Top 10 Tallest Buildings In New York City As of 2023

Get New York City's list of its tallest buildings. The city's tallest skyscrapers are mid of some of the oldest buildings as well as those under construction.

Skyscrapers have long been one of mankind’s most prolific triumphs to society.

There are over 6,400 high-rise buildings in NYC.

Though other boroughs have some high-rise buildings (like the Hub in Downtown Brooklyn or YIMBY in Queens), Manhattan has constructed some of the world’s tallest buildings since 1890.

The majority are located in Midtown and Lower Manhattan due to the area’s solid surface bedrock and its ability to provide the structural integrity for these buildings.

Most of the tallest buildings include business, residential and commercial centers. Here is the top ten list of the tallest buildings in the country’s most populated city:

  1. One World Trade Center: 1,776 ft.
  2. Central Park Tower: 1,550 ft.
  3. 111 West 57th Street: 1,428 ft.
  4. One Vanderbilt: 1,401 ft.
  5. 432 Park Avenue: 1,396 ft.
  6. 270 Park Avenue: 1,388 ft.
  7. 30 Hudson Yards: 1,268 ft.
  8. Empire State Building: 1,250 ft.
  9. Bank of America Tower: 1,200 ft.
  10. 3 World Trade Center: 1,079 ft

1. One World Trade Center


Height: 1,776 ft.

Info: Located in the Financial District, this 104-story ‘Freedom Tower’ is deemed not only the tallest building in New York City, but in the entire western hemisphere.

The additional height is owed to its 408-foot spire which holds important communications equipment and projects a beacon of light at night.

Fun Fact: The height (1,776 ft.) is symbolic for the year the U.S. Declaration of Independence was signed.

2. Central Park Tower


Height: 1,550 ft.

Info: In March of 2019, this colossal luxury residential skyscraper surpassed 432 Park tower making it the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere.

Central Park Tower or 225 West 57th Street has not completely topped out yet, but the plan remains to reach 1,550 ft. Central Park Tower is the other Billionaire's Row project under Extell's belt; their first being One57.

Fun Fact: Condos here go for anywhere from 1.5 million for a 569-square foot studio to a whopping $95 million for a four-bedroom 8,000 square foot pad.

3. 111 West 57th Street


Height: 1,428 ft.

Info: Located on ‘Billionaires Row,' this 86-story, slender building is the skinniest in the world with a ratio of 1:24.

The tower topped out to its full height in April of this year and designed by SHoP Architects and developed by JDS Development.

Fun Fact: Also known as the Steinway Tower, 14 of the building's units were designed in the 1920s by the same designer that designed Grand Central Terminal.

4. One Vanderbilt

Height: 1,401 ft.

Info: This newcomer to the tallest list topped out only in late 2019. One Vanderbilt is now officially the tallest office building in New York City.

Designed by the renowned architects Kohn Pederson Fox, the building sits right by Grand Central Terminal and provide and underground connection to the transportation hub.

Fun Fact: Unlike, the waif-like pencil tower, One Vanderbilt has not just height but also mass. This building takes up an entire city block.

5. 432 Park Avenue


Height: 1,396 ft.

Info: This Midtown gem that overlooks Central Park, is 84-stories high and sways up to four to five feet has received much criticism from New Yorkers for the fact that it overshadows Central Park.

432 Park Avenue was the first of its kind--an ultra skinny mega skyscraper.

Fun Fact: In 2015, 90% of the apartments has been sold with 50% or more being foreign citizens.

6. 270 Park Avenue (JP Morgan Chase World Headquarters)

Height: 1,388 ft.

Info: 270 Park Avenue is currently under construction and is on the site and same address as the former JP Morgan Chase World Headquarters, once known as the Union Carbide Building--totally demolished in 2021. Once completed, the skyscraper is set to be at 1,388 feet (or 423 meters), twice the height of the former headquarters, and the sixth tallest building in New York City.

Fun Fact: 270 Park Avenue will be the first all-electric building with "net-zero operational emissions". All power will come from a hydroelectric plant in New York State.

7. 30 Hudson Yards


Height: 1,268 ft.

