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7 Best Designer Home Office Desks of 2021

Working from home has become the norm. The right office desk could not only change how you feel about your home and your workspace but also increase your output as well as improve your health. Find out which office desks PropertyNest named the best and learn which one might be right for you.

Now that many of us are working at home, buying one of the best desks is a critical necessity.

Having the right home office desk can impact the quality of the work you produce.

You’ll increase productivity and have a better work ethic if you position yourself correctly with the desk and while seated on your chair.

And if you want to complete a task on your laptop with ease, your comfort level is key.

Top Picks of the Best Office Desks for Your Home 2021

The best desks come in many different styles, different widths and heights, and at many different price points.

There are great options out there for everybody.

But choosing one can be overwhelming, that is why we’ve put together a list of the top home office desks by category.

Read on to see which desk is best for you, whether that’s a large L-shaped desk or a petite writing desk.

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Best Ergonomic Home Office Desk: Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Workstation

Flexispot EN1 Electric-Height-Adjustable-Desk.jpg

If you work at home, getting a desk with good ergonomics is a top priority. A regular home office desk without adjustable heights can lead to lower productivity and cause physical injury or worsen those who have carpel-tunnel syndrome.

The Flexispot Electric Adjustable Ergonomic Workstation is our best bet for a sit/stand ergonomic desk. There are three programmable presets that allow you to alter the height of your desk so you can quickly go from sitting to standing position in less than ten seconds.

Changing the height will help your health by alleviating slouching, minimizing bad backs, and promoting healthy movement.

The adjustable height also means your computer or laptop can be set up with the correct eye-level.

The electric height system adjusts from 28” to 47.6”, perfect for different height users and the motor has an under 50 dB low noise while running.

The industrial-grade steel frame means the desk is durable and can hold up to 154 lbs.

The desk can work in any room, from small to large, thanks to the different-sized models.

Pros Cons
This desk will have a positive impact on your overall physical and mental health. The desk is shipped in two separate packages and delivered separately from each other. The reason for this is not stated.
Five-year warranty on the frame, motor, and other mechanisms. Two-year warranty on the controller and switch electronics. Some parts require a drill, which is not included. If you’re not a DIYer, this may be a problem.

Best Overall Home Office Desk: Standing Desk by Branch


Sitting at a desk for most of the day while you work is being sedentary and is not good for your health.

You need to move, position yourself differently and stand up to minimize sitting down for hours. But most of us don’t do this.

The best home office desk overall, the Standing Desk by Branch can move gently up and down so when it's time to stand, so you don't have to switch desks.

The sit/stand mid-century modern desk is one of our top picks because of all its features.

With 4 memory preset positions and a smart panel to make incremental adjustments, anyone can find their perfect position.

Low-decibel motors and three-stage columns means a smooth, seamless, and quiet lift.

The desk comes with cable routing as well as optional in-desk power. Choose from three different finishes plus a number of accessories are available.

The best part is that the two different sizes of the Standing Desk are well under $1,000 making this an affordable option for many.

Adjustable height: 25” to 52”.

Pros Cons
Quiet and stable motor. Some customers claim that there's a long ship time.
Your height preferences can be saved on 4 preset buttons. Still can be pricey for some.
More affordable than other high-end brands.
Accommodates taller heights better than other brands.
Great customer service and free shipping.

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Best Budget-Friendly Home Office Desk: IKEA Thyge Desk


If you need a home office desk but don’t want to spend a lot of money, Ikea’s Thyge Desk may be perfect for you.

It costs under $100, but even with its budget-friendly price, it’s still stylish and has a small footprint that allows you to stick the desk in any room.

The desk suits many users of different heights with its adjustable legs that can be configured between 23 5/8” to 35 3/8.”

Simple in design, the deep tabletop (47-by-24) offers enough workspace to hold a laptop and your office work or accessories.

According to IKEA, the desk has been tested for office use and meets “the requirements for durability and stability.”

The high standards, the adjustable legs, and the low maintenance melamine tabletop that’s both durable and resistant to stains make this desk feel more expensive than it actually is.

The width and depth is 47-1/4" x 23-5/8", with an adjustable height of 23-5/8"-35-3/8".

Pros Cons
Budget-Friendly Not a lot of description provided.
Stain-resistant Reviewers agree that the screws get loose easily.
10-year Limited Warranty Assembly cost is expensive, around $40.
Works like a more expensive sit/stand workstation.

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Best Home Office Storage Desk: Salina Desk with Hutch by Bush Furniture

Salinas Desk with Hutch (resized)

If you want to be organized, the Salina Desk is for you. Many things in this desk allow for storage and organization.

