7 Best Kitchen Cabinet Brands for 2023

Find out which brands and online stores PropertyNest recommends as the best choices for kitchen cabinets and learn which one is right for your home.

The kitchen is the heart of your home, where both memories and messes are made. Spending a lot of time in our kitchens makes us even more inclined to create an environment that is both comfortable, functional, and stylish.

One of the first things that are noticed about our kitchens is the cabinets, which exist to hold our dishes but unknowingly become the biggest design area of opportunity in the entire room.

With all of the newest kitchen cabinet trends of the year, you might find yourself getting kitchen envy and ready to replace your existing kitchen cabinets.

If you’re ready to undertake the challenge of redesigning your kitchen aesthetic, review our list of the best kitchen cabinet brands for the year.

Best Kitchen Cabinets of 2023

  • Maplevilles Cabinetry Collection: Best Pre-Finished
  • Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinet in Unfinished Beech: Best Unfinished 
  • allen + roth Navy Painted Door Semi-Custom Cabinet: Best For Deep Color
  • J Collection Shaker Base Cabinets in Vanilla White: Best White Cabinets
  • SEKTION IKEA Kitchen Cabinet System: Best Inexpensive Customizable 
  • Semihandmade: Best Custom Doors and Cabinet Fronts for IKEA Cabinets
  • Ready to Assemble Cabinets in Euro Gloss: Best Modern European-Style Cabinets

Maplevilles Cabinetry Collection: Best Pre-finished

Pre-finished Kitchen cabinets are a good middle-of-the-road option if you’re thinking about a kitchen refresh. It requires some work in the form of installation but not as much as staining or painting existing or unfinished cabinetry.

This Maplevilles Cabinetry collection of cabinets is an excellent option for pre-finished kitchen cabinets. This collection comes in four varying shades of white and gray, giving you plenty of options to achieve your design vision.

Maplevilles Cabinetry boasts a plywood box construction, and the frames, doors, and drawers are made from 100% hardwood.

Pros and Cons of Maplevilles Cabinetry Collection

  • 100% Hardwood frames, doors, and drawers
  • Prefinished and ready to install
  • Only four color options

Hampton Bay Assembled Kitchen Cabinet in Unfinished Beech: Best Unfinished


For the DIY-ers among us who want a blank canvas to work with, the Hampton Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets in Unfinished Beech is ready for anything! You can choose to paint or stain these cabinets depending on your own aesthetic tastes.

These cabinets are also very cost-effective. As with all of the cabinets on this list, the total cost will be determined by the size of your kitchen. However, with each cabinet coming in around or below $100, even a large-scale project would be an incredible saving as compared to most pre-finished cabinets.

You can purchase these cabinets right on the Home Depot website, but we recommend that you schedule a consultation with a professional installer at Home Depot Services. Consultations are in-home or virtual and are absolutely free and would help you plan your kitchen the right way.

Pros and Cons of Hampton Bay Assembled Kitchen Cabinets in Unfinished Beech

  • The ability to pick your stain or paint color
  • Extremely affordable
  • Requires you to put in additional work to achieve your desired look
  • Must purchase additional supplies such as paint and stain

allen + roth Navy Painted Door Wall Semi-Custom Cabinet: Best For Deep Color


Navy blue kitchen cabinets are dark, regal, and on-trend. The allen + roth Navy Painted Kitchen Cabinets are semi-custom made-to-order cabinets with soft-close doors.

These cabinets run somewhere in the $200 range per cabinet, making them an affordable and stylish option for updating your kitchen. As we’ve mentioned, the total project cost is determined by the amount of materials you need.

To start your kitchen cabinet replacement, Lowe’s offers an online tool called the Lowe’s Kitchen Planner.

Pros and Cons of allen + roth Navy Painted Door Semi-custom Cabinet

  • On-trend dark painted cabinets
  • Affordable and stylish
  • Estimated delivery is 12 weeks, extending your project time

J Collection Shaker Cabinets in Vanilla White: Best White Cabinets


If you are in the mood for an airy and light kitchen cabinet aesthetic, then white kitchen cabinets is exactly what's called for. The J Collection Shaker Cabinets in Vanilla White has the perfect blend of classic and contemporary appeal.

