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Morrisania is located in the South Bronx, near Melrose and Concourse. The history of this territory predates to colonial times and was actually established originally as its own township. In the past decades, Morrisania has been one of the areas of the Bronx plagued with crime and poverty. However, more recently developers looking for new territory to expand into have taken an interest in Morrisania, where real estate prices are very low and where there has been relatively little development. It's close juxaposition to up-and-coming areas like Concourse, Melrose, and Mott Haven make this an obvious choice for future investment.,

Average Rental Prices in Morrisania

These are the average rental prices in Morrisania by apartment size. To find out how much you need to earn in order to qualify for these prices, go to our salary calculator.

  • Studios

  • 1 Bedroom

  • 2 Bedroom

  • 3 Bedroom


Average Credit Score Needed to Rent in Morrisania

Your credit score is an important factor in determining your qualification for rentals or even some condo or co-op purchases.

Credit Score


These trains run through Morrisania. In addition, city buses are also available in this area.

Available Subway Lines:

No subway lines in Morrisania

Crime Rate in Morrisania

Crime rate: 6 out of 10
Approximately 21.9166 crimes (felony) per 1000 residents
Low Medium High


P.S. 035 Franz Siegel

P.S. 063 Author'S Academy

P.S. 132 Garret A. Morgan

P.S. 110 Theodore Schoenfeld

P.S. 053 Basheer Quisim

P.S. X088 - S. Silverstein Little School

P.S. 055 Benjamin Franklin

P.S. 146 Edward Collins

P.S. 140 Eagle

Urban Scholars Community School

P.S. 150 Charles James Fox

P.S. 134 George F. Bristow

Grant Avenue Elementary School

Urban Science Academy

New Millennium Business Academy Middle School

M.S. 301 Paul L. Dunbar

M.S. 302 Luisa Dessus Cruz

I.S. 313 School Of Leadership Development

I.S. 339

I.S. 219 New Venture School

South Bronx Academy For Applied Media

Academy Of Public Relations