Top Paint Color Trends for Your Home for 2023

Find out which colors were named the next big paint trends of 2022. Learn which color is best for your next home paint project, whether interior or exterior.

Painting your home is a great way to refresh your living space and bring some good energy into your home for the new year.

The top paint producers have picked up on the current trends and are using their advanced technology to bring us the very best in DIY and professional products to fit today’s newest trends.

When covering the newest trends in paint and color for 2022, we found exciting new color combinations, sheens, and ideas to inspire you all year long.

Here is an extensive list of the top color and paint trends for 2022 with some important considerations to make as you embark on your next big home paint project.

Best Paint Color Trends for the Home 2022

  • Mysterious by Benjamin Moore: Best Color for Modern Exteriors
  • Aleutian by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams: Best Color for Nostalgic Exterior Design
  • Sunwashed Brick by Behr: Best Color for Mid-Century Modern Classics
  • Breezeway by Behr: Best Budget-Friendly Designer Color
  • Black Fox by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams: Best Shade of Black for Interior and Exterior
  • October Mist by Benjamin Moore: Best Color for Calming Spaces
  • Ocean Abyss by Behr Paints: Best Pop of Color for an Accent Wall
  • Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore: Best Relaxed Accent Wall Color 
  • Incarnadine by Farrow & Ball Paints: Best Rich Accent Wall Color

Top Color Trends for Your Home's Exterior

Exterior colors have gotten darker and bolder, while interior colors are still light and bright in the living areas.

Black, bronze, copper, and other darker neutral tones are the current craze for the exterior of your home, including dark accent walls on a light cream exterior.

Mysterious by Benjamin Moore Paints: Best Color for Modern Exteriors


If you’re describing your home in one word, would you want it to be “Mysterious”?

With the Mysterious color by Benjamin Moore Paints, you’re sure to stir up some mystery.

This ashy black is the perfect exterior color for just about any homeowner who is wanting to make a statement.

In addition, Mysterious is also one of Benjamin Moore’s 2022 colors of the year, a palette full of beautiful colors that you could use to transform your entire home; and even can create a cozy space inside your home as well.

This exterior paint is low luster, making it a flatter sheen than traditional exterior paint.

The price point starts at around $70 a gallon, which is average for exterior paint as it is typically more expensive than interior paint.

Look for dark grays, blues, and blacks to be among the top trending colors for home exteriors in the coming year.

Aleutian by HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams: Best Color for Nostalgic Exterior Design


Aleutian is a soft blue that would suit just about any home’s exterior.

It’s a versatile color that is the HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams color of the year for 2022, and because of its easy-going nature, it stands to add a lot of curb appeal to your home.

One of the perks of using this brand is the ability to select a specific paint that meets your project’s needs.

You can tint any of the types of exterior paint (Weathershield, Everlast) in any of the HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams colors.

Weathershield is a popular paint as it provides exterior protection from mildew, algae, cracking, peeling, and fading.

The price point starts at $48 a gallon, making it a great middle-of-the-road budget option.

Sunwashed Brick from The Behr® Color Trends 2022 Palette: Best Color for Mid-Century Modern Classics

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 3.06.59 PM

If you find yourself feeling nostalgic for a brick home, but you have a wood or siding exterior, you might find comfort in Sunwashed Brick from the Behr Color Trends 2022 palette.

It is a literal name, as the color looks like a red brick that has been sitting out in the sun long enough to create a light salmon color perfect for creating a bright and welcome exterior.

However, the color is also a throwback to the summery or tropical aesthetics of the 1950s and 60s.

This color would work particularly well for a ranch-style mid-century modern house.

The price point on this paint is by far the most budget-friendly at around $38 a gallon, making it the most accessible out of all of the major paint brands.

Behr is popular with its customers, so don’t feel like you are sacrificing quality for the price on this one either.

Best Interior Paint Color Trends For Your Home

Interior paint color selection has remained relatively the same for the last five years, goodbye beige and hello green!

Most paint companies have chosen their 2022 color of the year to be a soft and subtle green color, although dark moody colors like brown-black and grey have been extremely popular as well.