The cabinets are factory assembled and ready to install, shipping in about three days. If you are ready to make a change to a light and bright kitchen and don’t want to wait, this is the right option for you.

Prices range from the low $100’s into the high $200’s per cabinet, depending on the dimensions. Per cabinet prices on this collection are very reasonable, putting them in an affordable category when compared to other comparable brands.

Pros and Cons of J Collection Shaker Cabinets

  • Pre-assembled and ready to install
  • Ships in three days
  • Affordable per-cabinet prices
  • Not custom or made to order

SEKTION IKEA Kitchen Cabinet System: Best Inexpensive Customizable Cabinets


The SEKTION is the quintessential IKEA Kitchen Cabinet system that is a fan favorite.

Despite the entry-level price tag, it is a stylistic centerpiece for any size kitchen. The options with the SEKTION are almost endless, as there are nearly 27 door color choices and styles. Cultivating a modern, sleek aesthetic is simple with the clean lines of the SEKTION cabinet system. However, if you're more of a traditionalist, you'll be happy to see a few different shaker cabinet door styles also available.

If you are located near an IKEA store, you can stop in for a kitchen consultation and get a cost estimate based on the number of supplies you’ll need and installation costs if you decide that you’d rather not install it yourself. If you can’t get to a store, you can also use the IKEA Kitchen Planner, a virtual tool that allows you to design the kitchen of your dreams from the comfort of your own home. You can save as many different designs as you like, and print out a full shopping list once you're done.

Our Editorial Review Of SEKTION

The SEKTION kitchen system makes it exceptionally easy to assemble kitchen cabinets. However, there is still a learning curve to properly installing them, even when you have a completed plan put together on IKEA's kitchen planner. The cabinet sides themselves are made of particleboard and don't seem like the strongest material but do actually hold up really well to wear and tear, as well as support heavy weight.

IKEA's advancement in door hinges and soft close and open drawers is remarkable and ensures you're getting quality function. We think of IKEA as the best low-cost and customizable option for homeowners, especially now that there are a number of other companies that make different cabinet fronts and panels fitted for IKEA, making IKEA an even better choice for customization.

Pros and Cons of SEKTION IKEA Kitchen Cabinet System

  • Easy to customize with different color choices
  • Accessible tools to design and plan your project
  • Budget-friendly
  • Limited material options

Semihandmade: Best Custom Doors and Cabinet Fronts for IKEA Cabinets


If you decide to go with IKEA cabinets but aren't loving the look or styles of their doors and drawer fronts, they can be easily be outfitted with Semihandmade doors, drawer fronts, panels, and trim.

At Semihandmade, you can find a variety of different doors, finishes, colors, and now hardware (they've teamed up with Rejuvenation) for your SEKTION or AKURUM IKEA kitchen cabinets. They even offer unfinished fronts so you can have them custom-painted.

Semihandmade designs their cabinet fronts to fit IKEA base and wall cabinets perfectly. You simply need to buy hinges and drawers to attach Semihandmade's front from IKEA. Semihandmade’s prices are determined by the product and quantity you need for your project, but they list an average replacement cost of a little over $2,000.

Overall, this is a very budget-friendly option when compared to replacing all of your cabinets. Most of their doors and drawer fronts actually end up being comparable in price to IKEA doors and drawer fronts. Semihandmade's staff is also there to guide you through the process to make sure you have the absolute correct pieces for your project.

Our Editorial Review Of Semihandmade

PropertyNest's editorial staff got to look at Semihandmade's unfinished MDF cabinet fronts firsthand. The quality of their fronts is actually superior to IKEA's--much more solid, better crafted, and stronger, so we were really surprised that the price point wasn't much higher than IKEA's.

We were able to easily assemble the doors and fronts to IKEA base cabinets and drawers for a seamless look. Not only were we impressed with the look and quality, but all materials were meticulously packed and shipped with no damage to any of the pieces.

What's more, is that customer service and project management were on-point, with updates regularly communicated and order/design details verified by their project management team.

