10 Best Home Tech Gifts of 2023

PropertyNest put together the ultimate gift guide for the gadget lovers in your life. Find out which electronic product is right for your friend or family member and surprise them with a memorable gift.

Buying the perfect gift can be stressful, but this guide can help lighten the load.

Whether you are looking for a present for a tech nerd, or just a friend or relative, home electronics can be a crowd-pleaser.

We live in a digital age so options are plentiful.

PropertyNest has put together the ultimate gift guide of perfect gadgets and electronic products for every type of gadget lover out there--from beverage-related to electronics you can wear.

This list includes some of the most unique and coolest gift ideas of the year.

Best Home Electronics Gifts to Give

  • AEEZO Digital Picture Frame: Best Gift for Dear Family Members
  • Amazon Echo Show 10: Best Electronic Housewarming Gift 
  • Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug: Best Gift For a Coffee or Tea Lover
  • Anker PowerCore Slim Power Bank and Charger: Best Gift For People Who Travel
  • Backbone One Gaming Controller for iPhone: Best Gift For Gamers
  • Ivation Wine Gift Set: Best Gift For Wine Lovers
  • DJI Mini 2: Best Gift For People Who Love Tech Toys
  • Apple AirTag: Best Gift for People Who Lose Everything
  • MEATER Plus Smart Meat Thermometer: Best Gift For People Who Love to Cook
  • Belkin Face Tracking Phone Mount: Best Gift for Aspiring Social Media Influencers
  • AEEZO Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame: Best Gift for Dear Family Members


    The AEEZO 10.1 Inch Wi-Fi Picture Frame is the perfect gift for anyone who loves staying connected with friends and family.

    With the Frameo app, you can instantly share photos from your phone to the frame and invite unlimited friends and family to transfer pictures or send photos to their frames.

    The built-in 16GB memory provides plenty of storage for all your favorite memories, and the 10.1" IPS HD touchscreen with 1280*800 resolution displays stunningly clear and vivid landscape and portrait orientation.

    You can easily browse through photos, delete videos, or pause the slideshow with just a few taps. In addition, the AEEZO digital photo frame makes it easy to keep your memories close by.

    Pros and Cons of AEEZO Digital Picture Frame

    • Wi-Fi enabled makes it easy to share photos right away.
    • Has 16 GB of memory.
    • Has HD touchscreen.
    • You must purchase a Frameo account.
    • HD touchscreen display may be less clear and vivid than some would like.

    Amazon Echo Show 10: Best Electronic Housewarming Gift


    The Echo Show 10 is designed to be used in the home for video calls, recipes, shows, and more.

    The device is a 3rd generation smart display that offers a premium HD screen, directional sound, and a 13MP camera with auto-framing and motion.

    The Echo Show 10 is also a smart home hub, allowing users to control Zigbee-compatible devices without the need for a separate hub.

    The device also has a built-in camera for remote monitoring of the home.

    The Echo Show 10 is a versatile device that offers a variety of features for the home.

    This is a gift that will bring the whole family together--whether it's cooking, watching a show, or video calling grandma, this device will be your home's hub.

    Pros and Cons of the Amazon Echo Show 10

    • HD picture/screen.
    • Enhanced directional sound.
    • 13MP camera with auto-framing and motion.
    • Video-Calling, TV, movies, and music are accessible on the device.
    • Alexa-enabled.
    • Some customers say there's not a huge difference from previous models.
    • Gift not suited to all households.

    Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug: Best Gift For a Coffee or Tea Lover


    We all know plenty of coffee and tea drinkers.

    Rather than get them the usual bag of coffee or tea pot, check out this Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug as the perfect gift this year.

    This app-controlled mug will keep their beverage of choice nice and hot--up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The mug can be used with or without an app.

    Using an app allows you to customize the presets, receive notifications, and set the temperature.

    Without the app, the mug will set to your last-used temperature (side note: the Ember Mug is automatically set to 135 degrees Fahrenheit straight out of the box).

    Another cool feature is the Ember Mug knows when to shut off or turn on.

    After two hours of non-use, the Ember Mug will go into sleep mode until it senses activity.

    What Customers Are Saying

    Most customers and users of this mug love the fact that it really does keep your beverage consistently at the same temperature as what you set it to. They're also really happy with the quality of the mug.

    However, even from users who are fans of the Ember Smart Mug, there's a general dissatisfaction with the battery life.

