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8 Best Home Tech Gifts of 2022

Jackie Maroney

Jackie Maroney

PropertyNest put together the ultimate gift guide for the gadget lovers in your life. Find out which electronic product is right for your friend or family member and surprise them with a memorable gift.

Buying the perfect gift can be stressful, but this guide can help lighten the load.

Whether you are looking for a present for a tech nerd, or just a friend or relative, home electronics can be a crowd-pleaser.

We live in a digital age so options are plentiful.

PropertyNest has put together the ultimate gift guide of perfect gadgets and electronic products for every type of gadget lover out there--from beverage-related to electronics you can wear.

This list includes some of the most unique and coolest gift ideas of the year.

Best Home Electronics Gifts to Give

  • Dodow: Best Electronic Gift for Parents or People Who Have Trouble Falling Asleep
  • Long Distance Friendship Lamp: Best Electronic Gift For Keeping in Touch 
  • Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug: Best Gift For a Coffee or Tea Lover
  • Pocketalk: Best Gift for People Who Love to Travel
  • Smartphone Bluetooth Hat: Best Wearable Tech Winter Gift
  • Oura Ring: Best Gift for the Health Nut
  • Moochies Smartwatch Phone for Kids: Best Tech Gift for Children
  • Apple AirTag: Best Gift for the Person Who Loses Everything

  • Dodow: Best Electronic Gift for Parents (or People With Insomnia)


    If you know a pair of new parents or someone that has a hard time getting a full night’s rest, the Dodow is a new and innovative option.

    It is best for those who have a hard time falling to sleep due to stress, chronic insomnia, and more.

    You can even use this on children ages 6 years and up.

    This disc-shaped machine is a metronome-light to fight off overactive thoughts so you can drift off to deep sleep faster.

    It comes with two different modes (an 8-minute mode and a 20-minute mode) and shuts itself off after the session.

    How Does DoDow Work?

    Instead of using white noise as many devices usually do, Dodow lulls you to sleep through a simple breathing exercise.

    You will be exhaling and inhaling for the amount of time you choose, synchronizing your breath with the blue beam of light.

    This light will display on your ceiling for easy visibility.

    When the blue light expands, you inhale in and when it contracts, you exhale out.

    By the time the Dodow shuts off, you should be in the perfect mindset for a good night’s sleep.

    Overall, it works to help the sleeper develop a natural rhythm and routine to falling asleep rather than relying on noise to relax.

    What Customers Are Saying

    The vast majority of reviews of the Dodow are rave reviews and the product helped both adults and children fall asleep faster and sleep sounder during the night, including someone who uses a CPAP machine.

    A small number of customers were unhappy with the type of light display and claimed the light did not appear as advertised.

    There were also a small number of complaints regarding what appears to be defective products where Dodow was difficult to turn on and off.

    Customer service doesn't get high marks from these dissatisfied customers as well.

    Pros and Cons of DoDow

    • Easy for both children and adults to use
    • Helps most people fall asleep easier
    • Natural way for those to fall asleep
    • Customer service seems to be lacking
    • Might not help everyone, especially those with serious breathing issues
    • Does not let you know when the battery is low

    Long Distance Friendship Lamp: Best Electronic Gift For Keeping in Touch

    Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 1.49.10 PM

    In a world full of instant gratification, the small things in life can be taken for granted.

    More intimate than FaceTime, these long-distance lamps will light up whenever you or the other person physically touches the lamp.

    If there are a few friends in your group or you have more than one sibling, you can group the lights and choose individual colors for each person.

    This also makes for a great gift for those you may be limiting physical contact with, such as grandparents or those with serious health issues.

    How Does the Long Distance Friendship Lamp Work?

    Simply touch your lamp and watch as it lights up. If the person who has the other lamp is in the room with it, they will see theirs glow as well.

    The lamp has a timer that you can adjust to fade out the light once you touch it.

    What Customers Are Saying

    One thing is clear--customers love this lamp. Tapping the lamp makes people feel their loved one's physical presence without them being there.

    Customers have used it to stay connected to significant others, friends, and families in different households; even across different countries.

    Customers also said this lamp helped them think of their friends and family more often and bought this product for most family members or friends.

    Pros and Cons of the Long Distance Friendship Lamp

    • Creates emotional and physical connection to loved ones
    • Easy to set up
    • The lamp has a fade-off timer
    • Great customer service
    • Requires giver to purchase one as well
    • Does not work with a 5 GHz connection
    • May not work well with public WiFi

    Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug: Best Gift For a Coffee or Tea Lover


    We all know plenty of coffee and tea drinkers.

    Rather than get them the usual bag of coffee or tea pot, check out this Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug as the perfect gift this year.