Pros and Cons of Semihandmade

  • DIY optional
  • More cost-efficient than a total replacement
  • Custom to your kitchen
  • Only replaces cabinet doors and hardware
  • Lead time for order takes several weeks.

Ready to Assemble Cabinets in Euro Gloss White: Best Modern European-Style Cabinets

If you’re considering DIY options and love the clean, sleek look of a European kitchen, the ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets from the RTA Store are an easy-to-follow option for even beginner DIYers.

These ready-to-assemble cabinets in Euro Gloss White are a beautifully modern option and easily accessorized and accented. European-style cabinets are a growing trend, especially with condo owners who love the clean contemporary look of glossy slab doors.

The European-style cabinet doors often don't include any hardware as they feature push-to-open mechanisms. The company also has instructional videos on how to assemble your cabinetry, making you feel like a professional from the beginning.

If you are looking to save on labor costs without sacrificing brand-new cabinetry, these will fit your criteria and your budget. Prices range from the low $100s into the $300s per cabinet, depending on the dimensions.

Pros and Cons Ready to Assemble Cabinets in Euro Gloss White

  • Modern Aesthetic
  • Custom cabinets
  • Affordable per-cabinet prices
  • Save money on labor
  • Ships completely unassembled/requires total assembly

How We Decided

We chose these kitchen cabinets based on customer ratings, material durability, and popularity. All of the cabinets on this list are highly rated in customer satisfaction and are sold by mainstream, reputable retailers.

For each chosen brand, we reviewed the following criteria: product accessibility, price, customer and professional reviews, and product features/options.

Product Accessibility

We chose products that were easily accessible through local or online retailers.

These brands are either available directly through online retailers or retail stores, such as IKEA.


The brands in this list had generally affordable prices and stayed in the median market range for kitchen cabinet options.

Typical costs for individual kitchen cabinets hover around $80 a cabinet for the least expensive option, all the way into the $500 range per cabinet.

Customer Reviews

We chose brands that had generally good reviews on the listing. These reviews are written by real customers, giving you insight into real people’s experiences with the brand and the cabinets themselves.

Determining factors in reviews and rankings include product durability and cost.

Product Features/Options

We included highlights of certain product features that could give insight into different brands’ offerings, and what sets brands apart from each other within the market.

By reviewing the product’s webpage, we selected the most unique product features that set the selected product apart from other similar kitchen cabinets.

Should You Hire Professionals to Install Kitchen Cabinets?

If you are an experienced Do-It-Yourself weekend warrior, you might be inclined to take on this project yourself.

Be warned that you might need a couple of extra hands to mount and install cabinets, so be sure to find a few fellow DIY-ers that can step in and assist where needed.

There is a significant amount of measuring and leveling that needs to be done. While there are plenty of online video tutorials,installing kitchen cabinets is not going to be the easiest task for first-timers,even if you are pretty handy. Installation might also require a few specialty tools, so be sure to ask your kitchen cabinet manufacturer what you’ll need to complete the installation of your cabinets. It is also important to consult with your chosen cabinet brand about the exact weight and dimensions of your purchase before attempting to install anything yourself.

The easiest and fastest way, of course, would be to hire professionals to install your new cabinets, even for an IKEA kitchen. Kitchen cabinet installers are very well-versed in the installation of many brands and will know exactly how to measure and compensate for door swings, plumbing, and countertop height.

Many of the brands on this list (Home Depot, IKEA) offer installation at an additional cost when you are planning and purchasing your new kitchen cabinets. If you’d rather find your own kitchen cabinet installers, you can also buy the materials and seek out a kitchen cabinet installer or handyman separately. Getting your cabinets professionally installed is an extra expense, but you could probably have it all installed in just a couple of hours without issue rather than a full day or longer with possible mistakes and miscalculations on your own.

Top Reasons You Should Buy New Kitchen Cabinets

There are a few major reasons why people decide to get brand new kitchen cabinets, and this decision shouldn't be made lightly as it is not only expensive but a major undertaking. It's also inconvenient because you may not be able to use your kitchen for some time, so getting new cabinets is a major decision.

