About Brooklyn Borough

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Brooklyn offers a wide variety of apartments for rent. You can find apartments available in condo and co-op buildings as well as pre-war apartment buildings, townhouses and brownstones, converted loft buildings and warehouses, as well as new developments and luxury buildings. You can easily find any apartment size available, whether it’s a studio apartment, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, or larger. There are plenty of rooms and sublets available as well. Some of the most expensive and trendiest neighborhoods in Brooklyn are DUMBO, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, and Downtown Brooklyn. If you’re looking for affordability and a bang for your buck, try out these South Brooklyn neighborhoods--Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Flatbush, Canarsie, and Mill Basin.

Average Rental Prices in Brooklyn

These are the average rental prices in Brooklyn by apartment size. To find out how much you need to earn in order to qualify for these prices, go to our salary calculator.

  • Studios

  • 1 Bedroom

  • 2 Bedroom

  • 3 Bedroom


Average Credit Score Needed to Rent in Brooklyn

Your credit score is an important factor in determining your qualification for rentals or even some condo or co-op purchases.

Credit Score


These trains run through Brooklyn. In addition, city buses are also available in this area.

Available Subway Lines:
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  • 5
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Crime Rate in Brooklyn

Crime rate: 8 out of 10
Approximately 18.9257 crimes (felony) per 1000 residents
Low Medium High

Average prices by Neighborhood

Learn about what the average rental prices are some of the most popular neighborhoods in Brooklyn by apartment size. To find out how much you need to make in order to afford the apartment your chosen neighborhood, use our salary calculator.

Studios1 Bedroom2 Bedroom3 Bedroom
Bergen Beach$1,100$1,550$2,320$2,342
Clinton Hill$2,100$2,850$4,035$4,500
Cobble Hill$2,300$2,800$3,700$4,500
East Williamsburg$2,150$2,650$3,250$3,083
Mill Basin$1,431$1,519$2,200$2,565
Prospect Heights$2,050$3,995$5,950$6,000
Stuyvesant Heights$1,650$2,400$2,741$3,200