The hutch’s open shelves are a great place to keep your binders and the books you use the nearest at hand.

The built-in cabinet can be used for necessary paperwork that you don’t want visible to others, and the sliding tray is perfect to store your keyboard.

The understated design makes it versatile, which means the desk will look great in any room you use as a home office.

In addition, the Salina Desk comes in many colors to make it recede or color coordinate with your space, including white, gray, driftwood gray, shiplap gray, black, ash brown, and reclaimed pine.

Pros Cons
Different colors make the desk coordinate with your room. The desk may be too small for big people.
A small drawer over the cabinet can be used to keep office supplies like papers and pens to avoid clutter on top of the desk. Installation is difficult and takes two persons.
Wayfair offers expert assembly. Having it assembled when delivered comes with a hefty price tag.

Best-Rated Home Office Desk on Amazon: ZINUS Jennifer 47-Inch Black Frame Desk

ZINUS Jennifer Black Desk

People’s Choice: Best-rated desk according to Amazon reviews

Amazon reviewers agree. This is the best-rated home office desk of all the desks on Amazon.

This minimalistic desk—it’s just a tabletop with straight legs—offers a clean-lined modern look for your room.

The desk is very sturdy. It has a solid steel frame and a thick tabletop that can hold up to 100 pounds. The material makes the desk look high-end, but you can keep it a secret that you got the desk for under a hundred bucks.

Amazon customers praise the desk for its length.

You can choose a 47, 55 or 63-inch long desktop, something for everyone.

Pros Cons
Comes in three colors: brown, deep espresso, and natural wood. Zinus claims the desk can be assembled in less than 30 minutes. Buyers agree it takes longer than that.
Custom lengths accommodate almost all buyers who may want a tidy, medium-sized, or large work area. No pull-out drawer means more clutter on the desktop.
Polished silhouette is a seamless addition to a modern or contemporary room. If you don’t like the desk and want to return it, note that it’s virtually impossible to take apart.
Not available for Amazon Prime.

The Most Iconic Home Office Desk: Eames Desk Unit

Eames Desk Unit

The iconic Eames Desk had to be on our list of the best office desks. It is a true work of art with an innovative design that was first introduced to the world in 1952 by designers Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller.

It’s still a masterpiece today and is known not just for its modern look but also for its utilitarian design.

The plywood desktop is spacious and can hold a laptop in addition to paperwork and room for office supplies.

The Eames is also customizable. Two-color schemes are available.

For a pop of color in your room, choose the birch front with brightly colored side and back panels (red, white, blue and yellow).

For a more neutral look, choose the black and white color scheme for the side and back panels that also has a birch frame.

The file drawer can be configured to the left-hand or right-hand side of the desk.

The desk is made with a plywood top, zinc-coated steel frame, and painted hardboard sides and panels.

N.B. This is an original and authentic product of Herman Miller, Inc.

Pros Cons
It’s like a work of art. The multi-colored version may clash with your room.
Comes fully assembled. The back of the desk steel frame makes it impossible for people to slouch or stretch their legs.
Great 12-year warranty. Pricey: over $2,000.

Best Traditional Office Desk: Regent Writing Desk by Ambella Home


This luxury desk reminds us of the bygone days where homeowners had wood-paneled libraries with custom bookcases and room for a writing desk.

It’s a traditional wooden desk with a walnut-colored stain. Everything about it is classy.

Hand-crafted, the top has a beautiful inlay design, there are three slim drawers with solid brass hardware, and the legs are accented with solid brass sabots and decorative medallions.

Classic in design, this throwback desk has a slim profile but a generous tabletop. Don’t worry if you don’t have a home library.

The traditional design would work best in a living room, perhaps behind a sofa like a console table, or a bedroom with a sitting room area.

Pros Cons
Three soft-close drawers. Prohibitively expensive, above $4,000.
Walnut finish for a timeless look. Timeless means outdated to some.
Free shipping.

Best Home Office Desk with a Pop-of-Color: Lacquered Regency Desk

Lacquered Regency Desk- Anthropologie

This high-fashion designer home office desk exudes retro glamour.

The engineered hardwood desk is sealed with a high-gloss lacquer finish for protection.

Add a pop of color to your room by choosing a blush pink or bright teal-colored desk.

The colors instantly add a touch of whimsy to any room, and if you’re more conservative, the desk also comes in white.

The legs are made of lucite with just a touch of brass.

The brass motif echoes in the unexpected chunky hardware found on four of the drawers, two cabinet-like drawers, and two slim drawers perfect for keeping office necessities out of sight.