Your Kitchen Needs a Major Renovation

This happens in the cases of purchasing an older home, where the kitchen is completely outdated or only semi-functional. This can also happen if you've lived in your home for a long time without renovating. Usually, the kitchen is one of the major areas that need a facelift. However, your kitchen might need a renovation if it was designed to a quirky style that's become seriously outdated.

You Hate the Layout Of Your Kitchen

If your layout is a hindrance to how you move or function in the kitchen, it can be a serious inconvenience, especially if you cook often. A kitchen with a good layout has a natural flow to how you move between the kitchen sink, the stove and/or oven, the workspace, and the refrigerator.

Some people hate closed kitchens and want to open them up. This is another major reason that people do away with their old cabinets. You might also go in the opposite direction, as open kitchen-living concepts are falling out of fashion. You may instead want to create a wall of cabinets for some separation.

Your Cabinets Are Falling Apart

Quality kitchen cabinets can last decades. However, everything has a shelf life and doors can come apart. Old drawers are inferior to contemporary ones that usually come with the soft open and close feature. You can also have wood rot from moisture or even termite infestations. In these cases, it is best to tear out the old kitchen and start anew.

You Are Selling Your Home

Renovating your kitchen is a smart move if you plan on selling and want a premium offer for your house or apartment. Even though there can be a hefty upfront cost to renovating your kitchen, your asking margin can be a lot higher. Furthermore, nothing impresses buyers more than a sprawling new kitchen. As any real estate professional will tell you, a beautiful brand-new kitchen can be a major selling point. Just photos of an amazing kitchen can even be a big draw to prospective buyers.

Should You Buy Cabinets from a Custom Cabinet Maker?

The answer depends on what you're looking for. If you want a particular style or module not found online or in retail showrooms, you may need to hire an interior designer and/or order your kitchen from a cabinet craftsman or millwork studio.

The craftsmanship and quality found in kitchen cabinets made by these artisans are often superior to what can be found in big box stores like IKEA and Home Depot. However, you will need a much larger budget for custom-made cabinets. While cabinets purchased from a big box store or online retailer might cost you a couple thousand, you'll need to dish out over $10,000 or more for custom-made cabinets.

You may also need to hire a designer to draw up the kitchen floor plan and corresponding specs to order your custom cabinetry, adding to your budget.

If this is the last kitchen you're going to put together, it may be worth splurging the extra money on getting the kitchen of your dream. However, if you foresee that you might tire of your kitchen in say, ten years, it may be fine to settle for big box store base cabinets. You can always change the hardware and doors, or refinish them.

Associated Costs and Budget For Kitchen Cabinets

When you are planning a kitchen cabinet overhaul, budget is often a large factor in what option you end up with. To avoid overspending, and to maximize the budget you have, consider the associated costs with each option.

If you purchase unfinished cabinets, you'll be saving money upfront, but you'll need to purchase paint and painting supplies or hire a professional painter.

If you decide to install cabinets yourself to save money, consider what kind of equipment you may need to do so and how much that might factor in cost-wise if you don't already own it.

Ultimately, each option will come with upfront costs, such as materials and labor, and hidden costs, such as equipment and add-ons (think drawer handles!). If budget is the biggest factor in your decision-making process, be sure to write out all of the associated costs ahead of time to prepare yourself for what your project will cost in total.

How to Fund Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Installing brand new kitchen cabinets could land you tens of thousands of dollars if you are planning to pay for the demo and removal of old cabinets as well as purchase brand new cabinetry and installation. Of course, you will save a lot of money if you decide to do it yourself but installing a new kitchen is definitely not for the faint of heart. We strongly recommend hiring a licensed and insured plumber and electrician for all of your plumbing and electrical work in the kitchen.

You can pay for your new kitchen by saving money, using credit cards, or taking out a loan. As far as loans go, you can take out a HELOC or Home Equity Loan. They both offer fair interest rates, and you will be borrowing against the equity in your home (in other words, the paid-off portion of your mortgage).

However, a project like brand new kitchen cabinets is completely doable with a small personal loan. Luckily, there are many lenders who make taking out a home improvement loan very easy, and some don't require a hard pull on your credit to qualify. In many cases, you can get the funds the very next day if you qualify!