Info: Located on the west side of Manhattan, 30 Hudson Yards is the a portion of the largest private real estate development in United States history.

In the residential portion of Hudson Yards ‘city within a city’, 30 Hudson Yards is devoted primarily to office space and is the second tallest office tower in New York.

Fun Fact: It has the fifth-tallest observation deck in the world and the highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere. 30 Hudson Yards also features City Climb, where visitors can scale the exterior of the building from over 1,200 feet up to the highest point of the tower.

8. Empire State Building


Height: 1,250 ft.

Info: Finished in 1931, the Empire State Building was built in just 14 months during The Great Depression.

Fun Fact: After the World Trade Center terrorist attacks, the empire regained the title of the tallest building in the city.

9. Bank of America Tower

Height: 1,200 ft.

Info: The Bank of America Tower or (BOAT) stands 58-stories high opposite Bryant Park between 42nd and 43rs Streets. Bank of America occupies 75% of its interior while the rest is left to other corporate entities.

Fun Fact: It is considered a worldwide model for green architecture in skyscrapers. Complete with waterless urinals, two honeybee hives on the building, and made mainly of recyclable materials, it is the first skyscraper designed to attain a Platinum LEED Certification.

10. 3 World Trade Center


Height: 1,079 ft.

Info: Located on the eastern side of the World Trade Center, this eighty- story skyscraper began being constructed in 2010, was delayed until 2014 due to no anchor tenant and finished in 2018.

Fun Fact: One big perk is the complex’s commercial core which includes five indoor floors of retail – two below ground, one ground floor and two above ground.

Other Noteworthy Towers

While not nearly as daunting in height, let's not overlook the up-and-coming neighbors in both Brooklyn and Queens.

Brooklyn's tallest skyscrapers are all concentrated in the Downtown Brooklyn area, with a few newcomers in Williamsburg as well.

Although, not as ambitious as Brooklyn's endeavors, Queens touts Long Island City as its skyscraper and new development headquarters.

Brooklyn's Tallest

9 Dekalb Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Tower or 9 Dekalb, currently under construction and being built atop the landmarked Dime Savings Bank, will be Brooklyn's first exercise in a mega skyscraper.

The tower will reach heights of over 1,000 feet--1,066 feet to be exact. The mixed-use building will feature condos, rentals, and retail space.

After completion, 9 Dekalb will be the tallest building outside of Manhattan

Currently, Brooklyn Point, located at 1 City Point, topped out at 720-feet is the second tallest in Brooklyn after 9 Dekalb topped out.

Another Extell project, the building will feature luxury condos and the city's highest outdoor rooftop pool as well as choice high-end amenities.


A recently built 1 Willoughby Square building, currently Brooklyn's tallest office building.


Queens' Tallest

The Skyline Tower, located at 23-15 44th Drive, in Long Island City, will be Queens' highest. Currently under construction, the tower will stand not too shabbily at 778-feet and 67 stories.

United Construction and Development Group--the developers have already begun marketing its 802 condo units.

Queens Plaza Park, or 27-29 Queens Plaza North, also under construction will top out as second tallest at 755-feet and also 67 stories.

Developed by the Durst Organization, the building will supply 958 residential units with choice amenities such as a library, fitness center, co-working space, and children's space.

Presently, the tallest completed skyscraper is Tower 28, located at 42-12 28th Street, which boasts 647-feet and 58 stories. All 407-units are luxury rentals.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tall skinny building in NYC?

Steinway Tower. It stands at 1,428 feet tall. This 86-story slender building is the skinniest in the world with a ratio of 1:24.

What is the richest street in NYC?

57th Street. Also dubbed "Billionaires' Row," this street is lined with the most expensive properties in the world.

What was the tallest building in NYC in 1900?

15 Park Row. The 30-story office building stood at 391 feet tall.

Which building was tallest in the world in 1940?

The Empire State Building.

What is the oldest building in NYC?

The Wyckoff House in Canarsie. It was built in 1652 as a farmhouse but now functions as a museum.

What is the tallest building in Brooklyn?

9 DeKalb will stand as Brooklyn's first supertall skyscraper outside of Manhattan standing at 1,099 feet tall with 73 stories.