Breezeway by Behr Paint: Best Budget-Friendly Designer Color


Behr Paint’s color of the year, Breezeway, is a silvery subtly mint green color that is available for purchase at the Home Depot.

At less than $20 a gallon, you can cover an accent wall, or a whole room, on a tight budget.

In addition to being a great budget-friendly option, Behr paint has an excellent reputation with customers and is readily available at your local Home Depot if you find yourself needing more for touch-ups or additional walls.

Another reason this color is so special is that it lets the decorator take that step beyond just white or gray.

It's just color enough to add extra brightness and dimension to the room while still remaining tame and toned down.

It's the perfect color for people who don't feel comfortable straying beyond neutral tones, to add extra oomph to their interior decor.

Black Fox by HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams: Best Shade of Black Paint for Interior and Exterior

Black Fox Paint Living Room

Lowe’s has merged quality with accessibility by offering the HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams brands of paint.

While Aleutian is named color of the year, they also created a selection of colors with hues like soft blues, wispy greens, and Black Fox, a brown-black that makes a perfect accent wall color as a collection of colors for the year.

This line of paints starts at about $29 a gallon, just like the exterior paints, you can tint any of the types of paint (Showcase, Infinity, Ovation) in any of the HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams colors, giving you flexibility by meeting the needs of your projects without sacrificing your ability to get the color you wanted.

*Note: Sherwin Williams colors may be sold under Valspar Paint, which is a subsidiary of Sherwin Williams and not a separate brand.

October Mist by Benjamin Moore Paints: Best Color for Calming Spaces


Green is serene, and Benjamin Moore Paints agrees!

Their color of the year for 2022 is October Mist, a dusty green that will add an instant calm factor to any room you paint it in.

Ace Hardware is a proud retailer of Benjamin Moore Paints, which gets rave reviews from customers for ease of application and coverage.

Their Regal paint starts at $65 a gallon, putting it on the higher end of paint on this list.

However, if you are considering a DIY project and skipping the cost of a professional, you might decide to invest in a higher quality paint with your savings.

Accent Wall Color Trends

When choosing your accent wall color, consider which aesthetic direction you want the room to lean towards.

Do you want your space to be cozy and warm, or relaxed and cool?

Cool and warm gray and blue tones are still incredibly popular for this upcoming year and as a bonus, they are very easy to match to create accent walls.

Ocean Abyss from The Behr® Color Trends 2022 Palette: Best Pop of Color For an Accent Wall


For a cozy blue, we have Ocean Abyss.

This color from Behr’s 2022 Color Trends palette brings the ocean to your accent wall, giving you a warm pop of color that is sure to impress your guests.

Just like the other Behr interior paints, the gallon starts at around $20.

If you make it a DIY project and save on labor costs, this is by far the most budget-friendly accent wall you could create!

Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore Paints: Best Relaxed Accent Wall Color


If you are leaning towards creating a more relaxing space, consider a cool-toned color like Quiet Moments from the Benjamin Moore Paint’s colors of the year for 2022.

This green-gray combines these two cool tones to create a color that's both calming and soothing.

It’s a great addition to any space where you could use a little more zen.

The gallon starts at $65 a gallon, but the good news about painting an accent wall is that you likely won’t need a lot.

Incarnadine by Farrow & Ball Paints: Best Rich Accent Wall Color

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 3.10.53 PM

Adding a bright red accent wall adds something unique and designer to your space, and Incarnadine by Farrow & Ball gives you an on-trend shade to use. The shade pays homage to a nostalgic red lipstick, making it a great addition to your nostalgic design vibes.

The color is featured in Farrow & Ball’s colors of the year for 2022, along with an entire palette of colors you could use for the rest of the rooms in your home. A gallon starts at around $115.

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How We Decided

We chose these products based on customer ratings, availability, and popularity. All of the paint products on this list are highly rated in customer satisfaction and are sold by mainstream, reputable retailers.

For each chosen product, we reviewed the following criteria: product accessibility, price, customer and professional reviews, and product features/options.

Product Accessibility

We chose products that were easily accessible through local or online retailers.