Types of Cabinets for Your Kitchen

A classic kitchen often has both base and wall cabinets. Base cabinets are considered an essential component of the kitchen. And while most kitchens make use of wall cabinets, they aren't as essential to the makeup of a kitchen.

Base Cabinets

Your base cabinets are what is going to form your countertop and all of your bottom storage and drawers. It's usual to also have a base cabinet for a kitchen sink. Although there are old-fashioned freestanding farmhouse sinks, base cabinets create a clean look for the sink, plus storage below.

When you measure for base cabinets, they are typically deeper than wall cabinets. When selecting a base cabinet for a sink, make sure it is specifically designed to fit the kind of sink you want, such as a cabinet for a drop-in sink as opposed to one with an apron front.

Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets should always be set back to provide workspace on your countertop, even when you have extra shallow countertops. Wall cabinets provide extra storage above your countertops. However, it's not unusual to find kitchens these days that eliminate the use of wall cabinets altogether or may implement floating shelves, a display case, or a tall storage cabinet instead.

Eliminating the use of wall cabinets can make a cramped kitchen or one with a low ceiling appear more open and larger. It may also be an option for people of shorter stature that might find it hard to reach up high. Another important consideration is the elevation at which you will hang your wall cabinets if you are planning on having them. Be sure to look at soffits, ceiling height, and the height of your lowest and highest shelves in the wall cabinets.

Shopping for Kitchen Cabinet Styles

The two main styles of kitchen cabinetry are framed and unframed.

Framed Cabinetry

Framed cabinets are much more traditional. They include a look where the cabinet doors and drawers do not encompass the whole facade frame of the cabinetry--meaning they leave the appearance of a frame around the doors and drawers.

Within framed cabinetry overlays, you can choose from inset, standard, and full. Inset features door and drawer fronts that are completely flush to the framed surface. Standard has a partial overlay over the frame and full features doors and drawer fronts that nearly cover the frames entirely.

Frameless or Unframed Cabinetry

The other main type of cabinetry is unframed or frameless. In this style, the drawer fronts and doors cover the whole facade. This style has become the dominant style in today's cabinetry. The reason IKEA's SEKTION cabinetry is so customizable is that it is unframed, and doors, panels, and drawer front can completely transform the look of the cabinets.

Framed Vs. Frameless

Frameless cabinetry offers some advantages over framed. It's usually more easily customizable, and cleaning is usually easier since doors and drawers do not have to be opened in order to clean frames.

Usually, drawer space can be bigger than with framed styles. Framed styles have their own benefits over frameless. For one, the size of your doors and drawer fronts are actually more customizable. Also, you don't need to worry as much about clearance and fillers for door and drawer openings as you do with frameless cabinets.

Different Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

Kitchen cabinets are transformed by applying different finishes. The look of a shiny cabinet is drastically different than one that appears more matte, although most cabinets fall somewhere in between for maximum durability and maintenance. Aesthetics aside, you will want to consider the needs of your kitchen cabinets before choosing a finish.

Do you find yourself wiping up a lot of messes? You might find it more useful to have a cabinet with a smooth and easy-to-clean finish. A matte finish, although very aesthetically pleasing, might be a bit more difficult to wipe down if you have messy children or animals.

Other Ways to Refresh Kitchen Cabinets

If you are dreaming of a full kitchen cabinet replacement but can’t quite make it work, there are plenty of other ways to refresh your cabinets. Painting, staining, refinishing, replacing doors, and replacing hardware are just a few ways you can create a whole new look in your kitchen without having to replace your existing cabinet system.

Painting or staining cabinets is usually the first go-to for homeowners who find themselves in need of a kitchen refresh. Before running out and purchasing paint, be sure to note what material you are working with and choose the correct paint accordingly.

You could potentially cause yourself a lot of trouble by choosing the wrong type of paint for your project, so be sure to check with the experts at your local paint store before applying any product to your kitchen cabinets. If you are crunched for time and resources, even just changing out the door pulls is a great way to give your kitchen cabinets an entirely new look. It’s as simple as unscrewing your old hardware and replacing it with the new hardware; no electric tools are needed!

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