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Fieldston Riverdale, Bronx New York
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Fieldston is a private neighborhood located in the Bronx, New York.

It is one of New York's most picturesque neighborhoods and is known for its private schools, which are among the best, not only in the area but also in the country.

The neighborhood has a long history and was founded in 1669 by Dutch settlers and later developed in the 1920s as a haven for the rich. This area was designed to resemble rustic New England suburbs, so you feel as though you completely stepped out of the city.

It is well-known for its mix of sprawling historic houses and mansions designed in revival-style houses in vogue of the day; Tudor, Colonial, Georgian, Medieval, and Mediterranean-revival are just a few of the noted architectural examples that can be seen in Fieldston.

Fieldston is nestled between the Henry Hudson Parkway and Van Cortlandt Park. Views of the Hudson River are visible from the highest point of Fieldston, in Villanova Heights, which is a private enclave community of historic-style mansions.

The area of Fieldston is quiet and peaceful but still convenient to all the amenities of larger cities like Manhattan.

There are plenty of shops and restaurants nearby, as well as supermarkets, banks, and other services, mostly in nearby Riverdale and North Riverdale.

The neighborhood also features beautiful parks with playgrounds for kids to enjoy during their free time.

Fieldston is a great place to settle down for anyone looking for a safe, private community surrounded by nature without sacrificing convenience or access to city life.

With private schools offering top-notch education opportunities, parks and playgrounds providing plenty of recreational activities for children, and local shops providing quick access to necessities—it's easy to see why Fieldston remains one of the most sought-after places to live in the Bronx area today.

Average Home Prices to Rent & For Sale in Fieldston

Fieldston, Bronx House

The private neighborhood of Fieldston in the Bronx borough of New York City is an affluent area known for its prestigious private schools and luxurious homes.

Located near Riverdale, Fieldston consists of a variety of private residences ranging from modest single-family homes to larger mansions and estates.

The average home prices for both renting and buying in Fieldston are among some of the highest in the city. However, the value you get from your property is probably much more than comparably priced real estate elsewhere in the five boroughs.

Much of the real estate available in Fieldston is largely single-family homes. Still, there is also co-op and condo apartments available near the outskirts, as well as smaller attached townhouses.

Sales prices can range anywhere from $1 million to over $7 million for one of Fieldston's large private homes, depending on size and location within Fieldston's boundaries.

Homes in Fieldston usually offer a larger home with more square footage, unique architecture, and usually a fair amount of actual land that offers a good degree of separation between you and your neighbor. Houses that come on at least half an acre or more are not uncommon in this area.

Average Rental Prices in Fieldston

1 Bed $1,750
2 Beds $3,300
3 Beds $2,436
4 Beds $3,400
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of October 2023

Average Sales Prices in Fieldston

1 Bed $199,000
2 Beds $675,000
PropertyNest Real Estate Data As of October 2023
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Transportation in the Fieldston

For those who live in the Fieldston area and need to travel around the city (or even out of it), there are several transportation options available.

The Fieldston train station on Metro-North Railroad offers quick trips up to Grand Central Station.

There's also bus service from Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) that can take you to other parts of the Bronx or even outside of it.

The 1 train also has stops near the south end of Fieldston.

Dedicated bike lanes do not exist apart from Broadway, but they are generally not needed as this is a very low-traffic area and fairly safe for biking.

Fieldston is also within walking distance from Wave Hill Public Garden & Cultural Center, so visitors can enjoy an outdoor excursion while taking in some fresh air and enjoying the stunning views of the Hudson River valley. With all these options at hand, traveling around this beautiful neighborhood is convenient and hassle-free.

MTA Bus Lines
Local Buses Bx 7, Bx 9, Bx 10, Bx 20
Express Buses BxM 1, BxM 2, BxM 3, BxM 18

Best Restaurants & Dining in Fieldston

Most of Fieldston's restaurants can be found in its southern tip, apart from a few places located mid-neighborhood on Broadway.

The cuisines range from Irish to Middle Eastern to Mexican. Fieldston is also home to the famous Lloyd's Carrot Cake, which manages to command lines winding outside around the holidays.

Claudy's Kitchen, also on Broadway, not only serves up Peruvian classics like Ceviche and Lomo Saltado but has also garnered recognition in the Michelin Guide.

An Beal Bocht Cafeis a local favorite for Irish pub specialties and their line-up of live entertainment which feature theater acts and music.

Schools in Fieldston Neighborhood

The private schools in Fieldston have been highly rated for decades and often feature private language classes, music lessons and sports teams. The private schools also offer summer camps as well as after-school programs to keep children busy year-round.

The Fieldston neighborhood consists of private schools, some of which have been established for over 100 years.

Namely, these schools are the Riverdale Country School, Horace Mann School, and Ethical Culture Fieldston School.

Riverdale Country School, Horace Mann School, and Ethical Culture all have lower schools as well as middle and upper schools. They all run from Pre-K to grade 12.

In addition to these private schools, there are a few public schools that serve Fieldston's families.

Most Fieldston families will be zoned for P.S. 081 Robert J. Christen School in North Riverdale, and P.S. 024 Spuyten Duyvil School serving the small remaining area of the southern tip of Fieldston.

Both schools' student bodies have test scores higher than the citywide average.

Serving middle school students and high schoolers is Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy MS/HS 141, which is located in the heart of Riverdale.

Local Schools Serving the Fieldston Area
School Info Notes
Riverdale Country School Private, PreK-12; 1,260 students enrolled. Frequently ranked as one of the top private schools nationally.
Ethical Culture Fieldston School Private, PreK-12; 1,658 enrolled students Frequently ranked very high nationally.
Horace Mann School Private, PreK-12, 1,692 enrolled students Frequently ranked as one of the top private schools nationally.
P.S. 081 Robert Christen Public, PreK-5 Rich arts programs. Offers an accelerated class.
P.S. 024 Spuyten Duyvil Public, PreK-5 G & T program.
Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy MS/HS 141 Public, 6-12 Well-regarded community school with honors program and AP classes.

How Safe is Fieldston neighborhood?

Due to its private nature, Fieldston has a low crime rate compared to other neighborhoods in the Bronx and is known to be one of the safest areas in New York City.

There are strict security measures enforced throughout the entire neighborhood, with private security guards monitoring activity 24 hours for areas under the Fieldston Property Owners Association in the Fieldston Historic District, which encompasses most of the neighborhood.

Property values have consistently increased over time due to this safety reputation, with many residents taking pride in their community’s commitment to keeping crime rates low.

Crime statistics

Crime rate: 4 out of 10
Approximately 11.8266 crimes (felony) per 1000 residents
Low Medium High
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