These brands are either available directly through their retail stores or online retailers such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware.


The products in this list have generally affordable prices and stay within a reasonable amount.

Painting your home does not have to be expensive, and this list reflects a diverse list of paint ideas and solutions with a variety of different budget considerations.

Customer Reviews

We chose products that had generally good reviews on the listing. These reviews are written by real customers, giving you insight into real people’s experiences with the product itself.

Determining factors in reviews and rankings include product durability and cost.

Product Features/Options

We included highlights of certain product features that could give insight into the functionality of the product and what makes it a great paint product for your home.

By reviewing the product’s webpage, we selected the most unique product features that set the selected product apart from other similar products.

When to Call a Professional

Doing it yourself might sound like a fun weekend project, but consider hiring a professional if you decide to take on more complicated projects or products.

For example, painting an accent wall is an easy DIY project that you could complete during a weekend with limited equipment.

However, painting your entire home’s exterior is extensive and requires special equipment such as a paint sprayer, which can cost thousands of dollars to purchase on its own.

In this case, it might be best to hire a professional to ensure the paint is covered correctly and looks perfect.

The type of paint itself is another important consideration as some types of paint require special application.

If you are going to use any kind of lacquer paint, you might consider hiring a professional to apply it as these can be tricky to apply without professional equipment.

Professional painters are trained at covering existing colors or working with walls that have seen a fair amount of damage, so if you fall into either of these categories it might be a good idea to leave it to the pros.

Also, consider the feasibility of doing the project yourself. Are you able to reach the top of your walls safely?

Sometimes, it's better to have someone come in and do the project for you for safety reasons.

A professional painter will come equipped with the proper PPE (personal protection equipment) and the correct ladders needed to reach the areas you might overlook when painting your home yourself.

Which Paint Sheens Are Used For Exterior Painting?

In the past, it was thought that you must use a higher sheen on the exterior of your home to help protect from the sun’s harmful rays.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case as today's paint is much more resilient and can withstand UV rays and hold a true color with some companies even offering a lifetime warranty under certain conditions.

Because of increased durability in the paint itself, flat paints are now being used on the exterior of homes without the worry of it fading or retaining heat.

As a result, we’re seeing that flat sheens are coming back into style for home exteriors and making our list of top trends for 2022.

Pros and Cons of Flat Sheen for Exterior

  • Eye-catching and unique on an exterior
  • On-trend for exterior paint sheens
  • More difficult to clean than a higher-sheen paint

What Paint Sheens Should You Use for Interior Projects?

The best sheen to choose for the inside of your home is always going to be your preference, but there are some important things to note about sheen and washability.

Most paints will boast washability even in a flat sheen, however, it is very hard for flat finishes to repel water.

When picking the sheen for the bathroom or kitchen, satin or semi-gloss is the way to go.

Both of these will repel water and be very washable and should be able to be scrubbed without any removal of color or paint.

Pros and Cons of Flat Sheen for Interiors

  • Unique and beautiful
  • On-trend for interior paint sheens
  • More difficult to clean

Pros and Cons of Satin/Semi-gloss Sheen with Interiors

  • Easy to clean
  • Common in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens
  • Gives off a shiny look that can look slightly outdated

Types of Paint to Consider

The types of paint typically used for the interior and exterior of your home are water-based latex paints, which are very easy to apply and clean up if there are any spills during application.

All water-based paints are easily cleaned with water and are very smooth and easy to apply.

Another key feature of water-based paint is that it tends to dry very quickly compared to other types of paint.

As a result, water-based paint is the best kind of paint for general usage.

Enamel paints are going to dry the hardest and protect more sensitive surfaces that are going to be possibly slammed, scuffed, or scraped.

You see these types of paints used in bathrooms and kitchens, as these are high-traffic areas that see more moisture, wear, and tend to be cleaned more than the average room.

Another type of paint you'll likely encounter is oil-based paint. These paints require paint thinner to clean up, and they typically have a very long drying time.

If you’re wary about using oil-based paint, most paint companies will usually carry high-quality water or acrylic-based enamel that can do the same thing as an oil-based product, but with an easier application and clean-up.