    This app-controlled mug will keep their beverage of choice nice and hot--up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

    How Does the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug Work?

    The mug can be used with or without an app.

    Using an app allows you to customize the presets, receive notifications, and set the temperature.

    Without the app, the mug will set to your last-used temperature (side note: the Ember Mug is automatically set to 135 degrees Fahrenheit straight out of the box).

    Another cool feature is the Ember Mug knows when to shut off or turn on.

    After two hours of non-use, the Ember Mug will go into sleep mode until it senses activity.

    What Customers Are Saying

    Most customers and users of this mug love the fact that it really does keep your beverage consistently at the same temperature as what you set it to. They're also really happy with the quality of the mug.

    However, even from users who are fans of the Ember Smart Mug, there's a general dissatisfaction with the battery life.

    Ember claims that the mug can keep your beverage hot for 2 hours but many people are finding that the batteries cap off at around 80 minutes.

    Ember does have good customer service, so any issues with the coating peeling, etc. is covered by their 1-year warranty.

    Pros and Cons of the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

    • Keeps your beverage warm at your favorite temperature
    • Enters sleep mode after two hours
    • You can use the mug with or without an app
    • Reports of battery life going faster than advertised
    • Expensive for a mug
    • Some people have issues with the app

    Pocketalk: Best Gift for People Who Love to Travel

    Pocketalk Classic

    Chances are that you know someone who is always off jet-setting to the next country as many people save money exclusively just to travel these days.

    This instant translator is sure to be the perfect gift for that globe-trekker in your life.

    Costing approximately $130, this device can translate words in up to 82 different languages.

    How Does Pocketalk Work?

    The Pocketalk Classic, a two-way translator, works as an independent device and doesn't need to be connected to your phone or another device.

    Pocketalk features live translations and works as both--a closed system (drawing translation from built-in data) and with Bluetooth wherever Wi-Fi is available.

    Simply speak into the device after turning the setting to the languages of your choice and the device will translate in real-time.

    Pocketalk also comes with an unlimited two-year data plan. It's also important to note that voice translation is not supported for all 82 of their languages.

    What Customers Are Saying

    The vast majority love this device and found it very useful for situations in which they needed to communicate with someone who spoke a different language.

    However, performance wasn't consistent for all customers. For some, translations were only optimal when connected to Wi-Fi. For others, the battery life was short or the device didn't pick up on their voice consistently.

    Overall, it appears that Pocketalk works the way it's supposed to when supported by a strong Wi-Fi signal. This means that there could be poor performance in countries or areas where access is not possible or very weak.

    Pros and Cons of Pocketalk

    • Light-weight and easy to use
    • Can translate up to 82 different languages
    • Minimalistic design
    • Has a decent battery life
    • Wi-Fi may be needed for best performance.
    • Could be unsanitary
    • Voice translation is not an option for all 82 languages.

    Smartphone Bluetooth Hat: Best Wearable Tech Winter Gift


    This Bluetooth hat is perfect for your friend or co-worker. It might also be a great gift for a teen in your life.

    They can keep their head warm while listening to music or chatting on the phone for up to 12 hours.

    The Smartphone Bluetooth Hat is designed in a classic beanie style, which means it will look good on all and works great even as a fashion statement for most seasons.

    How Does the Smartphone Bluetooth Hat Work?

    It's a hat, so the wearer simply puts it on. The wearer only need to sync their device with the Bluetooth in the hat.

    The Smartphone Bluetooth Hat works well with all android devices, iPads, iPhones, Bluetooth-enabling MP3 players, and more.

    The speakers are removable so that you can easily machine wash the hat.

    What Customers Are Saying

    Overall this product gets high marks. The hat looks good on everyone is very much appreciated by all who receive it as a gift.

    Customers note that it's particularly great for people who love to travel or spend a lot of time outdoors.

    Pros and Cons of Smartphone Bluetooth Hat

    • Compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and more.
    • Has removable speaks and is machine washable.
    • Battery life can last for up to 12 hours
    • Not waterproof
    • Costs about $70
    • Controls can be a bit clumsy

    Oura Ring: Best Gift for the Health Nut


    The sleek-looking Oura Ring measures your heart rate by monitoring signals close to your arteries via your fingertips. This helps you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information about your heart.

    You can also do meditations with access to a large number of videos and information.

    There is a benefit for women who use this ring: the Oura ring can track and predict your menstrual cycle up to 30 days ahead.

    It's important to note that this gift is probably going to someone very dear to you as this ring is pricey.

    How Does New Oura Ring Work?

    The Oura Ring tracks for heart rate while you exercise and will send you informative facts such as your route, pace, heart rate stats, and total distance.