Anthropologie is known for its flirty fair and you can complete the lucite-loving look with matching furniture such as a nightstand and a buffet.

Pros Cons
Four drawers open on metal glides. Colors can be hard to match.
Anti-tip hardware included for extra safety and stability. Some assembly required.
High-gloss lacquer offers a smooth finish ideal for a contemporary interior. May be too big for a regular-sized room.
On the pricier side.

Best Home Office Desk for Small Spaces: Industrial Storage Mini Desk


If you lack room or live in a studio apartment, this desk will be perfect for you. At a mere 18 inches deep, this desk saves space without sacrificing style.

The mini desk looks like a solid hefty block of wood and is made from solid mango wood.

It has blackened metal legs and blackened steel frames.

The desk perfectly fits a laptop and its two drawers give you space to store electronics and office supplies to reduce clutter on the desktop.

The mini desk is streamlined and has an industrial look. But it’s softened by the light color of the mango wood.

Each desk is unique due to the natural color variations in the mango wood.

Dimensions are 30” (H) x 30" (W) x 18" (D).

Proa Cons
The mango wood is sustainably sourced from trees that no longer produce fruit. The steel frame in the lower back area doesn’t allow you to stretch your feet and relax.
The West Elm name ensures you get a quality and long-lasting desk. Small desktop may turn off buyers.

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Best Home Office Corner Desk: L-Shaped Black Oak Computer Desk

Ameriwood L-Shaped Desk with Shelf

An L-shaped desk has two sides that are perpendicular to each other and are usually the same size.

This type of desk provides two options.

First, it offers extra desktop surface area because there are two desks.

You can have your laptop on one side and your other belongings on the other side. Two, they are space savers.

The L-shape desk like this fantastic one made by Ameriwood Home (a trusted name in the furniture business) saves space because it can be easily tucked into a corner of your room.

This L-shaped desk has two grommet holes built into it to organize and manage all your electric cords.

The two open shelves are handy, as you can keep items you need nearest at hand.

Made of particleboard and MDF, this desk comes in fashionable black.

Pros Cons
Modern lines for a clean design. The particleboard and MDF are thin, making it look flimsy.
Open concept storage space. Difficult to assemble. Ameriwood Home states it takes 2 adults for proper assembly. Some reviewers say it’s not worth the hassle.
Affordable price.

How We Picked

We managed to find the “best” home office desks based on the following factors:

Customer Ratings

Our list was conceived by looking at customers' ratings and reviews. Much of our background research comes from reviews based on how well the customer liked the ergonomics and designs of a home office desk.

We found customer reviews on Amazon to be our best source for finding the best home office desks by category.

We also generated our list with the help of “best of” lists on the following sites:

The Architecture’s Guide, architecture lab, New York magazine, Business Insider, Forbes, Man of Many, and New York Post, to name a few.


The best home office desks allow for comfort. We considered many desks that offered comfort, and most were those with ergonomics in mind.


The aesthetics of a home office desk can make a huge difference in how we work and how it makes a certain space look.

That said, we concentrated on home office desks that were stylishly made, including two contenders made by high-profile designers.

We also looked at desks with special features, mostly those that kept clutter at bay such as cable management, file cabinets, drawers, and below-level open and closed shelves.

How to Pick the Right Home Office Desk for You

Budget-friendly workspace solutions with good ergonomics and functionality are all the rage now.

These desks allow you to adjust the height to go from sitting to standing while working.

They promote good posture and minimize health risks such as neck pain, eye strain, back pain, and arm and forearm strain.

At the same time, many choose a home office desk that has good style.

If you don’t work in an aesthetically pleasing environment, you lack focus, your work is poor, and you’re often distracted.

So, while you need a utilitarian desk, you should also take into consideration its overall style.

But you need to know things before you make your selection. Here’s what to look out for.

How High Should Your Office Desk Be?

The height of your desk depends on your own height and upper arm length.

The right height is when you can sit in front of the desk with your feet flat on the ground and your upper arm is relaxed.

Most standard desks have a 30-inch height, but most people can’t meet that as it is too tall.

The best height falls somewhere between 23 and 29 inches, but a compromise at 28 inches is tall enough to support the average person.

That said, it can be hard to find a desk with that height, so it’s recommended that you get a height-adjustable desk to accommodate your frame.

What Should the Depth of an Office Desk Be?

Desks have various depths. If you plan on putting a computer monitor on the desk, it needs to be deep.

The deeper the desk, the less likely will you get back strain.