    Ember claims that the mug can keep your beverage hot for 2 hours but many people are finding that the batteries cap off at around 80 minutes.

    Ember does have good customer service, so any issues with the coating peeling, etc. is covered by their 1-year warranty.

    Pros and Cons of the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

    • Keeps your beverage warm at your favorite temperature.
    • Enters sleep mode after two hours.
    • You can use the mug with or without an app.
    • Reports of battery life going faster than advertised.
    • Expensive for a mug.
    • Some people have issues with the app.

    Anker PowerCore Slim Power Bank and Charger: Best Gift For People Who Travel


    The Anker Portable Charger is a great way to charge your devices on the go.

    The 20W USB-C port can charge an iPhone 12 to 50% in just 30 minutes, and the 12W USB port can charge a second device.

    The 10,000-mAh cell capacity gives you enough power to charge an iPhone 12 twice, a Samsung S20 over one and a half times, and an iPad mini 5 once.

    The PowerCore features our exclusive MultiProtect safety system, which combines a fire-resistant casing, temperature control, and many more safety features so you can charge anywhere with no worries.

    Pros and Cons of Anker PowerCore Slim Power Bank and Charger

    • 20W USB-C port.
    • 10,000-mAh cell capacity means extra power in the bank.
    • MultiProtect safety system.
    • Expensive compared to other chargers.
    • Doesn't come with a wall charging unit.

    Backbone One Gaming Controller for iPhone: Best Gift For the Gamer


    Looking for a gaming controller that will work with your iPhone?

    Look no further than the Backbone One. This responsive and feature-packed controller connects to your iPhone's Lightning port for ultra-responsive gameplay.

    It also comes with an adapter for use with the latest iPhones, ensuring a great gaming experience no matter what device you're using.

    The best part? The Backbone One comes with a free trial of Backbone+, which gives you access to exclusive perks and the Backbone app.

    With the app, you can keep track of all your games, connect with friends, screen record, play on any screen, and more.

    Pros and Cons of Backbone One Gaming Controller

    • Connects to lighting port.
    • Free trial of Backbone+.
    • Turns iPhone immediately into a game controller--no wait time.
    • Expensive
    • Subscription isn't worth the cost to some

    Ivation Wine Gift Set: Best Gift For Wine Lovers


    The Ivation Wine Gift Set includes everything you need to enhance, preserve, pour and enjoy your favorite red or white wine.

    The electric corkscrew opener removes up to 30 corks on a full charge, and the see-through window makes it easy to view the progress.

    The vacuum preserver and stoppers extend the wine's freshness by removing air from the open bottle and sealing it with special date-stamped stoppers.

    The blue LED charging base keeps all your accessories organized while charging gadgets.

    The aerator and foil cutter help to pour the perfect glass of wine, and the LED light ensures that you can see what you're doing.

    Pros and Cons of Ivation Wine Gift Set

    • Electric corkscrew opener.
    • Vacuum preserver and stoppers.
    • Cool blue LED charging base.
    • Expensive compared to other wine accessories.
    • Not well-suited for occasional wine drinkers.

    DJI Mini 2: Best Gift For People Who Love Tech Toys


    The DJI Mini 2 is an ultralight and foldable drone quadcopter.

    It weighs about as much as an apple and can easily fit in the palm of a hand. With a 12mp camera and 4k/30fps video, it is perfect for capturing stunning images and videos of your favorite memories.

    The 3-axis motorized gimbal ensures smooth and stable footage.

    The powerful performance of the mini 2 gives you the ability to fly up to 10km with a max battery life of 31 minutes.

    Whether a beginner or an experienced drone pilot, the mini 2 is the perfect gift for that friend who's a kid at heart.

    Pros and Cons of DJI Mini 2

    • Lightweight and foldable
    • 12mp camera and 4k/30fps video
    • 3-axis motorized gimbal
    • Battery life is short
    • Expensive

    Apple AirTag: Best Gift for the Person Who Loses Everything


    Everyone has that friend or family member who can never find their wallet or keys.

    This subtle accessory will help them easily spot their phone the next time they have a wild night out.

    If you leave the proximity of where you lost your item, then you can still find it by using the app.

    How Does Apple AirTag Work?

    The AirTag can be set up easily with a tap of a button and synchs automatically to your iPhone or iPad.

    If you lose something you can either play a sound or ask Siri to find the object the tag is on.

    You can easily track your lost item by looking in the “Find My” app, and all information is anonymous for privacy reasons.

