About Bedford-Stuyvesant Neighborhood

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Often called Bed-Stuy, this Brooklyn neighborhood is known for its brownstones, tree-lined streets, and as one of New York City’s many African-American cultural hubs. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, immigrants from the American South and the Caribbean flocked for the neighborhood. Soon after, the Second World War and the Brooklyn Navy Yard brought economic opportunity and further increased the Black population, while Jews and Italians moved to other communities. Widespread racial tension plagued the area for decades, and grassroots movement and federal programs regularly provided revitalization. At the turn of this century, however, Bed-Stuy began to experience gentrification, lending the neighborhood greater ethnic, racial, and economic diversity. This has contributed to the displacement of many residents while also giving new life to previously abandoned properties. For visitors and residents, the neighborhood offers everything from eateries to clothing and furniture stores. Bed-Stuy itself is divided into four smaller neighborhoods: Bedford, Stuyvesant Heights, Ocean Hill, and Weeksville. Stuyvesant Heights, in particular, is known for its historic district, which contains 577 buildings constructed between 1870 and 1900. It’s not only the area’s architecture that’s renowned; countless notable figures have significant ties to the neighborhood, including Biggie Smalls Jackie Robinson, and Aaliyah. Not to mention the many future stars of tomorrow!

Average Rental Prices in Bedford-Stuyvesant

These are the average rental prices in Bedford-Stuyvesant by apartment size. To find out how much you need to earn in order to qualify for these prices, go to our salary calculator.

  • Studios

  • 1 Bedroom

  • 2 Bedroom

  • 3 Bedroom


Average Credit Score Needed to Rent in Bedford-Stuyvesant

Your credit score is an important factor in determining your qualification for rentals or even some condo or co-op purchases.

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These trains run through Bedford-Stuyvesant. In addition, city buses are also available in this area.

Available Subway Lines:
  • A
  • C
  • G
  • S

Crime Rate in Bedford-Stuyvesant

Crime rate: 7 out of 10
Approximately 24.5394 crimes (felony) per 1000 residents
Low Medium High


P.S. 040 George W. Carver

P.S. 005 Dr. Ronald Mcnair

P.S. 025 Eubie Blake School

Brighter Choice Community School

P.S. 157 Benjamin Franklin

P.S. 297 Abraham Stockton

P.S. 023 Carter C. Woodson

P.S. 059 William Floyd

P.S. 120 Carlos Tapia

P.S. 081 Thaddeus Stevens

P.S. 028 The Warren Prep Academy

P.S. 335 Granville T. Woods

P.S. 243 Weeksville

P.S. 262 El Hajj Malik El Shabazz Elementary Schoo

P.S. 021 Crispus Attucks

P.S. 026 Jesse Owens

P.S. 308 Clara Cardwell

P.S. 309 George E. Wibecan

P.S. 045 Horace E. Greene

P.S. 289 George V. Brower

P.S. 056 Lewis H. Latimer

P.S. 003 The Bedford Village

P.S. 093 William H. Prescott

P.S. 044 Marcus Garvey

P.S. 305 Dr. Peter Ray

P.S. 256 Benjamin Banneker

P.S. 054 Samuel C. Barnes

P.S. 270 Johann Dekalb

P.S. 138 Brooklyn

P.S. 380 John Wayne Elementary

Boys And Girls High School

The School Of Integrated Learning

Ebbets Field Middle School