The correct desk for many has a 30-inch depth, which can easily fit a computer with room to spare.

Anything less won’t be able to give you enough distance between the computer and your eyes.

If you like to relax by sitting back in your chair, the problem is that you have to reach your arms forward and rest your wrists on the desktop when you use the keyboard and the mouse.

The incorrect depth of the desk surface can impact your comfort and lead to health-related problems.

For instance, if you sit in a relaxed position, you’re likely to fatigue your upper back and compress the nerves in your wrists.

Is There a Correct Way to Sit While Working at Your Desk to Avoid Any Injuries?

The correct depth and height on a desk will make you work better and more efficiently.

But you should also consider how you sit on a chair while working on a desk. In fact, the ergonomics of a desk depends on your choice of chair and how you sit on it while working.

The correct way to sit can help protect your spine, back, neck, shoulders, and wrists from unnecessary strain.

The first thing you should do is to keep both feet flat on the ground and to keep your shoulders relaxed when your arms are on the armrests.

If you fail to do so, this can lead to back strain.

What is the Correct Way to Sit?

Your knees should be even with your hips. Arms also need to be positioned correctly.

You should never rest your elbows on the table as this can compress the ulnar nerve.

Instead, you should rest your forearms on the table in such a way that it promotes relaxation.

To avoid wrist pain, keep your wrists straight while mousing and typing to avoid overextension.

And your arms should be supported with your shoulders and your shoulders should be in a relaxed position.

Sitting the Correct Way Can Even Help Reduce Eye Strain

To reduce eye strain while using your computer, place the monitor an arm’s length in front of you to avoid reaching forward and to keep the elbows near your frame.

The top of the monitor should be at eyebrow level and close enough to read while you sit back in the chair.

Keep your head centered and balanced over your shoulders for comfort.

The Ergonomics of a Home Office Desk

The ergonomics of your office space help to facilitate productivity and a better work ethic.

That means if you’re sitting for a long time at the desk, you should be able to adjust the desk so you can stand by it and

work comfortably. If you sit too long on your chair, this can cause injury to your back and provoke shoulder strain.

There are many desks available with sufficient leg space and have a good-sized tabletop to support your posture.

Adjustable desks that allow you to change the height are a good bet as they can eliminate the impact you have on your health and productivity.

You can also choose a standing desk if you like to get up and move around during the day. Most standing desks are also adjustable desks, as they can subtly shift their height so you are always working in a way that benefits your health.

Your work environment has an impact on your productivity. That’s why an ergonomically designed desk is one of the most popular choices for those who work at home.

A Good Ergonomic Chair Is Important

Here, your office chair and desk can come together to make a supportive team for your long hours of work from home. However, you'll want to make sure your seat is working in tandem with your desk.

It's helpful to have a desk or chair that has an adjustable height, so you can adjust accordingly.

The most supportive chairs for your back when sitting for long periods of time at a desk are going to be ones that don't roll around easily.

You should be able to solidly plant your feet on the ground.

However, if you plan to get up periodically and stand at your desk, it may be more convenient to get a chair with wheels to easily slide it back.

Does a Stylish Home Office Desk Help You Focus on Work?

Your home office desk and your work area must not only be functional but also aesthetically appealing.

Many designers agree that if you work in a pleasing environment, it keeps you excited about your job.

It also helps you focus, especially if you clear up the area of your workspace to avoid clutter.

A good desk will complement the other furniture in your room, but it can also contrast with the space to avoid having everything match.

For example, our highly ranked lacquered Regency Desk comes in blush pink and would add a pop of color for contrast if you put the desk in your bedroom that’s painted grey.

There’s no shortage of stylish desks. If you have a modern home, there are many contemporary desks to choose from. A contemporary desk usually has clean lines and simple support legs.

A traditional desk is more versatile.

Usually made of dark wood, the desk can look good in a library or a designated office space room without calling attention to itself.

How an Organized Workstation Helps Your Productivity

Organization is key if you want to work efficiently.

The desk you choose should have integrated and discreet outlets to plug in your laptop and charge your phone or iPad.

Some desks have their power strips behind them so you can’t see all the cords and any charging cables.

In addition, your work desk should be free of clutter to stay focused.

Look for an organized desk that has drawers or various storage compartments to hide the clutter that you’ve been keeping on your desktop.

Clutter makes your desk and desk area messy and impedes you from easily finding something like an important document if you store everything on the tabletop.

That’s why a desk with a file cabinet that’s full of hanging file folders for all your papers is something you should consider when buying a home office desk.

What are Multi-Functional Home Office Desks?