    You can also link this ring to your favorite workouts from any of your fitness apps via Apple Health and Google Fit.

    You will receive suggestions on how to fall asleep according to your sleep score which the ring also provides. This will help you understand your patterns in bed better while showing you how to break any bad sleeping habits.

    What Customers Are Saying

    Because of the novelty of this product, it sells very quickly and this may be an issue for the company as sales are happening faster than they probably have the capacity for fulfillment which is not consistent.

    As a result, customers seem to be happy with the product but many have complained about customer service being slow or lacking.

    Either customers wait a long time to receive the promised product, or response is lacking when they place tickets for issues.

    Pros and Cons of Oura Ring Generation 3

    • The battery can last up to a week
    • Comfortable to wear
    • Tracks various health metrics with more features to come in 2022.
    • Water-proof and temperature resistant
    • Sleek simple design means anyone can wear it
    • Can be bulky when working out
    • A subscription is required
    • Expensive.
    • Customer service may be spotty

    Moochies Smartwatch Phone for Kids 4G: Best Tech Gift for Children

    Moochies Watch

    Parents who have children who are too young for cellphones but old enough to communicate will appreciate this Moochies Smartwatch phone.

    You control who your child can call and can see exactly where your child is when not in your sight.

    How Does Moochies Smartphone Watch work?

    For the child to make phone calls, they will need to have a SIM card for their watch.

    The watch does not have a keypad but instead lets the parents program two-speed dial buttons for the child to call.

    Parents can feel safe knowing their child cannot access the Internet or send text messages, pictures, or videos.

    What Customers Are Saying

    Parents and kids alike love this product. It's perfect for a child too young for a phone and it gives parents peace of mind.

    There's no access to the internet so you don't have to worry about monitoring their activity on the watch. Instead, parents can track where their children are at all times and even call them.

    The only real downside is that customer service seems to be greatly lacking.

    Pros and Cons of Moochies Smartwatch Phone

    • Parents can control the contacts on the phone
    • Children cannot send text messages, videos, pictures, etc.
    • There is no access to the Internet/social media
    • Much cheaper than other smart watches
    • There are reports of the strap breaking
    • Customer service seems subpar
    • May experience some issues with the GPS

    Apple AirTag: Best Gift for the Person Who Loses Everything


    Everyone has that friend or family member who can never find their wallet or keys.

    This subtle accessory will help them easily spot their phone the next time they have a wild night out.

    If you leave the proximity of where you lost your item, then you can still find it by using the app.

    How Does Apple AirTag Work?

    The AirTag can be set up easily with a tap of a button and synchs automatically to your iPhone or iPad.

    If you lose something you can either play a sound or ask Siri to find the object the tag is on.

    You can easily track your lost item by looking in the “Find My” app, and all information is anonymous for privacy reasons.

    What Customers Are Saying

    Obviously, Apple products are very popular and that's what basically powers these AirTags. However, customer experiences are a mixed bag here.

    The vast majority of customers appreciated the product and works if you are an overall Apple product user. Many customers were disappointed in the performance of these AirTags, especially when it came to upgrading software and the set-up process.

    The AirTags do have limitations and work with other updated iPhones in the area. Understanding how it functions can also curb customers' expectations of how the product performs.

    Pros and Cons of Apple AirTags

    • Accurate
    • Sends the item’s location even from a distance
    • You can replace the batteries
    • No space for it to hang on your keys-additional accessories are needed
    • Not compatible with Androids
    • Does not work in areas where there are no iPhones around.

    How We Decided

    When picking out the best electronic gifts for this holiday season, we rely on a few different factors when choosing the perfect gifts.

    These include the price, how unique the gift is, and the target audience.

    Price Range

    For most of the gifts, we chose options that were under $100, but we did include some interesting and unique choices that were over that threshold. It was important for us to keep most of the other presents pretty affordable, especially for families who have more than one child or have a long list of people to buy for.

    The glasses-free 3D tablet we chose is one of those exceptions; while it does cost nearly $600, we thought this was a fun gift that could be for the whole family. We did not disqualify items that were above $100, but we had to feel that the item itself did justice for the price.


    One of the worst feelings during the holiday season is buying a gift for someone that they already have. We want to avoid that from happening, so we try our best to search for items that we haven’t seen or heard of before. We also look to see if the qualities or benefits that the item brings are different or unique, such as the long-distance lamp that lights up for you and your loved one via touch.

    Target Audience

    Besides the Moochies Smartwatch Phone, most of the gifts here are for teenagers and adults. Children usually have a good idea of what they want, while teens and adults can be a little more difficult. Our goal was to try and find something for different types of people that could appeal to all genders. It was also important to choose various items that could be fun, useful, or even for learning purposes.