuilding and can ensure adequate insurance coverage.

Chubb is the leader in insuring high-valued homes, and they tailor its products to these homeowners.

At the policy onset with Chubb, an experienced risk evaluator is sent out to carefully evaluate your home’s specifics and take note of all the details that make your home unique.

With this information, they can calculate your home’s replacement value to determine if coverage is where it needs to be in the event of a loss.

In addition, Chubb offers many complimentary risk-preventative services to their policyholders.

This means issues are detected before they become more significant problems or potential claims.

What Makes Chubb Unique?

If you have a higher-valued home, you need an insurance company that understands the costs that can be associated with that home.

Chubb works with clients who have a high net worth or own highly valued homes, which makes them unique from other carriers on this list.

They are familiar with the risks of these types of exposures and can appropriately evaluate your home’s replacement cost.

Discounts Offered by Chubb
Multi-Policy DiscountDiscount offered for bundling both home and auto
Anti-Theft DiscountsSave money by installing a central burglar alarm,, or if your gated community has patrol service
Loss Free DiscountA discount for having no claims in a certain amount of time
Fire Prevention DiscountsDiscounts for installing central fire alarms or sprinkler systems
New/Renovated Home DiscountDiscounts for having a newly constructed or renovated home

Chubb Homeowners Insurance Pros & Cons

  • A high financial rating with AM Best.
  • Offers risk preventative services to detect issues before they create problems.
  • High claim satisfaction rating.
  • Must purchase through agents and no online quoting option.
  • Prices were higher than other companies.
How is Chubb Homeowners Insurance Rated?
J.D. Power (out of 1,000)809
A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingA++
NAIC Complaint Index0.21

USAA: Best for Military Families

USAA Home Insurance, Georgia
Editors star rating review
Editor's Rating (5 Stars out of 5)

When it comes to the insurance needs of military families, no one is more knowledgeable than USAA.

They have been around for close to 100 years and serving the military community since then.

USAA also employs former service members to ensure they are supporting the military community and capturing their changing needs.

For example, a USAA home insurance policy will cover damage to uniforms for active duty or deployed members without being subject to a deductible.

In addition, they have been consistently rated very highly in terms of customer satisfaction and claim service.

For these reasons, USAA is the recommended insurance company for homeowners in the military.

What Makes USAA Unique?

As mentioned previously, USAA is uniquely positioned to provide military families' protection.

By providing certain coverage options and affiliations for those in the military, USAA stands out from the other companies on this list.

Furthermore, they have a high financial rating and higher than average claim and customer satisfaction among their members.

Discounts Offered by USAA
Multi-Policy DiscountSave 10% on your homeowners’ policy for insuring your auto also
Protective Device DiscountDiscount offered for those with ADT home security systems
Claims Free DiscountA 10% discount for those who have not filed a claim in five or more years

USAA Homeowners Insurance Pros & Cons

  • Above average claim and customer service satisfaction.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Banking services offered as well.
  • Not available to non-military families.
  • Very few local branches.
  • Not as many discounts offered.
How is USAA Insurance Rated?
J.D. Power (out of 1,000)882
A.M. Best - Financial Strength RatingA++
NAIC Complaint Index0.88

Why Trust Us When Shopping for Renters Insurance?

Our Methodology

We thoroughly researched 16 of the top homeowners insurance companies in the state and narrowed the list down to those that operated in Georgia.

We rated them on criteria that included ease of use, ratings, financial strength, customer, and affordability.

We surveyed insurance coverage prices in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon County, and Savannah.

How We Picked and Ranked the Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Georgia

The PropertyNest team relied on research to bring you valuable information on the best Georgia homeowners insurance companies.

We read customer reviews, checked financial ratings, obtained quotes, and scoured company websites.

Also, we compared coverages and pricing, as well as consulted with the top experts in the industry.

Here is a snapshot of the factors we use when gathering data about the best homeowners insurance companies in Georgia:

Customer Satisfaction

We researched customer reviews online as well as ratings from JD Power and the Better Business Bureau to determine customer satisfaction.

Those who were rated highly in both claim and customer satisfaction made our list.


Just as important as customer satisfaction is technology.

Companies that had apps or allowed online bill pay or self-service policy changes rated higher on our list than those that did not.

In addition, we gave preference to companies that allowed quoting online rather than solely using agents.

Lastly, we looked at the companies that had convenient ways to contact them. Chat, email, or texts resulted in higher ratings than phone only.


Most importantly, we researched discounts and coverages with the companies we reviewed.

The number and type of discounts offered and the other types of policies they wrote were considered in our review.

The companies that offered a variety of discounts and coverages were rated higher than those that were limited in both.


Last but not least, we considered price in our assessment of each company.

See the best homeowners insurance picks in the U.S..


We surveyed insurance coverage prices in Atlanta, Columbus, Dallas, Macon, and Savannah.

What Does Home Insurance Typically Cover?

Home insurance is typically made up of two major sections of coverage. These sections are divided into Section I and Section II.

Section I provides coverage for the structure of the home itself and anything unattached to it, such as a garage or shed.

It also provides coverage for your personal property and any additional living expenses you might incur in the event of a loss.

These coverages are usually listed as indicated below:

  • Coverage A - Dwelling Coverage
  • Coverage B - Other Structures
  • Coverage C - Personal Property
  • Coverage D - Loss of Use

Section II coverage handles your liability as a homeowner. This section is for property damage or bodily injury that occurs for which you are legally responsible.

For example, if someone is injured on your property and you are sued.

The coverages included in Section II include:

  • Coverage E - Liability
  • Coverage F - Medical Payments

Within each section are certain events or perils for which coverage is provided.

These events can vary depending on the type of policy you purchase, but it generally will provide coverage for the following:

  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Lightning
  • Theft
  • Riot or Civil Commotion

Additional coverages are usually available by a special endorsement to the policy.

Learn more about the homeowners fire insurance coverage.

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