    What Customers Are Saying

    Obviously, Apple products are very popular and that's what basically powers these AirTags. However, customer experiences are a mixed bag here.

    The vast majority of customers appreciated the product and works if you are an overall Apple product user. Many customers were disappointed in the performance of these AirTags, especially when it came to upgrading software and the set-up process.

    The AirTags do have limitations and work with other updated iPhones in the area. Understanding how it functions can also curb customers' expectations of how the product performs.

    Pros and Cons of Apple AirTags

    • Accurate tracking.
    • Sends the item’s location even from a distance.
    • You can replace the batteries.
    • Convenient size--can fit easily into most items.
    • Just the tag--accessories are needed to attached to key chains, etc.
    • Not compatible with Androids.
    • Does not work in areas where there are no iPhones around.

    MEATER Plus Smart Meat Thermometer: Best Gift For People Who Love to Cook


    The MEATER Plus is a state-of-the-art meat thermometer that offers a number of features to help you cook the perfect meal.

    The dual temperature sensors allow you to monitor both the internal temp of your meat and the external ambient temperature, so you can be sure everything is cooking perfectly.

    The guided cook system walks you through every step of the process, from prepping the meat to setting up custom alerts, so you can be confident that your meal will come out perfectly every time.

    The long-range Bluetooth connection means you can monitor your cook from anywhere in the house, and the dishwasher-safe probe means cleanup is a breeze.

    Whether you're a seasoned chef or a beginner cook, the MEATER Plus is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to make sure their meals are cooked to perfection.

    Pros and Cons of the MEATER Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

    • Dual temperature sensors.
    • App displays much more than just the temperature for perfect doneness.
    • Long-range Bluetooth connection.
    • Dishwasher-safe probe.
    • Simple design.
    • Expensive for a meat thermometer.
    • App needed to read temperature.

    Belkin Face Tracking Phone Mount: Best Gift for Aspiring Social Media Influencers


    The Belkin Face Tracking Phone Mount is a great tool for content creators who want to get the perfect shot every time.

    The mount uses face-tracking technology to follow your movements, ensuring that your video stays in focus no matter what you're doing.

    The magnetic attachment is perfect for one-handed placement, and the accompanying iOS app is personalized to recognize your face.

    You can shoot in landscape or portrait mode with 360-degree rotation, and the angle adjusts from -15º to 30º. The app also links directly to your social media profiles for easy uploads.

    So whether you're shooting a vlog or taking selfies, the Belkin Face Tracking Phone Mount is a must-have for anyone who wants the perfect shot every time.

    Pros and Cons of the Belkin Face-Tracking Phone Mount

    • Magnetic attachment
    • iOS app
    • Social media integration
    • Pricey phone mount

    How We Decided

    When picking out the best electronic gifts for this holiday season, we rely on a few different factors when choosing the perfect gifts.

    These include the price, how unique the gift is, and the target audience.

    Price Range

    We selected gifts for a wide range of prices for different budgets and tastes. Generally, with good quality electronic devices and tech gifts, you should expect to pay more than standard gifts.

    We kept quality in relation to the price--the overall value of what consumers are paying for. Therefore, we preferred high-quality items, even if the price tag was a little higher.


    One of the worst feelings during the holiday season is buying a gift for someone that they already have.

    We want to avoid that from happening, so we try our best to search for items that we haven’t seen or heard of before.

    We also look to see if the qualities or benefits that the item brings are different or unique, such as the long-distance lamp that lights up for you and your loved one via touch.

    Target Audience

    Our goal was to try and find something for different types of people that could appeal to all genders.

    It was also important to choose various items that could be fun, useful, or even for learning purposes.

    Which Gifts to Get Your Friends and Loved Ones

    While no one can truly know your friends and family the way you do, PropertyNest's list of home tech products can give you a good idea of what kinds of items to look for.

    Ask your gift recipient questions about their interests, whether it's a hobby, a TV show or sports team they love, or aspirations they might have.

    Then, set a budget; think of how much money is comfortable for you to spend and how much the recipient means to you.

    For an acquaintance, you might think of just setting anywhere from $10-$25. While you certainly can find tech-related gifts in this price range, generally your options will be limited.

    For close friends and family, you might want to set your budget a little higher or much higher depending on your financial situation and how dear the recipient is.

    You may be more likely to gift a close friend or family member with a home tech gift.

    PropertyNest has provided a good list to start from whether your gift recipient is an aspiring chef, loves taking selfies, or is an avid gamer.

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