Multiple-function desks do double duty.

For example, if you have an L-shaped desk, the two tabletops can be used as a gaming station and can hold two monitors.

It will also give you enough space to be used as a meeting place.

Since this type of desk is usually propped up in a corner of your room, you are giving yourself enough clearance and much-needed space to comfortably fit three office chairs if you have company.

And the desks that have storage compartments such as drawers help you stay organized.

Finally, if you have a desktop and place it on top of the desk, that may interfere with your clear thinking if the desktop sticks out or if you focus on it while on a break because there is nothing else to look at.

The solution would be to purchase a desk with an open-concept drawer below the desk that’s specifically designed to fit your CPU tower.

What Kind of Material Are You Looking For?

The most common desk materials are wood, metal, glass, and manufactured materials such as medium-density fiberboard, also known as MDF.

MDF desks are affordable, as the material is cheap and cheaply made.

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a desk, choose a material made of fiberboard or particleboard.

But this material is for temporary desks, as they’re prone to wear, stains, and warping.  

If you’re looking for longevity, a solid wood, semi-solid wood or a kiln-dried hardwood desk is a better choice.

And if the legs or any back panels are made of metal, the desk will last longer and is more durable.

Note that metal and wood desks have higher price points.

What Are My Choices for Home Office Desks?

There are many home office desk styles to choose from, but before you buy, you should know your options.

Here are the most popular desk styles.

Adjustable Height Desks

An adjustable height desk is an example of an ergonomic desk.

It allows you to set the exact height of the desktop to suit your chair and frame.

You can go from sitting to standing with a touch on an electronic panel integrated on the desk.

Cheaper alternatives have manual adjustments.

Computer Desks

Computer desks are often large to allocate room for your computer monitor or laptop and usually has a built-in tray underneath the desktop that can hold your keyboard and mouse.

A computer desk is designed with electricals in mind.

If you want the desk to look neat, they usually come with cord management and hidden outlets.

Writing Desks

Writing desks are typically smaller than the average desk. They’ve come out of fashion now that many people work from home.

Many need a place for their laptop or monitor, and a writing desk often can’t hold that.

Usually, there’s only room to write a note or write down your shopping list.

While writing desks are not deep, they usually make up for that with one or two slim drawers underneath the surface of the desk.

You can hold your writing implements here.

Traditional in style, writing desks often have detailed legs and are usually painted in white or black or neutral colors like gray.

Their classic aesthetics and small footprint make these desks complement the traditional look you have in your home.

Corner Desks or L-Shaped Desks

Corner desks are just that. They fit into the corner of a room.

They have an L-shaped design and, as we mentioned above, this means they have two sides that are perpendicular to each other and usually the same size.

L-shaped desks are known for having a capacious tabletop space so you can spread out your work, as well as storage areas. They often come with open shelves, file cabinets, and drawers.

Executive Desks

Executive desks are often used in a choice corner office by a high-level executive, hence its name.

They are traditional in nature and often have a deep wood finish. They are also meant to be used in the center of a room and, as such, they usually have finished backs.

Large and stately, the executive desk can also fit in your house if you have a designated office room.

If you don’t have office space, it will overpower a room if you set it in your bedroom, for example, because it often becomes the focal point of any space.

The executive desk is known for having file cabinets or drawers on each side, which is known as a “double-pedestal” design.

Drafting Desks

Drafting desks, otherwise known as drafting tables or architect's tables, are a good choice if you tend to move from sitting to standing while working.

The tilting desktop is the hallmark of a drafting desk and it allows you to reposition the top at several different angles so you can get the right slant to avoid compromising your health.

Used for drawing and sketching, the drafting desk was made to hold oversized architectural plans or large sketch pads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a standing desk worth it?

Standing desks may reduce shoulder and back pain. It may also be good for those who have problems sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Does having a standing desk increase productivity?

Studies show that standing desks can boost productivity and reduce tiredness among workers.

What should I look for in a home office desk?

Your home office desk should provide proper surface area, storage and align with your height.

Where in my home should I place my home office desk?

Place your desk in an area that is well ventilated with no distractions and good light. Face your desk toward the wall with the window on one side, if you want to minimize distractions.

Which direction should your office desk face?

East is the best direction to place for peak work performance. Next best is facing North. South and West should be avoided where possible.

What should I place on my office desk?

Minimize clutter as much as possible. Some desk items to help you stay organized include: USB hub, headphones, headphone stand, a cable management system, a laptop stand and a universal charging station.

How do I make my office desk look nice?

Posting framed photos of friends and family can make your office look nicer and add a personal touch.